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gotta love when closeted fascists (or even out-in-the-open fascists) call everything even moderately left of them “communism”.

I once saw a self-proclaimed “American Nationalist, Race Realist, and Nazi” call conservatives ‘commies’ for disagreeing with the need for a stronger government. Like, what are these people even on?

It’s a great jumping point into Asia’s sphere of influence, from the naval bases on the island chain the US can access pretty much all of east Asia and the island nations around there. When McKinley said this, it was more theoretical than anything. But it was proven in WWII, when Hawai’i was used as a base of operations for the Marines and the navy in the war against Japan.

Ironically, Japan saw Hawai’i as a great jumping point into North America, which is the provided reason for their attack on the island chain.

Modernly NATO has Japan, South Korea, HK, and a few other places that they can launch attacks or imperialist missions into Asia’s sphere of influence from, but Hawai’i is still used as a launching point for the navy. If you join the American navy to work on ships of war, you’re very likely going to end up in Hawai’i at some point in your career.

NATO: bombs a country to within inches of its life, invades and destroys every square inch of the country, funds US-backed terror organizations, death squads, etc. to disrupt the peace in the country, pushes propaganda to make people believe war crimes are the only answer to the issues they present in the country

People from that country: defends themselves

NATO: “see, they’re authoritarian, anti-democracy, warlike, and evil! We told you all of this before, and now they’re proving it!”

Frog of War

icer no icin’ icer no icin’!

this is 100%, no joke, exactly what they sound like.

I’m torn between star trek, and star wars. On one hand, it’d be wonderful to be an engineering officer on a starship, just flying around the beta quadrant. But, on the other hand, being an arms smuggler under the nose of the republic would be neat too.

Liberals be like “The climate disaster is so important, that we’re willing to glass the country doing the most to prevent the climate disaster!”

*edit: it did the mp4 thing, click ‘view source’ to see what it is

I only really interact with lemmy and a few open-source games. so I guess as far as lemmy goes, I moderate on lemmygrad. and as far as games go, I play and sometimes review them.

This is more or less what reformists are pushing for, and as long as we’re forced to live under capitalism I fully support it.

Instead of using the police to deal with drunks, people with special needs who are causing a scene, domestic abusers, etc. We can bring social workers, who have already proven their worth in a few counties in the US. roughly two-thirds of all calls to the police have nothing to do with crime, being social issues instead… which is what social workers are trained to handle. So, it’s absolutely no wonder that precincts that have hired social workers see them as “indispensable” Here’s a link to an article about this

There are various things that are criminalized that are nearly entirely non-violent but are illegal for either patriarchal, white supremacist, or elitist reasons. Things like sex work, which is criminalized to control women. Cannabis, which was criminalized on racist grounds and used to lock minorities away. or homelessness, which is criminalized because displacing the homeless is a lot easier than letting them have their shantytowns, or funding programs to give them housing. The simple act of decriminalizing these things would save thousands of lives a day, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and generally make the US a much safer country.

Then we also have the militarization of the police, which only serves to make police brutality worse. Reducing the funding of the police would greatly reduce their ability and willingness to engage in misconduct and violent behaviours.

Defunding the police would be good in nearly every possible way, and the only people who disagree just so happen to be fascists

Though, I agree with most of what my colleague said, and what said about it being impossible to do under capitalism is also very important to mention while talking about this. We can try to get some reforms, but no matter how hard we try, we’re never achieving it without a violent revolution and a building of a marxist-leninist state.

mods can moderate however they want, we don’t really impose all too much on them. But I do really wish people would stop posting memes in c/communism, we have two meme communities, please use those instead

I made a quick flowchart.

here’s a youtube video, there’s tonnes of others

Anglo-Alliance go brrrrrrrrrrr

NATO’s about to bust apart and Anglo participation in the international community is about to drop off, and I’m here for it.

I’d be totally fine with using Prolewiki for it. It would also give us a chance to send technically official traffic over there. and imo, it’s important the open-source ML projects support each other.

