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I’m feeling pretty based rn but not so much superstructured.

Emuparadise was the gold standard, but didn’t they stop offering roms a few years ago?

What are some good alternatives? Mostly I’m looking for ease of use and download speeds.

Based. I’d rather my data be used by China than my own government or, god forbid, Amerika.

we’d need to revisit their logic a bit before giving too much credence

To add to that, we also have to understand how the US evolved to where it is, we need to study history since the point of founding to understand all sides of a problem.

Ultimately their ideas never came to pass, but that’s because no matter how much they wished for it, how much they had the idea for it and wanted it, there were very real material conditions that prevented them from avoiding this political class.

I figure when you create a country on slavery and populate it with capitalists (or proto-capitalists at the time), there aren’t many ways it can end up. Some capitalist class is going to rise to the top, and they would naturally congregate towards other positions of power. They have power over their fellow man already, in the most literal sense, and they need to protect that. So it makes sense that with their money they can buy elections (I suspect some paternalism took place like we saw in Europe, but I don’t know how widespread it was), and they managed to evolve into a political class of their own – which still practices slavery today no less.

Therefore we see that no matter what the founding fathers envisioned, their analysis came short of actually understanding the material basis for their situation. The kicker is that they themselves were slave owners and capitalists. I believe they generally thought they had the right ideas, but clearly having the right ideas alone is not enough to secure a system.

mate just do democratic centralism like the soviets did, or cuba still does. 5 levels or so of offices, starting from communal all the way to national. In, say, the USA it would look like township, county, state, federal. With such a system it’s entirely possible to have neighbourhood elections, or regroup some states together. People vote for the level higher up, so citizens vote for their communal representatives. They have to give accounts to their constituents and can be recalled at any time by popular vote. Here’s the kicker: you can’t present yourself as a candidate, someone has to vouch for you, and you don’t vote for who you want but who you don’t want. We keep going in rounds until there’s only one candidate left, and then we decide if we want this candidate too. If we don’t, we start over again with new people. You only get a standard sheet of paper to present yourself and you can’t make any promises, since your goal is to represent the will of the people and as a cadre, guide them towards better democracy (while taking their wishes into account). No campaign funds, no outlandish promises you’ll never keep, no corporate interests.

This will also require representation at work and socialism. Unions will represent trades and will work the same way. They will have their own sphere of government, distinct from the political side above, but also linked since you as a person are a worker and a citizen, and so is everyone else. Since it’s a socialist economy at this point (this would never happen in capitalism because democracy as we live it was created by the bourgeoisie, and they would be fools to put a stop to it willingly), it actually strengthens unions and work – there is no more tug-of-war between workers and boss, and so unions can be democratic.

A random list is essentially a roll of the dice. It’s saying luck will govern us better than we can govern ourselves. We can govern ourselves just fine, because politics is a human invention and so is society – therefore humans should be able to navigate it. The problem we have is the whole system, and politics are but a reflection of the mode of production.

>says there’s more to it than propaganda

>proceeds to cite propaganda

Okay then

I don’t know if that’s what the article talks about, but there are experimental treatments in China, some of which have very little scientific backing. For example there’s some science behind cryotherapy to cure cancer, but then a few clinics started offering the therapy to the whole body when it should be used topically.

However as the subtitles in the thumbnail above say, what else can you do when it’s your only chance? It’s the same reason people in the imperial core turn to alternative medicine like aromatherapy to cure their cancer. There’s nothing else to do, so you’re ready to try anything.

They’re not even hiding it any more, there was this line in the report:

relaxing immigration laws to help attract talent from abroad, including an effort to increase a “brain drain” from China

This is more imperialism in the truest sense of the word, forcing open new markets to stave off the crisis of capitalism.

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this but it’s very clear this is a second cold war except now the US is getting its ass kicked. They talk about preventing China from becoming the leader in computer chips, and to do this they hope to get tax credits. The commission staffed almost entirely by capitalists wants capitalism to be easier for them, what a surprise. This is the kind of reactionary, ancient thinking that will precipitate their downfall. China will keep planning their economy and responding as things change, and they will keep growing. It’s simple really: without imperialism, the USA is done for and it will be either socialism or barbarism. And their response to their dwindling power is to do more of the same that they’ve done so far. More budget for the army, more weapons, more conflicts.

