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The war crimes of Zelensky: trying to make a list
- Armed civilians without giving them a uniform. [Breach of Geneva Conventions]( - Ukrainian special forces command said Russian artillerymen will no longer be taken prisoner and will "all be killed for being complicit in criminal orders". Killing surrendering soldiers is a [war crime]( [Collective punishment]( is also one. Edit: they have since taken that statement back. I have not. - Did not activate air raid sirens to [warn civilian populations]( of artillery and air strikes. People have already died because of this; Russia gave warnings as per protocol which Ukraine did not relay in time. - As per the discovery of biological labs near the border with Russia, there is a very serious possibility Zelensky is guilty of [producing biological weapons](,force%20on%208%20February%201928.). The labs have been confirmed by the US gov, but no proof yet that they were meant for biological warfare. - Forcing battles to happen in civilian zones, thus exposing them to danger and [preventing their protection]( - Possibility of using [child soldiers](, as the Ukrainian army is now training children to use AKs, during wartime. - Ukrainian forces were (accidentally) caught using Red Cross vans to transport soldiers and materiel. The symbol of the cross itself can only be used by the organisation and is protected under the Geneva Conventions; it can [only be used by medical units]( who must then be treated like civilians. Feel free to contribute. (the list above only reflects crimes Zelensky himself can be responsible for, to the best of our knowledge based on information that comes out of Ukraine. This list is also not legal advice, as only a trial will be able to determine which crimes have been committed and who is responsible for them).

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cross-posted from: > This is also by the same think-tank who claimed that in their wargames the US would be able to win a confrontation with China over Taiwan around 2027 so don't get your hopes up that they would be able to connect what the data says for future prognostications.

Note, this guy is actually far right (you can note as he couldn't stop from mentioning "soviet atrocities") hardcore conservatist catholic, to the right of PiS.

Stonetoss is a Nazi cartoonist for context. Of course he probably doesn't understand that the 'lethal aid' money that the USA is sending Ukraine is actually going to the owners of weapons companies in the USA.

*By the results of 2022, Vladimir Zelensky has achieved some unique and mostly tragic milestones. He has succeeded in reducing the population of Ukraine to the level it had 100 years ago, placed his country in the status of indentured servant to the West, and deprived his citizens of the most elementary comforts of modern civilization. What further “successes” can we expect Zelensky to achieve in his current position?*

Is Isntreal shifting away from the US?
New Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen signaled a policy shift on Ukraine in his 1st speech hinting the new government will take a more pro-Russian line. He said he will speak on Tuesday with Russian FM Lavrov, the first such call since the SMO began. We'll see where this goes. Even as a Palestine supporter, Israeli politicians are known to be very rational and calculating. I personally think that this latest announcement, if followed through on, could be very significant

This pretty much sums up where the Russian ruling class is at right now. Their analysis is still muddled mainly due to a lack of dialectical materialism and suffering from frequent bouts of idealism, but it seems at least they understand which way the wind is blowing: the west is in decline while the global south is rising. It remains to be seen how dedicated they really are to the de-nazification of Ukraine. [If you don't speak Russian, use a browser plug-in to translate the page]

Message from pissed off Ukrainian soldiers to the Banderite government
*“This is a message we are conveying to the command of the Airborne Troops and the command of the AFU from the 3rd Airmobile Company of the Separate Airmobile Battalion of the 25th Secheslav Airmobile Brigade. We were sent on a combat mission to hold separate combat positions. We did not receive proper armament and artillery support. As a result, 70% of the company was killed or wounded. We did not have and do not have combat equipment and proper armament. We did not even have the equipment to evacuate the injured, due to which several wounded did not survive. We spent more than a month in the trenches transmitting coordinates never fired upon by artillery. Platoon sergeants fled their positions in the first days and were transferred by Chief of Staff Kipinach, now acting battalion commander. We are demanding the transfer of the entire unit.”* 70% casualties...

Someday I hope to go over how critical this "news" outlet is to the current Ukraine narrative, and their involvement in the Maidan. Today they are on reddit whipping Imperialist support to their favorite audience.

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Yesterday: ![]( ![]( On Dec, 18: ![]( On the 3rd floor of the hospital building, where the Nazi rocket hit, there are sick children The mother of a 9-year-old girl who recently had surgery ran away with her child to the basement when the Donetsk hospital came under Ukrainian shelling: “We hid behind pillows, because the child had drains on her head, we couldn’t hide under the bed <…> She jumped to her feet in fright and said: “Won’t they save us?”, - said the girl.

