‘The political desperadoes and ignoramuses, who say they would “Rather be Dead than Red”, should be told that no one will stop them from committing suicide, but they have no right to provoke a third world war.’ — Morris Kominsky, 1970

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>Shortly after a delegation of important OUN-B members including Andriy Levus, Serhii Kuzan, the OUN-B newspaper editor, and former Education Minister of Ukraine (2014-16) participated in the December 2017 ideological camp at Ellenville, Free People launched a “national initiative” in Ukraine called “Stop Revanche.” In January 2018, the OUN-B organized a march in Kyiv and set up a coordinating center with representatives of the MNK, Free People, and other organizations including the far-right UNA-UNSO, neo-Banderite “National Alliance,” and the neo-Nazi “C14.” In short, this coalition demanded total victory in eastern Ukraine, and to purge “Russian influence” from society. It also laid the groundwork for Free People to spearhead an anti-Zelensky “Resistance Movement.” Additionally, the interviews and documents referenced throughout this article strongly suggests that it is the neofascists who are regulating President Zelensky, and not the other way around.

>Last week in a rare move, a federal judge filed a national “cease and desist” order against Amazon, prohibiting the company from violating the rights of workers engaged in union organizing. In October, Jassy was personally cited by the National Labor Relations Board for violating labor law and interfering with the rights of Amazon workers.

>After 95% of the union members voted to reject what the university administration called its final offer, the contract dispute was submitted to mediation, which began Dec. 1 and continued over the weekend. > >ACT-UAW members have been joined on daily picket lines by others from The New School community, both workers and students, and by union members from other colleges and universities in New York City, many of whom face their own contract issues.

Finland deported more than 2.8k POWs (incl. many Jews) to the Third Reich
Quoting Jouni Tilli in [*Finland’s Holocaust: Silences of History*](, pages 156–7: >Elina Sana’s “documentary book” proposed two different lines of contact between the Finnish and [Third Reich’s] authorities, especially between the secret state police and the military. The secret police [deported] as many as 129 people to the [Third Reich’s] authorities on a total of 13 occasions; the largest group comprised 99 individuals, all citizens of the Soviet Union. According to Sana, the number [deported] might be between 78 and 129, a range highlighting the impossible task of giving both an exact number of those [deported] and an exact account of the State Police (Valpo) and its collaborative operations, since essential documents from the Valpo archives were deliberately destroyed in the aftermath of the Soviet offensive in the summer of 1944. After combining and cross-checking preserved documents from different archives, Sana concluded that **between 1941 and 1944 the Finnish military [deported] at least 2,829 POWs to [the Third Reich] on 49 occasions; among the military [deportations] were over 500 individuals who were defined as “Jewish” or “political” (Communist), or both.** > >Sana’s conclusion that Finland had [expelled] some 3,000 persons to [the Third Reich] during the Continuation War enlarged the earlier known number of eight civilian Jewish refugees deported from Finland (via Tallinn) to [the Third Reich] on the S/S Hohenhörn in 1942, a figure based on her earlier studies. Sana’s central claim was that while Finland was waging a war against [the U.S.S.R.] on the same front as the Axis powers, **Jewish and Communist prisoners could be used to secure valuable resources from [the Axis], such as grain and oil.** According to Sana, Finnish authorities knew that [the Axis] was particularly interested in Jews and Communists. Given this awareness, the pragmatic reasons for securing resources for the Finns are inseparable from ideological compliance, because racially and ideologically conditioned groups of people were instruments of exchange. (Emphasis added.)

>The Meta layoffs go along with a tremendous decline in its stock value. Valued at $1 trillion only a year ago, the value of the company, measured by its price on the stock market, dropped to a quarter of what it was at its peak. Meta’s stock decline is roughly the same as the decline in cryptocurrencies over the same period. According to the Nov. 10 New York Times, “Stocks like Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple have suffered staggering losses [in market value] this year.”

>**ADT:** In the 1960s, we wanted to break out of [foreign] domination and a model based on exporting only a few raw materials, without ever using them locally — so as to create jobs and transform our agriculture and our own production of food needs. To this day our economy consists of producing for international demand and the needs of others. Mass unemployment, mass poverty, emigration and what is called jihadism are directly related to these economic issues. (Emphasis original.)

