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Damn /r/communism mods are pretty Maoist

The most important thing needs to be said first. I am not well read on Maoist theory and history apart from On Contradiction by Mao (which is not really Maoist). So whatever I say, you may as well completely disregard it. It won’t any difference. …

I see too frequently from English-speaking radicals countering criticism by calling people brainwashed. Yes, they are severely “brainwashed” by bourgeois ideology, but calling them for what they are is not always useful, and especially not in this case. …

My opinion on Tankies and AnComs

Now, I’m a democratic Marxist, meaning that I believe in a Marxist economy within a democratic political system. Now in all Tankie states, the elections are never unopposed. I think there should be a multi-party system using Single Transferable Vote to ensure that the people’s voice can be heard. Al…

Glasnost' and Perestrojka

Now, Gorbačëv is responsible for the collapse of the USSR, but that’s because you can’t really have a workers’ state ruled by a SuccDem. Also Perestrojka. I mean, bringing back a market economy, that doesn’t sound very Marxist to me (This also applies to the PRC. I don’t see as much economy planning…


AOC Origin Story uncovered: AOC was a startup founder and very pro-business

“She was a very pro business person. She worked at a start-up incubators.”…

Pretty much now an argument between pro-Putin communists (Which sounds like a fucking oxymoron to me) and anti-Putin communists (which I thought was the fucking norm)…

First, let me clarify. The concept of someone being a “race traitor” is inherently a fascist concept. It was used by the Nazis to call Germans who fought against the Nazis as traitors to the “Ayran race” and it is still used today by neo-Nazi groups and groups such as the Ku Klux Klan to call out wh…


This chauvinistic take is many from an exchange where I stated this quote on Mao; …


I really despise Anarchists sometimes

A response by an Anarchist on reddit to a post about economics during the dictatorship of the Proletariat or the Socialist phase: …


Alcohol-driven rant

It’s not a rant. I’m fucking drunk and I just wanted to say I fucking love you, comrades. The more I live, the more I realize we’re on the right path towards our full human potential …

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So, I gotta a bit of a dilemma on here

I still believe in the idea that the CIA or factions within the bourgeoisie assassinated JFK. It doesn’t matter that JFK was a war criminal who was just as bad as most other Presidents in the United States history. What matters is that his death to this day just comes off as incredibly suspicious an…

Leftist Infighting: A community dedicated to allowing leftists to vent their frustrations

    The purpose of this community is sort of a “work out your frustrations by letting it all out” where different leftist tendencies can vent their frustrations with one another and more assertively and directly challenge one another. Hostility is allowed, but any racist, fascist, or reactionary crap wont be tolerated, nor will explicit threats.

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