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honestly, our account application requests keep most of them out. Also, the community’s reporting of rule breakers does a lot.

The true heroes here are y’all.

Also if y’all enjoy Lemmygrad, we benefit greatly from word of mouth. Tell your friends about the site, to help us grow.

The more people that use Lemmygrad, the better the content will be.

This whole debacle feels like NATO’s trying to start a conflict in Kosovo, possibly to spark a response from Russia. I really hope this can be handled in a way that doesn’t escalate tensions in Europe, but I know NATO will stop at nothing to provoke its enemies.

my wife and I have been hate-watching these videos

it seems either one person/group is running multiple channels and simply reuploading the same video on all of them, or multiple different people are stealing the content of someone else. regardless, the videos are full of opinion, speculation, typos, errors, and generally not worth watching for any reason other than making fun of them.

My wife and I have been getting into Eurovision as of late, in 2016 Ukraine competed with the song “1944”. Which was about the 1944 deportation of Crimean Tatars to the CASSR, and about the 2014 invasion of Crimea. I was unfamiliar with the former event, so I did some digging.

As far as I can find, there was heavy suspicion that the Tatars were collaborating with the Nazis. The previous history of the Tatars backing the whites in the civil war didn’t help their case, and while facing the threat of Nazi resurgence / collaborationist resistance the logical choice was to send possible insurgents somewhere that they’d be unable to cause any real harm.

it’s not pretty history, but it did make sense. And no, it’s not the same as colonial displacement. For it to be on par with that, the intention would’ve needed to rely on replacing Tatars with Russians. It was simply a tool for reducing the risk of insurgency.

What are some thing happening in the world right now that I might be missing?
I've been too busy to keep up with world events, and there's definitely some important stuff I'm entirely unaware of. So fill me in please.

if you want to focus specifically on flights the answer doesn’t really change. Suitable aircraft already exist, and alternative power is just over the horizon.

but if you want an argument for why blimps (or similar aircraft) aren’t great for transport, they require a lot of material to counteract the mass of their load and travel around 50mph as their top speed. If the distance you wanted to transport something was short and accessible by land, you’d be better off putting it on a truck. The only major advantage that airships have over other aircraft is lower immissions paired with helicopter-like performance. But once EV helicopters become more of a thing, that advantage goes away.

what’s the point when trucks already exist, and water-based fuel & electrification are just over the horizon?

I thought it took far too long to give me a reason to care, and it generally bored me.

the prison arc definitely hooked me, and I’m excited for the next season. But I couldn’t come anywhere close to calling it the “best” thing personally.

if the rest of the show going forwards is as good as the last few episodes of the first season, then it could get into my top 5. but as it stands, I wouldn’t want to rewatch it any time soon.

even more points if the advertising for their party uses words like “grassroots” and they claim to be “oriented around helping the community” but the most community aid they do is joining protests, then swiftly leaving when the protesting gets rowdy.

extra points if the ones in relationships are straight and abusive.

“join our socialist party” but it’s just a bunch of 20-30 year old cis white men who own their cars and spend a lot of time debating obscure and entirely irrelevant philosophers from the 1800s, who formed a party solely as a means to justify not joining one of the established parties.

holy shit that last one Pictures of Soviet tanks in New York

It’s a long read, so to sum up;

Ukraine doesn’t have enough munitions or vehicles to counter Russian numbers. Ukraine isn’t communicating with DC - leading to NATO being unable to catalogue the conflict accurately. DC is using Ukraine’s propaganda numbers from a sheer lack of knowledge while having meticulous & exact numbers for Russian forces.

all-in-all Ukraine lacks any real ability to continue for much longer, while Russia doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. It doesn’t provide estimates for how much longer the war will last (as far as I can see) but there’s clearly no long-term planning on the side of NATO. What may have started as an effort by NATO to weaken Russia has become an Uno reverse card, instead draining their stockpiles for a government that gives nothing of note in return.

in my very unprofessional opinion, based on what this report says, perhaps the war will end sometime either in the summer or the fall. I can’t see a reality where Ukraine’s able to keep up after this spring.

