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Welcome to our new users. Tell us about yourself!
We've approved I don't know how many new comrades here since the announcement that Reddit will kill its API access. If you don't know where to start posting on lemmygrad, this is a good thread to start in! You can also ask questions you have about federation or our instance. Welcome! ## The current lore is: We are all feds on lemmygrad, but you get to choose your agency.

Just saw a couple living in their car.
I'm chilling in the parking lot of the gym right now and it's very apparent that there is a couple next to me living in their car. At first I thought they were just getting it on - she brushed her teeth and they both leaned their seats back. But I, being the confused creeper I am, looked through my car window again only to realize they're sleeping. Then it hit me. They're living in their fucking car in a gym parking lot. I don't know why I'm hit so hard by this, I'm sure you all see it often, but fuck. It makes me sad. Radicalization points +100

Controlled Opposition exposes itself

TL;DR: Multiple mod dev accounts were compromised in a targeted attack and many mods were injected with malware. Both Windows and Linux are affected. The malware propagates into all your jar files on your computer and attempts to steal login info on your browser, Discord, and Minecraft/Microsoft account. Because of the way it propagates itself, it is current unknown how widespread this malware is. **If you are playing on Windows or Linux and you use mods make sure to read this document and check to see if you're infected.** Also even if you seem to be uninfected, it is also possible that you can still have the malware in a dormant state on your computer. If you have ever downloaded mods in the last couple months, you might want to consider not playing until we learn more about the malware if you're concerned about your data. Known infected mods: **CurseForge:** - Dungeons Arise - Sky Villages - Better MC modpack series - Dungeonz - Skyblock Core - Vault Integrations - AutoBroadcast - Museum Curator Advanced - Vault Integrations Bug fix - Create Infernal Expansion Plus - Mod removed from CurseForge **Bukkit:** - Display Entity Editor - Haven Elytra - The Nexus Event Custom Entity Editor - Simple Harvesting - MCBounties - Easy Custom Foods - Anti Command Spam Bungeecord Support - Ultimate Leveling - Anti Redstone Crash - Hydration - Fragment Permission Plugin - No VPNS - Ultimate Titles Animations Gradient RGB - Floating Damage

PSA: Stalin Street Metro
This is NOT a mine. Please do not expand it downwards. Please.

In text form:

>As told by his obituary, Stephen J. Skubik (1916–1996) “started life in a basket left on the doorstep of a Ukrainian church in Philadelphia,” and in his Depression-era teens, “spent a year traveling across the country as a railway hobo.” > >By 1970, he “[suggested the concept]( of building a monument to the victims of Communism” according to Donald Miller, the executive director of the NCNC and the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, which was a front for the Moonie cult, or [Unification Church]( Skubik and Miller served on the “American Action Committee” of the AACCC, which announced “Operation M” to create a memorial for the “victims of communism.” > >[…] > >In 1993, the year that Congress “encouraged” the NCNC to “create an independent entity” for its victims of communism memorial project, a 77-year old Stephen Skubik self-published a poorly written, dubious and conspiratorial book, “The Murder of General Patton,” according to which **the author had a life changing meeting with OUN-B leader Stepan Bandera, the infamous Ukrainian [Axis] collaborator**, just a week after World War II ended in Europe. > >[…] > >Stephen Skubik wrote that he subsequently questioned other Ukrainian nationalist leaders, who repeated the rumor about Patton. Skubik “interrogated” General Pavlo Shandruk, who had commanded the remainder of the Ukrainian Waffen-SS division, and Professor Roman Smal-Stocki, who was also wanted by the Soviets as a Nazi collaborator. (Emphasis added.) Skubik was also partly responsible for encouraging more aggression towards the people’s republics, euphemistically called a policy of ‘liberation’: >The Ukrainian Congress Committee sent Stephen J. Skubik, future VOC founder Lev Dobriansky, and three other representatives to the 1952 Republican national convention, where they urged the platform committee to adopt a foreign policy plank “advocating and supporting freedom and independence for all nations enslaved by Soviet Russia.”

How will decolonization work?
I thought about it but I couldn't think of a proper answer. I guess it would make the most sense to let the colonized decide what to do with the colonizers, since they are the victims. And what would happen with the people that were brought in as slaves by the colonizers? I hope someone smarter than me can explain 🙏🥺

*I support it if it can happen without corruption

tværpostet fra: > About $30mio just for those 5, not counting the mine-clearing tank in the top right > > [Source video with more Western armor](

I do not understand lemmy
I only care about which as far as I know is where the comrades are. Yall are great. I came here to spew word vomit in consentrated bursts to get 3 up votes at a time. I am blissfully ignorant of technology issues or whatever the hell people are on about with reddit nowadays. I would like to avoid the normcore libs and porn distributors that are flooding the site. I use reddit for cyber bullying those types but here is like a sort of home base. How do I keep these worlds from colliding?

Wisconcom thermonuclear rant
Revisionist rats! I did nothing but good for your project, yet you banned me for my ideology in haste! I gave you many chances to unban me, I could have made thousands of edits, yet you rejected me. Now… you have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR!

Criaram a [@ursal]( no Lemmy

Admin appreciation post
Thanks admins, for keeping the most deranged anticommunists and others out of here, it's made being here an awesome experience <3

RANT - Diablo IV : consumerism is a manufactured disorder
This is plain irrational, people are buying this game at a faster pace than ever despite this shit costing 70$, but still charging up to 28$ for one single cosmetic set exclusive to a fucking cash shop, plus a fucking battle-pass. I've never been a fan of the series in fact I never played Diablo III so I can't relate but still, Blizzard got into the brain of their clients with this shit it's just fucked up. It's not rational, consumerism at this level can't just be a trick that is played on their brains by clever marketing teams, it's deeper than that. People are being broken, their wits have been altered. There is something about impulse control that was removed from their abilities. No ableism intended, people with disorders need respect and care. I think that capitalism is responsible for damaging people mentally, those people are victims and need help. End of rant.

Seize the Means of Computation
Without the mention of FOSS, these types of pro-market "solutions" will always end up dead in the water. > This is not just a matter of competition for its own sake. This is about guaranteeing users the fundamental right to technological self-determination, a right that corporate monopolists will not yield willingly. This is nothing less than empowering users to seize the means of computation. Can't have tech self-determination if everything's a black box controlled by corporate entities.

Need some reading material on SK defectors who entered/tried to enter the DPRK
We made a viral thread about Yeonmi Park on Twitter ( and in it, I said that the SK defectors who flee to the DPRK exist, but are not really covered. I know they exist, but the problem is, when I try to google it, I of course only find DPRK "defectors" to SK because that's what dominates the discourse. Does anyone have some reading material or sources that could help me write this thread? Alternatively, you can help me write the thread for ProleWiki too if you want.

The deleted comment said : "Hilariously ironic that Ukrainian soldier can be seen with the totenkopf on their uniforms. I can't comment anymore, and I think I might have been shadow banned ...

What is a “Level 1 Advisor”?

Aproveitando o Reddit se acabando, seria legal ter um lugar só de latinamericanos e associados sem liberais
Não sei se isso aqui vai rolar no fim, mas como espanhol e português são mais fáceis de entender entre si, achei que seria interessante um lugar onde só o povo da Guiana Normal tem autorização pra falar inglês. Só um "olá, tenho interesse" de qualquer latinamericano já seria muito legal!