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What (unconfirmed) “conspiracy theories” do you believe? (poll)
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In light of Seymour Hersh’s exposé of the US bombing of NordStream pipelines, I am reminded of the brain deprived insane liberals that constantly alleged that Russia did it
[This is the article I am talking about.]( Every circumstantial evidence and common sense argument would suggest that the US was to gain the most from this attack. But deranged liberals of all ranks, from mainstream "journalists" to the rabid NATO defenders of, tried to gaslight you into thinking that at best the jury was still out on who did it and at worst accused Russia for doing it even though they stood to lose the most because of the outcome.

How much longer do you think the U.S. government realistically has?
I'm perhaps in a bit of a fringe position as a historian. I actually think the United States is already in a low-effort civil conflict, and it will continue escalating into a full-fledged civil war within two years. The similarities between the First Civil War and the events today are undeniable to me at least, having studied it extensively. Of course, that is child's play compared to what the Climate Crisis is going to do to the United States government or its successor state(s). With that said, how much longer do you personally think Washington is going to be able to claim control over its portion of the North American contient and subjugate its people with capitalist tyranny? How do you think it will fall? If you don't think it will fall, please explain why because I am genuinely curious why you think that given the state of the union.

I’m dooming again
It seems like nobody is willing here in the US to actually throw themselves into a revolt or meaningful change because our conditions are just good enough. I still see everyone around me going for the best social status, the best job, the best car, the biggest house, and completely ignoring all the major flashing red lights. I feel like a crazy person, like one of those people that's missing the point. I feel surrounded by lunatics and typically that means you're the crazy one but I just know I can't be in this situation, it makes no sense. Why is it like this? Why do I feel surrounded by NPCs? I can't connect to pretty much anyone here. It all seems so trivial. I don't want to sound elitist or anything I just can't see how people still don't see the full picture What to do?

Watching an episode of boyboy and look what pops up

Which class do self-employed folks fall under?
cross-posted from: > When say "self-employed" I mean folks like custom-pc builders, carpenters, vulcanizers, with no additional staff. > > Which class do they fall under, capitalist or proletariat? Are there some special cases regarding them? >

Why am I not seeing any mention of the earthquake here?
Holy shit man. I hope it has to do with algorithm or some another shit. This is huge amounts of suffering imposed on not by natural disaster only but by goverment and the capitalists to the workers.

How exactly is NATO escalating the Ukraine war?
Sometimes it's difficult to find a good argument against blindly siding with Ukraine against Russia, so I'm wondering what to say next time some NATO worshipper orders me to fulfill my daily NATO worship quota or else he's gonna cancel me on twitter dot com or whatever. What are the facts? For one, I don't believe Ukraine belongs to Russia and I don't want to be excusing Russian war crimes, let's get that out of the way. I don't want to make those kinds of arguments. For two, I also don't want to say that Ukraine should cede all ground, let Russia take over (assuming that's what they want to do), and only help the refugees who fled to us and do nothing else. (Also, I'm not sure what to make of Donbas and Crimea. It was indeed weird that NATO did nothing when the latter got annexed, but now...?) Three, I'm wary of "future predictions"; I don't want to predicate my stance on the matter on the possibility that Russia's war effort will eventually falter and things will get back to normal anyways. Opinions akin to this do not seem very thought-out to me. Something similar goes regarding the Ukraine corruption and Nazis arguments. Yes, these issues are real, but it doesn't seem to me like they justify letting Ukraine be invaded by someone who doesn't seem to be doing it for those reasons in particular. And lastly, if I should accept the idea that NATO is fundamentally bad because it is the muscle of the Euro-American empire, rather than just marginally bad due to whatever bad thing it's currently doing in regards to the Ukraine war (again, highlight what exactly it is), then what about those "NATO is just a defensive pact" arguments? Who exactly can and cannot join NATO, who are its enemies, what are its motivations, etc? I'm hearing a lot of comparisons between Russia and Nazi Germany where I live (I'm Czech). They compare the way both have expanded, were initially tolerated, but then they expanded too much and war broke out. They compare Hitler and Putin and their "Lebensraum" vs "vulnerable borders" and call both bs. BS because Germany had enough space, and because Russia isn't the only nation with vulnerable borders, yet they're the only ones complaining. What do I even say? At this point, my entire opinion amounts to "war is bad and the fighting should stop", which, despite how much I've learned over the past year, seems awfully uneducated.

