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Will 2023 mark a big year at the box office for Chinese films?
Towards the end a guest starts calling out the government for making Nationalist/Anti-American films (The Battle at Lake Changjin).

Chinese non romantic C-Dramas - a few recommendations and instructions on how to watch
Salute, comrades! In my attempt at getting more familiar with the Chinese culture, I stumbled across a few series that I grew very fond of, other not so much but are still a solid recommendation. It wasn't free of hassle though, there's the culture shock and some trouble with getting more recent media, even though it's considerably easier than Western shows, as a good number of them are available on YT. Finally, the most natural path for me were the non-romantic C-dramas, which are more akin to the series I'm used to. Non-romantic doesn't mean free from any form of human affection lol. So, I hope this helps someone, without further ado: - **Detective L (2019)** - my first contact with Chinese shows. Set in 1930's Shanghai, it follows the routine of a Sherlockian-style detective and his female assistant. The show is very entertaining and their chemistry is very fun to watch. It's maybe a bit romantic, but the series isn't centered around that. [Watch for free on YouTube]( - **Reset (2022)** - Based on a novel. Video game architect and a college girl's life are keep being reset after encountering a bus-bomb explosion. Currently watching, it hooked me up! No romance so far. [Watch for free on YouTube]( - **Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (2016)** - This one is not for the faint-hearted! The show follows a coroner and his team during several cases. I didn't get too acquainted with the series because it's really gruesome and disgusting and I didn't get past the first two episodes. Apparently it has some spin-offs too. The original is only found on Viki, I think. (Read the bottom) - **Three-Body (2022)** - Based on a Chinese novel and soon to be a show on Netflix, the Chinese are ahead as always. The show focuses on how humans deal with the incoming invasion of a highly-advanced alien civilization called Three-Body. (Read the bottom) Bottom: for exchange of ideas, I'll mention alternative sources. Today there's great ease of getting information compared to the past. For shows that don't have a link, it's possible to watch them through platforms like **Stremio**, while I do not recommend anyone to do that. A great platform for downloading subs, which people also use and offers full downloadable episodes from sites like WETV and Viki, along with downloadable subtitles in various languages, is [**Downsub**]( While they're perfectly safe from malicious software and work better than Netflix, I don't recommend you get content from these sources, and if you're going to use them for educational purposes, please use a VPN. You can always use a paid subscription to Viki or whatever site that is offering the content. Bonus: YoYo's YT channel has on their videos descriptions recommendations for series that are similar to the ones you are watching. What are your favorite non-romantic Chinese series (or C-Drama)?

Youth unemployment, how real and what solutions?
I've seen a street interview from Asian Boss (a channel that aims to avoid global conflict by creating a bridge between westerners and asians) about birthrates in different Asian countries including China. It was obvious that Chinese young people were less in a doomer mindset than the people in Japan and in the occupied part of Korea. However they still didn't want to have kids and cited unemployment. This is something I have heard a lot, that unemployment was high among the youth and that higher education was expensive. One biais the channel is accused of is that they almost only interview people in Shanghai, rarely Beijing, never another city. As we know Shanghai is a special economic zone and has a liberal local government. So my question is, how true is that and what is happening at the state level on that subject?

i can only hope that measures such as automation, ubi, and elderly care are accelerated in the decades to come.

VPN service that works for Chinese websites
Hi. Is there a good VPN service you can recommend that respects my privacy for the outside China nodes and also has the option to be able to load Chinese websites? My current VPN can't access Chinese websites. I don't have a Chinese payment method so it needs to accept VISA, which is a problem I've ran into a few times.

Watch: Moving Forward – New chapter in China’s COVID fight
Sharing for anyone who doesn't follow CGTN. I think it's really interesting.

the cpc should have forced a vaccine mandate, especially for the elderly
anti-vax views are unfortunately high enough in the elderly population to make their vaccination rates suboptimal. this will result in many excess deaths. the cpc should have used the time bought via zero covid to overcome this issue. now, the unvaccinated will pay the price.

