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Back up your videos people. Put them on a site like Odysee.

I think it was an episode about Starbucks, but I’m not sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

I remember an early episode where the message was basically that big organisations aren’t oppressive because they started as small businesses.

It’s shit like this why I don’t feel accepted as an autistic person

Nice, wonder if there are localised versions in other places

People who park their bikes in the middle of the pavement

I would ask them for proof since it’s their argument. If they can’t prove it, don’t bother with them

Because propaganda about AES kept being debunked to me and it led me to realize that AES states are way better than I was led to believe

How does the Russian state treat the Crimean Tatars and is it better that how the Ukrainian state treated Tatars?
And are there any famous pro-Russian Tatars, next to Ruslan Balbek?

No. I feel like their communist parties should merge and from there develop a revolutionary programme. Once that happens they can try to take control through any means necessary to bring about the DoP

Not communist but anti-imperialist alligned and I hope they will continue existing

The reason behind the deportations were that the Tatars were thought to collaborate with the Nazis. I understand that there were some that did and that something had to be done but I disagree with the way the deportations went. I don’t think that all the Tatars had to be displaced. I don’t understand why women, children and red army soldiers had to be relocated as well. And it doesn’t sit well with me that they couldn’t return until the 80s. I see it as a learning moment. To me, this doesn’t change much about Stalin, he had a positive influence on the world

I love Doe Maar! They are my most listened to Dutch act

I wanted to name myself after a revolutionary, and decided to go for a female one since I’m a woman and a feminist

I agree, althouh I am not against agriculture per se I think our agriculture needs to move towards permaculture

Whoops, so that’s why my post dissappeared. I thought it was the mods

Sorry I thought it was the mods. I’ll delete this post

Oh damn sorry that I thought it was the mods. I’ll delete this

I just watched this video and the rest of the videos in this series and it cleared up so much about why capitalism can't be green.

Not a migrant but I plan to maybe stay in the Netherlands but am toying with moving to a different place in the Netherlands. I’d love to live in like a rural area because I want to be closre to nature. But sadly there’s not that much wild nature in the Netherlands. I could also move to Denmark where my mom is from. I would love to live on one of those small islands like Bogø or Møn

Yeah, I’ve had the same happen to some of my stickers as well. They’re so detached from reality

I think that Khomeini and the rest of the islamic revolutionaries stopped the Iranian revolution from becoming socialist, persecuted socialists and was very socially conservative. So I don’t have a positive view of him but I do think his foreign policy is not too bad.

Damn that’s a shame, even if she’s not an ML content like hers is essential to drive people to the left.

Some good, some bad. He was too dogmatic and isolated his country from the rest of the socialist world. The bunkers were also really poorly planned. That being said however there was a high standard of living and people were having their basic needs met.

Probably Star Wars, but mostly the original trilogy and the prequels. I don’t care for the newer stuff.

I feel so lonely
I have almost no friends, and I don't get much out of the friends I have. We don't share many of the same hobbies and we all live pretty far apart. Some are also pretty right wing, and me being a closeted trans woman, makes me fear that I will lose them if I come out. I want to go to meetings of my party (or protests where my party is present) so I can build connections with people who I share the same worldview with but have only been able to go a couple of times and most of the time when there's a meeting or protest I am busy with something else. When it comes to going out, it sucks going to concerts on your own, because no one else around you wants to go. I do have one friend with whom I go to concerts sometimes, but that's when he asks me to join him. When it comes to my concerts, it's musicians he doesn't like. I could ask my parents or my brother but they also don't always like the musicians I like. I just want to a have a steady group of friends so there's always someone available to do fun stuff with together, whether that be going to a concert, clubbing, sport events, etc. If one friend can't go or doesn't want to, I can always ask another friend. I don't have that privilege right now. At least I am now able to go out alone, in the past I would've just stayed at home, but having to go out alone still hurts. And in some cases I still don't want to go out alone. I don't want to go to a bar alone for example. And it's not like I want a best friend, all I want is some extra friends. This situation right now is making me feel more alone and it's hard to stay positive.

