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There have been studies published that say language learning after your 20s is exponentially harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just understand that it might take more time, and might not come as naturally to you as you’d hope.

If you’re able to learn your basics, enough to form simple sentences. You know, things like “Where is the bathroom?” “How much is this food?” “I like dogs” etc. You’ll be able to start immersing yourself in Spanish at your own pace. Studies show that immersion in a language is the easiest way to learn, so that’s my only real advice.

I’m trying to learn Spanish at the moment as well, I live in Texas in an area with a lot of Spanish speakers, and I’m hoping being able to speak Spanish will help me find work. So I know the struggle of learning this language too. Hell, I studied German for like 6 straight years and only got to a kindergarten level.

The Lemmy devs have already decided that karma is just a bottomless pit that just harms users mental health, so it’s highly doubtful we’d ever have a reputation system be introduced, as that’s literally the same thing.

Also, captchas can be preventative to people with certain disabilities, so introducing them (I believe it would be reintroducing, actually) would contradict Lemmy’s disability-inclusive culture. As well, email verification wouldn’t work for people who would prefer anonymity. And nefarious users could just use a spoof mail account, so the introduction of required email account verification would really only harm privacy-focused real users, and do nothing to prevent trolls. Also, while on the subject and though you didn’t mention it, we don’t ban IPs because some VPNs reuse them for multiple people. So banning the IP of a troll might also cause the ban of real users.

you point out a good thing, but this article also does something subtle.

Instead of saying “the Chinese Authorities” or “The Communist Party”, they say “The Chinese”. Giving the impression that it’s the will of the whole of the Chinese population, rather than the guidance and policies of the government. This subtle use of phrasing is likely being used to make the Anti-China crowds use racist anti-Chinese arguments.

If you can convince people that the citizens on the other side are all content with the things your government sees as “bad”, you can convince them that as a race and a culture the citizens themselves are part of that “bad”, thus making racism justified while it’s directed at the intended targets. This same publication wrote “stop asian hate” articles in 2020, but post things that inspire asian hate anyways.

If anyone was wondering why I hate western media, this is a big reason.

This would be better in one of the more meta or casual communities, as this one’s for announcing the creation of new communities/instances. But I agree with you.

the media spinning NATO supporting Neo-Nazis in a civil war as “providing aid to Ukraine in border tensions with Russia” has to be one of the wildest parts of the new cold war.

I hope when all is said and done and historians look back on this, that people will realize they’ve been supporting the wrong side of history this whole time.

Yes, but only because I’m a hobby historian, and I think it would’ve been really cool to’ve existed during some of the periods I study. Though, being born in those times, it wouldn’t be half as interesting. So if I could visit that would be a lot better, I could nerd out and fully appreciate not only the great historic value of being there, but also the great strides our society has taken since these times.

I’d like to go back to the victorian era, and spend a while studying trades.

I’d like to visit the late medieval period, to examine the social structures.

I’d like to go to pre-roman Europe and learn the languages, to get accounts from the people who actually lived there at the time. So we could use first-person accounts of these peoples, rather than the propagandist Roman ones.

I care about my privacy in the abstract sense (so yes), but I also understand that - if we’re talking about most forms of privacy that are information related - the government and my IP already has more than enough data on me, that trying to cover my tracks at this point is pointless (so no)

Here’s the map in the thumbnail, for people who wanted to look at the map, but weren’t very interested in scrolling through the article

Can I get a quick rundown on what’s happening? I don’t follow African news very closely, but this seems important enough to at least have a cursory understanding of.

It’s putlocker, but it looks like netflix.

I’ve always doubted the security of these streaming sites, it seems to me the only “safe” way to consume this kind of media for free is to pirate it. But if this works for people, then I hope it keeps working for them.

for clarity, I only dislike ultras being on lemmygrad when the only things they contribute to discussions are unhelpful and widely disliked by the community. I’m totally chill with people having differing opinions, but I’m not chill with people making lemmygrad an unwelcoming place.

People who add more to conversation than bland anti-ML sectarianism are more than welcome, even if they’re exterior to the political tendencies I’d prefer. You post a lot of decent stuff, and though the occasional thing might be a groaner, the rest is (at least for the most part) good faith and beneficial discourse.

I read this reply, then just moved on. Because I really hoped it was a joke, just a bit of satire I wasn’t picking up on that would make sense to me later. But no, it seems you’re serious.

Your stance here is pure idealism, I can’t even be nice about it. I was always taught to STFU when I can’t think of anything nice to say, so I’ll try my best to not insult you. but, boy howdy that’s a horribly dangerous worldview. It entirely lacks materialism.

The US economy is firmly rooted in a large portion of the world. American Liberalism has been a guiding beacon for a lot of that portion of the world too. There are a lot of countries that haven’t been able to progress because the United States has been such a hegemony that it’s impossible to do anything that goes against American will. Bolivia and Venezuela haven’t been able to work towards Socialism, Korea hasn’t been able to unify, etc.

