I was suspended for 3 days for posting this, five months ago, in r/antifastonetoss (which I moderate) : https://i.imgur.com/dzPYN4A.png.

This picture was not made by me, and I made that clear in the post – it’s the second stonetoss edit ever made for the sub and it holds some historical significance for us because of that :)

Reddit is catering to the alt-right and they know what they’re doing. What can be done? Nothing, as private property is sacred and they are allowed to run it however they want.

Consider this: when people made their subreddits private in 2017 to protest against the alt-right communities on the site, spez threatened that he would force the subreddits open and replace the mod teams. Yet it took them until this year to ban the_donald (who had a direct hand in organising the Charlottesville rally in which people died), it takes them months to ban things such as frenworld, consumeproduct, cringeanarchy despite tons of daily reports and outrage on the website – but you’re a bit left and you make a joke against nazis and you better watch out.

When I called out consumeproduct and their moderators made several posts about me, pinned on their subreddit, it took the admins a full week to delete each post and they’ve never suspended any of the authors – which allowed them to just make a new post targeting me. Yet when we make a joke at the expense of fascists we get cracked down on in record time.

We’ve been explaining to the admins how fascism spreads on their platform (and others, they reuse the model everywhere). How letting them in opens the door for more to flood in and letting them convert impressionable teens into their death cult. Reddit plays a direct hand in this and has been for years, yet they’ve barely done anything. I myself have written articles about this that I would gladly share with their admins if they even gave a shit about any of this.

Even the latest rules they made this year, which now are supposed to protect minorities against hate, are mostly for show. They had rounds and rounds of live calls with community moderators (imagine that, the admins don’t even have a clue about running a subreddit) and at the end of it they’ve promised change again, made a shitty rule that couldn’t be enforced, and called it a day.

On the one hand it’s all internet drama. On the other I can pretty much piece together why I was suspended at this time. With time, Antifastonetoss on Reddit has been populated by liberals who think themselves to be left. This is usually under control, but there is currently one big even chock-full of contradictions that brings out explosive grievances: the Amerikan election. Our stance as mods is basically we don’t like Biden and we ban people who guilt trip our users with the election. This has brought out the liberals, not itself a bad thing as it allows for some spring cleaning, but it’s made some of them salty and I would guess they found stuff to report in my profile – it would be me specifically because I made the mod post and then replied to like two dozens of them.

Lemmygrad couldn’t have come at a better time and I can only do my part in trying to get more people on board. At this time I’m not sure where antifastonetoss is going but we have the community on lemmy (!antifastonetoss@lemmygrad.ml ) which we can develop.


Damn they’ve gone from banning people for saying death to slaveowners, to banning people for saying death to nazis. Liberals have regressed to making peace with all the former groups they went to war with lol.


They think the stupid whites are more easily controlled, and “America” likes certain types of fascism. If your brand of fascism makes you want to join paramilitary organizations and kill protesters for the State, that’s an acceptable form of “American” fascism, and you will be encouraged in many ways, including by being given your own Reddit platform where you can openly espouse such ideas, and anonymous State officials can engage with you to moderate your thoughts, if they so choose.

Believe it or not, there is a certain form of right-wing ideology that sends the moderators of any public English-language forum into panic mode. If you are at all familiar with the works of William Luther Pierce, you’ll know what I mean. You don’t see these types on fascist subreddits, because they are identified and removed immediately by the moderators that run them. Even strange groups like Sovereign Citizen types are moderated out of existence, not because they ever openly call for violence, just that actually believing anything those people say inevitably leads one to violence against police officers. The ideology makes the stupid whites think the Constitution says they don’t need to listen to the police.

A good rule of thumb to follow is “What kind of stuff do they allow on Youtube?” Here you’ll see most of the normal right-wing e-celebs have platforms, as well as groups like American Renaissance, because the powers that be understand the role they play by fooling the stupid whites. “America” is completely fine letting right-wingers go around saying Europeans are genetically superior to everyone else, and that Africans are some kind of subhumans, because such ideas don’t threaten the existence of the government in any fashion, and in fact, make the stupid whites identify with the US government. So the freeze peach to say this kind of stuff will always be upheld. But start trying to get them to read the Turner Diaries, or tell them that Free Man on the Land nonsense, and watch how fast they get deplatformed.

The problem with the “Left” is that this stuff isn’t so ideologically clear cut for them, so the only thing they can do is directly target calls for violence, or any sort of glorification of violence, coming from “Left” spaces. So you can actually slip in all kinds of thoughts which tend to promote violence against the State from a radical left perspective, and you can do this from basically any tradition of anti-capitalist thought.

The 20th Adversary

deleted by creator

Following the Christchurch shooting, I was pretty much getting banned out of the blue and every comment I made on Reddit was basically a game of Russian Roulette (which really 95% of the time did boil down to memes about executing landlords and Nazis with a guillotine or Maoist firing squad, or the viability of a communist revolution in South Africa, to be sparked by Elon Musk being executed with a SpaceX-branded guillotine in Constitution Hill and then “braaing the rich”).

The 20th Adversary

deleted by creator


I’m trying to use my YouTube and Twitter account to get more people to come to Lemmygrad.

Unfortunately, my second video is taking a while, but honestly, I’m going to try and finish it no matter what at this point.

A place to rant between comrades, about anything and everything that’s bringing you down, and talk about them with other comrades.

The idea is to be a response to lib “offmychest” spaces, like swoletariat is a response to lib fitness spaces.



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