Who Still Plays classics in 2023
No, I don't mean video games a whole, I'm talking more along the lines of playing yoyos, jackstones (or knucklebones), teks and pogs (only us FIlipinos understand it), etc. TL;DR: Outside games I still play Yoyos and knucklebones and even pogs in this day and age

Day 3 and 4 of Political Science
Hello everyone, sorry for the radio silence. I recently had a midterm for my psychology class and I’ve been trying to catch up in statistics. I’ve also been to my first UN club meeting which I will talk about in this post as well. Day three of Political Science consisted of learning about the Upper House, Congress, Formal Executive, Political Executive, Electing vs Appointing Judges, and what we all want to know about: Ideologies. I wont go over the government positions as it’s fairly straightforward and is only really focused on the differences between the USA and Canada. The first ideology my professor talked about was Social Democracy, the Scandinavian model. He explained it as having a heavy emphasis on economic equality; bridging the gap between the rich and poor, social progress, progressive taxes, and Keynesian Policy. He also talked about Consociational Democracy and Cosmopolitan Democracy. One meaning special protections for minorities (power-sharing) and the other being about applying democratic principles to Global institutions, the UN being an example he brought up but did mention how it’s not democratic due to certain countries having veto power over the rest. I was surprised he mentioned this, to be honest. Next we won’t over criticisms of democracy: There is a disconnect between promised policies and the implementation of policies. The growing apathy of citizens due to mistrust. Influence by small special interest groups. Aristotle had a negative view of democracy, believing it to be the degenerative form of Rule By The Many, with Polity being the best version. Aristotle himself, I guess, believed in Rule By The Enlightened. Also democracy breeds populist leaders which is annoying. Then we finally plunged into ideology. There was talk about how Canadian media is generally “left”, even stating the CBC was very left. After this little blurb we went over the left centre and right positions; Communism Marxist-Leninism, Tradiotional SocDems, Market SocDems, Reform Libs, Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, Conservatives, Neo Cons, and then Fascism. Ideology is not to be confused by party name. He used the NDP as an example of SocDems, with Rachel Notley being a more right wing example. My Professor started us on the right side of the scale with defining Fascism. Obviously the first thing to come up were the Nazis, National Socialists. Fascism is accompanied with an unquestioned leader, hierarchal system, authority over the people, reject of reason (this is important), social Darwinism, society governed by race, extreme nationalism, irredentism, and state corporatism. A girl in my class asked about China being state corporatist but my professor said China has state capitalism. We finished off day 3 with Conservatism. It’s main principles being respect for tradition, status quo, religious values being a priority, patriotic, pro-life, anti-pornography, censorship, capital punishment, no affirmative action, deregulation, and the belief that the rich should help the poor which we all no does not happen. Day 4 we jumped right back into ideologies starting with Neo-Cons; also called neo-liberal, it was essentially the same as conservatism. Liberalism was next and he was quite enthusiastic about it. He explained liberalism as an optimistic ideology, with a healthy skepticism of the church and monarchy. Liberals believe in basic human rights, that all are created equal, social justice, utilitarianism, limited government, and lots of freedom. Some things I noted about my professor’s personal views was he dislikes modern liberals, claiming that they are intolerant and only want control. He brought up the mask mandates and the Emergency Act as too much government overreach. I had to press him a little bit, asking how he felt about the COVID policies and he said he believed they went to far. Next was SocDems again but I’ll only talk about the new stuff rather than repeat. State level vs Utopian Socialism. The State level was split in two; revisionism and fabianism. Revisionism was pioneered by a guy named Edward Bernstein; revising Marx’s vision with an evolutionary gradual approach to socialism rather than revolution. He added the middle class to the mix. Fabianism was a UK thing from 1884 with a belief in socialism through elections. Fabianism is now the Labour Party. Utopian Socialism was about small community socialism through cooperation, collectivism, social benefits, and common ownership of property. In the last five minutes of class he briefly went over Marxism; the study of how society is shaped, with the foundation and superstructure. The foundation being the means of production, techniques of the production, and the relationship between the workers and capitalists. The superstructure was explained as religion, government, ideology, and exploitation. When it came to exploitation my professor went about it in a very silly, and almost condescending way. He picked a girl in our class to help with his scenario, saying that on the weekend she goes to his church or whatever and prays, but then during the weekday she goes to work for him and therefore he is exploiting her. He played it off as if it’s a stupid thing to believe, that Marx was pulling his ideology out of his ass. Maybe next class I’ll try to push back on that but at the time class was over and I needed to skedaddle. During his talk about conservatives beliefs in “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” he caught be rolling my eyes and tried to press me on it but I got super scared and tried t wave him off. He tried to ask other students about their opinions on it and their responses were “it depends”, which was very helpful or enlightening but I can’t really judge since I was too scared to challenge the notion on my own. I am, however, talking a bit more in class, answering and asking questions so that’s good. So my first UN meeting was overwhelming and a bit confusing. Most of the time was spent going over UN etiquette, how to address your fellow delegates, all that kind of stuff. What I do want to mention is that one of the UN leaders talked about his experience in a model UN held in Japan: he got into an argument with another delegate about nuclear energy, he is anti-nuclear, He felt negative towards Russia and North Korea as the Russia delegate brought up North Korean relations and he felt that was suspicious? He also had beef with some Québécois delegates because he cringed and essentially admitted to having Quebec. All in all a very weird experience. I don’t think I’m going to be doing much in this club for this first year as I entered a few weeks late (not my fault, I signed up at the beginning but they never got my form) and preparations for some trips were already underway. I’m just going to lay low and maybe try again next semester, who knows. I thought we’d be choosing countries to represent and do our own UN at our school and then travel around to other model UNs and represent there. There is a model UN being held in another city that only some delegates are going to. Basically a group of students from a bunch of universities represent one country and come together for a model UN, the club is now preparing for this by picking a country and then writing a position paper to be selected for the model UN. There is one inNew York but I have no idea what’s going on with that one. I’d like to go to New York but the information surrounding it is confusing. Anyway that’s all the information I have, tomorrow is day 5 of Political Science but I don’t believe we’ll be learning much as our midterm is next week so it’s most likely going to be a review class. But I’ll still post about it if anything interesting comes up. I make sure to make special notes of what my professor and fellow students say since it’s always interesting and we can gauge what the hell I’m working with.