The point of the media using buzzwords is to elicit specific responses from viewers.

people’re basically trained by the media to respond to certain words in certain ways, which allows the media to make people take any stance they want. If you explain geopolitics in terms that don’t elicit that response, liberals tend to be more willing to take a nuanced stance on it. But if CNN (or what have you) gets to them first, they’ll have their mind made up on it.

it makes me wonder how many supposed anti-fascists in the west will openly defend fascism when their governments finally go fully mask off, just because the media uses the right buzzwords to make them fall in line. The war in Ukraine gave us a taste of how quickly left-liberals will defend Nazis with the right words.

They were reported by multiple people (I.E. they copypasted that exact thing to more than one person) and banned.

What did they think they’d achieve with this obviously horseshit copypasta? I genuinely don’t see their angle anymore. Are they just trying to be annoying? Do they think it’ll actually change things? Is it for their own amusement? Either way, it’s just pitiful, and I’m sure we all just wish they’d stop.

China is doing a drill practising blockading Taiwan, and US politicians are foaming at the mouth to go to war to stop them.

generally, things in the world are getting better (at least in projections), and in large part the decline of the US’s hegemony can be attested as reasoning. But on the downside, when jingoistic civilizations fail, the likelihood of them getting into one last ‘great’ war shoots up. The US might not have the capability to hold itself up much longer, but it doesn’t seem like the dogmatists care for reality and I don’t see a future without a new American war.

so I guess in the long term the world is on a positive trend, things are going to get better all around the world and the future will be brighter. But in the short term, at least from my jaded perspective, it’s looking rather bleak. See you in the trenches of revolution, comrade.

I’ve written out long-form versions of my radicalization journey. But I’m realizing that I may have always leaned towards the political left, and simply needed an awakening moment to know it.

Every politician linked to the tiktok ban invests in facebook and google.

Every single one of them.

I know this doesn’t add much of value to this thread, but fuck it needs to be said more. It’s not about any of the things they’re talking about, the ban is for money.

Also the ban (as i understand it) isn’t so much about tiktok, but is moreso a ban on anything the government doesn’t like in the digital & tech sectors. I.E. a legal means to push out foreign and startup competition so the monopolies can make bigger profits.

if you’re looking for a genre with a large selection of liberal naratives. look no further than the shooter genre. From games like Call of Duty to more obscure titles like “Freedom Fighters” where you fight against a Soviet invasion of New York as a guerilla partisan the genre is drenched in “well achktually communism is when evil and it’s always based to kill them”

Almost every popular shooter that even so much as hints at real-world politics has a strong liberal bias, seeing American “democracy” as the penultimate form of political expression, and taking all of its arguments to heart. The enemies are almost always both foreign and “authoritarian”, to boot.

In games like CoD, Battlefield, etc. the enemies are almost always Russians, and often of the Soviet variety. Even games like the Metro series depict the ideological poles as a “both sides” narrative. The far-right Fourth Reich, literal nazis, are shown to be just as evil and scheming as the “Red Line”, an ML “”“Stalinist”“” faction. (Stalinism in this case following the idea that uncle Joe was a power-hungry tyrant that killed all of his political opponents and personally starved his people for fun)

exterior to shooters, the next genre that tends to have some extremely liberal takes are Real Time Strategy games. Men of War sees the Soviets as an oppressive force, following “soviet waves” propaganda. The Hearts of Iron series is perhaps one of the worst offenders, seeing “Democracy” - being a stand-in for Liberalism - as the one true virtuous ideology. While seeing the “extremes” under a horseshoe theory light. The only real difference between Fascism and Communism in the game is Communism is when hammer and sickle and Fascism is when swastika. Otherwise, the two ideologies function relatively the same, to the point that choosing between them comes down to personal preferences - essentially turning the game into a left or right litmus test. (no surprise the fanbase for the game is littered with Nazis).

If there is one singular game I’d have to say is the most liberal, I don’t believe I could come up with an answer. The entire industry is to its knees in liberalism, to a point that most if not all games have some touches of liberalism in them. And virtually all of the major titles can serve as ideology booklets for pro-capitalist propaganda. The industry is so bad with liberalism that actual Nazi games, such as HP Hogwarts Legacy, still sell well despite online protesting and boycotts.

boy howdy I keep seeing things from people acting as though Russia and China have any real chance of going to war against each other. It really feels like western media is trying to drive a wedge between the two superpowers, and it seems like that starts with convincing westerners that there is already one.

for comrades who don’t want to go to Twitter to see what it is;

Though I've read and watched a lot about the BPP, I realize there's a lot that has never crossed my path. I assume this is true for a lot of comrades here as well. So, please use this post to share sources and theory surrounding the Panthers and ask questions about them.

short version of the M&R pact; Soviets needed to buy time to build up resources, knowing war with Germany was inevitable and being led to believe the western powers were going to ignore Germany in Europe. (US, France, and the UK refused to go to war with Germany. The UK’s line on it was “peace in our time”, and they tried to stick to that until the invasion of Belgium in 1940). A source nerd can provide the proper sources for this, I can’t be dicked rn.

