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Y’all, this is a vendor’s display.

some flag vendors will sell any flag, regardless of what it means or what connotations it might carry, and often won’t know a damn thing about the flags they’re selling. They just want money.

war crimes are inevitable, but the USSR’s crimes in WWII pale in comparison to that of the other “winners”. The worst they did was some executions of officers. Meanwhile, Dwight D. Eisenhower personally gave the order for German POWs in his prison camps to be starved.

what in the sam fuck are they talking about?

If you have a local homeless shelter or food bank, that’s the best place to donate to imo.

libs last year: “It’s important for RBG to survive until Biden can take the office, since only the president can appoint judges and her replacement will likely hold the position for a few decades”

libs now: “we have to vote so this’ll never happen again”

The dems really are a one-trick pony.

The electoral college is the sole body that chooses who becomes president? whatever, just vote blue.

The SCOTUS is an unelected body of term limitless judges, who usually spend the rest of their lives in the position and can only be removed via impeachment, but are appointed by the acting president? so what, just vote blue.

Systematic oppression that’s over a hundred years in the making and has proven that it can’t just be easily gotten rid of? cool beans, just vote blue.

If you believe Africa would’ve been more peaceful with Nigeria being whole, Nigeria would be the “good” side. If you believe African nations have a right to form based on what they want, Biafra would be the “good” side. But this was a grey area war, you could argue either side as wrong and be somewhat right.

To explain for people with no idea what this is about, it’s the Nigerian civil war. After Nigeria was given independence from France in 1960, the ethnic-secessionist state of Biafra split out from Nigeria in 1967, citing the massacre of the Igbo people by the Nigerian government as their justification for independence. Those who supported Biafra but weren’t a Catholic nation did so to preserve peace in the region. Catholics supported Biafra, as they saw it as a bastion of their faith in west Africa. Those who supported Nigeria either did so because they believed their support would preserve peace, because their nation had an anti-Catholic sentiment, or because Nigeria was a strategic partner.

The Soviet backing of Nigeria is seen as an end of the Soviet-Internationale, as the Khrushchev government pivoted to a more liberal view of the third world. To explain the one really weird outlier on that side of the conflict, I believe the Soviets before Khrushchev would have supported Biafra as China did.

Israel switched sides, because Biafra would have had Nigeria’s oil supply had they won.

The whole war was a clusterfuck, but it’s a great example of how the western nations mettle in African affairs for a wide range of reasons, from “peacekeeping” to the fanatical preservation of faith.

an end to cultural colonialism and the capitalist “grindset”? fuck yeah, sign me up.

love when they show how little they know of history, especially when they want to force others to agree with their viewpoint.

they’re probably like 16, tbh

POC: “hey uh, give us our land back, colonizer”

white liberal: “you must be a nazi”

oh boy, posting online that you’re paying $1000 monthly as disposable income is not the flex I expected to see today.

“China is killing people for being MUSLIM and the Muslims are HELPING

When the police wear surplus military kit, carry surplus military rifles, have surplus military vehicles, and are often backed up by the national guard, you have to ask yourself just how “civilian” they really are.

The US doesn’t have a centralized national police force? yeah fuckin’ right.

people are going to miss that the poster is Marxist-Leninist, and this tweet is mocking Anarchists.

Their fatal flaw is assuming that cults are inherently hierarchical, which isn’t true. Though it’s true that most popular cults do revolve around a prominent figure who is provided power (I.E. the cult leader), there are plenty of cults centred around documentation, philosophy, etc. and don’t exhibit a clear power structure.

I’m not going to say Anarchism is a cult, but it is not diametrically opposed to cultish behaviour. This can be seen on full display on the online left and their dogmatic approach to dialectics.

You can also argue that literally all politics are “cultish”, because the qualifier for something being a cult is defined as “a group or movement held together by a shared commitment to a charismatic leader or ideology. It has a belief system that has the answers to all of life’s questions and offers a special solution to be gained only by following the leader’s rules.” If Anarchists are going to argue that we’re cultists for our upholding of Marxist philosophy and scientific socialism, then they should look in a mirror, because they do the same with Anarchist philosophy.

you just know this was made by an American who gets all of their political literacy from 4Chan, Reddit, and Twitter.

The first pride was a riot where trans black women bricked cops in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan, in front of the Stonewall Inn. The LGBT movement existed before it, but essentially grew out of the riot, and that’s the justification many have for including minority races within the LGBTQIA+ flag. But, many say the inclusion makes it nothing more than a minority flag, and thus belittles it. People can argue over which side is right, but imo that argument distracts from the far more important things to focus on… such as trans women being one of the most common minorities to be murdered.