Anyway he's back on lemmygrad and left me 5 nice notifications, including lengthy comments on 7 days-old posts of mine. I didn't read any of them lmao, but it probably amounted to going thermonuclear or something similar. Idk he seems kinda obsessed and totally not salty. Please do send him all your best wishes, don't hesitate to tell him in DMs too.

So Wisconcom commented on the trailer for my Vaush video
![]( For anyone wondering how tf he found it the most likely explanation is he probably saw it here in Lemmygrad.

Can someone please explain transgenderism to me?
Like, so genders are social construct and different from biological "sex", but identifying as a different "gender" requires surgery to change your "sex"? Is "gender" just personality? I'm so confused Edit: also, the idea trans-affirming surgery and hormones is also absolutely horrifying to me for some reason; just, ouch

How do I ban evade on reddit?
You may think I'm crazy to want to go back on that hell, and maybe you're right, but there are some communities I want to interact with, yet I am perma banned from there (no fault of my own, but another story) soooooo, how do I circumvent my ban? I already tried but I think they ipbanned me because the new account got instabanned

Please explain Anakbayan to me
Hello, comrades. I'm somewhere in the United States, and I've noticed that local left-wing groups (FRSO and more) are closely associated with this group. But I found they are anti-Rodrigo Duterte, so what are they after all?

Why is stalking so normalized in media?
Last night there was one movie on TV(idk the name of it, TV is always turned on in the background and I randomly see it) where some man was minding his own business and he was walking down the street coming back home during evening while one woman he doesn't even know started following and stalking him without him knowing, she literally hid behind the trees, walls, looked away if he accidentally turned around so he doesn't notice etc. This whole scene is played for laughs and when he arrived at his doorstep, she was behind tree and bushes and he heard and saw her, of course he got scared but then they started chatting like nothing happened and it's all played for laughs. Why am I mentioning this now? Because my brother literally experienced similar situation a few years ago because of our classmate in school and it wasn't funny at all while many people said it that he should've just brushed it off instead of making it a ''big deal''. Also, this isn't the first time I saw this in movies/TV shows, I saw scenes/situations like this literally hundreds of times and it's always a comedic scene played for laughs if it's not a horror movie of course. Why is stalking normalized in media and in general?

