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Idk where lemmygrad stands today on its old rule of no infighting except in the two allowed communities

We floated it because we assumed this would be a space for multiple tendancies, but the pro-state libertarians didn’t really come, and the Anarchists pissed off to the main branch, and I guess they may have started their own instance. It still stands though, but now it’s more of a “those who believe Stalin was rad and those who don’t shouldn’t argue in c/communism” kinda thing.

of their examples of success lasted months, at best.

Anarchist and non-state communities tend to do well on the small scale, there are communes in the US and Europe that have operated pretty much the same for 50+ years, and people from these communes tend to believe their project is going well. However, every single time I’ve heard or read about an Anarchist project that was intended to be larger than the basic communes in economically well off places that tend to do well, it seems they last maybe a year or two, then they fizzle. I’ve extended my estimate to be as fair to them as possible, but they really don’t seem to be capable of holding their movements together, they always tend to either give into ‘warlord syndrome’, an authoritarian takes power and the movement shifts into an authoritarian ideology (which usually decreases the appeal of the project), or they just lose interest in progressing.

The only reasons movements like Antifascist Aktion remain popular through decades are;

  • Anyone can claim to be Antifa, and so Antifascists don’t have to interact with one another, thus there isn’t really a ‘count’ for how many there are.

  • The call to oppose Fascism was very strong during Trump’s presidency, and so it became not only a political matter, but an emotional one.

  • Marxists have supported Anti-Fascist movements since the inception of Fascism, and have been the strongest opposers to Fascism, and we have the theory and the organization to keep our movements together long term, which both directly and indirectly benefits the broader Anti-Fascist movement. Directly in that it provides a rigid structure from which to oppose Fascism, and indirectly because that ridged structure inspires those who seek anonymity or freedom from hierarchy to join protest movements in the opposition of Fascist forces. Anti-Fascist Aktion may appear as an Anarchist org on the outside, but in actuality it’s many decades of Marxist opposition to the American state, coming to a head, with the utilization of the only tool that is proven to work against the conventional forces of our oppressors. That being opt-in rebellion of the masses without obvious organization or leadership. This, of course, can’t and won’t topple the regime. But, it does allow us to push against it without our entire movement going down, like with the assassination of the BPP leadership.

I’ll give the libertarians credit for running communes without losing their hope, but there’s no credit do for leading anything close to a successful revolution. At least none I’m aware of.

I’ve gotten into the habit of searching common slurs when I join the places the ‘soft left’ (as I like to put them) tend to dwell. It’s surprising how many of these internet communities have rules like “no racism, sexism, or transphobia!”, then a simple search for racist, sexist, and transphobic terms and language turns up loads of results from long-term members of the community. Such as a discord chat I was in years ago for libertarian leftists who used the site Quora, which when I rejoined like a year or two ago after finding the invite in old private chats and did some rereading I found a looooot of racist jokes about jews and black people, and a lot of “the place of women” talk. It’s absolutely disgusting, and more common than I thought.

Hell, I just left the discord communities for leftists on Nationstates, and it seemed like ‘libertarian’ leftists just couldn’t stop shouting at “red fascists” for having a socially conservative history when it comes to the LGBTQIA+ community (which has and is changing rapidly, and isn’t really the ‘gotcha’ they think it is), but themselves couldn’t stop saying racist, sexist, and transphobic shit.

I’ve only ever been in one “authoritarian” online community that thought it was funny to use slurs and be hateful, but as it turns out, that community was full of brocialists, lifestylists, and nazbols. Literally every “authoritarian” community I’ve been in but that one has been dogmatic about fighting against hateful language of all kinds. Meanwhile, you have breadtubers like Contrapoints and Vaush who say transphobic and shitty things and the libertarians just soak it up like it’s the word of god himself. (clarifier; Contrapoints said some stuff that was shitty towards non-binary folk, Cis allies of the gender normity revolution, and transfolk who have trouble ‘passing’ and would prefer to be asked their pronouns to ensure people around them don’t misgender them, then she doubled down on it when the trans, non-binary, and Cis ally community pushed back against her, to which actual out in the open transphobes supported her stance.)

this is a long-winded way of saying; I really don’t like the libertarian left, and I’m rather done trying to keep myself from being sectarian about it. Far far far too often they’re just shitty western anti-communists who read Marx once but want to tell us all about how we’re the enemy, and we’re the ones who ruin revolutions, and we’re the reason the revolution in the west will never succeed, and we’re the idealists. Sure, there’s great libertarians, and there’s great non-marxist leftists of all stripes, I’m friends with a couple and I respect the fuck out of them, but libertarians really have to prove they’re not just coffee shop wifi using twitter liberals, who sip overpriced bean water while getting into flame wars with “red fascists” all day instead of being productive.

