Death to NATO
The war crimes of Zelensky: trying to make a list
  • Armed civilians without giving them a uniform. Breach of Geneva Conventions
  • Ukrainian special forces command said Russian artillerymen will no longer be taken prisoner and will “all be killed for being complicit in criminal orders”. Killing surrendering …

Screenshot Text: People don’t talk about how damaging the end of democracy in the U.S. would be for democracies around the world, the world financial system, international alliances like NATO, and with our nuclear arsenal/military might…


US treasury trying to induce Russian default by blocking debt payments

‘We’ve never done this to an economy like this before,’ a former sanctiooner says …


All prisoners from Azovstal are kept in the DPR, they will be judged by a tribunal on the territory of the republic, said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin…

The president confirmed Washington would use force during his first trip to Japan, saying “that’s the commitment we made.” …

What could go wrong creating a China-Russia-India-Turkey block on top of BRICS, other sanctioned countries and everyone else trading with them?..

Life Pro Tip: Avoid losing by saying you "heroically evacuated after completing your mission"

So much winning, that you will be begging us to not be winning so much…

Anyone got an idea of what this thing is? I belive its some kind of jammer, but what how does it work? Does it have a name or is it brand new? Ive never seen anything like it …

New ‘Anti-UAV’ complex

the double-speak…


For posting news about NATO’s wars in Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, and The Middle East, including anywhere else NATO is currently engaged in hostile actions. As well as anything that relates to it.


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