“Apolitical” pisses me off (and doesn’t exist)
Often times, people misidentify politics as two rich assholes in suits arguing about something that doesn't affect them. Speaking in tongues (specifically in economics) designed to confuse and make it seem like the average person can't participate. This is not the case. Politics is nothing more than how humans relate and organize with each other and how we set up human society. It is NOT putting a piece of paper in a box every 2 or 4 years. It is not duking it out and arguing. That may be a part of it, but it is not the whole. It's everything you need - food production, water conservation, shelter and environmental regulations. It's everything you want - makeup, technology, cars, poop emoji pillows. All of it falls under the umbrella of modern society, the factors of production, and ultimately is political. With that being said, it is not possible to be an "apolitical" human being in today's world. If you're reserved when it comes to your beliefs, or God forbid "don't have any" you're not being "unbiased" or above everyone who isn't. You are simply choosing not to care or share your thoughts about the controversial, important issues that are constantly debated/need to be acted on in society. Your lack of input on the situation is a political statement in itself, and not a good one. You are showing you are either not affected by it, or are affected and just don't care/believe you can make a change. Either way, you still participate in society without talking or doing anything about these things, and that is radical. Point being, we must try to keep others from being a silent centrist/apolitical/moderate and actually stand firm in their beliefs. The time for reserved "agree to disagree" and voting for shit capitalist parties every few years passed long ago. We need to organize, come to basic agreements on what we all as a working class believe, and act on it. I think we communists need to be more open and vocal about our beliefs, because we are running out of time. I don't care that we live in a fascist hellhole (I am in the US). We're in more long-term danger living the status quo than we are uniting with those around us to fight it. Join a socialist/workers' organization, help with mutual aid, and don't be afraid bring up the difficult things. Don't be obnoxious, but don't just let this "difference in opinion, so I am not going to talk about it" mindset destroy the planet and humanity. Don't let others stick their heads in the sand or doom about "there's nothing we can do" - that thinking will just get us all killed anyways.

I think being hostile to liberals is counter-productive
I know that liberals are a pain to deal with, always parroting the same made up crap over and over again, but hear me out. I think we should at least try to keep in mind that most of these people just don't know better, they have been propagandized 24/7 since they were born. I'm sure a good chunk of the people here were just the average liberal until learning what socialism really is about, and I doubt many if any at all of the people here decided to become a socialist after getting insulted by one. Insulting liberals might feel cathartic for some people but we have to remember that, in a sense, they are also victims. Obviously I'm not saying that we should be nice to fascists that knowingly make other people suffer, but I'm pretty sure most liberals actually want to be good people, and end up hurting others and themselves not because they are evil but because as I said earlier they are propagandized 24/7, and they actually think that what they are doing is good. I myself am a socialist today partly because someone linked me to a debunk on r/GenZedong about the supposed Uighur genocide. At the time I was still a baby leftist, so I didn't really trust r/GenZedong, but I decided to trust the person who gave me the link and I read it. What do you comrades think?

cross-posted from: > This the trailer for the video dunking on Vaush (coming February the 11th). > > That's it, thanks.

Looking for good commentary about the strikes in France and the UK
Hey everyone. I'm looking for some more information about the strikes going on in France and the United Kingdom right now from a Marxist prospective. Are there any prominent individuals or news outlets discussing this right now? I'm very interested in how they managed to coordinate such a feat. Thanks

[Vent] I got Dx’d with fibromyalgia.
And I am so very tired. I have chronic pain and have been waiting on this rheumatologist appointment for like 6 months. I'm incredibly hyperflexible on many parts of my body (which causes much of the pain I experience) and my doctor suggested I may have hEDS. I don't really know what I expected. I believe fibromyalgia is "real" but its controversial status in the "medical community" makes me feel a little uneasy getting the dx for some reason. A major reason, I believe, for the claims that it is an entirely psychosomatic disorder or even that it's entirely fictional is its prevalence in women and an insidious misogyny permeating our understanding of pain. Idk. Prognosis is fine. Treatment is eating healthier and getting more exercise. It's stuff I've been doing anyway. It all feels like such a waste of time and money, doctor to doctor, x-rays to MRIs to CAT scans to CT scans and on and on and on, all to be told "your disorder makes you feel tired, in pain, and depressed all the time, and there's no remedy other than pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". Ok. I guess I'm glad to have a diagnosis. It doesn't make the pain go away, though.

