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We all heard CCP; but have you ever heard of the *C*CCP?
Not the СССР as in the Soviet Union, but instead the *Controlling* Chinese Communist Party! /j

I just failed miserably at trying to make a cake without sweeteners.
So. I guess I do need to add eggs after all… The failures all tasted like trash.

Feeling pretty good, want to share my good vibes with y'all for a moment
I registered for classes today (a research writing course where I've got to submit a paper to a journal by the end of the semester and a class on US foreign policy and its history, trying to convince my advisor I can do a third despite working "full time," I have an absurd amount of downtime in reality), paid the first installment of my tuition for the semester with money I earned from serving tables on the side, hooked up my desktop at my new apartment (even though a week without it did me good), moved some stuff to the proper place and cleaned a bit at the new place, applied to some GA positions (can't beat the tuition reimbursement, most are just dicking off on-call on campus for 10-20 hours/week, better than serving tables), and paid off a bunch of medical bills. I'm just so excited for school to start again, especially because I get access to free bus fare, free therapy, free basic doctor's visits, and a free gym membership. My partner and I walked to get lunch and it felt great outside and to be in the city I love again instead of the suburbs (now just to get a bike...). My paper shredder breaking didn't even touch this good mood shit. To top it off, we are going out of town for a few days next week to our other favorite place to celebrate all our achievements the last month and to get vacation mindset out of the way during the semester (my partner and I are both in school). Hope good things happen for the rest of you and that you feel good too!

So, do y’all do skincare or anything? Thinking about it after a really bad(and uneven) sunburn recently and figured I should take better care of my skin.
I’m white(according to Hakim, I am a POC because I’m half Irish, half-Russian lol jk), pasty white. So that means when I’m in the sun, which happens quite a lot since I do manual labor outside, I burn not only quickly but harshly too. A few weeks ago I decided to suntan and used sunspray instead of lotion, the spray was so inconsistent and concentrated only in the center of the spray, so I have large swaths and splotches of sunburn. Worse things have happened but it sucks. It looks like I had a red body that someone spray painted white in a few seconds lol. So that point aside, I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, and I figured I’d ask y’all since I trust you to not just try selling me expensive skincare products and stuff lol. I currently just use some facial wipes to prevent acne (idk if it makes a difference, I’ve never had acne besides like a few rogue pimples) and Aloe Vera just because I heard it’s good for burns and because it sounds good for skin in general. I obviously shower but I think my soap is not really skincare, just regular soap

What kind of media ideas do you guys have for what you would like to see in a socialist future?
For example: I want to see a story about an old man from the red army going to the dark side of the moon to kick nazi ass (Because that's where they are hiding obvi). Just random shit like that, where socialist people, projects, themes, ideas, and histories are represented with pride and care. No hollywood anti-communist bullshit like Enemy at the Gates ([excellent critique of that movie here by a fellow communist]( and no stupid profit motive pushing artists past their ability or censoring their works unnecessarily to push deadlines.

Nerd culture doesnt deserve The Sandman
Nerds are the most joyless, antisocial, and bitter people. Dont be a nerd.

Picked up a pack today... (CW: smoking)
**CW: mentions of smoking and cigarettes, depression and self-loathing** Hey comrades. Life has been absolutely kicking me while I'm down. Went to visit my parents this past weekend and they offered me a cigarette. I haven't smoked in over a year. Told myself, just this once. Catharsis, sweet relief, you deserve it! You've been through hell! Kept smoking. Kept smoking. Kept smoking. Promised my partner and my sibling that it was just a *this weekend* thing, I've been put through the ringer and will stop as soon as we leave. Four and a half hour drive home. My hands hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my head hurts, I can't focus, I'm nervous, I'm swerving occasionally because I'm tired and I can't keep my vision clear. The MonsterTM I drank earlier and the coffee I just downed aren't helping, they're making me more anxious if anything. Gotta stop, gotta pick up a pack of cigarettes. I'll only smoke one for now to help me be alert and ease the pain. It did. For about 30 minutes. Another. Another. Another. Another. Get home, get *even* more devastating news. Another. Another. I feel like such a fucking idiot. I feel like I've been duped by Big Tobacco again like when I was a teen, I feel like I've completely failed in maintaining any semblance of willpower I have. I feel like I've failed my loved ones. I feel like I want to take smoking up again because it helped me keep off weight and forced me to walk and go outside more, and I could socialize easier with other smokers. It also dehydrates the hell out of me and makes my fingers stink like shit. It's also disruptive as hell whenever the cravings kick in. It's also expensive and stains my teeth. It helps my gums clot whenever they start to act up and bleed because of my dental crowding. I'm sorry to anyone that thinks this is overdramatic and they're just cigarettes. I'm also sorry for the ridiculous length of this post, I just wonder if any comrades have any thoughts or similar experiences or... whatever, y'know. Thanks if you've read this far.

What are your favorite horror / scary movies?
Looking for some more good ones to watch. Preferably not "jump-scary", I like slow-burners better.