>Christy Hoffman, UNI Global Union’s General Secretary, said, “Today, unions, civil society and progressive elected officials will stand shoulder to shoulder in a massive global day of action to denounce Amazon’s despicable multimillion dollar campaigns to kill worker-led union efforts. It’s time for the tech giant to cease their awful, unsafe practices immediately, respect the law and negotiate with the workers who want to make their jobs better.”

I was joking. I am guessing that Canada’s compulsory education’s coverage of the Third Reich is mediocre at best, and if that’s the case then there’s no way that its coverage of the Empire of Japan could be any better. It’s also still arguable that Chancellor Adolf Schicklgruber caused more deaths than Emperor Hirohito, but the estimates are variable.

Personally, I think that pinning a systemic mass murder on any particular individual is the wrong approach to take anyway. Aside from the inaccurate implication that the politician micromanaged every aspect of the massacre, it leaves a great deal of other contributors blameless through omission, and it overlooks the benefits that the ruling classes (or the petite‐bourgeoisie) get from the destruction.

Wow, I had no idea that Emperor Hirohito was so popular in Canada.

Maybe can confirm.

Because neofascism (like its predecessor) is a nationalist phenomenon, and the nation where it grows imbues it with local characteristics. Polish neofascists and Ukrainian neofascists both despise Russians and Jews, but since Poland and Ukraine themselves have had a long and complicated history with each other, that isn’t enough to make them natural allies.

PoliticalCompassMemes hits us with another McHistory lesson, specifically in German Fascism
> *deletes constitutional protection for private property* If you actually [read the text of the February 28 decree](, you’d understand that this simply refers to confiscations of property in the interests of national security, specifically ‘*against Communist acts of violence endangering the state*’. (Notice also how they said ‘Communist acts of violence’ and not ‘capitalist acts of violence’.) Furthermore: >‘Though the Weimar Republic was destroyed, the Weimar Constitution was never formally abrogated by [Adolf Schicklgruber]. Indeed—and ironically—[Schicklgruber] based the “legality” of his rule on the despised republican constitution. Thus thousands of decreed laws—there were no others in the Third Reich —were explicitly based on the emergency presidential decree of February 28, 1933, for the Protection of the People and the State, which Hindenburg, under Article 48 of the constitution, had signed.’ ([Source.]( >*talks repeatedly about how “the good of the country” should be above any “individual egoism” such as property* This is a gross oversimplification. The Fascists did indeed praise and encourage self‐sacrifice on behalf of the hole, but [as I’ve shown elsewhere](, individuality still had its place: >‘Numerous press articles on work, relationships, domesticity, or weekend pastimes emphasized that Berliners could survive and even prosper as individuals, provided that they preserved their authentic selves while adapting flexibly to changing circumstances. Affordable clothes, shoes, and cars offered a realm of personal choice, while apartments, suburban homes, and the nearby lakes allowed for temporary relief from metropolitan stress. By promising a blue ribbon to the friendliest salespeople, the *8-Uhr-Abendblatt* even pursued the rather optimistic goal of turning Berlin into a “metropolis of politeness” whose consumer society would be attentive to the needs and desires of individuals.’ As [Goebbels himself spewed](, ‘*We have nothing against a refined lifestyle, but everything has its time.*’ > *attracts thousands of communists* [Their goals were subversive, and the Third Reich’s Red Scare soon suppressed them anyway.]( >*teams up with the only marxist nation at the time in order to invade a neutral country* [See here.]( Also, the other “marxist nation” (heh) in existence was the Mongolian People’s Republic, which, naturally, goes completely unmentioned in the thread.

This is the ugliest map that I have ever seen.

>[M]ost Americans, especially young people, don’t recognize propaganda, because even when it is exposed at the time, it is not incorporated into the broader narratives of war. Debunked tales have gone down the Orwellian memory hole, and most of the true history of war goes down the same hole. As Bryce Greene pointed out on **Counterspin** ([2/24/22](, the roots of the escalations leading up to the war in Ukraine were “completely omitted from the Western media.” (Emphasis original.)