Dedollarisation is one of the few things that give me hope nowadays

Since Eurovision is coming around again let me show you the insane amount of pro-Ukraine songs we have this year.
In the grandfinal: First we have of course Ukraine with the song Heart of Steel by TVORCHI. They are two musicians, one of which who is originally from Nigeria. The song was inspired by the soldiers fighting in and around Azovstal factory. Yeah, I'm not kidding. The musicians say it's about 'not giving up in the face of danger'. The song itself is pretty good, so it's sad that the message is so bad. Watch them get a lot of votes again because it's Ukraine. Lyrics excerpt: Don't care what you say. Don't care how you feel. Get out of my way, cos I got a heart of steel. In the first semifinal: We have Switzerland with the song Water Gun by Remo Forrer which is about soldiers being sent to war against their will, but it sounds like something written by a 13 year old. Lyrics excerpt: I don't wanna be a soldier, soldier. I don't wanna have to play with real blood. We ain't playin' now. Can't turn and run, no water guns. Now we have Czechia with the song My Sister's Crown by Vesna. This is a group and their song is in English, Ukrainian, Czech and Bulgarian. Their song is basically about pan-slavism and how 'Russia won't drive a wedge between slavic countries'. Ukraine is symbolized as being the sister. Lyrics excerpt (Translation): My sister won't stand in the corner, nor will she listen to you. My sister, wild at heart will never let you tie her down. Then there's Croatia with Mama ŠČ! by Let 3. Now I actually really like this song even if I'm not in favour of it's message. It's a good rock song by a Croatian band who're known for their antics. The song has a lot of seemingly nonsensical lyrics but the overal message is that dictators are childish and start wars for no reason. And by that they mostly mean Putin, and they admitted to that. The band members are dressed up as military men in drag. Reminds me of the Putin is gay meme, pretty homophobic. The lead singer looks like Stalin/Putin in drag and another member is meant to symbolize Lenin in drag. That band member held two rockets at the end of the national performance with the word Njinle (Lenin). And the ŠČ is probably a reference to the Russian letter Щ. Lyrics excerpt (translation): That little psychopath, evil little psychopath, alligator psychopath, momma, I'm going to war. All the pro-Ukraine songs seem to be mostly in the first semi-final. It's funny that Eurovision is somehow apolitical but all of this is okay, lol. And don't get me started on Israel and Azerbaijan participating not being a problem, or the main sponsor of Eurovision being Israeli (MoroccanOil). But not all the songs are like this. My favourites this year are Germany, Moldova, Finland, Spain, Norway, Austria, Australia and Portugal.

True, that’s why I’m saying that nowadays it’s not overpopulation causing the problems

I believe that overpopulation is not necessarily a myth. Yes the problems of today are due to capitalism and not due to overpopulation. We have enough food for 12 billion people, while we’re with 8 billion. That being said however overpopulation can still happen, and that’s why declining world population is not necessarily a problem. If we keep growing we will reach a certain threshold, even if we’re not there yet. There’s also only so much space we can inhabit before disrupting the rest of nature even in a fair society.

The fact that they always put Hitler under Stalin and Mao shows me how they use anticommunism to whitewash fascism

That’s rad, is that real and from which place?

Aren’t Pandabears in the wild rising in numbers again?

It’s funny they have an animal as a national pride that they are not even trying to protect.

Reminds me of the Yurts that were sent to the area by central Asian countries right after the earthquake

There’s no proof of that yet, but wouldn’t rule that out

I’m reading the Bible but due to other responsibilities I’m still not done with Genesis.

I totally agree. I prefer it when leagues have teams that were founded in the city they play in with most players having a connection to the city

I forgot another one, the best players coming from private schools

Capitalism ruins sports.
From live sports not being broadcast due to the broadcaster not having the rights in your area, to live broadcasts being bombarded with advertisements, to leagues deciding against putting a team in a city because it's not profitable enough even if the sport is popular in the city (see Quebec in the NHL), to rich leagues from the global core stealing all the talent from the rest of the world leaving competitions in the global south worse off. I could go on and on.