I would normally give the benefit of the doubt, and I intended to give it to this org at first. But After looking at their site and seeing the posts by this poster, it’s blatantly just ‘neither Washington nor Beijing’ level of revisionist ‘holier than thou’ Maoist orthodoxy, and I just can’t find an argument within myself to not just see this as anti-china bullshit.

This doesn’t really prove anything, I’ll acknowledge that, but their site explains what they’re about, but doesn’t provide an ideology. Instead, they spend quite a while trying to accuse China of being state capitalist and trying to convince the reader that supporting China is hypocritical to the revolution. I, personally, have only noticed this on western-backed org sites. Like the one that’s supposedly an Iraqi anti-sectarian group, that claimed the militia that’s linked to the Communist party of Iraq are the “new ISIS” for warning people about ISIS threats and standing guard in a city that ISIS threatened, but the anti-sectarian group was backed by a Libertarian Marxist group in like Belgium.

This post has 2 votes and 1 downvote (or three votes in total), the one in the climate crisis community has 5 points total with no downvotes. I have no idea where you got your numbers, because the numbers I see only back up my statement, the post did better by two (technically three, because downvote) votes on the community dedicated to talking about climate change.

you might be surprised, there are anarchists out there who believe in shit on this same wavelength. I had one argue to me that speed limits and safety regulations were “authoritarian evil” and should be completely abolished because they limit freedom. It really wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this person is being fully serious, as unfortunate as that would be, but these are the kinds of takes people end up with if they let “all authorities are unjust” go to their idealist heads.

I’ve only heard the claim that modern China is ‘Fascist’ by the pseudo-leftwing in Hong Kong, and by Maoists in the first world. I suspect this is a western Maoist publication, so I defacto assume it’s run by either a US-backed organization, or revisionists.

This puts me in fear of a future where only the well-to-do have access to the outside world, if every major news outlet adopted a paywall, and the politicians are successful in ending net neutrality and censor non-western outlets, they could force a monopoly on public perceptions that would be magnitudes worse than it already is. That’s some 1984 shit.

Possibly not gonna go down that way, paywalling their content could also just make them less popular with the masses, which could give independents and foreign outlets more access to the masses. Though, independents in the west usually just parrot the official narratives provided by the mainstream outlets, and I doubt they’d stop doing that - even if they have to pay to read articles.

“Temperatures over 130f can be fatal to humans”

this person, possibly: “subjective… and therefore wrong and bad”

Keeping communities on topic is important, regardless of your ‘priorities’. Off-topic content is bound to only be ignored and pushed aside, it can also cause the communities it’s posted in to become dejected. As well, the adverse can happen, like it did on Reddit. Posts completely unrelated to the topic of the subreddit get upvoted because Redditors stopped caring what subreddits were for, and certain posting topics became karma farms - once again not cared about for the content itself, but for what it gives the poster.

This should be posted in one of the environmental communities, rather than in the technology one. Not only would it do better attention-wise, but it also keeps Lemmy as a whole on topic.

it didn’t seem to want to let me @ your lemmy account. idk if that’s from me not realizing something, or if there’s some weirdness with mentions.

If you explain why the source isn’t trustable, that’ll work for some people. But the people who wanna shout “but china bad” at the mear mention of it will just ignore that. So, ultimately - and unfortunate as it may be - this is one of the things that a hard stance must be taken on, and will likely be disrupting to your community. I.E. you’re gonna have to remove any and all posts with these sources, and possibly ban users who repeatedly try to use these sources.