Communism and free time
A lot of western communities are designed to stimulate consumerism. A lot of things to do in your free time revolve around buying stuff or drinking (alcohol). Even eating in your free time costs money, sometimes a lot of money even. I live in a city that claims to have the most bars, cafés, restaurants etc. in the world. A lot of free time here revolves around drinking. I also sit down at a café often. Recently a new park opened close to where I live. When it was flaming hot outside I went to spent my evenings there at some water pools and had diner there. A lot of people around me were just chilling, chatting and playing games. It reminded me of covid, when everything was closed (bars and shops). Everyone in the city was just outside, vibing in parks, playgrounds and similar places. It made me wonder how a communist society would effect free time. A lot of lesser capitalistic, more collectivist societies already seem to focus on different ways to spend free time. What do you guys think about this? Does anyone have some interesting theory to read regarding this topic?

What do you like about lemmygrad?
I like that I can socialize (being an online forum is not ideal but not bad) with people who I know are coming from the same ideological starting point as me. Like I don't need to give mountains of background info on "human nature being irredeemably bad is just a propaganda narrative" I can just dive into the topic at hand. That means you can get right to the meat of the discussion. It is also been a great place online for me to not feel like I have to be on the defensive at all times, I can make a claim based partially on data and partially my gut feeling and not be torn to shreds, i.e. the critique is in good faith. It can be tiring to only engage in discussions where it feels like you are trying to convince the other person the whole time and they always request you "consider the other side" even when the other side is reactionary, riddled with conflicts of interest, provides no evidence, and is totally without merit🤢 It is a decent source of news but primarily a place for me to learn about how other people who have the same mindset as me but different lived experiences and who have read different things can see the same data that I see. Two heads are better than one. In particular I really feel like my understanding of how gender and sexuality are tied to oppression has exploded from my time on here.

Any recommendations for clothing?
I’ve been considering making a sub based around recommendations for businesses to support (co-ops, directly buying from workers overseas, etc.), but haven’t got around to it yet. My question is - does anyone have a good website for clothing? I don’t buy much any longer, but I’d like to try to buy as close to the source as possible. Feels like most of what I see here in the US are just bought from the East and then they just jack the price up as much as possible. I’m rambling a bit, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lowkey identifying each other?
So many communities use little subtle symbols and stickers and such to help identify each other in public. For instance, those of us in the BDSM/kink community can pretty easily recognize the triskelion (looks kinda like a yin/yang except has three droplet shapes inside the circle instead of two, is also usually black and white) if we see a sticker like that on a laptop. Most normies would have no idea what that means though. Are there ways we can sort of identify each other in public that is subtle and not very obvious? A hammer and sickle sticker or Soviet/Chinese flag (or really any red flag with gold stars that looks remotely Communist) on our laptop would draw a lot of unwanted attention if we are just trying to chill in a cafe or some shit. It'd be nice to know occasionally if I had allies in the same room every now and then, shit's lonely.

Music Genres
What music genres do you like that you think people might not know much about? For me it's synthwave. I first got into it from the movie Drive. Bands like Electric Youth and The Midnight are just incredible. Another cool thing about the genre is if you look up the mixes on YouTube they are often matched with a kind of outrun aesthetic.

Favorite recipe for bread? I have three bags of white flour I want to use.
I made some baguettes and they were good but the effort was too high for me to want to use the whole bags in that way, plus they kind of weren't very filling for how calorie dense they were. I kindly request your best simple loaf of bread recipe.

Comedians are used to normalize/socialize fringe reactionary points of view, thoughts?
I don't really care about super niche comedians who are based, I just think that generally speaking comedy is an insanely weaponized form of entertainment. From my perspective this is pretty self-evident, just wondering if any of y'all have dug into this or disagree for whatever reason.

I have just fucked up so much today lol
I had a few wins with my landlord and getting on a new campaign at work (which ensures job security a little more), despite little sleep. Then my boss ruined my day by telling me I sucked out of nowhere, despite all evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, everyone who could defend me has left the company recently. He walked back some of the shit he said after I confronted it, but it still made me feel weary about the future. After that, I missed a meeting with a contact who is helping out with my annual review because of the pissiness I felt and technological issues. I didn't get any other errands done and failed to call some folks I was supposed to (like checking up on imaging results from doctor). I kind of just stewed and reached out to people to complain and ask about jobs. I know the solution is to not let it get to me, but it just really caught me off guard because I've traditionally been praised at best, ignored at worst (read: most of the time) at work. I just need a new job, but I've been trying since April with no luck. Colleagues are getting jobs making double me and I don't know how because 95% of the time they're folks who leaned on me for basics. Good for them and all, but...why am I unemployable in comparison? Huge ass meh. I thought I had until next May for a cushion at least, doesn't seem so.

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Celebrity obsession and parasocial relationships
Besides the cringe invoked by seeing poor people defending those millionaires from wealthy "blue on Wikipedia" parents, could it be the sign of a community loss? Maybe it's too bold to say this, but I feel like people, being unable to form and support real life relationships in vicious life-work cycle and everything done to us, they rely on celebrities, who are one click away. It's even worse with youtubers, imo. Singers and actors might seem distant from a regular person, as they are, but youtubers are like your neighborhood buddy. I would love to hear what you are thinking about this, maybe I'm overanalyzing.

What book have you recently enjoyed most?
Very recently I read Gaddafi's Green Book. While there are some points I disagree with, I found it very enjoyable to read and it felt very easy to engage with. At the moment I'm reading Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for Foreigners by Roland Boer. Very insightful, well written, and I'm always excited to read more.

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