According to this article by Grover Furr (not the best person for sources, but it’s a compelling article) the USSR did not invade Poland. Rather they upheld signed and agreed on promises made with Polish representatives, and did so to protect Polish citizens from Germany’s oppressive rule. The USSR also armed and aided Polish freedom-fighting groups and after the war returned their sovereignty to their rightful control. Germany invaded, the Soviets liberated.

Also if we need to come up with justifications for the invasion of Poland, the Polish government was leading genocide and harassment against the ethnic Ukrainians whose legal territory was wrongfully given to the new Polish state by the western powers following WWI in the breakup of the German state. The USSR’s “invasion” of eastern Poland ended that.

this was no doubt made by a white cis-male who was born between 1995 - 2005, who has never researched political science and only has the confidence to make these videos because fellow losers told him he was right.

digging further, I’m right on them being a cis-male and might be right about their age. They have an accent that is slightly different from one you might find in the UK, so they must be from the commonwealth. That can be narrowed down to either Australia or New Zealand, and my money would be on the latter. They seem to hold radical liberal views and unless they’re taking the piss out of their own political position, this video would imply that they see themself as a centrist. They also compare Marxist-Leninists to Nazis in multiple videos and have a video titled “Tankie Stupidity” with a thumbnail with strawman saying for MLs. As well, they believe that “communist countries do not exist”.

NSLeft exists
If you use this garbage site and want to spend your time around supposed leftists, I think NSLeft is the best place for that. It's a coalition of multiple regions, each with their own culture. Most of my 6 years on this hellsite have been spent in NSLeft, you should move your nation to one of their regions.

I didn’t know what this was so I looked it up

“Shen Yun Performing Arts is a United States-based non-profit … It is operated by the Falun Gong new religious movement.” (source: Wikipedia)

It is disgusting to me that most people have no idea that European business leaders - notably the ones in England - strongly supported the south. Further, it upsets me that most people don’t know that workers demonstrated and held strikes to force their bosses to stop supporting the southern war effort.

The US civil war was not a self-contained conflict, it was not just a concern to the United States. Every nation that benefitted from US products was involved in the southern war effort in some way, even if their governments officially supported the north or banned slavery. Hell, Brazil celebrated the confederates, and used fleeing confederates to colonize parts of Brazil. There are STILL pro-confederacy festivals in Brazil.

piggybacking to remind people that the far-right only gains traction when they’re reposted.

Principled Marxists might not be swayed from their solid ideological ground when clowning on fascism, but new leftists can be. Especially the new leftists who’re within the scope of far-right propaganda (white, cis male, teen-20s) who haven’t yet fully embraced Marxist ideology. As well, reposting hateful content harms the communities the content is harmful towards. Marginalized people don’t usually want to see posts that were written against them, even if the post was reposted to make fun of it. The result of the “shit x says” communities could be repulsing those comrades. (note, communities like “Shit Liberals Say” are more annoying than harmful and are excluded from this statement, I’m talking about things like “Shit Fascists Say”)

If we’re going to share screenshots of fascist posts or redistribute fascist memes, we need to mark them NSFW and members need to be in the comments explaining why the content is harmful. If we fail to do our due diligence LG could become a leftist ➔ patsoc/nazbol pipeline, we don’t want that.

“We hate Commies!”

“Hey, why are there so many fascists here? Why would they be so loud about hating commies too?”

3-4, 3, A (but tea, coffee is hella gross to me)

I have argued this for years, but a lot of people don’t like to hear it.

at its most basic, all the separatists wanted was freedom from the imperialistic core, which stole their resources and pushed for legislation that made their worlds more dangerous. If we were to bring this into the real world, the separatists could represent the third world, and the core could represent the western first world.

