China says ‘George Floyd cannot even breathe freely’ as it blasts US over Uighur Muslims forced labor claims — RT World News

Beijing has cited the death of American black man George Floyd as evidence of Washington’s hypocrisy after it imposed a ban on all tomato and cotton products from China’s western Xinjiang region over alleged human rights abuses.


Prison slavery is legal in the US. Its left-liberals such as Ava DuVernay and Killer Mike keep pointing that out. One of its most brutal slave-labor prisons is called Angola. It’s built on the site of an earlier slave-labor plantation called Angola, named after the African country from which it enslaved its work force. US has absolutely no shame whatsoever.

It also functions exactly like a slave plantation from the days of yore. “Inmates” in there will also never see the outside world

by the way, can fellow comrades provide any info whether the aforementioned forced labour accusations are true or not?


Big thread on this.

Short version is there’s no evidence, its mainly just some anti-semitic guy named adrian zenz who doesn’t speak chinese, and has never been to Xinjiang, copying photos of buildings from google maps, telling western governments what they want to hear, and stories keep re-circulating. A few other western regime-change academics got in on the action, and China repeatedly invites ambassadors to visit the region, and the western ones that do go end up saying yeah this is all bullshit, so their stories don’t get printed.

Meme form:


they’re not true in the slightest. the so-called “camps” were legitimately just boarding schools. We’ve had posts explaining this here on lemmygrad, you might be able to find them with a search.

didn’t expect to see rt articles linked here of all places 🤔


RT isn’t that bad, esp when talking about things like this. They’re deffo better than a source like dailymail or CNN, but nowhere near perfect.

better than dailymail or CNN

damning with faint praise

it’s a company partly run and affiliated with corrupt oligarchs and is involved in money extraction and laundering schemes and other sketchy things, and in general their journalism quality is lacking at best, i guess you could say that it has the benefit of not being affiliated with the us government, but still, i would personally much prefer another source if there were one

There’s no such thing as free or unbiased journalism… at best what you can do is read the article and evaluate each and every claim – what they say, why they say it, what they are not saying, which words they’re using, etc.

I literally can’t tell if you’re talking about RT or CNN.


CNN platforms cia analysts and other deep state officials

RT platforms Marxists of varying stripes and even has Communist Party members on its shows denouncing US imperialism

RT is good and you already know its bias

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