There were some weird comments on that post for sure, but most people were supporting Russia. They were just suspicious of people who uncritically support Putin

The referendum question was: "Are you for or against the Approval Act of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine?" The ruling parties were in favor of the approval act. The No vote won in the end with 61%, but with an attendance of 32%. After the referendum the following points were added to the act. - No establishment of EU candidate status to Ukraine through this agreement - No guarantees of military aid or security guarantees to Ukraine - No freedom of Ukrainians to reside or work in the EU - No increases of bilateral financial support to Ukraine based on the agreement - The goal to work towards reduction of corruption in Ukraine, and (as a last resort) to suspend the Agreement if not enough progress is made. Seems they didn't follow through

How Ukraine stopped artists from representing their country if they deemed them not loyal enough
I just remembered something. In 2022 and 2019 artists who won the national selection for Ukraine didn't participate in the end due to political problems. These artists are Maruv in 2019 and Alina Pash in 2022. About Maruv: (from Wikipedia since I'm too lazy to write something) On 23 February 2019, Maruv won the final of Vidbir for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 .[6] Her win was marred by controversy about her concerts in Russia.[7] The rights to her Eurovision song, "Siren Song", belong to the Russian record label Warner Music Russia[8][9] and the label had organised her first ever solo concert to be held in Moscow at Izvestia Hall on 6 April 2019.[10] After it became clear that she would be performing in two concerts in Russia the following months, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Vyacheslav Kyrylenko stated that artists who toured Russia or "did not recognise the territorial integrity of Ukraine" should not take part in Eurovision. During the final, when asked on stage whether Crimea is part of Ukraine, she replied affirmatively,[11][12] and when asked if Russia was an aggressor, she replied: "If the country has a bad president, that doesn't mean that all the people who live there are evil".[13] After the show, when Ukraine's Channel 24 asked her to describe what was happening in Donbass and her position towards it, she replied: "This is a very difficult question for me to answer, because my relatives have lost their homes there and it is very difficult for me to talk about it. But I want peace to come at last and all this to be over." On 24 February the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA: PBC) offered Maruv a contract; one of the terms forbid her to hold concerts in Russia.[15][7] Maruv saw no harm in performing in Russia claiming "performing concerts is my way of bringing peace," later she confirmed she was willing to postpone her concerts.[7] Maruv stated that the issue of not touring in Russia was not critical to her, and the major disagreement was about other conditions of the contract which she described as a cabal. She said that she is a tax-paying citizen of Ukraine and genuinely loves her country, however she is not ready to turn her participation in the contest into the "promo-action of Ukrainian politicians". "I am a musician, not the baseball bat on the political arena", she said. The next day it was revealed that UA: PBC and Maruv were not able to reach an agreement on her participation in the contest.[17] Ukraine withdrew from participating in Eurovision 2019 as a result of the controversy, which they had been tipped to receive a high score. *Maruv lives and works in Russia now. About Alina Pash: Pash entered Vidbir 2022 with the song "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". She won the competition, thus gaining the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.[1] However, after the competition, the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC began investigating a trip Pash had taken to Crimea in 2015, under the suspicion that Pash had broken the law by not travelling there through Ukraine. In a statement, UA:PBC said "the artist's representative falsified a certificate provided to UA:PBC. The artist agreed with this decision of the organizing committee."[2] Following this investigation, it was decided via a mutual agreement between the broadcaster, Vidbir's organising committee and Pash that her participation in the contest would not go ahead.[3] Kalush Orchestra, who placed second in Vidbir 2022, were later selected to represent Ukraine at Eurovision with the song "Stefania". *Funny part is that Alina Pash seems to be very pro-Ukraine, but even that is not enough it seems. She has close ties with Zelensky.