Tbh I have no idea where to even start on making a FAQ, and I don’t feel like I’m the person to put it together either.

Should a Lemmygrad FAQ be put together?

I’ve noticed over the years that new users tend to have overlapping questions, such as what theory they should read, how to find a party, what Marxism-Leninism even is, ect. …

First, you should find some time in your day to either read some basic Marxist / Marxist-Leninist theory, or find people who can talk to you about the theory from the point of view of having read it themselves. Theory is the key to understanding what is to be done, hence the anti-communists and the idealists detest the idea of reading theory - they call it ‘ableist’ and ‘anti-worker’, and it’s imperative for the health of the communist movement that they be ignored. Without theory the movement is directionless, and the individual is blind.

Then, look in your area for communist parties. If you can’t find a communist party, look into your broader leftist parties. It’s important to shop around and do a little digging on the party, their positions, any ideologies they proclaim to follow, and their general history. There’s a lotta ‘communist’ parties that are nothing more than ultra-leftists, socdems in red hats, or utterly gutted by the capitalist state. It’s a trap that’s been masterly orchestrated over decades by the bourgeois class, and you should try to avoid falling into the trap when possible. You should also look into non-party organisations that organise in your area, like unions, book clubs, or the SRA. Getting involved in the communist community around where you live is valuable in just about every possible way, and if you get involved in a good organisation you’ll find yourself wrist-deep in community activism. Stuff like donation drives, outreach programs, and other such things.

If you can’t find a local party or organisation to join, and can’t start one of your own. Consider joining a national party or organisation, such as CPUSA, PSL, or the IWW if you’re American. Otherwise, spend time learning about communism and ideology in general so you can understand how to live as a radical and how you can make a difference in your community. Plus, if you become well informed on theory, you’ll have an easier time radicalising your left-leaning friends. That’s always a plus to the movement.

Lemmygrad is a great place to ask questions and become more informed. We’ve already answered many of the basic questions, so you can read the threads that already exist on those if you want. Our members are usually pretty friendly and forthcoming with information if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, so don’t be too nervous about asking.

ah, looks like I either misremembered, or was told false information at some point.

Frog of War
toMemesNew aoc promo.

she’s not even saying “we are going to”, she’s saying “we should”. Which is much much less being done.

Any hunters on Lemmygrad? I wanna see your hunting rifles.

Also, hunting stories are welcome. …

Thinking about applying to work at the public library, anyone have insights?

I’ve applied to work at the library before, but that was back in my hometown and I didn’t get the job. I’m p sure I didn’t get the job because I didn’t have a phone or a bank account at the time. But, I’d still like advice if anyone has any. …

Making friends seems harder now, more than it's ever been?

Lately, I’ve been noticing that, since the pandemic started, it’s become nigh impossible to find people who want to put the time into making new friends. I’ve made a lot of friends since the pandemic started, but all of them are online, and all of them are generally social people as-is. …

“bUt whAT aBoUt The trAUma CopS EndurEd?” piss off, having to arrest their buddies isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened to them. …

Chinese communism is proving itself to be a stronger force than NATO can control, and the imperialist pigs are getting desperate to find an excuse to ramp up tensions with China. …

IWBSI American Unrest community post.

I’m curious what the Lemmygrad community thinks about upcoming unrest in the US. …

Don’t forget to burn the flag in defiance of celebrations for the empire. …


I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mass immigration wave of USians into Canada within the next 30-60 years

Climate change is projected to cause the average temperature of much of the United States to be above livable levels for extended periods. By 2100, it appears to be projected that large swaths of the American south will be uninhabitable for much of the year. …

I wouldn't be surprised if North America splintered into a warlord era after the fall of American Capitalism.

This one’s probably not going to happen. I would assume the fracture of the power of the American state would allow for a power vacuum to form. I would further assume certain polarized demographic bubbles in the US wouldn’t feel confident allowing the legal government of the United States to govern …