Why is the western press claiming that China has low vaccination rates??
![]( It's still hard for me to believe they just say stuff without anything to back it up

Chinese site refuses to turn MZD, XJP, and KJU into donghua
So, there's this AI website that can turn people's faces into donghua, but I tried it with MZD, XJP, amd KJU, and I got an error message saying "please try another picture" when I used Google Translate on it. What's gping on here?

Not much new information in this video, i just wanted to share it because it is a good example of a professional and objective news coverage on China. We are used to virtually all the news about China we hear in the West and in almost all English language media being extremely negatively biased, full of propaganda, spin, lies and gratuitous demonization and otherization. This is the kind of reports we could and should have if we did not live in a media hellscape dominated by imperialist, racist, anti-communist narratives.

Now compare China and Spain's size for even greater effect.

For people in the West it will most likely be live on CGTN's youtube channel. Starts at 10a.m. in China, 2 a.m. UTC

TIL Most Western MSM websites are not Blocked in China **CNN:** ![]( **FOX NEWS:** ![]( ::: spoiler More Images **MSNBC:** ![]( **AP NEWS:** ![]( **NPR:** ![]( :::

**incredible things are happening in china**

Question: Are allegations of metal bars welded to doors of apartments in China to enforce quarantine measures real?
These stories have been around forever. Are they real? What's the context behind them? Seems a little heavy handed and possibly hazardous.

Evidence for foreign agency Involvement in Shanghai protests emerges
* Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for RFA, CNN, BBC * Questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters * Agent instructing protest tactics * Telegram group instruction :"Look for the director, when you get there" with pictures a foreign white man And looks like some arrests of provocateurs are happening

whats going on in Zhèngzhōu?
Reading shit on western media about riots at the Foxconn factory, family in China don't know much, anyone have info on what is happening thats nonwestern? Edit: thanks for the replies, here is a great thread i have come across for more info also

Why did Mao support the Khmer Rouge?
The Khmer Rouge was the genocidal “Maoist” government in Cambodia. Mao supported them against Vietnam. At the same time, Pol pot would later confess he never read communist theory. The Khmer Rouge was also USA-backed

Not that it's so unbelievable a single person would spout libtakes, but this entire article is super sus. Why can't anyone produce a single image? Radio Free Asia is used as a source in the wikipedia article twice, which surely doesn't happen if something actually happened. Every other source used is a propaganda outlet and unreliable as well. They explain why there aren't any images by saying that China censored it, and in so doing banned using the word "Beijing" on Weibo. Which is obviously fucking ridiculous. Not to mention that that wouldn't even affect information leaving the country.

I just thought this was talk was really cool in a nerdily niche kind of way. When most people in the West talk about China they're just spewing propaganda, and these little fun facts and corners of interesting knowledge are almost always drowned out or shot down by a sea of "REEE CHINA BAD!!! HOW CAN YOU TALK ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS SO CAUSALLY WHEN THEY'RE SO BAD?!?!"