First round of the Cypriot presidential elections today. The candidate supported by the ML party AKEL is one of two candidates going to the final round.
Pretty sure he won't win however. All the liberal candidates together have 65%. Check out AKEL btw. One of the most supported Communist parties inside the EU.

Are there movements to bring back Chu Nom (Chinese characters) into Vietnamese?
Similar to what Mongolia is doing with the Mongolian script

Preventief oppakken van klimaatactivisten heb ik nog niet eerder gezien hier. Het laat zien dat de aanpak van de politie harder wordt. Schandalig

Ice Hockey is not just the NHL
All the hockey subreddits on Reddit are focussed only on the NHL and there's no place to discuss non-NHL hockey. That's frustrating since there's a lot of good hockey being played elsewhere especially in the KHL, SHL and DHL. Does anybody want to discuss non-NHL hockey here? What are some teams you support outside of the NHL?

Ik heb een video gemaakt over de aankomende herindelingsverkiezingen in Voorne aan Zee. Ik ben net begonnen met mijn YouTubekanaal en ik wil ermee Nederlandstalige mensen zo steeds meer richting het communisme duwen. Sommige video's zullen een sterkere communistische boodschap hebben dan anderen. Deze video is vooral politiek neutraal ook al zeg ik wel erin dat ik socialistisch ben, GL-PvdA niet links genoeg is en dat je niet op FvD en BvNL moet stemmen.

Look at their faces when they realise he doesn't fall for anti-communist propaganda

Do any of you learn a native american language?
I learn a little Greenlandic sometimes and I want to study it more in depth in the future. You can reply if a native american language is your native language as well

Als kruisbericht geplaatst vanaf: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/373649 > Als kruisbericht geplaatst vanaf: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/373648 > > > Political group in the European Union for Communist parties, they're Eurosceptic as well. I think they're cool, but don't know why the Czech and Dutch communist parties aren't part of them.

Als kruisbericht geplaatst vanaf: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/373648 > Political group in the European Union for Communist parties, they're Eurosceptic as well. I think they're cool, but don't know why the Czech and Dutch communist parties aren't part of them.

Political group in the European Union for Communist parties, they're Eurosceptic as well. I think they're cool, but don't know why the Czech and Dutch communist parties aren't part of them.

Amnesty International on Twitter: Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas.
Now that even Amesty International has said this, hopefully people will realize this is not an one-sided conflict

What are some good YouTube alternatives that aren’t supporting Alt Right creators?
I want to upload my videos on another site as backup I've looked into Odysee but the owner has expressed joy on Twitter about Alex Jones and BabylonBee joining the platform. I don't know enough about StoryFire but a lot of questionable YouTubers like Keemstar are on there, but I will be open to this site if the owners are cool. Dailymotion's UX sucks so I won't use them again. If there's any other sites, let me know

Light Pollution Atlas
Here you can check the amount of light pollution in the world from 2006, 2016 and 2020.

What are some good left wing South Asian news organisations or youtube channels?
I'm not South Asia, but I am interested in the region's politics and culture but felt that South Asia news is often very liberal. I'm mainly looking for Indian news, then Pakistani but if you find something from other countries that's alright too

After Ukraine’s performance, the singer shouted ‘help Mariupol, save Azovstal’
Yes, they said it. And usually countries get fined if they promote political messages. Iceland was fined for having Palestinian banners in 2019, but this was okay

I got banned from r/eurovision so I created this community instead
I got banned from r/eurovision for dispelling myths about Bucha and saying the money from selling the trophy shouldn't go to Azov

I didn’t know there was an Anprim community
Not an anprim, but I have a question. I imagine there’s a difference between primitivism and anarcho-primitivism, so what is the difference exactly? I can’t seem to find out. Is it more about how to get to a primitive society?

Such a tragedy. btw it wouldn't surprise me if the CIA was involved somehow

The dissolution of the USSR wasn't democratic

Let’s turn the Xi Pooh on r/place into a hammer and sickle.
Gold hammer and sickle on a red background. The coordinates are 970,137