Like, sure, the CIS was heavily funded by banks. but the politics of the star wars galaxy don’t pair 1:1 with our politics, and they were quite literally waging an anti-imperialist war against a deeply corrupted political elite who used a cult of space wizards to carry out their bidding, then utilized the equivalent of a child slave army for crushing resistance.

Yes, Palpatine manipulated the situation, but the CIS would’ve happened without him. Palpy simply abused a long-rooted problem of the republic to make the inevitable war happen the way he wanted it to. Without him it still would’ve happened, and there are good odds the CIS could’ve won. They’re only the “bad guys” because Palpatine needed them to appear that way, so republic citizens would support the rise of the empire and the dawn of space fascism. Remove Palpatine, and the outcome for the galaxy would’ve likely have looked a lot more like a decentralized confederation that allows the rim worlds to flourish, while levelling the playing field between the core and the rim.

(also the added actual lore of the only race that came anywhere near communism was in the CIS)

It’s so frustrating when liberals explode with rage over foreign military promotional material, but swoon over the same from their own militaries.

Russia runs a recruitment ad and the liberals talk shit about how it’s propaganda, but American ads get called “badass”.

you must not spend a lot of time on leftist discords/forums or in leftist communities outside of Marxist-Leninist ones if you’ve never heard it in this context.

The issue with the logic of “converting” people on the western left is that as people learn about leftism, their sources lean away from our viewpoint. Thus enrooting anti-communism within the core of their views. If we want people to come around to our view, they either have to get here on their own or we have to get to them before the counter-revolutionary left can.

With the existence and popularity of “pan-leftism” the latter is virtually impossible at scale. There is no “converting”, only screaming at a screen in the hopes that one person out of 100 listens. And in the communities where anti-communists hold the power, there is no “converting” because our voices are actively removed.

In most cases, it doesn’t matter how many times you explain the living conditions of the USSR or debunk anti-communist propaganda. Western leftists would rather death-grip onto anti-communism than ever budge an inch to a “tankie”. Those who end up on that side of the left are essentially forced to educate themselves and radicalize out of the tarpit of “pan-leftism”.

edit; an additional point to “educate themselves”

Often those who fail to leave said tarpit end up going so deep into it that they make their anti-communism a concrete part of the ideals. This has the effect of either making them a permanent anti-communist anti-capitalist (better known as an individual who knows what is needed but refuses to do anything to achieve it), or they leave anti-capitalist ideology and drift back to the right wing. The former often taking the monicker of “post-leftist”, and the latter often being referred to as “social-democrats” in the best case, or altogether falling into Fascist ideology blocks (as anti-authoritarianism in the US is deeply rooted in the Nazi movement. If you are anti-authoritarian but not anti-capitalist the likelihood is very high that you’ll spend time in Free-Market Libertarian spaces - an ideology that took the hatred of the American Nazi movement, but removed the desire for a strong government). “Pan-Leftism” can, effectively, function as a pipeline for young people to have their valid anger distorted against them, pushing them back into supporting the system that created the things they radicalized into the left in the first place.

You can not convince these people to read Marx unless they choose to, because these spaces are filled with people telling them to read anti-Marxists, or worse telling them that reading is “ableist” and therefore not something they should do. You can not convert from Pan-Leftist spaces, at best you can only hope to find people who want to know about the things those spaces refuse to talk about honestly, and help them radicalize.

