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A place for antifascist activism and discussion. Share articles, tips, ask questions. While this is a general community, we hope to be able to help people directly as well. Do you have a friend you want to deradicalize? Would you like book recommendations to understand fascism better? Feel free to ask! As Lemmy is quite open in its rules, we are also allowed to organise activism here as long as it's legal under the law. Is the KKK meeting in a hotel conference room? Give us the address, and the phone number so we can tell the hotel.

>Aside from a friend that was injured and a church community intimidated by the prospect of having been made into a hate lightning rod by the far-Right, it was an undisputed win.

>In videos posted to social media online, antifascist protesters could be seen holding banners reading, “Never Again” and “Your Hate Is Not Welcome Here,” as Ryan Messano attempted to take the podium. In response, the Sacramento City Council was shut down, as the crowd erupted into shouting as the neo-Nazi wearing a Goyim Defense League shirt was seen throwing up a Hitler salute. > >[…] > >Community and housing advocates have been rallying at the Sacramento City Council in the last few weeks, demanding the city address the ongoing attacks on the houseless community. Attempts by Messano and other neo-Nazis to hijack these meetings to spew their racist and anti-Semitic conspiracies only serve to advance the same interests of wealthy developers and city bureaucrats who are pushing to steamroll the poor.

>According to [*The Tribune*](, the counter-protest came together after several community members saw a group of four masked neo-Nazis holding a banner over a freeway overpass and one individual was seen giving a “raised…arm…“sieg heil” salute.”

>Recently, we have formed a news agency under the name “M.A.R.T. Corp.” to reflect our position from Ukraine and Russia to progressive forces abroad. > >The news agency M.A.R.T. Corp. expresses an independent view from the broad circles of the Ukrainian people who are opposed to the Kiev authorities. We wholeheartedly welcome and support the launch of a major campaign by the public of the United States and other countries for peace in Ukraine, in particular, the event of March 18. > >For our part, we are looking for opportunities to express the opinion of Ukrainian citizens in support of the movement for peace in Western countries and ask them to voice the following points of our views at your event: > >1. The Kiev regime uses chemical weapons in the conflict zone in Ukraine, in violation of all existing conventions on the prohibition of chemical weapons. This may provoke asymmetrical retaliatory measures on the part of Russia. >2. At the same time, U.S. President Joe Biden is inflating the Pentagon budget to the detriment of U.S. residents. The ruling circles of the United States are curtailing a number of projects to support socially vulnerable segments of the population, primarily people of color and the unemployed. >3. The regime of dictator Zelensky in Ukraine is based on power dictatorship and repression. Dictator Zelensky, for the sake of preserving his undivided power, wants to drag the NATO countries and the European Union together with the United States, into an all-out war with Russia, where there will be no winner. >4. If peace is established in Ukraine, the dictatorship of Zelensky is over! The Kiev regime has no interest in peace in Ukraine. > >The present-day U.S. and British politics of sanctions must end! The sanctions do not stop the conflict. They [serve] to prolong the conflict in Ukraine for the benefit of ruling elites in the U.S. and Britain! We ask you to voice these views and, if possible, depict one or more of these points on your posters. > >This will express your solidarity with the struggle of the Ukrainian opposition for peace in Ukraine and show the dictatorial regime of Kiev that the opposition is alive and capable of action and not completely destroyed in the dungeons of the Kiev security forces, in bloody repressions and prisons! > >Later, having received from you links, photos and videos of your event, where the views of the Ukrainian opposition were demonstrated, transmitted from M.A.R.T. Corp., we can distribute these photos and videos among the broad circles of the Ukrainian public, crushed by official propaganda, to clearly demonstrate support for our position from the people of the United States and other countries of the West.