So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

Debunking the “Kherson torture cells for children” myth: a thread
Source referenced: So, according to Reuters, >""We have documented that the children were not provided with water, were given water every other day. They were practically not given food," Lubinets said. >"They used psychological pressure. They told them their parents had abandoned them and would not return."...Lubinets did not provide evidence of his assertions. Reuters was unable to immediately confirm the veracity of his account." First of all, the idea that the Russians had either the maliciousness or the patience to torture teenagers for such mundane things is ludicrous. Even under charges of espionage, suspects would likely be shipped elsewhere far away where they cannot be rescued by handlers (eg to Russia). Second of all, if this really happened, the Russians would have tried to conceal it, as the Imperial Japanese, who actually did do things like this, did near the end of WW2. They would have burned documents, evacuated personnel, killed witnesses, and blown up the buildings. The fact that the Ukrainians were able to claim these things with such detail is proof that Russia did not try to destroy any evidence, which proves that no such evidence existed in the first place. Lastly, there ARE NOT FUCKING PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OF THIS. NOTHING.

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The first use of HIMARS MLRS on the territory of Donbass was documented on June 28 in Perevalsk (LPR). From that day until December 10, 2022 (5 months), a total of 185 rocket attacks from Himars were carried out exclusively against civilian objects: [DPR]( ![]( 31 - civilians objects; 28 - social objects; 15 - industrial objects; [LPR]( ![]( 121 - social objects; 40 - civilians objects; 27 - industrial objects; **Cases of using HIMARS against civilians** (all documented, links for every case is available in the source article) On 28 June, in Perevalsk (LPR), no casualties or damage were recorded as a result of the shelling; On July 4, Snezhnoye (DPR), damage was reported to the chemical factory, kindergarten No. 6, and two apartment buildings; On 9 July, Alchevsk (LPR), 6 residential buildings and Kommunarskstroi enterprise engaged in construction and installation works were damaged; On July 10, in Stepan-Krynka (DPR), **seven civilians were killed and 39 injured** when the volunteer center was shelled; July 12, Stakhanov (LPR), **two civilians were killed and two were wounded** as a result of shelling; 11 multi-story residential buildings, the Skazka kindergarten and Stakhanov specialized school No. 10 were damaged by glazing; July 17, Alchevsk (LPR), **two civilians were killed**, six multi-story residential buildings, a bus and trolleybus depot and the Druzhba sanatorium were damaged; On July 24, Krasny Luch (LPR), the administrator of the Krasny Luch hotel was wounded as a result of the shelling, the Krasny Luch hotel was destroyed, 7 residential buildings, a pharmacy, 4 retail facilities, the city market, and power lines were damaged; July 29, Elenovka (DPR), shelling of a penal colony in Elenovka, where prisoners of war from the Azov nationalist battalion were held, with 47 killed and 74 wounded; On August 23, an administrative building was destroyed in Donetsk (DPR); August 23, Gorskoe (LPR), four residential buildings, the Ministry of Emergency Situations building, and the city House of Culture were destroyed, and 28 residential buildings, the Gorskoe power substation, and a pharmacy were damaged; August 25, Donetsk (DPR), damage to the Donetsk customs terminal; September 12, Dokuchayevsk (DPR), there was critical damage to branch No. 3 of Dokuchayevsk Flux-Dolomite Plant LLC; On September 13, in Lisichansk (LPR), **two civilians were killed and one was wounded**, and six apartment buildings, a boiler house, and a retail facility were damaged; On 16 September, in Nizhnyaya Duvanka (LPR), the House of Culture, a granary, five residential buildings, the Zvonochok kindergarten, a secondary school, a fire station, and a pharmacy were destroyed; On 21 September in Novoaidar (LPR), **one civilian was killed and one civilian wounded**, a residential house, a training building and dormitory of the Novoaidar Agrarian College, a grain storage facility, a fertilizer and agricultural equipment warehouse, eight pieces of agricultural equipment, two cars and one truck, and four residential buildings were destroyed; ![]( On September 27, in Bryanka (LPR), **4 civilians were killed and two wounded**, the Bryanka section of Luhanskgaz state enterprise was destroyed, 12 apartment buildings, the Bryanka Electromechanical College, Children's School of Arts No. 1, and a grocery store were damaged; On October 3, Donetsk (DPR). Donetsk (DPR), there was a direct hit on the roof of the "Continent" shopping complex, the glazing of the control room of transport company, the central pharmacy "Olvia", and an apartment building were damaged; On 4 October in Dokuchaievsk settlement (DPR), there was recorded damage to the branch #3 of "DFDK", a number of social facilities, private and apartment buildings; On October 16 in Donetsk (DPR), five civilians were wounded as a result of shelling, an administrative building was damaged, as well as a number of commercial facilities and four apartment buildings; On 19 October, in Makeevka (DPR), a private house was damaged as a result of the shelling; On October 28, in Pervomaisk