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I don’t believe so. His content’s popularity was growing fast.

He is a great person and I advised him personally.

Is Bay Area415's Uyghur debunk video saved somewhere?

Please help me find it. …

Thanks for the replies. I skimmed through them and plan to go through them after work today.

My thoughts are emphatically decolonial. Even the “patriotic” MLs of the past were over-blown; most were not that “patriotic” to begin with and used “Americanism” (same as the Black Panthers afterward with their reading of people’s constitutional rights) to either defend the few democratic rights we have or criticize America as it is materially…

Obviously, I believe in landback; I believe in decolonialism. So that’s my position, wholeheartedly. But thanks for the thoughtful replies everyone, whether I emphatically disagreed with them or not.

They’re a great party and Turkey has a rich history of the communist movement.

So, has anyone been keeping up with the drama on Twitter over the role of patriotism, ML, and decolonization?

In my opinion, the people like Maupin, Jackson Hinkle, and especially the Infrared YouTube channel (people like Haz) have not engaged in the debate in good faith AT ALL. …

Labor Movement subcom has been created!

Consider posting to here for labor movement news in and outside the USA, especially in other countries. …

I know the person that writes this article; he’s in the CPCanada and is a friend of mine. @yogthos@lemmygrad.ml

Deng good.

Short answer: Yes


I think people should JOIN AN ORG.

You have to. You have to work on the ground. Talk is cheap. But doing IS learning.

Long live the KKE!

He’s an ML. Look at his interview with Bay Area415…