The University will not block this speech, based on a theory that has been debunked many times and that has been on the basis of several mass shootings around the world, based on Nazi rhetoric. This is just a few weeks after a far right extremist in the city was shot and killed during a police raid. Multiple guns and plans to commit a terrorist attack have been found in his home. Leftist groups in the city have made a coalition to protest the speech and several hundred people have said to be willing to come to the protest. It's under heavy criticism due to 'freeze peach' and because a few days ago, the guy got punched at another speech in another city. Far right groups label us terrorists already and are becoming agressive. We will be there anyway, because hateful speech is a crime against humanity. I hope things will go well. No pasaran!

The Belgian neonazi that got punched a few days ago is now coming to my city for a speech on his book!
A petition has been set up and a counter protest is being planned. In the meantime the far right nationalist student club (yes, they are neonazi twats) are labeling our party as a terrorist club (apparently the person that pushed/punched the man was of our party). ![]( Since the last call for action against the far right festival went well over here, I will keep you updated if I need your help <3

>The Modesto experience shows both the strength of organizing autonomously, but also how hard it can be sometimes. Autonomous organizers have everything stacked against them: non-profits and local faith leaders push people not to protest, while the police join the attack on communities already under assault by the state and the far-right. While the media can bring attention to the threat of reactionary forces, more often it is simply interested in publishing click-bait and sensationalizing “both sides” without ruffling the feathers of those in power. The ability to go beyond and outside of all of these pitfalls demands of us not only infrastructure, legal observers, medics, communications, media, and beyond, but also the relationships and base building needed to actually organize — especially at a time when social media is hitting a wall of diminishing returns.

>In hopes of nipping the event in the bud, we moved to organize a phone zap, targeted at ASU president Michael Crow and the venue originally hosting the event. Despite the student body and broader community taking to the phones and emails en-masse, ASU’s response was predictable. Regardless of the threat it posed towards marginalized students and the widespread opposition to its continuation, the event would not be cancelled. Michael Crow himself stated via email, “Jared Taylor is one of many people today who exploit public forums of all types to engage in intentionally destructive and divisive rhetoric solely for the [s​​​​​​​ic] self-serving and attention getting purposes,” but that ASU was not able to refuse him a platform, due to restrictions placed upon them by state laws regulating the actions of public universities. > >We find this justification to be flimsy, at best. ASU has refused speakers, despite concerns around so-called free speech, for several reasons, including the example of [Mik Jordahl, who was banned from speaking due to his support of the anti-apartheid BDS movement]( and his refusal to sign a form stating he would not advocate for a boycott against Israel. It is clear to us that ASU picks and chooses who, exactly, receives the benefit of free speech on campus. They may find white supremacists somewhat distasteful to their liberal sensibilities, but they are acceptable guests, unlike those opposing ongoing genocide, even non-violently.

>At the end of the day, despite being vastly outnumbered by many different far-Right organizations, a relatively small group of activists were able to contain the threat to Hollywood and Vine and block the march from taking place. Their rally also ended two hours earlier than expected.

Help your Belgian comrades with a little antifascist action
Hello, I will post this here as well The 27th of August, the Belgian city of Ypres (very important Battlefield in the world Wars) will host a far right music festival called Frontnacht. Performing on this festival will be bands that are linked to neonazi and fascist terrorist groups throughout Europe. Belgian left wing groups are now looking for ways to counter this. Several groups I know of will contact city officials to show their disgust. I don’t think anyone here can help with that, because it has to be somewhat legit. BUT: the festival also has a site where you can register to volunteer. It would be a shame if, let’s say, the site gets flooded with a massive amount of applications of non existing people. Here's the info: We can spam the organizers’ online form looking for volunteers with fake applications: The more the better. Make it impossible for them to sort through all of this, trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t. TIP for the last field in the form: Belgian mobile phone numbers always follow this format: 04XX XX XX XX. Open the form in private browsing, submit, reopen from private browsing. Don’t open from your normal browsing because if you are logged into google, you will give them your email address. Here’s lists of common Belgian first and last names: (first names) (last names) Proximus numbers begin with 047x, Base numbers with 048x, and Mobistar numbers with 049x.