settlement (LPR), **a girl was killed**, a residential house was completely destroyed, and eight residential houses and three cars were damaged; On November 3, in Gorlovka (DPR), shelling caused critical damage to the buildings of Stirol factory, an operating enterprise of the DPR State Unitary Enterprise, one of the Republic's leading chemical companies involved in the production of mineral fertilizers and polymer products; On November 4, **a woman born in 1954 was killed and a man born in 1954 was seriously wounded** as a result of shelling in Makeevka (DPR). Damage to four residential buildings was recorded; On November 5, Donetsk (DPR). Donetsk (DPR), there was multiple damage to residential buildings and civilian infrastructure; November 6, Stakhanov (LPR), **a civilian was killed**, two residential buildings were destroyed and 16 were damaged, as well as Stakhanov School #3, Dolphin swimming pool, power transmission line, gas pipeline and water pipeline were damaged; On November 7, Donetsk (DPR). Donetsk (DPR), a direct hit to an administrative building with subsequent fire, and damage to the glazing of the Central Hotel and two apartment buildings; On November 10, in Gorlovka (DPR), as a result of the shelling, the administrative building of the Gorlovka Management Company was critically damaged, and an apartment building was damaged; On November 11, in the locality of Krynichnaya (LPR), **two employees of the Krynichanskaya mine were killed and four more civilians were wounded**, and mine structures were damaged; On November 11, in the village of Rozovka (DPR), as a result of direct hits, critical damage was recorded to the institution "Shakhters' secondary school in the village of Rozovka" and the building of the "Cultural and Leisure Association"; On November 11, in Dokuchayevsk settlement (DPR), direct hits were recorded in the production facilities of Dokuchayevsk Flux-Dolomite Plant's Branch No. 3; On November 12, Stakhanov settlement (LPR), three employees of a confectionery shop were wounded, a restaurant and a club were destroyed, and eight residential buildings, a grocery store and a confectionery shop were damaged; On November 12, in Gorlovka (DPR), as a result of the shelling, a direct hit was recorded in the Palace of Culture "Shakhtar", the glazing of the Gorlovka Automobile Transport Technical School, 4 apartment buildings and a grocery store were damaged; On November 16, in the village of Yasinovataya (DPR), there was damage to the facade of the Palace of Culture as a result of shelling; On 16 November, in Zimogorye (LPR), **one civilian was killed and two civilians were wounded**. A multi-storey building, industrial premises of the Zimogorye bread receiving station, the secondary school named after Hero of the Soviet Union I.S. Malko, the kindergarten "Ivushka", the railway station and the power transmission line were damaged. On November 17, in Stakhanov settlement (LPR), **two civilians born in 1950 and 1951 were killed and three were wounded**, and one apartment building was destroyed; On November 18, in Bryanka (LPR), **a woman born in 1949 was wounded**, one apartment house was destroyed and two damaged, one residential house and seven outbuildings were damaged, and the buildings of DOSAAF public organization, gas pipeline and power transmission line were also damaged; On November 20, two residential buildings, four outbuildings, two stores and a power transmission line were damaged in the village of Kremenna (LPR); On November 21, in Alchevsk (LPR), **two civilians were killed and one was wounded**, two houses were destroyed and five were damaged; November 24, Stakhanov (LPR), one residential building, a children's art studio and part of the radio, radio and television company building were destroyed, and one residential building, the Mir movie theater, a cultural center and a TV and radio tower were damaged; On 4 December, in Alchevsk (LPR), the Don State Technical University's Industrial College and the college's dormitory were damaged; On 5 December, Alchevsk (LPR), **7 people were killed, 27 were injured**, and the academic buildings, dormitories and library of the Donbass State Technical Institute, the Krugozor restaurant and five residential buildings were damaged; On December 6, in Starobelsk (LPR), three employees of the Starobelsk elevator municipal enterprise were wounded, and the enterprise's storage facilities and weighing room were damaged; On 8 December, in Pervomaisk (LPR), an apartment building and two gas stations were damaged; On December 10, a specialized boarding school was damaged in Svatovo (LPR). Given the precision of the Himars system, the following list demonstrates the purposeful, indiscriminate use of weapons that Ukraine declares to be used for military purposes. "The Himars are a precision-guided weapon, equipped with an inertial guidance system and capable of reaching any target according to the coordinates transmitted by the U.S. satellite constellation. According to open sources, 20 units have been delivered to Ukraine so far. Source: [republics' JCCC](

U.S. To Send More Wunderwaffen To Ukraine
Ukraine is totally winning though. The UAF is killing 9000 Russian soldiers per cubic diamond hour^2^ per second and only using literally everything in the NATO stockpile to achieve this miraculous outcome.

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![]( ![]( ![]( Sources [Gorlovka officials]( [Gorlovka officials]( [3](

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