cross-posted from: > AKA Canada is not a sovereign nation. This is not to say the Canadian State does not have free will at all, in most cases it does especially with domestic issues. But I swear to god every time NATO, and more specifically the US, we always follow suite and do whatever they want. > > I don’t recall any other nation having beef with Canada, at least not to the extent of needing warships. The Trudeau government is just starting shit with other countries, for what? I have no fucking clue. Not that any other mainstream party in parliament would do better, the cons would definitely do the same. Are they embarrassed that Canada isn’t as noticeable as the US? Do they want to make themselves look big and strong and not to be trifled with? > > I’m not advocating for Canada to start conflicts by itself, hell no. I just wish our politicians had the balls to sit out of NATO conflicts and say no. Stop being lap dogs, it’s pathetic.

Canadian government reaction to protests in Canada vs protests in China

cross-posted from: > We’re so fucked.


This is a community dedicated to Canada and Canadians!


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Il s’agit d’une communauté dédiée au Canada et aux Canadiens !


  • Les postes doivent être pertinentes pour le Canada ou les Canadiens
  • Pas de désinformation
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  • Pas de discours de haine, de sectarisme, etc.

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