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These conservatives are so boring. Their whole ideology is boring… I’ll start lending them my ears when they can make a coherent point.

They’re always so close yet so far. E.g. a picture his page shared:

Trudeau shares the same building as a Soros venture company. Coincidence?

Well, how about this: The United Fruit Company, now Chiquita, used to call up the CIA to fund death squads in Latin America so they could seize farming land to grow their bananas. Coincidence?

Looking for resources on physical education in the Soviet Union

Following a discussion I had earlier on this instance, I’m looking for any sort of resources on physical education in the Soviet Union for a future article on prolewiki. …

Thanks, I’ll see what I can dig up and may make a post for !swoletariat@lemmygrad.ml if I find anything interesting.

That’s interesting. I see that I still do everything from Lemmygrad, including subscribing to federated communities or posting content there.

That is excellent news! I think congratulations are required to the developers that made this possible :)

Edit: does that mean I can, say, log on to lemmy.ml with this account, or do I have to browse it from lemmygrad.ml?

Yeah, and you can see people like Lu (and the whole Olympic team, both men and women) are built like bodybuilders; the Chinese team trains with bodybuilding techniques for strength.

Really they’ve been doing that sport since childhood and have been selected over and over again to be in the national team, which is really not that different from what capitalist countries do – because sometimes libs will invoke the Asiatic Horde myth with that.

Do you have any books to recommend on Soviet physical education methods?

What a surprise, Pinkerton is still at it a hundred years later.

The DPRK also has a very competent weightlifting team:

Including one world champion who lifted 3 times his weight in a clean and jerk (the move you see in the picture above, though that’s another athlete here). That means moving a dead weight from the ground, up as high as you can above your head (they reason they hold their arms so far out is exactly because it means less distance to travel lol). That’s 105 kilograms on her hands in the pic above btw.

In general ex-USSR countries (+ China and DPRK) dominate this sport. The Soviets had it down to a science.

Lu yelling at libs to sit down and shut up.

Lü Xiaojun (Chinese: 吕小军; pinyin: Lǚ Xiǎojūn; born 27 July 1984) is a Chinese weightlifter. He is an Olympic champion and five time world champion competing in the 77 kg category until 2018 and 81 kg starting in 2018 after the International Weightlifting Federation reorganized the categories. …

They’re too busy winning Olympic weightlifting medals to train wrestlers.

I’m reading Politzer’s Fundamental Principles of Philosophy. Highly accessible and the chapters are very short. I’m at the end of part 1 now, which explains the history of idealism and materialism in a very comprehensive, complete way.

On The Correct Handling of Contradictions Among The People looks interesting. I also saw Mao wrote on the social classes in China (before the revolution) so that’s gonna be on my reading list too.

Tbh, I feel that if you know that you are going to cause such issues by insulting Islam, then don’t fucking insult Islam. Don’t put your hand to the fire. Is this unmarxist?

It’s a very French attitude to feel that their republican values are the best and make them free to shit on you. It’s highly idealistic to require everyone else adhere to your limited vision of the world.

I think I spoke about this before on Lemmygrad, but in French society, you have to “integrate” – which is just the assimilation that went on in the colonies but downplayed. You have to speak French, you can’t show your religion in public spaces, basically you have to act French if you want to be in France.

Depends what you like. Most of these games are easily shadowed by much deeper, better games – tacking on the communist tag is really just a selling point to them. Some are outright anticommunist propaganda; like Company of Heroes 2 (admittedly a bit older and not an indie game) that makes you play as the Red Army, but then pushes ahistorical Conquest propaganda in the first missions (like when a squad tries to retreat and the CO orders the machine gunners to kill them; never happened in all of the USSR’s history).

I like Hearts of Iron 4, especially the Kaiserreich mod. Both are lib but you can establish the World Socialist Republic. There’s also the older Men of War series from 1C, a Russian company, that are really great RTS games playing as the Red Army.

There’s Kremlingames who publishes pro-communist games such as Crisis in the Kremlin, though I haven’t really tried them. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city-builder game based in a planned economy, and it’s apparently really really good, but I’ve yet to try it either.

