A history video that’s about 7 minutes long. …

I hope the SACP continues to decouple from the ANC. …

Socialist Movement of Ghana's inaugural Congress to set agenda for fresh struggles (Video)

Everyone should listen to this; it’s about 10 minutes long…

Long live the SACP! They may have fallen on hard times, but hopefully they’ll decouple from the ANC soon enough…

Hosted by the Claudia Jones School for Political Education…


I’m surprised that the CPUSA is hosting this event as it’s a little known topic even among MLs, I feel. They’ve certainly surprised me before. Anyways, let’s see where this leads. Hopefully, others can join…


What was the relationship between South Africa and Namibia during the Cold War?

I’m reading White Supremacy Confronted by Gerald Horne right now (on chapter 7) and apparently Namibia was occupied by South Africa?..

Do any comrades here have views on what is currently happening in Ethiopia?

I was researching it today, as I recently heard about the refugee and humanitarian crisis, however it is super depressing. It’s also difficult to know which sources are reliable, as there is conflicting information going around about the conflict.

“Washington pays $63 million annually for a 10-year lease of the area while China pays $20 million a year, in addition to other investments.” …

African news and politics

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