Also always remember this: The US is the only country that consistently refuses to sign a no-first-strike policy, because if they did they couldn’t threaten to use nuclear weapons to submit weaker countries. They are also the only country that has used them, twice.

I set up a slur filter first thing when I made r/antifastonetoss – but I left reddit last year, so I don’t know how the discourse progressed after that. But the mod team on AST is composed of various ideologies and marginalised people which was instrumental in setting up a slur filter without seeming like we dictated our vision too much on the community.

We made it to foster a safe environment where people can feel welcome to, and so they feel they have the right to participate. Ultimately it needed some tweaking, because the community used some words a lot and their status as a slur was not entirely clear yet. IIRC we only ended up removing the words id.ot and st.pid from the filter. Overall, it worked well. It did remove a lot of bad actors straight up (fascists and reactionaries who wanted to argue), with very few false-positives.

Even in the case of words that could be used in several ways (homophones mostly), we basically knew how many instances of false-positives and true-positives there was and could decide to filter them on a case-by-case basis. Of course if you want to deploy this to a whole project and its future instances, it’s a different question.

It’s a dialogue between your users and your vision. I firmly believe you get the community you deserve, meaning that your actions as a community manager (or moderator or admin whatever) will shape your community. We removed the words mentioned above because it was causing a lot of frustration and we never had someone write us to say “hey I’m glad you filter these two specific words”. Or even after removing them, we never had someone say “I prefered when they were filtered because I feel targeted”. Lacking a proper audit of our community, this was our way to gauge . So in the end it removed some frustration and the users were overall happier that they could use these two words, even if I personally believe there are other words that work just as well. We felt we were driving people away and it was counterproductive to keep them in when it was having 0 noticeable benefits. Of course this doesn’t work for every word lol. I’m reminded of the “t-word” debate on animemes and in this case I think they were right to ban it.

Yes, some words have been reclaimed. And not everyone considers the same words to be slurs. What we did was err on the side of caution, and figure that words that have been reclaimed were allowed because there was only a very small chance of someone using it disparagingly – and if they did they would usually be mocked in the comments. Of course though this applied to a subreddit where a) we live with fascists on the whole site (one of the reasons I left reddit altogether) and b) our community was already mostly aware of these issues and knew not to push the buttons. We could also trust them to push back against people using these words as slurs, as did the mod team.

As for words that some didn’t consider a slur when it applied to them, we kept them in if the status was unclear. Because while some people didn’t think it was a slur and laughed about the word, others did consider it a slur, and we took the stance of doing more good than harm which was to ban the word.

We also allowed people to censor the words with some characters (asterisks aren’t ideal because markdown uses them), YMMV. We figured that in most cases a censor would be enough not to trigger anything but we’d see if someone would mail us to say censors are not enough for them. Ultimately nobody did, so we kept it like this because

There’s also one other very important benefit to a slur filter: not only does it frustrate fascists so much that they just stop writing (and their comments are not seen, that’s a win-win), but the filter also helps keep conversations level-headed. I don’t want to be a lib and worship peace, but in our project it was important that people could get along and focus their anger at stonetoss, not at each other. If your comment gets removed because you didn’t think and used a slur, it would get removed, and you’d get a private message telling you which word you used and to please censor it or delete it. That also gave them time to think about what they really wanted to say, because often you realize after writing your comment that you don’t really care all that much and what is even the point of sending it?

People circumventing the filter was never an issue, except to fascists who would get banned for other reasons. We did take a no-nonsense policy on this and flat out said in the private mail that circumventing the filter on purpose will result in a permanent ban. Most of the time if there was any issue, it was people not understanding how some word was a slur, but after explaining it they usually understood. That’s why people – in this particular community at least – didn’t circumvent the filter; they understood to some extent that the word wasn’t a good one to use. And really it’s easier to put in an asterisk or period than to try and make it go through.

But I wanted a slur filter day one on antifastonetoss to make people understand what kind of community we wanted. We didn’t want the edgy teens, we didn’t want the cryptofash, we didn’t even want the libs. We wanted leftist people who wanted to really hurt a fascist and could remain respectful between themselves. We wanted people who had some amount of knowledge about these issues in the first place because again, you get the community you build. Of course we had no issues with newcomers and understood that some people had no idea about fascism (which is why I wrote some articles for the subreddit) or that they may not understand why we had a filter, and we were prepared to explain that with the help of the more knowledgeable part of the community.