Scientists… who spent 10 years of their lives learning about diseases: yeah so, diseases exist… and you should take these vaccines so we can erradicate them

anti-vaxxers: BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR IMMUNITY SYSTEMS! might wanna do something about this anti-vaxer

“we won’t pay to save you, but we will to bury you”

at least they’re finally calling them the First Nations, and not the Savage Indians. Boy, aren’t they just the wokest.

we decided against doing IP bans because it could keep users who use VPNs from logging in, since VPN IPs aren’t always unique. I just banned this person for being a troll, but I’m not entirely sure if they’re banned from the main branch or just Lemmygrad. I banned this person before for commenting a death threat on a main branch post. I don’t remember how to do @s, but it might be worth getting the attention of one of the main branch admins for this.

Lately, It’s been Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator 19, Arma 3, and Hearts of Iron 4. But Minecraft’s a classic too, along with a few others.

A lot of the anarchists from my party ended up being arrested, going fash, or just vanishing from politics altogether - the last one only became more true after Biden won the election.

One of the Anarchists, who our first chairmen pushed really hard as a replacement for me against the wishes of literally everyone but himself and the anarchist in question, was accused of stalking a woman for blocks while holding a cleaver and shouting inappropriate things, I’m pretty sure they’re in prison now for it too.

It seems, at least to me, that many of the Anarchists who joined our party and demanded we assault our political opponents only wanted violence. They didn’t care about the good we were trying to do for the community, they didn’t care about our goals of expanding class conscienceness, nor did they care about the political process of winning the respect of the local population. They only cared for their selfish goals, which only benefitted them. While the party tried to put together food drives, the anarchists bickered that we weren’t taking the Fascists seriously. But, I fail to see how feeding the local poor isn’t taking the growing tide of Fascism seriously. Starving mouths care not for the hand that beats them, but for the hand that feeds them. The Anarchists suggested we beat them - seeing as many of the worst Fascists around here happen to be on food stamps and struggle to afford to live. We, the Communists, seeking the betterment of the community as a whole, tried to be the hand to feed them. In the end, the Anarchists disrupted our efforts so much that we had to drop the idea entirely and started to minimize our activist efforts, the party died after the first chairmen decided to spread lies about myself and my closest supporters in a move to consolidate more power for the ‘libertarians’ in the party. A party of about 300 people. In a relatively small town. Thats… full of anti-communists.

I’m ranting, but holy heck it seems too often that Anarchists are the biggest threat to leftism. More than liberals, more than fascists. Liberals will oppose us, Fascists will lie about us, but Anarchists will actively disorganize us.

Argentinian person: defends China

Redditors: “They’ve become more machine than man.”

idk how relevant this is, but once on an open forum that had communities for various ideologies (a browser ‘game’ called Nationstates, where players form a nation and pretend to run them) the community I was in had an Anarchist join who wanted to run for our community’s government to ‘dissolve’ it. When we memed them out of the community they complained in all of our related communities about tankies ‘ruining’ everything and being ‘evil authoritarians’, then joined an openly fascist community instead.

Similar happed in the Pagan leftist group I was a part of, the discord was meant to be moderated by multiple leftist ideologies and be non-sectarian. But one of the anarchist mods started banning people for being authoritarians, the Marxist-Leninist mod stopped using the discord, and the anarchists started running wild on anti-authoritarian crusades with highly sectarian rants, calling Marxist-Leninists all of the strawmen and slurs they know. Then, had the audacity to say the discord turned into a toxic cesspool because “tankies ruin everything”.

This also happened when I was one of the leaders of the (now defunct) local communist party. We had a bunch of anarchists join who kept suggesting we ignored both the laws and the hearts and minds of the local population - while the chief of police had been holding speeches at the church he went to, vowing to ‘kill and arrest’ every single one of us for being communists - and engage in illegal activities. Such as assault and battery of our political opponants, vandalism, etc. When we told them that all of that was the stupidest shit a political body could do without the support of the local population - who i’ll remind, were against us - they went on rants about how “tankies ruin everything”, “red fascists just wanna rule everything”, etc. We had to start a wing of the party specifically just for anarchists. But, being theoryless people with no concept of organization and democratic principles beyond the ego, they fizzled out pretty quickly after that. Seeingly the only thing that made them want to join in on our activism, was the chance to be contrarian and hold communists back from being capable of carrying out activism.

It is, truly, the Anarchists who ruin everything.


Lemmygrad Gun Talk (AMA) April 2021

Please ask me anything you want about firearms. I work as a firearms engineer, and would be happy to answer questions, I also invite other people to answer questions. …

A witty title.