Pan-Leftism; An Infantile Disorder
If the concept of "Pan-Leftism" isn't in some way COINTELPRO, I would be very strongly surprised. Everywhere it's enforced becomes nothing more than a liberal echo chamber, wherein discussions that inconvenience liberal ideology or biases get shut down. Thus continually drifting the talking point of the group towards the comfort zone of left-liberals. Who are these left-liberals who benefit so strongly from Pan-Leftism? To put it bluntly, Anarchists, Social-Democrats, Trotskyists, and all other counter-revolutionary lifestylists. These are the groups that dominate discussions in these spheres, these are the people who get the final say on important issues. When Marxists get established in these communities, they get pushed out by the left-liberals. Often on illegitimate grounds, with strawman arguments and vast misunderstandings on Marxist stances. Supposed "comrades" are, currently, fully backing the *western propaganda* out of Poland about Russia """targetting""" Poland with a missile. These same supposed "comrades" refuse to acknowledge that backing Ukraine demands the defence of Nazism. They further believe defending Russia, China, the DPRK, or any other enemy of western imperialism means you're "anti-freedom", or otherwise against democracy. When people of differing viewpoints assemble together, the ones with the most to lose from revolutionary speech are the ones who have the loudest voices. This is inherent, aside from having a revolutionary vanguard to purge counter-revolutionaries there is no way around it. When anti-capitalists gather, the ones who benefit the most from the discussion are those who are the most disenfranchised by the capitalist system. Such as minorities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and so-on. "Pan-Leftism" inherently silences these voices, simply because allowing them to speak threatens the privileged straight whites who do not truly want a fair world, but would rather have a world that treats specifically *them* better. It should be no surprise that when Cuba abolished the nuclear family, these communities hardly even talked about it. And those who did controlled the narrative to either delegitimize the great victory for minority rights, or to delegitimize Cuba as being a communist state. (I.E. saying Cuba is liberalizing). Nor should it be a surprise that these communities often celebrate Rojava, but rarely mentioned the Donbas until the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Further, it shouldn't be a surprise that talk of the Donbas is mostly oriented towards calling it a "Russian satellite", rather than a revolutionary struggle against the genocide of their people. Pan-Leftism, if it can even be called that if they exclude Marxists so easily, is a scourge on the western left that must be opposed where found. There are many roadblocks in the west in the struggle towards revolution, this is one of them. As long as new leftists flock to pan-leftist communities while they're learning the ropes of revolution, they will be tainted by counter-revolutionary talking points with no means of understanding *why* these talking points should be avoided.

Poland claimed the US told them it was a cruise missile, but according to a twitter post the US has denied this

The remains of the explosion don’t line up, at all, with the pattern left by a cruise missile. Rather it looks much more like a shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile, which have crash-landed in Poland before during the course of this war - mind you they’re being used by Ukraine, not Russia (who prefers to use more sophisticated means for taking down Ukrainian aircraft)

What seems to be happening is a conservative Polish tabloid has baselessly accused Russia of targetting a civilian target in Poland, and NATO-aligned news sources have ran with the story. This isn’t unlike DailyMail claiming Covid started in China because “evil yellow man eat bat”

I looked them up and scrolled their channel, most of their content is far from family friendly and they’re friends with Pewdiepie. So this is exactly the kind of behaviour I’d expect, just a white man on the internet.

There are a few means of distorting your voice for anonymity, but a sophisticated enough algorithm can reverse anything you try. The most secure thing you can do is to blend things, pitch your voice, add audio distortion, use multiple samples, shift accents / cadences / ways of speaking, change modulation at random points in the audio, etc. If you’re trying to evade the government they will eventually figure it all out, but your average schmuck will probably never get a fully clean audio out.

I use Davinci Resolve. It’s free and just about as good as Adobe Premiere.

the radio in the store my gf works in plays war updates every hour on the hour. Also every time I ask alexa for news from Russia it tells me about Ukraine.

it seems most discussion on it has died down a little on MSM, but they’re still talking about it and the liberals still haven’t fully shut up about it.

my gf and I have started hate-watching Mr. Beat. His videos on US presidents are somewhat good, everything else is liberal bullshit.

liberals be like
"hell yeah minorities should have rights!" then post rants on twitter when minorities demand their rights after generations of being silenced.

Lemmygrad Gaming Advertisement
cross-posted from: > Hello G*mer! > > If you're looking to join a community of communist gamers, you've found it. You can join us on our [Steam]( page or on our [Discord](! > > And you're welcome to spread this post around to your comrades to help the community grow. > > We hope to see you there!

Lemmygrad Gaming Advertisement
Hello G*mer! If you're looking to join a community of communist gamers, you've found it. You can join us on our [Steam]( page or on our [Discord](! And you're welcome to spread this post around to your comrades to help the community grow. We hope to see you there!

A discord channel for our gaming group has been made. You don't have to be a part of the steam group to join. Everyone is welcome. See you there.

Linked is a discussion topic on event organizing. If you're interested in playing games with the Lemmygrad community, you should join and make your voice heard.

Information on the protesting in Iran?
I'm finding a lot of conflicting information on the situation in Iran, with predominately western publications reporting on it. Before I make my mind up on this situation I'd like to have enough information. It feels like a colour revolution, but I don't want to dip into conspiracy so readily. If anyone has been following the situation and would like to give Lemmygrad an explanation, it would be appreciated.