We can firmly say the collapse of the United States will devastate the European Union, of which many of the major members are indebted to the US. Once the US dollar is rendered obsolete, the value of every currency based on USD will crash. Which happens to be, dare I say, the currencies of almost all of the US’s allies and economic partners. If a series of wars and revolutions don’t happen in Europe as a result of this, I’d eat my hat.

The US is seen as the backbone of NATO, all of NATO’s campaigns will be forced to grind to a halt due to a lack of funding, the possibility of the remaining NATO nations needing their militaries for other pursuits, and other potential factors, likely causing power vacuums in the third world, which themselves will likely cause civil wars.

The bottom line, without the US being able to either support economies, or prevent political movements from gaining support (mind you, I’m not saying I support that, I’m just stating the fact that the US has been manipulating political forces worldwide), a lot of the world is going to have political turmoil too. It will, very likely, be more than China can handle. It will, again very likely, entirely change world maps. It’s highly likely the death of the United States will spell the end of global capitalism, which will radicalize the pro-capitalist forces into fascist ones, and inspire an age of revolutions.

Perhaps there will be a time of unprecedented peace after the US is gone, but it’s very unrealistic to believe the events directly following the event will be anything near peaceful. A lot of good can come from this, but it’s more or less promised that a lot of bad will have to come first. People who live in the Imperial core are going to have a really rough time, the only way a person can believe anything else is if they’re an idealist, who think pixies and unicorn farts are all you need to have lasting peace.

as far as I know, and i’m no authority, most of the communities would be okay with it. Just plop it into the proper political community for what the subject matter is (if it’s a pro-socialist video, put it in c/socialism, if it’s about the United States put it in c/unitedstates (or whatever that one’s url is, i don’t feel like looking rn) etc.).

Yeah, i’m talking about Liu Xiaobo, I looked at the wiki to make sure my information was (as far as wikipedia is concerned) correct. he essentially got the prize for being arrested by Chinese officials, after being loudly anti-CCP. But his career as an activist has amounted to practically nothing, aside from being a mouthpiece for the west.

Pretty much all of the peace prize laureates are of white western origin, serve white western goals, or appease white western audiences. There are some outliers to that, of course, and especially in recent years, but all in all the prize mostly serves as a means of legitimizing western geopolitical goals. Hell, they gave Gorbachev one when he dissolved the USSR, an event that caused millions of deaths, multiple civil wars, famine, economic collapse, and generally the opposite of peace. They gave Obama one, pretty much just for being the first black president. The next year they gave one to an anti-communist activist no one in the west had heard of, who also never in his career achieved anything of note.

I’m in full support of the Nobel prizes for sciences and literature, but the peace prize is just a propagandist joke.

imo this is a bad way of looking at the collapse of the American state.

The direct result of the state dissolving will be a rise in reactionary politics, poverty, and human suffering. Minority groups, women, and LGBTQIA+ groups will experience a significantly harder life, and this problem will likely be exacerbated by the US’s near-total lack of a united left, which can only result in the American far-right having a near-direct path to supremacy in post-collapse politics. In turn, this rise of the right will be causation for various rebellions, civil wars, etc. Violence begets violence, for a while - potentially generations - the United States will very likely be locked in a constant state of conflicts, which will likely suck the whole world into chaos.

There’s really no bright post-US future, at least not for a long while. Everything’s gonna get real dark here, and the unprivileged will be the ones who’re forced to survive an unfair share of it.

liberals when protesters in the south wear Nazi uniforms: this means the other side are fascists, this alone is enough reason to believe Trump’s supporters are Neo-Nazis

liberals when they see protesters they support wearing Nazi uniforms: those people don’t define the movement, there’s a lot of nuance to this.

Does anyone play Enlisted?

Enlisted is a WWII shooter, if you’re unaware. I highly recommend it for people who like this sort of game. it’s FTP, and lets you play out your great patriotic war fantasies. It’s honestly one of my favourite games, I’m obsessed with it. …

What do you do for a living? I'm always fascinated to know.

in addition to that, did you choose your job or was it something you fell into? do you enjoy it? I wanna know all the neat lil details, this stuff is really cool to me. …

I'm looking for a comrade who knows a lot about aircraft, who is open to being asked questions as part of research for my theory book.

I’m writing an instructional book on revolution and all of its interwoven parts, as a sort-of beginner for people who’re entirely unfamiliar with revolutions and how they work, and a means of sharing my own theories on revolution. …

I assume it’s because the spammer spam crossposted into the same community over and over, but I feel like this shouldn’t be how the site works. …


If you haven't already, you should join the Socialist RA

Here’s a link to their about page. …

btw if you’re not on their mailing list (and don’t mind having your email be linked to your politics), you should get on it. …

Should a Lemmygrad FAQ be put together?

I’ve noticed over the years that new users tend to have overlapping questions, such as what theory they should read, how to find a party, what Marxism-Leninism even is, ect. …