Happy Indigenous genocide day!
Sorry, I meant imperialism day. Sorry, I meant white settler colonialism day. Sorry, I meant actively collapsing late stage capitalism day. Sorry, I meant Canada day.

This is a pretty good summary of what the Colonial Government of Canada thinks of Indigenous people.
cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > ![]( > > > > ![]( > > > > ![]( > > > > Nothing says "reconciliation" like literally dumping trash on First Nations reservation land.

>In Alberta, a group of volunteers has launched a new [Police Misconduct Database]( The searchable database logs external and internal investigations into police misconduct spanning the last 30 years. Thus far the database focuses on municipal police forces, though the team intends to add data on the Alberta RCMP within the next 6 months. While the Edmonton Police have publicly stated they welcome the site as a resource, communication from the president of the Edmonton Police Association to their members stated that the EPA is discussing the site with legal counsel.

Lmao chuds are malding because they think Canada has become socialist
If only we lived in the world that conservatives think we live in

>In the face of this self-defense of the poor against their oppressors, the police violently attacked the demonstration: truncheons, gas and beatings were the order of the day. (Try to ignore the report’s passing comments on Ukraine.)

cross-posted from: > Context: The government of British Columbia just dropped mask mandates for most indoor places, with plans to roll back vaccine passports and other covid measures.


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