Is Russia conscripting protesters?
I've seen Ukraine supporters claiming the Russia is conscripting anti-war protesters. The only sources I've seen for this are western, and the statement on the partial mobilization clarifies that it's a mobilization *strictly of already enlisted military personnel*. I highly doubt it's true, but if anyone has sources or knows more about this I'd like to better understand it.

This community needs are few finishing touches, and I'd like Lemmygrad to help with deciding on them. Firstly, a community profile picture is needed. What symbols, images, etc. represent either the concept of colonialism, or represent natives? What colours are commonly used for this purpose? Second, the community needs a banner. What images evoke decolonization, rage against colonizers, or solidarity between colonized peoples? Finally, the rules need to be set. What are some rules this community would benefit from having?

Ideally, a community about the effects of colonialism would be moderated by victims of colonialism. Though I'm Irish-American and am dating a Native American, I do not properly represent decolonialization. So, this community needs moderators of colour, who can help ensure that the moderation of this community won't accidentally favour whatever latent colonialism I may not have realized within myself yet. If you want to moderate this community, please get in touch with me. [image: Irish revolutionary leader Eamon De Valera shakes hands with the Chippewa nation]

cross-posted from: > Pity.

Liberals: we support free speech also liberals: *don't allow you to downvote content you don't like*

Hello gun havers. This post is intended as an open forum for discussions on firearms, questions, and general communication within the community. Feel free to post pictures of guns you might own or hope to own, memes, etc.

to boot, it was imperialists putting down labour strike.

Firearms is looking for new moderators!
If you wish to become a moderator of the Firearms community, please let me know.

The Admins want your opinion on the Hoxhaism community. [RESOLVED]
In light of user Wisconcom's community [Hoxhaism]( (created using an alternate account named Ouisconkom), and the anti-China/anti-Mao sectarianism that permeates the rhetoric of the community. It has come to our attention that some members of the community are unhappy with this sort of content being allowed. In the past, we've removed other Ultra-leftists, such as Patriotic Socialists, for their sectarianism. And some of the admins feel this might be a time to do that again. Lemmygrad's success depends on transparency and communication between the user base and the admins, so we would like the Lemmygrad community to tell us how they feel about this possible issue.

LG community anti-liberal vent post
This is a post for Lemmygrad members to talk about things liberals are doing/saying. Let's vent about liberal bullshit together.

Combat Sambo - This is Real Power
Combat Sambo can be considered 'Systema lite', so I think it fits here

It's not actually real fights, the title is a bit clickbaity. But it is a neat video for displaying systema in a practical context

If y'all haven't been finding the time to learn about subjects from first aid to nature, hot and cold weather survival to nutrition, fear regulation to biomechanics, y'all should probably look into it.

I’m interested in joining the party, but I have some questions first.
I've tried to do some research, but I frankly don't want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of policies and their history. I know CPUSA is important, but in what ways are the two parties different? As I understand it, when CPUSA shifted to a more bourgeois-oriented program they kicked out the chapters that protested the change, and those chapters became PCUSA, but it would be nice to know a little more about this history. What are the party's general stances on historical figures like Stalin or Mao, or modern figures like Xi or Putin? I read on their site that they believe in political revolution, but I'm not sure if they say how they intend to bring about that revolution?

what ideology do you claim?
It would be interesting to know which ideologies are represented the most on Lemmygrad. Please vote to let us know. If you selected "other", please write it in the comments. <iframe src="" style="width:600px;height:800px;border:0;"></iframe>

It’s only fair that we briefly explain the situation.
Hello Dongistan, we apologize for unfairly removing your community. We were alerted that members of this community were harassing and trolling GZD's moderators on Telegram, and we moved to remove your community in response to that. The person who alerted us to this failed to provide proof, however, then failed to write a report for a ban in their community. Without strong evidence of their claims, and with them forgoing transparency, we decided it would be best to restore this community and apologize for acting rashly. Since restoring, we've uncovered evidence that *some* of your members are engaged in harassment of moderators and admins, and breaking our site-wide rules. Please rest assured that their infractions will not change the legitimacy of your community. As long as your members stay within our rules, we won't have to step in. If you have questions on this matter we will try to answer them. But please understand we have busy lives outside of Lemmygrad, and we will not give our time to people who are only trying to waste it. Thank you.

Death to America, of course.