AKA Canada is not a sovereign nation. This is not to say the Canadian State does not have free will at all, in most cases it does especially with domestic issues. But I swear to god every time NATO, and more specifically the US, we always follow suite and do whatever they want. I don’t recall any other nation having beef with Canada, at least not to the extent of needing warships. The Trudeau government is just starting shit with other countries, for what? I have no fucking clue. Not that any other mainstream party in parliament would do better, the cons would definitely do the same. Are they embarrassed that Canada isn’t as noticeable as the US? Do they want to make themselves look big and strong and not to be trifled with? I’m not advocating for Canada to start conflicts by itself, hell no. I just wish our politicians had the balls to sit out of NATO conflicts and say no. Stop being lap dogs, it’s pathetic.

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cross-posted from: > The restaurant’s Facebook response: > > ![]( > > They also have a gift shop where you can buy the Nazi flag and one with Bandera’s face on it! > > So many NAFO fucks are flossing the replies, plus Ukraine flags in general.

Not a good look to use a photo with a Nazi symbol
cross-posted from: > And Canadian chuds call the CBC left wing…

What’s going on with the CSIS and the Convoy?
So I know the hearing for the ‘Freedom Convoy’ has been going on for some time now. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, some clips and quotes shared via Twitter and TikTok, but I’ve been too busy studying to tune into the whole thing, let alone read transcripts of it. I did see on twitter that the CSIS had told the feds that the convoy was not a national security threat, contrary to what Trudeau’s national security advisor stated, and therefore the use of the EA was not needed. But now I’ve seen [this]( TikTok of the hearing which sort of contradicts what the CSIS claims, to me at least. If anyone who has been following this hearing closely could chime in and maybe shed some light on this I would be eternally grateful 💛

My tiktok fyp never misses. Even after all this, I still believe Canadians will not rise up.

Anyone Know What The Hell Is Going On With Bill C-11?
Using this [global news article]( because it’s the most “neutral” news site talking about this. I saw that “Bill C-11” was trending on Twitter and I noticed that the people losing their minds over it all seem to be conservatives/far-right folks. I don’t know much about this bill, only that it was similar to how our radio and tv programs are regulated. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission does all that which essentially pushes Canadian content to the front or else it’d definitely get lost in the sauce. Now with this new bill they’d take on the responsibility of the internet too. I never thought much about it since we can still watch and listen to foreign media (guess it depends on your cable), it’s just never been an outright issue to me. Maybe because people are moving away from cable TV and use internet streaming more? I don’t have a real opinion on this since I’ve mainly been focusing on Bill C-22. Google chimed in on this conversation saying Bill C-11 was a bad idea. I don’t tend to trust their judgement as they censor my searches enough as it is. So Google plus hyper cons opposing this Bill just left me with questions. I’m not tech savvy at all, so hopefully that tells you how uninformed I am. I’m genuinely unsure how this Bill is going to effect us, so I’d really appreciate someone who knows a lot more about this to explain this to me. I’m asking here because I don’t trust twitter fascists and most of our news publishers have heavy biases: ![]( This only goes up to 2015 but even now when looking for articles on Bill C-11 there were a lot that used unnecessary inflammatory language…

Toronto Star a bit late to the game. I thought shit was back over here in Alberta but it’s seems Canada is decaying everywhere…

Courtesy of the Globe and Mail. Yes, 2022 is exactly the same as 1939-1945… Honestly, if you’re going to make parallels to WWII at least try not to rewrite history.

Happy Indigenous genocide day!
Sorry, I meant imperialism day. Sorry, I meant white settler colonialism day. Sorry, I meant actively collapsing late stage capitalism day. Sorry, I meant Canada day.

This is a pretty good summary of what the Colonial Government of Canada thinks of Indigenous people.
cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > ![]( > > > > ![]( > > > > ![]( > > > > Nothing says "reconciliation" like literally dumping trash on First Nations reservation land.

>In Alberta, a group of volunteers has launched a new [Police Misconduct Database]( The searchable database logs external and internal investigations into police misconduct spanning the last 30 years. Thus far the database focuses on municipal police forces, though the team intends to add data on the Alberta RCMP within the next 6 months. While the Edmonton Police have publicly stated they welcome the site as a resource, communication from the president of the Edmonton Police Association to their members stated that the EPA is discussing the site with legal counsel.

Lmao chuds are malding because they think Canada has become socialist
If only we lived in the world that conservatives think we live in

>In the face of this self-defense of the poor against their oppressors, the police violently attacked the demonstration: truncheons, gas and beatings were the order of the day. (Try to ignore the report’s passing comments on Ukraine.)


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