>Bratstvo was founded as a political organization in 2004 by Dmytro Korchynsky, who previously led the far-right Ukrainian National Assembly–Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense ([UNA-UNSO]( > >Korchynsky, who now fights in Bratstvo’s paramilitary wing, is a [[Shoah] denier]( who falsely blamed Jews for the 1932–33 famine in Ukraine, and peddled the claim that “120,000 Jews fought in the Wehrmacht.” He has stated that he sees Bratstvo as a “Christian Taliban” (**Intercept**, [3/18/15]( (Emphasis original. See [here]( for further examples of the *NYT*’s casual profascism. Depending on your criteria for Jewishness, the claim that 120,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht is [not necessarily a lie](, but it was not something that the Third Reich sometimes tolerated out of good will either.)

The Anglo-American ruling classes wiped out Fascist Italy’s WWI debts
>As to the favorable treatment accorded to [Fascist] Italy, it should be noted that **Mussolini was well regarded abroad as a leader who could ensure social stability, a condition that would have facilitated US economic expansion in Europe. Fascist nationalism appeared an attractive system to support: it was vehemently anti-Bolshevik, open to foreign trade and investment, and not threatened by any [substantial] opposition from the left.** On the other hand, American loans would work to prevent an Italian aggressive international policy and would help to maintain the status quo. (Lot of good that fucking did.) >After Lausanne, Italy made a token payment to the US of $1,000,020 in June against the full amount of $13,545,437 and $1 million in December 1933. On June 1934, after having considered a token payment of $1 million, Italy followed the UK example and paid nothing. :::spoiler [Joke] June 1933: > United States: ‘Hey, Italy, where’s that $13 that I asked for?’ > Fascist Italy: ‘I can give you one dollar.’ > United States: ‘Awesome! Okay, see you in a few months, homeboy!’ December 1933: > United States: ‘Hey, you still owe me $12.’ > Fascist Italy: ‘I got one buck.’ > United States: ‘Sweet! I’ll be back next year to collect the full amount. Well, see ya!’ June 1934: > United States: ‘Give me the $11 you promised me.’ > Fascist Italy: ‘No.’ > United States: ‘All right, have a nice day!’ ::: Continuing… >**As to the British debt, Italy stopped payments after the Hoover Moratorium.** [Fascist] Foreign Minister Grandi reported that, in a private talk at the Lausanne conference, Prime Minister MacDonald gave his word of honor that the UK would have not required [Fascist] payments on British debt so long as the Lausanne agreement was in force. But for the sake of political expediency the British could not make such an explicit statement. The statement, however, was confirmed by MacDonald in December 1932, although not publicly. > >[…] > >The […] strong antagonism to foreign debt forgiveness by the US public in the 1930s stands in sharp contrast with the significant concessions obtained by major debtor countries in the 1920s. **[Fascist] Italy was treated particularly favorably in its debt agreements**, obtaining a haircut [read: debt deduction] of 82 percent from the US in 1925 and 86 percent from the UK in 1926. The concessions were ‘sold’ to the US electorate as debt restructuring and not debt forgiveness, even though one implies the other. Our account of the events suggests that the Americans granted [Fascist] Italy a very deep [debt deduction] because they recognized that the country had fallen into decline and did not have the capacity to repay. **The US decision was facilitated by geopolitical considerations, namely that the Fascist regime was a solid bloc against the spread of Bolshevism.** (Emphasis added.)

>The open letter notes respectfully that there are “many tangible ongoing proposals and projects that work to boost productivity and food security.” That it is Gates’ “preferred high-tech solutions, including genetic engineering, new breeding technologies, and now digital agriculture, that have in fact consistently failed to reduce hunger or increase food access as promised,” and in some cases actually contribute to the biophysical processes driving the problem. That Africa, despite having the lowest costs of labor and land, is a net exporter is not, as Gates says, a “tragedy,” but a predictable and predicted result of the fact that costs of land and labor are *socially and politically produced*: “Africa is in fact highly productive; it’s just that the profits are realized elsewhere.”

