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Haven’t read it because I have a few articles bookmarked already, but I’m not an anarchist, so I don’t really have an opinion on him.

No thank you. Seeya.

Don’t feel like it. Goodbye for now.

Well, okay, for now I’ll take your word for it that you aren’t simply attacking me.

But yes, from my experience, Mandarin was much easier to learn than all the other languages that I tried my hand at.

Good day.

I’ve only heard bad things about Makhno.

Question: Is “Le Samourai from France” the full name, or is it just “Le Samourai”? Also, some of these were on my list, but thanks all the same! If you have anything more, please let me know! In addition, I’m not just looking for communist film, but foreign film in general, so keep that in mind. But I would like to place an emphasis on Soviet film, that being said.

Who’s the director of Seven Psycopaths?

I actually have played Dynasty Warriors games! I especially loved Dynasty Warriors 9… even though everyone hates that one lol. Are you from the Mainland? And also, assuming you’re saying this all in good faith now, why do you constantly attack me or question me?

You quibbled and nitpicked; a few small examples don’t prove anything.

Now stop attacking me every time I post somewhere.

No, because you didn’t’ prove anything either.

Pinyin is very intuitive.

It helps that Pinyin is really intuitive.

I’ve also learned Mandarin, or rather, I used to learn it. Now I’m learning Turkish in order to live in Turkey, but afterwards, I plan to hop right back in. Honestly, don’t be daunted by the number of hanzi you have to remember; just keep in mind that many non-Chinese learn thousands of hanzi just fine eventually. You will too.

Give me some movies to watch

I just finished Come and See, which is a famous Soviet film. …

Alright, I’ll get back to you on that since I make my own videos.


He’s sometimes said that he was influenced by Marx, or said nice things about him.

Itikadi: Publication of the Communist Party of Kenya (September Issue)

I just started reading this right now after a friend who’s Kenyan (or at least has Kenyan roots) gave it to me. Check it out! …

ຄຳຈັນ Khamchanh🇱🇦 ☭ on Twitter Talking About Thailand And The Communist Party of Thailand...

Okay, so I still don’t know which side to root for. It’s not as clear-cut as Belarus, where while Berarus and Lukashenko have made some mistakes here and there, they face a clearly fascist threat all-around. That being said: I’ve seen some suspicious stuff happening in Thailand from some videos on T…

Thoughts on this article? I liked it, but I’m wondering whether or not it’s fine…

Ian Goodrum on Twitter with a long-ass thread "on imperialism in the Korean Peninsula, the division between north and south," etc.

God, this was long but worth it. I only wish that he gave the books he was citing in the thread that he used. Usually he does so. I think that Ian Goodrum is definitely one of the few shining starts of the current CPUSA, which is beset by tailism right now (vote for Biden because "that’s what the wo…

Well, would you look at this: …