“Tankies” are marxist-leninists or marxist-leninists-maoists (or ML and MLM, it’s easier to write lol). The etymology specifically refers to marxists-leninists, but the thing is that today the word has been so overused after online leftists and “leftists” (V*ush loves using it) gave it a second life that it doesn’t mean anything beyond "leftist whom I disagree with). Now even neolibs are using it against anarchists, who popularized the word in the first place!

You just know if you shot at one of these mechanical dogs the cops would charge you with killing an officer of the law.

fuck i didn’t get the news, who did they bomb?

Biden literally said “nothing will fundamentally change” and he even had stans run the platform “settle for Biden” lmao.

And the thing is if you talk to these internet “leftists” they won’t care about that, all they care about is getting Trump out. That Biden is literally a personification of the establishment and that he is being elected by the establishment is an externality to them. They don’t see their role in perpetuating the war machine.

I’ll say this much, at least with Trump there was less imperialism. I don’t know if that’s a spicy take.

The IDF actually purposely puts out these videos to promote their image. There is no way they will let you wear makeup and jewellery in any army. I think they also sometimes make ops with models they pay for this? But I don’t remember. Doubt they need to as service is compulsory in Israel, they just have to order a recruit to do it.

We have an article on prolewiki: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Wikipedia, as well as many sources in the references that go into more detail. There was so many things to say I only managed to grab one or two lines from each source.

Mostly the biggest problem is that it’s super easy to get your source approved on Wikipedia – at least until one of the (white imperialist) admins decides your source is not up to standards and you have to spend hours in a bloated page that’s been filling since 2011 to discuss why you think your source should be there.

But anyway. You can’t be a primary source on Wikipedia, and so if conduct a sociological study, for example, and want to include it into an article, you can’t say “look I’m the author of this study so instead of linking to a paywalled research journal I’ll just tell you about it on my own website”. It has to have been picked up by a second source to be valid. If Vice decides to write about your study, then you can link to Vice’s article.

Now, You might remember some time ago it came out that the CIA pretty much wrote articles for journalists who then published it in their employer’s newspaper. Therefore those articles published in the NYT or WSJ would be acceptable to Wikipedia, despite being written by the CIA.

That means if we take your hypothetical study again, you can have someone write an article on it (either paying for it, making your own website, or you have a friend working for a newspaper whatever). That also means the CIA knows this and if they want to publish some regime-change propaganda, they just have to get published to an established newspaper and boom that counts as a valid source.

yay lemmygrad is now big enough to be marketed on!

So how’s the situation evolving in Texas? How are people racking up 10k in debt over energy? Last I heard (at the beginning of the crisis) there was no power anywhere.


Towards a better understanding of dialectical materialism

I hope this will be a short post. I’ll try to keep it short. This is also an exercise in synthesis because I’m preparing a presentation for my party (about 1 hour long) on this very topic. I’m interested in what people here think. …

How does the Israeli diaspora generally feel about Israel?

This is completely out of the blue, but there’s a restaurant near me that I was told was owned by an older Israeli couple and they apparently make really good food. It led me to wonder what the Israeli diaspora generally thought about Israel. …

Not really piracy, but Starlink Battle for Atlas is free today on Ubisoft Connect (previously Uplay).

They’re doing a holidays thing where they give one free gift every day from Dec. 14 to Dec. 18 and today is the whole game – without any DLCs of course, so that you’ll purchase them yourself lol. …

I needed to verify my account and of course youtube told me that after the first video failed to upload. So now I get to reupload the whole fucking thing. …

So you want to cut: the materialist guide to losing fat (it works if you don't work out too)

I was reading up on cutting, because I’m going through this phase right now, and I came across this abomination of an article on bodybuilding.com of all places. You’d think that a website with such an precise name would offer professional …

Americans (USians) need to realize the rest of the world doesn't talk about foreign countries as much as they do

Feeling like you get to weigh in on what’s happening abroad is American exceptionalism. Feeling like the media has that responsibility – beyond reporting – is American exceptionalism. …

"Freest country in the world"

Literally was built on genocide and slavery lmao…