Is there any Tankie Camp or Stalinfest this summer?
I'm an enjoyer of protest camps, bikerides for climate, forest occupations, and other outdoor sports. But since more and more of my buddies start to call me tankie, I was wondering if there is some offline meetup for talking and chilling that I don't know about. I mean, after the last few months and years I would like to hang out with some people without watching my words and subjects all the time. I found [this video]( about a Stalin fest in Siberia (by Radio Free Europe!). So cool, but a bit far. I'm located in the Netherlands. If there is no such thing, we could just make it happen. Or meetup at some other occassion and create a temporary autonomous safe space for tankies (aligned and non-aligned). This is my first post here. Don't be too mad if this is the wrong forum for my question.

How do you feel about caffeine? Do you drink coffee?
I used to drink massive amounts of coffee, but I'm slowly transitioning to tea. I don't think the caffeine does me any favors mood-wise, but I still really love the flavor of coffee. What do you drink?

As he should as he's a war criminal. He should be hanged by a short rope

What hardware are you currently running linux/bsd/unix on?
Just like the thread about distro's I thought we could share what hardware we use/own? Would be neat to see everyone's set ups, maybe there's some unusual hardware out there. I have two older thinkpad's (t420/t430s), a gateway laptop (yes that's a thing). Somewhere around here I have a raspberry pi 4 2gb model, and some random no name minipc that I deeply regreat buying lol. All running some combination of debia/suse/freebsd/openbsd

Happy Indigenous genocide day!
Sorry, I meant imperialism day. Sorry, I meant white settler colonialism day. Sorry, I meant actively collapsing late stage capitalism day. Sorry, I meant Canada day.

Be happy

I wish