I wouldn't be surprised if North America splintered into a warlord era after the fall of American Capitalism.

This one’s probably not going to happen. I would assume the fracture of the power of the American state would allow for a power vacuum to form. I would further assume certain polarized demographic bubbles in the US wouldn’t feel confident allowing the legal government of the United States to govern …

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mass immigration wave of USians into Canada within the next 30-60 years

Climate change is projected to cause the average temperature of much of the United States to be above livable levels for extended periods. By 2100, it appears to be projected that large swaths of the American south will be uninhabitable for much of the year. …

China, Xi Jinping, and the Chinese Bourgeoisie

Hey, so what is Xi Jinping’s plan for abolishing China’s bourgeoisie? …

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The occupation just broke the ceasefire and bombed both the north and south sides of Gaza.

This is taking place during the flag march, which the new government of the occupation in Palestine approved and has started Monday…