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The military likely knows they’re outnumbered, and it’s pretty obvious that a continued effort to coup would only lead to Vietnam II: Lithium Boogaloo. If the US continues to push for a coup, at this point it’s more than clear it’ll go nowhere.

people aren’t really celebrating, and this just proves that Bolivia has every justification to be anti-US and anti-coup. As well, this;

(picture for those who can’t see pictures, or don’t understand what’s in the picture. The leader of the coup, Jeanine Anez, accepts defeat and wishes the rightful Arce government luck)

That would imply it was an ML and Trot organization, that migrated right at some point.

I would be too scared that it’s the CIA trying to locate me.

I find it hilarious that liberals will hold politicians like Hitler in such low regard, when the US has had a long history of presidents that could be argued as either worse or on the same level of bad when compared to Hitler. Lincoln didn’t want to free the slaves, the popular current of his party at the time was to regulate them. Abolitionism became the popular current when material conditions became unignorable. Lincoln directly acted towards the genocide of natives. Lincoln’s not a “hero”.

yes, and a civil war happened under his “guiding care” (as he liberals would say) because he refused to use the power of the state to put down the Confederate rebellion while it was in its infancy. It’s like the liberals refuse to look at how their “well acktually violence solves nothing” has played out in history, and there’s so many examples of it in history for them to learn about. And the liberals still want to ‘great leader’ Lincoln, even after his unfortunate politics are laid bare in front of them.

Ethnic-Nationalism, in leftist context, is usually a political device to spurn anti-imperial unification from oppressed ethnic groups. This can be found in lots of leftist movements in history and currently, China’s United Front, Vietnam’s war of independence from France, Pan-Africanism, the Kurdish war of independence, Native American revolutionary councils, Irish Republicanism, ETC.

I love how this person has the gall to call themselves a comrade, but fully just goes along with anti-communist propaganda and seems to be proud of aiding war criminals in the murder of innocent civilians by developing a means of having more efficient bombings.

he’s also a transphobe, tho

I decided to put in effort

i’m too lazy to make a meme so um

[woman yelling at cat] Anarchists from the west: “you’re just red fascists! you don’t care about the revolution!”

[cat on the other side of the table] legitimately all of the world’s working class:

you can easily do both. Reading more theory helps you to expand your understanding of Marxism, which in turn expands your ability to explain it. Being able to explain Marxism further helps you to explain anti-communist propaganda against it. As well, many modern Marxist-Leninist writers mix debunking propaganda into their theory, Parenti does it often from what I’ve seen.

If you’re concerned about being able to disprove some of your friends and family’s understandings of AES, then I would suggest taking the time to read some of the various masterposts here and on reddit disproving propaganda. But you don’t have to make it an either/or situation.

Here’s to hoping comrade corona gives us a government unprecedented in its decrepitude 🍺

anti-communists: PRC is an imperialist power that wrongly claims the rights to territories around them. the Republic of China is the rightful ruler of the mainland and they’d be better for the region.

meanwhile the Republic of China’s claims: much worse

Trudeau is practically just a polite trump, and Canada is a nazi-apologizing state. Getting “well, we’ll just move to Canada” liberals to understand that is frickin annoying.

them: the concept of the master race is real

also them: what?!?!? I didn’t say it was me!!! I’m not a racist!!!

who is this person? why do they spell Tankie wrong?

“tankie”, for those unaware, comes from the anti-communist sect of England’s Labour party in the aftermath of the Hungarian “revolt” wherein the NKVD were called in to put down a fascist anti-communist revolution. It’s ‘ie’ instead of ‘y’ because the English dialect that coined the phrase uses ie on the end of informal names. There is no such thing as “tankieism”, only Marxism-Leninism and ideologies that sprouted from it. The polar opposite of the “tankie” is the “lifestylist”, people who are only left for social credit but still fully identify with pro-imperialist politics.

this reads like a quora answer, but they’re not wrong.

and here we see the Anarchists being so lost in ideology, that they lose all semblance of what “power” is and why ownership of it is of hyper importance.

comrade trump says no to imperialism

Censorship of leftism has begun on Facebook

I just got flagged for a meme I shared in 2017, seemingly only because it has a hammer and sickle. Facebook claims that it “supports terrorism”. …

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, the state no longer has to pretend in the separation of powers.

To sum, she was the last beacon of “resistance” to the conservatism in government and liberals rallied behind her for that. Without her, the conservatives have no reason to pretend like the branches or the law means anything, and get to pack the Supreme Court with what I’ve seen referred to as a “pe…

I done a poem (and don't think there's a good community for posting this kind of thing, so am posting here.)

*Our shared reality is a prison paved by poverty, prosperity profiteers from our pride, poisoning our perception of power. Pointlessly, we pester the priest of our misfortune. ‘Fortune favours the bold’ they say with feverous ferocity, unfamiliar with the ‘bold’ spirit of the proletariat. Moments pr…