The locomotive number is Mao's birth year, which is why it has this plaque! ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Intensive visits underscore China’s diplomatic ideals widely recognized, welcomed
cross-posted from: > ![]( > > The past week during which four foreign leaders from countries with different political systems and economic development paths visited Beijing attracted the world's attention, as it was a diplomacy-themed week after the Chinese top leadership laid out major strategies and blueprints for the future at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). > > With fruitful results, the face-to-face interactions between Chinese top leader and leaders from Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania and Germany signal that the China-proposed concept of building a human community with a shared future, fundamentally different from US-dominated diplomatic events that always target a third party highlighting bloc confrontation, is welcomed by more countries, experts said. > > German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wrapped up his short but meaningful visit to Beijing on Friday, agreeing on enhanced dialogue and cooperation and rejecting decoupling and bloc confrontation. As the first European leader to visit China after the 20th CPC National Congress and the first G7 leader to visit the country since the outbreak of COVID-19, Scholz had faced mounting pressure from some German and European politicians, and from Washington especially. > > After returning from Beijing, the German leader once again defended his visit, which, in the eyes of Chinese experts, underscored the importance and indispensable role of China as major country with great influence in international affairs. > > During an event held by Scholz's Social Democratic party, the German leader said on Saturday that "his and Chinese President Xi Jinping's joint statement opposing the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine had been reason enough for the visit," Reuters reported. > > "Because the Chinese government, the president and I were able to declare that no nuclear weapons should be used in this war, that alone made the whole trip worthwhile," Scholz was quoted as saying in the media report. > > While Scholz has his own interpretation of China's position, there should be absolutely no use of nuclear weapons, not only in the Ukraine crisis but also in other scenarios, Li Haidong, a professor from the Institute of International Relations at the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Sunday. > > "This is our consistent position. No matter it's about Western hype on Russia threatening to use the nuclear weapons, or the US, along with NATO, continuously increasing its nuclear deterrence against rivals, China's position is clear that nuclear weapons should not be used," Li said. "It also shows that China plays an indispensable role in dealing with hotspot global issues such as the Ukraine crisis, climate change and the energy and food crises." > > In addition to China's role in handling international affairs, its alternative path to modernization incorporating high-quality opening-up and the idea of building a human community with a shared future are welcomed by countries with different political systems and at different development stage, experts said. > > With China's epidemic control being further adjusted in a scientific way, more countries will be attracted to enhance communication and cooperation with China, and its major foreign policy principles elaborated in a report to the Party's congress with the focus on common interests is now winning more respect and recognition around the world, experts noted. > > **A sharp contrast** > > China and Vietnam agreed on November 1 to strengthen strategic communication, enhance political mutual trust, properly manage differences in a bid to bring their comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership in the new era to a new level as Chinese top leader met Nguyen Phu Trong, general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee in Beijing. > > The two countries released a joint statement on further strengthening and deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, setting the key tone for China-Vietnam relations amid a complex global situation and historic changes unseen in a century. > > Following Trong's visit, Xi held talks with Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday, saying that China is ready to work with Pakistan to elevate the level of all-round strategic cooperation. > > The next day, Xi met Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan in Beijing, and the two leaders agreed to upgrade bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. The visit also shows the closeness of China-Tanzania relations and the important status of China-Africa ties in China's overall diplomacy. > > Although G7 foreign ministers are discussing how to align their approach on China, Scholz's visit to Beijing is widely believed to inject new momentum not only into China-Germany ties but also into overall China-Europe relations, setting an example for other European countries to balance their China policies. > > Those four countries are highly representative. Vietnam and Pakistan are neighboring countries with important cooperation with China, and Tanzania is one of the African countries with whom China had close ties, and provided help decades ago, reflecting China's responsibilities as a major power, Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Affairs at the Renmin University of China, told the Global Times on Sunday. > > "Germany and China rejecting decoupling is actually boosting confidence in globalization, reshaping relations with China as a partner," he said. > > "For our old friends, China will continue offering help. For developing countries, the Chinese modernization path could serve as an example. For some countries such as Germany and Vietnam with which we have divergences on certain issues, the cooperation has surpassed the differences now," Wang said. > > Some experts noted the sharp contrast between China-led diplomatic events and those held by the US, as the latter usually focuses on targeting a third-party country, particularly Russia or China, and always stresses the American interests. For example, the latest G7 foreign ministers' gathering in Germany urged "China to abstain from threats, coercion, intimidation, or the use of force," according to media reports. > > "China's diplomacy is bringing benefits to the world while the US-led West is trying to create divergences and divide the world. They have a completely different set of diplomatic ideas and practices," Li said. > > As China offers the world a predictable perspective, showing willingness to contribute its wisdom and experiences, it plays a constructive role in the global order restructuring that will win more recognition from the international community, some experts noted. > > In the past few days, some Western media and politicians have been closely watching Scholz's visit to China with palpable divergences existing inside the West's China policies. Chinese experts believe that China-Germany enhanced cooperation will help push forward China's relations with other Western countries, which will make Washington's goal of using different blocs like the G7 to intensify strategic competition with China unlikely to be achieved. > > "China-Germany cooperation will set an example and pave the way for other Western countries to enhance interaction with China. It's a question of choosing cooperation or confrontation," Li said. > > ![](

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