From the comments section of the subreddit thread: ![](

You can register for Eric Zemmour’s event with a fake name and you should
Eric Zemmour, a fascist polemicist in France who is probably on his way to become the next president of the country, is holding an event tomorrow: Because of covid, seats are limited and you have to register for it. The information you have to fill is: - First name ( - Last name ( - Email: email works, but there is actually no email confirmation so you could use a fake one. - phone number is NOT mandatory so just don't fill it. You could make one up in the format of 06 00 00 00 00 but imagine if some poor soul has that number and starts getting calls from a fascist lol. - postal code: use 44000, 44100, 44200, 44300. No VPN needed, and obviously don't use any real info when registering. Please don't all use the same names and postal code lol, use something like a random number generator ( to create yourself a fake french name.

The article is 29 minutes long so definitely take a break here and there whenever you can or feel like it. I like how it invokes Bertolt Brecht and T.S. Eliot, two literary figures, on their way of writing. Definitely something to keep in mind for the potential fiction writes here, that is, me, []( and []( Anyways, I haven't finished the article yet but it seems pretty interesting. MAGNET: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c91aa813f2ad2d982e0d760bfce62deefc9d9b5d&dn=Trump%20protest%20Jan%2006%202021&

Klaus Barbie was head of the Gestapo in Lyon, France, during the occupation and was known as the Butcher of Lyon for his sadistic enjoyment of torture and killing. Under him, thousands of Jews and other French people were sent to death camps, chiefly of them Auschwitz. Even at the end of the war, while the Allies were advancing in on Lyon, he sent one last train filled with hundreds of people before fleeing the country. He adopted the named Klaus Altmann and was recruited by the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps -- let that sink in -- to help fight against the USSR and "communism". For years, France sent extradition requests to prosecute him, without success. Then, one year, the United States replied that they had lost all traces of Klaus and that was that. Of course, they had exfiltrated him with help from the CIA because he was getting too much heat. He eventually ended up in Bolivia in 1951, publicly as a wood mill owner but secretly, and since the 1960s, Klaus was working for the Bolivian dictatorship to help them track opponents to the regime, mainly communists. Suspicions were mounting against Klaus Altmann. In his wood mill, he marked all tenth planks with a small swastika. Then, from 1966 to 1971, he headed the Compagnie Transmaritima Boliviana, the prime maritime shipping company in Bolivia who was also responsible for fuelling the drug and weapons trade in South America. In the 70s, it seems he was once again hired by the CIA. This was bringing him international attention, and people like the Klarsfeld couple, who made it their life mission to track ex-Nazis, were on his tail. It all culminated in 1972 with the video I linked above. French Journalist Ladislas de Hoyos was set on discovering Klaus once and for all. He organised an interview in Bolivia which, however, was to be heavily controlled by the Bolivian government. The questions were approved beforehand and they would be asked in Spanish. It would last only a few minutes and monitored by several Bolivian soldiers. This didn't deter Ladislas. He started the interview as agreed, asking simple questions like clarifying his identity as Klaus Altmann. Soon enough, he started asking him to say things in French like "I was not in the gestapo" or "I have never tortured". Already Klaus was showing some proficiency in French, as his answers were too confident for someone who, so the story went, lived in Berlin all his life as a manual labourer until he emigrated to Bolivia after the war. Then, Ladislas broke the rules and asked him a question in French: "Have you ever been to Lyon?". Without any hesitation, Klaus answered in German: "No, I've never been to Lyon". This was the second strike that betrayed his understanding of French. Finally, near the end of the interview, Ladislas handed Klaus pictures of Jean Moulin, probably the most famous resistance fighter in France who died during the war under Barbie's hand. Klaus denied knowing who this person was, but by holding the pictures, he left his fingerprints on them. Ladislas took them back, folded the pictures in half, and stored them in his jacket's inside pocket. By the end, the Bolivian forces understood what was going on and were getting agitated. The cameraman took the film out and gave them to the French consul, present during the interview. When the soldiers asked the journalists for the film, he happily handed them blank reels. They fled on car to the consulate, where the evidence was sent to France in a diplomatic baggage. There, they were able to confirm the prints taken from the pictures of Jean Moulin. Klaus Altman was finally proven to be nazi criminal Klaus Barbie. It would eventually take until 1983 and a change of government in Bolivia for Klaus to be extradited to France. He himself thought he was going back to Germany and so he wasn't worried (there is some evidence he worked for West Germany at some points). However, the plane led him to France where he was brought up on the charges against him as soon as he stepped off the plane. He was symbolically interned in the Montluc Prison, where he had tortured hundreds decades before. Two months later, he was condemned to life in prison by the court -- the death penalty had been abolished in France only two years earlier. Klaus' story is a reminder of what fascists will do. Any committed fascist is able and willing to do what Barbie did -- torture and send thousands to die. But it's also a reminder of the pervasive cocktail that is imperialism and fascism together. While the world remembers the liberation from the Nazis, we must remember that Nazis were allowed to flee their crimes with help from the USA, and were even employed and paid by them to help them kill communists (Operation Gladio comes to mind). There was never any liberation, there was never any denazification. They were just shuffled around and tried to be lost to time. And I haven't even delved into the whole situation in Bolivia which was fraught with regime change, fascism and Amerikan intervention (Operation Condor) for the decades that Barbie was living there and beyond. Indeed, Barbie died in prison in 1991. Many of us here were not born in 1991, much less in the 80s. This event was lost to time and yet, if there is one thing that exposes the unprincipled, imperialistic nature of Amerika, it must be his protection and employment by the CIA.

