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US also lashing out at countries, with South Africa being one of them, for accepting Cuban aid

I wonder what the “advanced nations” consider a “good job” handling the outbreak. Nothing less than absolute godlike perfection or do they demand an apocalyptic die-off?

Following the Christchurch shooting, I was pretty much getting banned out of the blue and every comment I made on Reddit was basically a game of Russian Roulette (which really 95% of the time did boil down to memes about executing landlords and Nazis with a guillotine or Maoist firing squad, or the viability of a communist revolution in South Africa, to be sparked by Elon Musk being executed with a SpaceX-branded guillotine in Constitution Hill and then “braaing the rich”).

time for the witness to consider seeking asylum. just like dallas, he’s going to have a hit on him.

edit: oh yeah, this kind of shit happened all the time in the 1970s-80s in south africa. drive-bys with SS-77s, FALs and galils weren’t uncommon, generously provided by the nearest police station

The theme of Elysium makes it ahead of District 9. It also more accurately portrays the divisions by class, enforced of course, with plenty of police and military violence. Apart from mid-22nd century technology, it’s pretty spot-on as to how the rich and powerful treat the “masses”.

Yup. There you go. The amtlib.dll is the “magic bullet” in this one I posted here. You do need to make an account to install the software but beyond that, nothing else really. And well, actually the older CS files have long since been removed off Adobe’s website.

Adobe Master Collection CS6.

So the original files for older versions of Adobe software are pretty much Thanos-snapped out of existence, I still have an original install for CS6 saved from years ago - so if you need Photoshop or such here’s the hookup trial version. …

I visited last 1st May - right on Labour Day

Red Faction is basically = A corporation builds several mines, bases, labs, etc. on Mars in the 2070s, there’s an uprising which leads to the company’s eventual collapse and the Earth Defense Force (soon to be an analogy for the IDF) shows up, seemingly to the aid of the rebels. The EDF builds terraformers and infrastructure to allow humans to live on Mars’ surface without aid. In the 40-50 years after, the EDF is after dat sweet cash and quickly resorts to imprisoning, executing and generally police brutality-ing the masses. Another larger revolution and actual civil war breaks out on Mars and you end up sabotaging the enemy bases, offices, machinery, etc. Oh and you can also gun down a group of CEOs in one of the later missions.


Apart from the obvious pro-US/anti-DPRK propaganda freight train of wank this game is, I’d only really consider playing this solely because the POV of a citizen militia fighting inside of an occupied zone is pretty swell. I do suppose the silver lining is that this game got me into roleplaying in…

same probs here, i can only get on if its “lemmygrad.ml

Actually yeah and he played that card masterfully, also complementing the propaganda machine of the late 19th century US.

At least I can say it here without any repercussions:

The only thing Nelson Mandela did wrong was not having Elon Musk forcibly extradited back to South Africa to be executed by either SANDF firing squad, or the guillotine in Constitution Hill.

It means “Defender of IDF”. Hence why it’s only available to “Terrorists”.

The IMI Galil 5.56 ARM is named the “IDF Defender”, which is the reason it’s only available to T side…

actually i stole it - executioner


Sadly, it has parted ways due to me moving across the world. I posted it on Reddit too but it is now probably wiped from there too. Originally titled, "So, what are your political views? Me: "…

so… we’re finally free? in that case …