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Thanks. Tell me what you think of it.

My second ever video.

Hope I did okay, I suppose.

I'm thinking of making another communist subreddit. Yes, another one.

I have a few ideas, but I want to get people to come to Lemmygrad and ProleWiki before communists become an even smaller minority there than they are now. I may also end up making my own website for communists to congregate because aside from Lemmygrad, bunkerchan, Twitter, and Reddit, we… really …

“It will be done, comrade.” …


I wanna scan books in any way I can, period.

I’m also hoping to convert the pictures to text for a PDF.

Nice, thanks.

What is .apk?

A comrade said I should look into .apk if I want to scan books. Anyone know what this is?..

From what I understand, they’re actually not bad and have, at the very least, worked with the Communist Party in Palestine in the past.

I think they’re alright.

As to to YOUR specific question: I don’t know their entire line specifically, but their views surrounding the Levant, from what I sometimes heard (such as during an interview with one of the chairwomen), was that they wish to end the assault on Palestine and give back their land, stop the war on Syria, stop the wars everywhere else that Israel is involved in, and they are, of course, anti-Zionist.

Now, this is just me going based on what others have told me, but assuming that one day they were completely in control of the government, I would say this: they’ll probably go for a “one-state solution.” As in, while they’ll give land back to the Palestinians, they will probably replace the government around the more inner territories that’s managed by non-Jewish ethnicities and people as well as communist Jews, or I imagine that that’s the idea.

Of course, I could be completely wrong as I’m going by what others who know more about this topic told me. And the CPUSA, whatever the problems with the leadership (and there are a lot, I think), does at least give you news and connections to other communist parties around the world.

So take that for what you will.

Of course, you could easily just go by the link that @ksynwa@lemmygrad.ml showed you, but if you want a rundown from a person in a “sister party,” since both communist parties are in SolidNet, then here you go. Maybe it’ll give you more context and info that you can cross-reference with the link that they gave you. 😅


Yeah, my WeChat friends talked about this, though they have confidence in the government and say that it’s under control.

Good on them for catching this incident before it became a bigger problem.

I think I preferred Bezos than Elon Musk as the world’s richest man.

Elon Musk being #1 in anything annoys me. 😅

I think that would D’Angelo, but yeah, I know what you mean.

Something just came to mind. Please take a look.

A comment of mine from on Lemmygrad for another thread, but I think it’s worth the discussion. …

So this is pretty interesting. A defense of the Soviet Union post-Stalin (1953) and pre-Gorbachev (1986). It's a topic worth exploring but...

On the Discord that I moderate (Tankie Bunker) the Russian dude (Comrade King) is very anti-LGBT and we had to ban him. Now I know that reactionary Russians are a dime-a-dozen when it comes to LGBT rights and I was told that you can’t always help who gives you certain information (especially if this…

Got myself Open Veins of Latin America for Christmas! Didn’t know it was reviewed by Hugo Chavez himself…

Please support Esha and the historic.ly podcast on Twitter. Thank you.

She has done great work in bringing a decolonial and leftist interpretation of history. Please subscribe to her account. Her previous Twitter account was taken off Twitter and she has been slandered recently by anarchists and radlibs. Also, she has been attacked by Jacobin “journalists” and Vice "re…

An Ideological History of the Communist Party of China: Three-Volume Set: Zheng, Qian: 9781487804251: Amazon.com: Books

So in the end I didn’t get this book and had to refund. By that point, I had already spent too much and I still need another job to fund my spending on theoretical text… So yeah, it sucks. Especially since I really wanted this book. …