Would there be any interest in a Furry Lemmygrad Community?
I'm just asking in order to judge interest in whether anyone would be interested in joining a furry/anthro community here in Lemmygrad. The community itself would focus mainly on art, suits/suitmaking, discussions of important topics within the community such as the LGBT element, along with memes, sonas, discussion/events such as furcons and meetings, and as a place to find general community with fellow furs. The space will take a staunch leftist stance, so all will be welcome without discrimination, and reactionaries, trolls, and negative elements will not be tolerated unlike places such as Reddit. Would anyone be interested in a community like this? : )

I was browsing Twitter a little while ago and I was reminded of this "heartwarming" story of an old man who shot and killed a fleeing woman. First of all, even if there was nothing fucked up about that it's hardly worth bragging about. Secondly, a human doesn't cease to be a human just because they've commited a crime. We're raised from a young age to think gun fights are cool via action movies and guys murdering over property is portrayed as completely normal. This is why mass shootings are so common here and nowhere else: We've made it far too easy to not see other people as people, it transcends even the old "Us vs Them" mentality with regards to race and creed. Whites kill each other way just as easily. Oh and don't bother reading that thread, it's a sickening mix of chauvinism and mysoginy.

Any subs about lemmygrad anthropomorphization / lemmygrad fan art?
I want to see a community where comrades are like antroporomorpizing lemmygrad in like poems or like art etc

Comrades, I have a confession to make… (you could win big, read this to participate)
I have been terrible and have hidden an alt account on lemmygrad! Spring is coming up soon in a few months, and that also means Easter. And Easter means Easter eggs! Anyway. As you might have guessed, your goal in this Easter egg hunt will be to find out my alt account! You could win a Steam game out of it! (Not any steam game but a specific one as I have some keys, but it's good I promise). Here's an FAQ to help you out during this hunt: # Why are you doing this? I got the idea from last time Wisconcom tried to infiltrate (not the discussion from a few days ago, even earlier) but never got around to it. I want to show him how easy it is to actually make a convincing alt if you put some effort into it, which he never cares to do. But I have full faith in my comrades to figure out my alt account in a timely manner! I must let you know that I taken care to make this alt account as ethically as I could, considering the circumstances. I can't say much more at this time though. # How do I participate? Everyone can participate, except the admins as they know which account I have hidden around if they look into our account requests. You will have to rely on your sleuthing skills as well as discuss with your comrades (edit: forgot to finish my sentence); As of now I will not be replying to DMs about the alt, but this could change too. When you feel that you have collected sufficient clues, drop a comment in the thread below! # How do I win? This is where it gets interesting. To win, you must not only correctly identify the account, but also explain your reasoning. Then, you must make that reasoning known in the comments below -- that's right, everything you say can be used by anyone else to help them so make sure you're right! This means you also can't just spam account names until you get the right one. The first person to figure out the correct account wins! But if you win, you get to decide _who_ should win the key to the game, it doesn't have to be you. That way, you all work collaboratively like communists instead of filthy individualistic capitalists. (we can change this if you also collectively decide it's a bad idea). There might be runner-up winners (2nd, 3rd place etc) as I had originally set aside one key for the game but I still have some that people apparently don't want to take. How ungrateful! # What do I win? I don't want to spoil the game just yet but it has good reviews, it's a good time waster and it came out not long ago on Steam. # What if the hunt is too hard? In the spirit of an egg hunt, I might periodically drop hints. I won't specify how though, you'll have to keep your eyes open. I have no idea if this is gonna be easy or hard, so we'll see how it goes. # When does the hunt begin? And when does it end? The hunt begins now, my alt could be literally anyone! Maybe it's not even created yet? 👀 Who knows! Certainly not me. And it ends whenever I run out of keys. However, if people find it fun, then we will not spoil the answer until everyone has had their fill. The remaining players will simply be playing for fun. If nobody finds my account for a month, let's say? Then the hunt still goes on! You will find this alt, or perish. It's an order!

I just got an idea
Would it be possible/practical to convert all your money into yuan to avoid inflation? I’m pretty sure most places in the us accept virtual payment that converts yuan back into dollar or whatever.

