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Look at it this way. Imagine he pushed all his billions, all 196 of them, into a forest fire – that’s climate change. Imagine the size of the fire as it is fuelled by such an enormous amount of wealth, all built by the same fire he is stoking. For every billion he puts in that forest fire, he’ll get 1.1 back. A net benefice.

except* one billion. Out of 196 billion dollars, he keeps just the one. That one, he sets aside into a tiny, rusty watering can. This watering can’s job is to fight the forest fire. The water it’s holding is being raided by eco capitalists who found a new lucrative market to exploit. There won’t be much water in that can very soon.

That watering can is the billion he is committing to conservation.

Wow wow wow. Utterly impressed at the CPC’s response, and this is just a taste of what we could all have in our homes. There are many great quotes, but this one takes the cake for me:

They said Beijing would only extend a lifeline if Hui gave up his fortune to repay the company’s debts.

And just how he could go to jail if he creates social unrest, i.e. Bankrupt his investors, those of which that are common people. Or how the CPC deemed it unacceptable evergrande raised 50 billion yuan and gifted 40 of them to directors. Or how they have never contributed to infrastructure and so it would be ridiculous to help them out.

Just great decisions all around. This is what the international proletariat needs to see. And anti AES “communists” as well lol.

Probably the best outcome. Many people had invested their life savings into Evergrande, the CPC can’t just let them lose everything.

Or let me rephrase that for my american comrades. The CPC won’t let them lose everything.

How do you find out a mole in your discord server?

A server I’m on has been infiltrated by someone who doctored the admin’s status in a screenshot to make them seem anti-semitic. …

It’s not readily apparent when looking at a map of the US, because they just add Hawaii and Alaska in the corners which makes them look closer than they really are, but Hawaii is about halfway between Japan and the USA – perhaps a bit closer to the US than Japan though.

Which means that a) the USA had no business being there in the first place of course (there’s a legal argument they are actually occupying Hawaii and as such under the Geneva convention the laws of the occupied country should apply, not US law) and b) it’s a great jumpoff point towards Asia.

I mean I hate working too but it’s because I’m lazy I don’t make excuses for it lol

I wonder who they learned such opinions from!

“Taiwan” clams to be the republic of China, not an independent country, and claims more territory than the PRC lol.

waiting for someone to say “actually…” lmao

Video of the firefight from afar: https://t.me/GazaNewsPlus/1039

This is the reality of the zionist entity known as Israel. Jenin is located in the West Bank, though that is a misnomer of sorts as the whole of Israel is truthfully Palestine. Yet the coloniser thinks they own the place, that they can move wherever unimpeded, that they are allowed to bring their guns and enforce their ethnonationalist laws. Since Jenin is a town, it is home to a civilian population – though they are unfortunately used to zionist raids like this in the middle of the night.

Israel is in violation of the Geneva Conventions on many, many counts. Too many for me to list here, probably. Their incursion into civilian territory is just one more count to the long list of war crimes.

Imagine this was your neighbourhood. Imagine this was you right now, in the middle of the night, woken up by weapon fire. Imagine this was your reality, and then more, and it had been going on since before you were born.

The two remaining escaped resistance fighters were just captured, but the firefight is still ongoing

Behold the might of the zionist occupier enjoying billions of dollars in backing from the United States, a settler population they installed, an army, a force of police and modern equipment, yet still needed two whole weeks to locate two escaped prisoners on the run, who had nothing behind them. …

Like, could the massacre not happen later on during that day?

No, because the tanks were leaving the square in the picture!

You are conflating different events. The massacre in nianjing was different from European colonialism which was different from the Tiananmen protests. Therefore they have to be studied independently.

I’m more of an abolish the police type. The police, of course, being this very specific institution with which we live that serves as the armed guards of capitalism.

“Keep the peace” as seen in this meme implies several things, one of them being that keeping the peace is keeping order, and order is what the oppressing class decides it to be. Order, in capitalism, is when you evict tenants peacefully – when they accept the decision and don’t fight back. Order is when unpaid workers go through expensive and lengthy legal battles to claim their wages while bills keep piling up, because seizing the factory is unorderly. Order means that if the police beats you up, you are not allowed to fight back – this is the only profession in the world that is allowed to do that.

In the USSR, police was not allowed to search any person or property in public without witnesses. They would ask people around if they could watch the search. If there was no one, then they wouldn’t pull a search. Already we can see that with different class relations we have different social relations, which lead to a different institution of the “police” – which is therefore not the police, it’s something different that is not exactly what we think of, in capitalism, when we say police. In fact, they weren’t even called police. They were called the militia which does imply a military nature (which also implies different, stricter laws applying to them!) but it also implies they are sourced from civilian volunteers.

There’s the difference between abolish and defund the police. One is revolutionary, the other is reformist.

Depends why they’re ex-cops tbh

That police page looks fascist from the name and pic lol.

If they tried this “WE ARE the only thing standing between order and anarchy” in Europe they’d be flamed so bad there would be consequences (if only minor, like someone being fired at most. I don’t want to pretend we have our police in check). It’s seriously mind-boggling how blatant cops are with their words in the US when you read them from an outsider’s perspective.

Facebook allows ads from the cult of Raël

In the very few times I’ve been on Facebook, I’ve gotten ads from Raël twice now. …

I am planning to add CIA Shining Path: Political Warfare to prolewiki and need your labour comrades

Earlier today, I was made aware of a book called CIA Shining Path: Political Warfare written by someone very close to Juan Velasco Alvarado, President of Peru and pro-soviet socialist (so tankie in fact, he contemplated invading Chile after Pinochet’s coup). …

Gonzalo just died

that’s all…

Don't be too hard with anarcho-primitivists

They’re still figuring things out, maybe in a thousand years they’ll invent feudalism!..

two of the six escaped Resistance fighters were caught just now near Nazareth, in the north of Palestine [MEGATHREAD]

Edit: I am turning this into a megathread as the arrests are reviving the flames of the resistance. Put the thread in “chat” mode (next to hot, top, new, old) if you want to follow as I’ll be posting in comments. …

6 prisoners of the Palestinian resistance escaped Monday from Gilboa prison by digging a tunnel

the occupation army of the zionist entity is taking revenge on innocent populations in the city of Jenin as they believe they could be hiding there (but have yet to find anyone, despite setting up more than 200 checkpoints throughout occupied Palestine and focusing all efforts from the army and poli…

There are more mosques in Xinjiang alone than in the EU. with sources

edit: added mosques in Bulgaria in the original post, 1200. This changes the number per capita to 0.42 instead of 0.36 …

There are more mosques in Xinjiang alone than in the EU. with sources

Edit: I found data for more countries, included bulgaria in this edit (a whopping 1200). …

That is why I keep saying there is nothing organic happening any more. Everything that gets even mildly popular has money and labour thrown behind it. The “LGB Alliance” has a mere 4000 followers on Twitter – probably most of them bots, and duplicated on all their accounts (including a very weird L…

Setting the record straight on Reddit's Antifastonetoss

If you were on Reddit in March 2021, you might remember talks of a “coup” on r/antifastonetoss. …

The Al-Qassam Brigades have a BTC address to donate money

Before I post the link, I want to know if this is too spicy for Lemmygrad. …