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Understood. I keep promoting Lemmygrad on Twitter.

Many MLs are former conservatives and libertarians. It is no big deal. Welcome to the fold.

Is PeerTube still active? Still around? Or was it Invidious that got taken down?

Don’t just go to the main instance and find other groups and communities on there so you can customize your feed and following.

Mastodon is great, but it takes awhile; it’s also far less toxic than Twitter.

I haven’t found one yet and I don’t think there is (yet).

But if I could, I’d make one ASAP.

You keep getting banned on TikTok? Why exactly?

I didn’t know Gojira hanged out at there. Nice.

You shouldn’t delve into Das Kapital if these are your first years as an ML. Wait to Year 5.

I disbanded it. What’s your Discord?

I don’t like that it’s on Lemmygrad, that’s why I’m upset.

Repost of two CPUSA guides.
Here's the Communism Reading Guide from 2022: And here's the CPUSA Reading List from 2022: Let me know if you all are unable to download them. I suggest bookmarking them or saving them somewhere.

Book Reviews subcom has been created!
On the suggestion of []( I think we should take out literature and socialist books and just have books and book reviews.

Archived link:

Good news. Still, too little, too late, and more action is needed on this front.

What video games from the list video do you want? Give your thoughts below. (There's also Diablo 4 now, apparently...)

Anyone else playing this?

Listen to this for help in concentration while you're doing things.

Again, use this to study or read, especially if you have ADHD. Lower or raise the volume to the optimal level.

You can read the full article here if you can't get past the subscription wall:

"Cheng Yawen(程亚文)is dean of the Department of Political Science at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University. He previously taught at the Department of War Theory and Strategic Research, Academy of Military Sciences, People’s Liberation Army. His research areas include comparative politics and national development strategies. He has held a long-term interest in topics such as the impact of globalisation on underdeveloped countries, the development strategies chosen by underdeveloped countries amid globalisation, and the relations between China and underdeveloped countries."

Steelworkers Win Union Vote In Deep South Factory
Article is pro-Democrat, but it's yet another union victory that we can add to the list of union victories since 2020.

Should I use Notion or Evernote for note-taking?
I was recommended Notion a couple of times recently, but not Evernote. Never Evernote. Is Notion just the "go-to" for a lot of people? Should I use it instead?

Is there "A Mod of Ice and Fire" for this yet?