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perhaps answers could be found in tracking down which international body decided to start the regulation, because it could thusly be assumed that they’d have a record of the symbol and it could be assumed that either they, or a member state of the body, designed the logo.

though, I did just walk around my house and look at a lotta appliances, and most of the marks looked more like the Euro one even though the majority of the things I own are PRC exports. The Baofeng I recently got and still have the packaging of on my desk is one of those marks that looks much more like the Euro one. So I’m inclined to believe (from my non-academic and completely circumstantial analysis) that what said about this might be close to correct.

oh neat, they’re trying to package a vague form of technocracy to us. yey, liberal ‘science’ will lead us to the future! yey, we’re going to pick leaders not because people want them, but because they’re qualified in a particular field. ugh.

on that article, the only source they provided for the Uyghur tracking thingy is themself.

can’t wait for a president to have a cat in the white house and get lots of shit for it

RT isn’t that bad, esp when talking about things like this. They’re deffo better than a source like dailymail or CNN, but nowhere near perfect.

they’re not true in the slightest. the so-called “camps” were legitimately just boarding schools. We’ve had posts explaining this here on lemmygrad, you might be able to find them with a search.

probably because you’re asking for money, on a site that’s not monetized and only accepts donations,

oh boy, this is some new cold war shit, just dropping “Communist Chinese Company” like that, repeatedly, to drive the point.

also, yeet, American financial crash is getting zoomie.

oh hey, more bipartisan bread and circus-ing, great.

I find it too funny that Socdem in the US practically slurped on Guaido’s boots, and he doesn’t know who any of em are.

People who’ve been asked their political alignments after immigrating out of an AES state: predominately lean towards the right, often inspired by anti-communism, tend to join or start anti-communist movements or parties exterior to their native country

Liberals who’re either too dumb or too blind to realize this: “but… I thought you were just smarter than the people in your home country?”

It’s really no surprise that people who fled from ‘communism’ would create a culture that leads fellow communism-fleers to join into groups like QAnon and Trump’s memberbase.

Craigslist is dying in some places, with people using facebook’s marketplace instead. Also, I’m not saying eBay is an ethical company, but they are an alternative to Amazon.

Aliexpress is a decent alt, if you’re looking for something simple. If you want to be more ethical in your online shopping, it’s best to try to find the retailer sites for the sellers you’re wanting to buy from. Buying directly from retailers helps them a lot more, and you often don’t have to deal with the side effects of buying through a site like Amazon - that being shitty labour practices.

Otherwise, go to Etsy and eBay.

now let’s wait for the fash to just not show up, because the bulk of them that could make it to DC have either already been arrested, or have warrants for their arrest and are hiding.

boy howdy I can’t wait to be shackled to the floor of a rocket ship when the construction efforts for the mars colonies have a labour shortage and SpaceX doesn’t wanna /hire/ more slaves.

I know right? It’s an absolutely beautiful flag imo.

the Soviet navy. (it’s my #1 favourite flag, tbh. I have a real one on my wall)

I salute the Red, White and Blue o7

this is a great article about it

Also, if you can find the actual tank man video, you’ll see that the tanks stop (most times it’s shown in the west, they cut away just before that) and wait for the man, the man then tries to climb onto one of the tanks, then walks away. Afterwards, the tanks continue, with no one being harmed.

Tale of 3,000 Indian POWs in China - China Military

United States captures POWs: locks them in cages, purposefully starves them, known to beat and abuse them

Trump is literally telling his followers to die for him to protect the country from 'evil Chinese commies'

Just another development in the New Cold War (NCW), the Trump administration is rallying their supporters for a protracted people’s fascist’s war using conspiracy theories about the CCP infiltrating the DNC and all Left-Liberal media (both in the sense of news, and in the sense of entertainment)…

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