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How is “the enemy decided to withdraw” not considered winning exactly? They didn’t withdraw just for funsies.

And the Ewoks literally eat the rich (the Stormtroopers) at the end of the movie.

Also, even closer to home, Indigenous American rebellions against colonism are savage outbursts because they’re savages.

I’m more surprised that the US is that far up. Though I wonder how much of that is skewed by “rich adult child has house paid for by CEO parents”.

He downsized to a slightly smaller giant spoon.

If you pay attention to “most expensive cities” lists, you’ll notice that mainland China almost never appears on those, despite having much higher population densities than most of the cities that are on the list.

When China’s solo work rivals the “entire world” (just the US and friends, also Russia which the US is itching to kick out of the “International” Space Station).

Sigh, yeah.

I was actually born in China, but parents decided to move here. And now I can’t actually go back because I’m already a Canadian citizen. Even if I could get Chinese citizenship reinstated, which is theoretically possible because I have a Chinese birth certificate, I can’t actually read Chinese that well and also am pretty alienated from the culture over there. Massive F.

Absolutely. Reading communism debates not involving me at all was ultimately what led me to becoming a communist.

I mean, if you have anarchy in the current Western political climate, capitalism’s gonna reign supreme as companies literally turn into mafias and start offing their opponents.

The US is about to turn into Ace Attorney, where you have to prove someone else guilty or your client gets the chair…

Ah, the century where literally everything has arsenic, lead, asbestos, carbolic acid (a very strong carcinogen), or some combination thereof in it.

I’m in Canada. Can I get a piece of that F?

They’re probably one step away from writing a headline like “China approves children that are made from the ovaries of humans.”

Wait till they hear about the vaccines all over the world synthesised by fetal stem cells. (To be clear, I have no problem with that, but just saying that hamster ovaries isn’t exactly the biggest thing to get freaked out over even if you’re determined to freak out over something.)

Note how I said “synthesized by” in the above statement. That’s another thing: this headline very strongly implies that there are hamster ovary cells (or fetal stem cells) in the vaccine. That’s not true, hamster ovarian cells are used to synthesize the vaccine, the vaccine is not comprised of them. That’d be like saying there are blenders in your smoothie or farmers in your bowl of rice. The finished vaccine is extremely carefully screened for contamination introduced during production, because having hamster cells in a vaccine would actually be disastrous: if you injected foreign mammalian cells into a person, their immune system would freak out and they’d go into severe anaphylaxis. Humans can’t even take blood from other humans unless it’s the right type FFS, and somatic cells like tissue grafts have even tighter compatibility requirements.

What’s the word they like to use again? Who’saboutism?

Interesting how they rag in China for “not having free speech” and then say that China shouldn’t say what they think. Hmm…

I mean, JK Rowling IRL doesn’t exactly have based political beliefs.