CBC sucks so fucking hard: "As Conservatives call for crackdown, O'Toole calls Chinese influence a grave 'threat' to Canada"

They don’t push back on it at all, just repeat his bullshit. They even go a bit further with it. Our entire news apparatus is united against China, etc. The CBC just released some more anti-Syria and anti-Russia shit the other day when a Syrian diplomat died. They cant help but to push "foreign inte…

In regards to Canada's military, Rememberance Day yesterday, and the use poppies I compiled these articles
  • They’re a trademark of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL), which sets the terms for how poppies can be used, and what they’re intended to signify. The RCL has even referred to itself as the “Guardians of Remembrance”
  • In its 58-page Poppy Manual, the RCL glorifies war, quoting Brigadier-General …

From Atlantic Canada

Comradely greetings to all comrades from the east cost of Canada. Looking forward to discussions of how to develop socialist republics in the Americas and globally as well. Canada is under the foot of Uncle Sam (Uncle Don) and Canadian electoral politics seem little use but to possibly keep the rabi…

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