Venting: I just came out to my family as being bisexual and partially non-binary. Feels like a weight is off my chest
And they took it slightly better than I thought they would! I was born and raised Catholic, and so were my grandparents. Due to multiple reasons, such as having a cocktail of mental disorders or conditions, I live with them. My grandparents are from a different era, and they used to be vehemently homophobic. But they've told me that across the previous decades and numerous social movements, their views have softened and changed. My grandfather is agnostic and my grandma is a moderate Catholic, but because of my knowledge, love, care and my passion, I have actually converted both of my grandparents into being hardcorre communist sympathizers. My grandpa loves Fidel Castro, Stalin, and even got a Che Guevara shirt because of me. They were stunned today when I came out. While people often say they will love and understand no matter what, its different when its your own family, and actions speak louder than words. My grandfather was in tears, but not because of me being bisexual. He was in tears because I had been "hiding" or not talking about it for so long, and that I was never upfront about it, and he feels fucking ashamed and guilty that I was ever afraid of telling him and that I shouldn't keep shit to myself. I feel like I climbed fucking Mt. Everest. Imagine telling your Southern and Texan former Latino gangster grandfather that's covered in tattoos and with a criminal record and a dark past and previous intense homophobia that you're bisexual. Or your German immigrant grandmother that was abused and forced to become a perfect Catholic, now feels thankful and non-judgmental, and how it feels to feel safe around your family. They both have lots of questions, but they don't want to pry and they don't know where to start, and they know I'll tell them more when I feel like it. I'm still fucking reeling, but I think I'll be able to sleep moderately better tonight. I'm so happy and fucking tired.

Gonna dunk on Vaush soon
cross-posted from: > On February the 11th I'll be posting a video dunking on Vaush. > > That's it, thanks.

im glad we can block communities now with the update
i joined right before the update and noticed we can now block communities from appearing. shit reactionaries say was taking up all the space in my tl im glad we can block them now.

The new mobile ui sucks
I have several problems with it. First of all, where are the margins? Secondly, the UI buttons are *supposed* to be in the top RIGHT corner, arranged horizontally, not on the LEFT one on TOP of the other, can we get the old UI back?

We should make a weekly thread for stuff that doesn’t deserve/belongs to a thread
Lets vote/discuss and let democratic centralism do its thing

What’s the most revolting word you know?
Similar to words like "moist" that people seem to find really disgusting. If you know some in another language that would be interesting too.

The thing with wisconcom is…
He left prolewiki of his own accord. He told us he disagreed with where we were taking the project (that he joined for 5 months, far after we started it), and logged out by himself. We said okay, that's your choice. Then his messianic tendencies overtook him and he came back to prolewiki with a lengthy petition to make him into an admin, give him auditor positions so he could double-check our editor applications. Just a whole list of things that we had no reason to grant him. At this point he got into a huge debate with forte and afterwards was banned because, once again, he would not budge on anything. We _owed_ him everything he asked for, on the basis that he was an anti-revisionist. He even came back _exactly 3 days later_, I shit you not, like some kind of Jesus. Somehow he deluded himself into thinking that prolewiki is a catch-all marxist encyclopedia and should be run as such. But it was never -- I was there from the start, I should know. But the thing is. If he had made his own wiki, his own Hoxhaist wiki with his own rules and ran it however he wanted after he had left? We would probably have helped him and kept in contact. I think he doesn't have the technical skills to do this kind of thing. But he can ask people on discord to set this up with him. And then he can run it however he wants. He could have even asked prolewiki for help. He's been harassing us since November, imagine if in that time instead of trying to make alts that we catch in seconds and make twitter threads and a HUGE article on leftypedia or rationalwiki to smear our name, he could have even taught himself how to get a mediawiki website running. But instead he decided to burn all bridges and then, when we didn't magically forgive him (messiah complex strikes again), he started harassing prolewiki and lemmygrad -- nonstop since November. He seems to think ProleWiki reaches millions of users. We register 150-250 visits a day and have 2k followers on twitter. Not bad? Yes, but remember there are communist content creators that drive much more traffic (Lady Izdihar for example has 20k followers on twitter). Instead of focusing his efforts on trying to infiltrate and bring down a wiki that barely gets noticed, he could be building his own. This is clearly unhealthy obsessive behaviour. Anyway, tell me if I'm posting too much about him and you'd rather see less content like this. There's a lot of contact going on with him these days and he says really funny stuff (totally seriously too). I know he also obsessively checks on Lemmygrad and Prolewiki so, hi wisconcom! Please open your own wiki!

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