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This… is actually not a bad article. I would recommend it and maybe form your own opinions on the topic afterward. I do feel that the term “middle class,” while perhaps useful in some cases, mostly obscures the social situation in which we often find ourselves in. Well, certainly better than the P…

Marxist classes are a series of webinars offered by CPUSA…

Claudia Jones School Webinar: Community Control of the Police

This event will feature the following panelists: …

Open to the public, please join us for the forum discussion …

Someone needs to stop People’s World, lol…

Webinar hosted by the Claudia Jones School for Political Education and Black Women Radicals …

The killing of Black people at the hands of the police is taking place against the backdrop of a pandemic that is taking Black lives at an alarming rate. Our communities continue to be disinvested in and our people continue to be vulnerable to every harm in our society. This is why we call to defund…

Especially since the National Guard has been called in now, violent action against them will be crushed. These are civilian protestors, not trained guerillas, and the Minnesota and US governments aren’t nearly failed enough for the hope of an armed revolt. Organize your workplace and community (whic…

The unofficial subcom of the Communist Party USA

    Welcome to c/CPUSA! This subcom is for news, general information, memes, and discussion related to CPUSA, working class organization and solidarity, and the broader struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation. This is a space for socialists, communists, and leftists. Please read the rules before posting. While run and moderated by members of CPUSA, this subcom is not an official Party platform.

    c/CPUSA Rules

    1. No Bigotry, Hate Speech, Or Oppressive Language

    No bullying, hate speech, slurs, or oppressive language of any kind. No excessive use of vulgar, violent, sexist, or crude language. No imperialist, settler-colonial, police/prison, rape, or conservative, fascist or otherwise reactionary apologia.

    First offense will result in editing of post/comment & warning - learn from your mistake. Repeat offenses or failure to properly edit post/comment will result in permanent ban.

    1. Be Respectful & Comradely

    Refrain from sectarianism, defined here as unprincipled criticism. Criticisms must be made in a principled manner.

    While spirited debate is a good thing, parroting and dissemination of anti-communist propaganda and falsehoods will not be tolerated.

    Posts and comments must be in good-faith and of high quality. Trolls will be banned on sight.

    1. No Promotion Or Campaigning For Non-Party Candidates

    CPUSA does not endorse non-Party candidates.

    News regarding politics & political campaigns may be posted in the event that it’s presented from a communist/socialist perspective and is not obvious promotion or campaigning. Discussions and honest, good-faith questions are welcome.

    First offenses will result in removals & warnings, but repeat offenses will result in bans.

    1. No Systematic Crossposts Or Excessive Self-Promotion

    While we understand crossposts as a tool to both credit original posts and discover smaller & newer leftist/socialist/communist communities, this is a space for CPUSA members, not an advertising subcom.

    Excessive, needless crossposts to your own subcoms, screenshots of your own twitter posts, etc., in addition to a lack of interaction with the subcom, may result in removals or bans.

    Please double check before creating duplicate posts (reposts). Reposts will be removed.

    1. Abide By All Official Lemmy Rules

    Additionally, the mods reserve the right to ban users (as well as remove, lock, or otherwise moderate any content on the subcom) for reasons not listed above if we consider it necessary to do so.


    c/CPUSA, being moderated and led by members of the Communist Party USA, is not an official outlet of the Party. It does, however, raise as its purpose the spreading of information and resources as it relates to CPUSA and its work. We do not speak for the Party and our opinions are our own, but we shall adhere to the Party Program at all times and always seek to further the interests of the Party.

    CPUSA recruitment materials may be shared openly, but it shall not be the primary purpose of c/CPUSA to recruit for the Party. If individuals are interested in our Party then we shall share information with them and attest to why we are members and why we believe others should join. At no point shall we attempt to compete with other parties or disparage them.

    It shall be the primary purpose of c/CPUSA to share information with both current Party members, prospective members, and any and all fellow travelers or casual Lemmy users who wish to explore our Party and/or learn about Marxism and Marxism-Leninism in a friendly and positive environment, away from sectarianism and “woke” left-wing cannibalism. We shall not partake in or tolerate feuding or drama that is not ultimately productive for real-world change.

    The ultimate goal of c/CPUSA is to encourage all people, regardless of tendency or party affiliation, to join a union or worker’s assembly and to get organized in the work of overturning capitalism. This shall take different forms for different people, and we welcome all. For those who are members and prospective members, this shall likewise extend to serving as an additional resource for them in becoming more involved with the Party.


    The primary method by which we shall pursue these goals is by being active in the subcom itself. So long as members follow the rules as above, their activities shall be allowed. Crossposting articles, whether from PW,, or other news outlets must either be authorized or be within the rules outlined by other subcoms. Without authorization, articles and information should be posted and not cross-posted.

    Advertising on other subcoms on behalf of c/CPUSA without the permission of the Moderators is not a permissible method in pursuing our goals. Any attempts to do so will not be supported by the Moderators. Likewise, any attempts to raid or brigade other subs will result in bans.

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