(rad)Libs will say “fuck fascists!” but then turn against you when you add “yeah and beat them up too!”
The title is of course not 100% literal. The same happens whenever you push too much past socially acceptable politeness and civility. It's this liberal ideal that you're better than your enemies and so you don't have to resort to cheap or dirty tricks. But you certainly do. There can be no coexistence with fascism; its mere presence is a death threat. And what do you do when threatened? Do you sympathize with your murderer and try to understand his motivations, or will you fight tooth and nail to save your life? The idea of going high when they go low consistently brings us to defeat. This is why fascists hate communists the most: we are the only ones capable of seeing past their disguise and actively willing to eradicate their ideology. When debating fascists, I like to back them into the corner. I project an air of superiority on them because: 1) I absolutely despise them and the feeling is mutual 2) We are, by default, better than them 3) It enrages them, and shows them their tactics won't work here. You should see the libs that jump to the fascist's defence and turn on their allies for not following the cult of civility at this precise stage. They are in effect providing the fascist what they need to emerge victorious: sympathy. But how can there be sympathy towards a person who will gladly drive you to an extermination camp themselves? And yet this is bigger than antifascism. Violence is a legitimate tool of struggle, both in the class and antifascist struggles. It is a liberal ideal that violence is not necessary, or that we have somehow evolved past violence. There are wars all over the world, most of which were caused by the USA. There are military budgets expanding, and armies buying new equipment. Violence is everywhere around us, and it has always been. It's not for "uncivilised people" or a "relic of the past". And on the contrary, where have liberal ideas brought us? They have brought us fascism, they have brought us passivity. Has the Geneva Convention stopped any war? Have the Nuremberg trials stopped any neo-fascist? They cling to ideals, uninterested in following proven, working practices. This is what makes them idealists and incapable of fighting back. Liberals need to get over their outrage when fascists are getting a taste of their own medicine. Otherwise, they will always remain at risk of becoming fascists themselves. Yes, as long as capitalism exists, so will fascism. And thus liberals will always be at risk of being swayed by fascists.

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