This is a picture of Marsha P. Johnson, who is claimed to have started the riot

I'm interested in joining the party, but I have some questions first.
I've tried to do some research, but I frankly don't want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of policies and their history. I know CPUSA is important, but in what ways are the two parties different? As I understand it, when CPUSA shifted to a more bourgeois-oriented program they kicked out the chapters that protested the change, and those chapters became PCUSA, but it would be nice to know a little more about this history. What are the party's general stances on historical figures like Stalin or Mao, or modern figures like Xi or Putin? I read on their site that they believe in political revolution, but I'm not sure if they say how they intend to bring about that revolution?

what ideology do you claim?
It would be interesting to know which ideologies are represented the most on Lemmygrad. Please vote to let us know. If you selected "other", please write it in the comments. <iframe src="https://www.polltab.com/Mq0MfYjODv" style="width:600px;height:800px;border:0;"></iframe>

It's only fair that we briefly explain the situation.
Hello Dongistan, we apologize for unfairly removing your community. We were alerted that members of this community were harassing and trolling GZD's moderators on Telegram, and we moved to remove your community in response to that. The person who alerted us to this failed to provide proof, however, then failed to write a report for a ban in their community. Without strong evidence of their claims, and with them forgoing transparency, we decided it would be best to restore this community and apologize for acting rashly. Since restoring, we've uncovered evidence that *some* of your members are engaged in harassment of moderators and admins, and breaking our site-wide rules. Please rest assured that their infractions will not change the legitimacy of your community. As long as your members stay within our rules, we won't have to step in. If you have questions on this matter we will try to answer them. But please understand we have busy lives outside of Lemmygrad, and we will not give our time to people who are only trying to waste it. Thank you.

Death to America, of course.
words to live by

Roth Stout's method of gardening
I've tested this out over concrete slabs and over nutrient-starved sand. As long as your bed of mulch and good growing material is thick enough you can grow just about anything. Though, even with the modified method where you add bagged dirt on top of the mulch, I found it difficult to grow anything with short roots.

'NATO's war in Ukraine' is expanding to include all of NATO's current hostile activities.
I made this community before Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a place to post headlines and discuss the rising tensions. With the war in Ukraine slowing down, I feel it's a good time to open the community up to discussions about the other theatres NATO is pushing itself into. Please feel free to post about the wide range of conflicts NATO's engaged in, and their subversive actions against global peace and the legal governments and hegemony of Russia and China.

To help new users get more aquanted with Lemmygrad, here are some community highlights.
In my opinion, it would suck to see Lemmygrad - a project I've been on for roughly 3 years - become nothing more than the "GenZedong backup", so to help the new refugees spread out and utilize more of Lemmygrad's communities, here are a few communities I'd like to draw attention to. I'll start with [ACAB](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/acab) a community that I made for posting about police misconduct. [Casual](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/casual) is a community where you can post anything you feel like, and have stress free conversations in the comments. [Comradeship](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/comradeship) is in the same vein and is more active. They're great places to meet comrades and get to know Lemmygrad's culture a little better, we pride ourselves on putting community first. I wouldn't be able to give a comprehensive list of every community, so I'll only do four and close this off with [中国的最新发展 (sino)](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/zhong1guo2), Lemmygrad's equivalent to Sino. A perfect place to post about news in China, discuss Chinese culture or politics, etc. I'd like users to post communities they'd like to highlight in the comments, as well.

On Applications
If you've put in a membership application, please hang tight. it can take anywhere between a few seconds and a few hours for the admins to get to your application, y'all are flooding in so fast. Your applications are read by real humans, thank you for your patience.

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/145813 > >Officer April Rodgers and the CSPD put on an elaborate sting operation to bust several groups of leftists for a crime they manufactured. April was attempting to get me to participate in a straw purchase and god knows what else. Based off some other people I’ve talked to, I was not the only one who the CSPD targeted. It appears the goal was the create a firearms trafficking group from Colorado Springs to Denver in order to bust every leftist with firearm ties in both cities. Either that, or it was an attempt to pressure me into becoming an informant. > > > >I believe it is very important to document and publicly share these types of COINTELPRO tactics whenever they pop up. I work a boring desk job and shoot guns with friends once every two weeks, yet I was specifically sought out and targeted. Be careful y’all, and remember if the vibes are off, leave. Last but not least, fuck CSPD. Over a third of the city of Colorado Springs’ budget goes to them so they can carry out failed political vendettas against anyone who dares not be a conservative christian.

Anyone else getting a Pavlovian responce from following the Russo-Ukrainian war?
Since the war started I've seen the Ukrainian flag no less than ten times a day, and almost every time (I'd say a solid 8/10 times) it's been linked to something that elicited anger in me. (horrible stuff Ukraine's military is doing, the Azov battalion, shitlibs with bad takes, etc.) and now every time I see the combination of blue and yellow I immediately get upset. My quick google to try to understand this implies it's Pavlovian conditioning, and I have to agree with that. So, is anyone else getting this, or do I need a vacation from the internet?

Help me find footage of the war from Russia's perspective
I feel like I'm being smothered by Ukrainian footage when I try to find videos from the frontlines. This could, of course, be part of OpSec and I'll fully accept that. But being able to see what's going on, and not have it be over the shoulder of the side I'm rooting to lose would be - at the least - nice.