“Remember to support our non-Western sisters [as long as they’re anticommunists]”
Suffice to say, if you’ve read [this reply]( then you’ve read approximately half of the replies in this thread. Communism is basically when a bunch of horrible shit happens to millions of peaceful ~~anticommunists~~ innocents for no apparent reason (and it gets communister and communister the more it happens)? Check. Anticommunism suspiciously going unmentioned, but somebody implicitly inviting others to it anyway? Check. Gusanos boneheadedly ignoring those inconvenient communist Easterners and Southerners (because they’re either ‘nonexistent’ or ‘irrelevant’ for one reason or another)? Check. Leftoid noobs who can’t defend socialism worth a damn from this Anti‐Bolshevik Bloc of Nations? Check. You get the picture, but here are a few of my ‘favorite’ replies: >Nobody [whose family]( was slaughtered by the USSR wants to listen to some random asshole on the internet rant about [what communism actually is](, even if that random asshole is technically correct. >they’re embracing nomenclature and iconography of a movement that basically **made my country into the mess it is today** and done so much insane evil… >my vietnamese grandma, my mom, and the rest our family escaped south vietnam during the war caused by the soviet union and others. >Opposing communism doesn't mean you're automatically capitalist... [+31] The last one, especially. It’s an obnoxiously pedantic observation that ignores the more obvious conclusion: opposing communism makes you an anticommunist. Either way, I do find it interesting how nobody in that thread mentioned anticommunism by name. The logic behind this, I think, is that if gusanos were forced to evaluate atrocities that other anticommunists like Pinochet and Suharto caused, [they’d drop the woe‐is‐me, Mr. Nice Guy act pretty quickly.](

>“When people celebrate the myth of Thanksgiving, they are not only erasing our genocide but celebrating it,” said James. “We did not simply fade into the background, as the Thanksgiving myth says. We have survived and flourished. We have persevered. The very fact that you are here is proof that we did not vanish. Our very presence frees this land from the lies of the history books and the mythmakers.” (See also: [Leonard Peltier’s greeting to National Day of Mourning](

>Ostrom Farms is a large agribusiness in the hugely profitable mushroom industry. The mushroom workers held a rally with solidarity messages from Starbucks Workers and other community groups. The Ostrom workers were demanding fair pay, safe working conditions, equal opportunities and respect in the backbreaking agricultural industry. Over 200 Ostrom workers signed a petition to Ostrom in June, making these demands.

Finland’s cemeteries dedicated to Axis soldiers
([Mirror.]( [Mirror.]( >This article discusses the experiences of Finnish people who visit to the German cemetery of Norvajärvi which is the most important war memorial of [Wehrmacht] soldiers who fought in northern frontiers during WWII. Norvajärvi cemetery is located in a scenic spot by a lake on a pine forest cape about 18 kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi and can thus be reached by driving (or biking). The distant location and peace it offered were a wish on the part of Germans who wanted to avoid vandalism caused by assumed hatred towards [Wehrmacht] soldiers. Today the mausoleum contains the remains of over 2700 [Wehrmacht] soldiers who fell on Northern frontiers during WWII (1941–1945). In addition, there is a memorial to the soldiers whose bodies have not been found consisting of a stone and large cross made of iron standing in front of the mausoleum on the cape. The mausoleum is made of granite and designed by German architect Otto Kindt. The architecture is distinctively German: the building is large and simple and reminds us of the German WWI war memorials for unknown soldiers. German hero cemeteries of WWI were placed in forest environments in the middle of the nature and as part of the landscape. Furthermore, the use of natural materials such as carved stone was also advocated. (In comparison, Finnish anticommunists typically buried Red Army soldiers in [mass graves](, the upkeep of which belongs to a few locals and have no official status in Finland as of today.)

>By prioritizing its national health care system, Nicaragua became one of the first nations in the region to devise a robust COVID-19 response strategy, issuing a joint protocol with the Pan-American Health Organization (the Americas branch of the World Health Organization) on Feb. 9, 2020. Thus, its 36,000 health care workers received training on dealing with the virus before the first case appeared.

>Feeling the heat, bosses have made concessions in some places, averting potential strikes. Just recently, the union Unite announced they had secured an 11% increase for roughly 150 members at a Heinz factory at Telford in Shropshire. Unite was able to secure a raise of 11.5% at other workplaces in the fall. As the British Marxist newspaper New Worker suggested, “Hopefully this is a sign that bosses are worried about taking on their organized workforce, but it could also be a sign that they have so much money in the bank that they can easily afford to pay up.”

>Support from the community has been solid, judging by the pile of food donated to keep the strikers going. Worker solidarity was on display, with union members from Amazon and the Teamsters present. Hailey Espinoza, who has worked at Starbucks for 4 ½ years, spoke on their strong relationship with the nurses at St. Vincent Hospital. She says that after marching with the nurses, the nurses returned the favor by showing up to their strike. Most people who show up stay for a long time.