As an aside, Chinese developers are starting to pierce out on the western market and they generally make good games. Not necessarily communist-themed, but they have an interesting marxist take and it shows in the writing.

Off the top of my head in the camp against I’m pretty sure there’s Israel and the USA, and for the remaining three votes I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

Edit: I was wrong on the three remaining ones, you have to think even closer ties to the US empire.

I’m pretty sure the guy on the left was caught impersonating an HK journalist (more creating an identity out of thin air), he’s a self-proclaimed anarchist with ties to the CIA or something.

It’s a bit foggy in my head, this all came out back when the HK protests happened which feels like a lifetime ago lmao.

The Uyghur shoe made in Vietnam: a thread

So if you didn’t know, Adrian Zenz tweeted earlier today that someone in Leningrad found a note from an Uyghur prisoner in their shoes ( archive). …

If only they would press the ancom button, then independent communes would pop up overnight and everything would be solved! It’s so simple!

Request new articles here

I’m actually looking for stuff to write about, but I guess this can work as a thread for people to request articles they’d like someone to write on prolewiki. …

Seemed to work, the log shows 7 accounts were created this past hour.

Oh leftypol is on bunkerchan. Makes sense. They clearly state they’re stupidpollers.

The blatantly imperialist War Room that just came out, somewhat recently Strategic Mind (the codex release not the v1.2 re-release, the comments are actually based and funny on that one lol) and a few others before that that I’ve forgotten about.

Usually as Comrade but now I’m sticking to D. Someone corrected me on the Afghanistan civilian casualty count at the hands of the US and they were right, it’s so difficult finding correct casualty counts by offending country and that’s probably by design.

Generally I’ve found their texts to be on point, sometimes even providing full books where publishers only offer abridged versions. If they edited Lenin to remove “pro-Stalin bias”, which I can totally believe, I would need an example of that happening to really believe it though :/

I don’t even use their search engine, I google “stalin marxists.org” if I want his page or the name of the book followed by marxists.org if I want a specific one .

We are building a library on prolewiki.org however, so that we don’t rely entirely on one source.

I tried with the file upload page right now and it didn’t ask me for anything, it seems to only appear when uploading a picture (or inserting one) in an article. Using visual editor too, don’t know if it does that with the source editor.

Let's talk style and overall outlook

I’ve been writing some stuff for prolewiki since yesterday, and I was wondering where we are going to stand on editorial practices? …

Evaluate my article on social class

Mostly I’m not too knowledgeable on how guild and later manufactures worked and what their relations were and I think we could use more examples there. I am mostly basing this article on Engel’s Principles of Communism. I also think we can move the meat of the article into a “History” section if it …

The USSR had very dope music and it’s all on Youtube now. This is the one I always find myself coming back to, because it’s so experimental. Surely a blow to the “USSR was gray and depressing”. This is music that would give the most famous composers at the time and today a run for their money. …

The quick and dirty guide to how your hacked data transits

Your data is stored in what we call databases. They’re similar to Excel sheets, with one sheet holding for example login data, another holding your comments, etc. Today, any web developer worth their salt will implement steps to help protect your data from unauthorized eyes – even themselves. That …

Albion Online forums hacked. Protect your logins.

Albion Online is an online game and their forums were recently hacked, as per an email they sent out to affected accounts. Hackers made out with hashed passwords and plain emails. Evidently they managed to decrypt the passwords, because I’ve had a couple of connection attempts on other websites. …

My addons to help protect my online experience

I figure it’s absolutely impossible to get away from Google and Facebook. Even if you don’t have an account with them, they track you on virtue of other sites using their APIs. And if you have a smartphone, you’ll be tracked by either Apple or Google. …

Welcome and what this is

I’m starting this community as an experiment of sorts, to find out what marxists think of the paranormal and supernatural. This includes ghosts, demons, as well as alien stuff. I’m really curious to see where we stand on this and I believe we’ll have very similar answers for the most part. I’ll post…

Klaus Barbie was head of the Gestapo in Lyon, France, during the occupation and was known as the Butcher of Lyon for his sadistic enjoyment of torture and killing. Under him, thousands of Jews and other French people were sent to death camps, chiefly of them Auschwitz. Even at the end of the war, wh…