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I do enjoy On the National Question, really helps break the propaganda that he was a red Hitler

I’ve written /dev/urandom to /dev/null, it just makes your fan spin harder

There’s also legal support from legal non-profits like the Software Freedom Conservancy which has won cases against large vendors. I think some involving Busybox

Not that it’s impossible that there have been proprietary kernel modules found in violation of the GPL, but only because they used GPL code and didn’t license appropriately

They also got in deep with controlling most of the Spanish media in non-Cuban communities

I figure the KPD buried the hatchet with the SDP as they merged into the SUP after WWII to win elections in the DDR

Yeah, most FOSS companies also offer their specific platform for their software for a price. Depending on the complexity of self-hosting it can be much cheaper to just buy access to the platform

Additionally, the source code of free software only needs to be released to your users, not necessarily the general public. This means that if you have a niche client who doesn’t want to write their own software, it can be a steady income stream, and you can set it up so they have to be a customer to be an initial user

State National Guard units are already on alert as well

Killinger next please! King Yama, I don’t ask for much!

Advertising departments used to be literally called propaganda departments

Thanks, would that explain the change from TextSecure and RedPhone to their merger into Signal?

Wasn’t OpenWhisper Systems, the maintainer of Signal, acquired by Twitter?

Don’t forget Laos, the oft-forgetten 5th flower of socialism