The situation is similar in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic today:

Overall, some 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos. These raids wiped out 353 villages and killed thousands of civilians, and they continue to kill now, as the Plain was saturated with hundreds of millions of “bombies”-tiny antipersonnel weapons specifically designed to kill and maim. With their 20-to-30 percent failure-to-explode rate, they remained as potential killers, and their casualty rate is still high, estimates running from hundreds to 20,000 or more per year, half of them deaths and half of the victims children.


MAG removed the LPDR’s 300,000th bomb yesteryear, and they’re still far from done. Needless to say, you won’t find too many anticommunists discussing this, let alone mentioning anticommunism’s relevance to it. (At best, they’ll briefly say that maybe they made a few little oopsies back then, then immediately forget about it.)

wtf I love anticommunism now

Personally, I wouldn’t say that capitalists are any ‘eviler’ for abusing us than wolves are for attacking bears… it’s not that wolves are motivated by ideology, sadism, or even a belief that they’re doing a service for wolfkind and will ascend to Doggy Heaven for attacking bears. They just care about surviving, and that’s something that they do to survive. Since that conflicts with bears’ own will to survive, naturally they fight back.

I apply the same perspective to capitalists: it’s not that they’re ‘evil’ (or ‘good’), it’s just that their struggle to survive conflicts with our own, so naturally I resist, because I also want to survive. I don’t need to look at the matter through highly subjective terms to understand or acknowledge its occurrence.

To put it another way, I don’t give a shit about them any more than they do about me.

Elon Musk is actively taking suspension requests from right wing provocateur and neofascist mouthpiece Andy Ngô, and has suspended @crimethinc.

Yes, I know that CrimethInc. is postleftist trash, but that’s beside the point: this is going to set a precedent for cracking down on dozens, if not hundreds of other antifascist accounts in the previsible future, while neofascists like the example that you shared are going to go untouched. Expect Twitter’s audience to undergo further homogenization soon.

I want to say that this image is making fun of the fact that nobody accuses South Carolina’s elections of being unfree or unfair despite their consistency, but being a pisstorymemes entry the real explanation is probably less clever than that…especially considering how the author peddled this little nugget of wisdom:

Enslaving, killing and disenfranchising minorities was daily business of all nations during the 19th century, and a large part of the 20th too. It does not make the US uniquely evil.

G‐d, what a fucking mess. Okay, so first off, the troublemaker responsible for publishing this is somebody called Bodo Hechelhammer, whose Wikipedia article says that he ‘confirmed for the first time on behalf of the BND that the Nazi war criminal Walther Rauff was a BND source from 1958 to 1962 and published all of the BND documents’, and has three citations to back that up. Sound pretty exciting? It gets even better: from 1956 to 1968 the president of the BND was none other than Reinhard…fucking…Gehlen…and if you don’t know the significance of that, read Christopher Simpson’s Blowback (specifically ch. 5):

According to Cox, the Gehlen Organization was the primary source of intelligence that claimed that “the Soviets were about to attack [West] Germany. . . . [That was] the biggest bunch of baloney then, and it is still a bunch of baloney today.”

Basically, a war hawk and former Axis official who repeatedly tried to bullshit people into starting a sequel to Operation Barbarossa (and some have gone so far as to blame him for the Cold War). As Hechelhammer’s paper itself says:

Furthermore, then BND President Reinhard Gehlen was personally interested in the developments in Cuba. In the late fifties, in light of the growing threat Cuba represented to the United States, and again in 1960/61, he reportedly held the opinion that the United States should respond with a preemptive military attack. His advice for the United States was „to swiftly annex this dangerous communist stronghold that serves also as perfect platform for Latin America‘s communist infiltration […]“ Gehlen dismissed concerns that a US military action against Cuba might trigger a third Word War.

And, just to top off this game of telephone, I couldn’t find any corroborating sources about the Republic of Cuba knowingly recruiting Ernst-Wilhelm Springer, Otto Ernst Remer, or anybody else who worked for the Schutzstaffel, which means that we probably have no option but to take the BND’s word for this. Fun!

So, what do you think? Does this sound trustworthy enough to you? You tell me.

I am honestly not sure what the author’s intention was here. The sentence ‘we need to eat and you kinda run things’ almost makes me suspect that the author made it in good faith, but the smart aleck lines from the British representative don’t.

I laughed, but only because the author seriously believes this.

This image is as cringeworthy as it is baffling.