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Need some reading material on SK defectors who entered/tried to enter the DPRK
We made a viral thread about Yeonmi Park on Twitter (https://twitter.com/prolewiki/status/1666904605085630465) and in it, I said that the SK defectors who flee to the DPRK exist, but are not really covered. I know they exist, but the problem is, when I try to google it, I of course only find DPRK "defectors" to SK because that's what dominates the discourse. Does anyone have some reading material or sources that could help me write this thread? Alternatively, you can help me write the thread for ProleWiki too if you want.

Came from an account that was just approved too 👀

We had 385k views on a video for TikTok, but after that our reach got severely reduced, probably because we didn’t post enough or didn’t post in the right format. You can see our profile here: https://www.tiktok.com/@prolewiki

TikTok is a very insular platform, they barely leave it because it has everything they want on it. What we found from our usage of TikTok is that on 385k views, you had maybe 10 of them check out the website. Compared to Twitter where on 100k views, we can get 100-200 people checking out the website on threads (with a call to action).

There’s probably something we can work out, I’ll have to think about it and get back to you if that sounds good.

Lmao at this report we received

I believe the log entry you shared comes from a beehaw moderator, as the comment was made on one of their communities and I know they sometimes remove comments or ban people with this reason.

The moderation log is shared across all federated instances. I.e. since Lemmy.ml federates with beehaw, they both contain each other’s entries. It’s a bit confusing and I’m not sure why this feature was added, it didn’t use to work like that lol. But it wasn’t a removal done by the lemmy.ml team.

It still is for me, can you provide a screenshot? I think the list gets updated once a day

Oh yeah, that’s half the price of the same terrahost specs.

Are you white, Mr. Breakfast, or are you normal?

Labour aristocracy would probably fit you the best. The labour aristocracy isn’t really a class in the Marxist sense, but it’s a good “in-between” to proletariat and petite bourgeoisie, as the labour aristocracy are still technically proletariat and yet tends to identify with the petite bourgeoisie. It doesn’t prevent one from becoming a communist of course, this applies to the non-class-conscious workers. We can also understand the labour aristocracy as the placated proletariat, the subset that gets benefits so as to reduce their class consciousness.

Otherwise you would be proletariat.

It’s entirely subjective in this case as nobody knows your situation for you, it should be interpreted as which class you are or feel closest to currently.

They actually serve a very important purpose as we can’t analyse the data as deep as we’d like (example: look at the subset that answered White, and see what they answered on the other questions). I don’t want to spoil the results yet to avoid priming other survey-takers, but it’s already given us an interesting insight!

Europeans don’t tend to identify as “white”

I assure you we have no problem identifying as white when required 😉 but I could see that this could be a difficult question to answer for Europeans who wouldn’t identify as white, as was historically the case in some regions.

You’re right, on this display mode you’re apparently forced to pick an answer on some questions 😵‍💫 I changed the display, now you can just scroll past any question you don’t want to answer.

toPhysical EducationNewbie tips

Personally I never had any results from home workouts because I just can’t get into the mindset; you always have the possibility of stopping mid-workout. At a gym or other dedicated space, once you’re there you figure as long as you made the trip you should stay and finish up. But your mileage may vary.

It’s also difficult to overload when you’re limited in the weights you have at home, and the lack of equipment prevents some very interesting exercises, like the back hyperextension on the purposely made bench:

I don’t know you personally but I still agree with your doctors, it sounds like your problems could be solved with exercise. It’s good that you have this confirmation at least, it tells us you have options.

I have slight scoliosis and my lower back also hurt sometimes, but now that I’m fitter, my lumbar muscles help keep the spine in place and I have completely stopped feeling any pain in my lower back. Same thing for the tendons, I expect you spend hours on the computer, like most people these days, which means your arms are always bent and your tendons become soft.

For the back problems you normally would look at weighted back exercises that target the location of your pain. Your back is all muscle but essentially there’s the shoulderblades, upper back, and lower back.

For the tendons, this is fixed with exercises that work your tendons indirectly, like the bench press: most of the weight will go into your chest, shoulders and arms, and your tendons should be spared. They will then slowly reinforce. You should find an exercise that doesn’t hurt your tendons (personally I had better luck with barbell exercises than dumbbell exercises when I had my tendinitis), and you should also stretch your tendons throughout the day:

(do both: palm facing out, palm facing in, both arms, throughout the day).

Is it possible for you to visit the gym on your commute? E.g. leave work -> go to gym -> go home? How about other facilities, like a pool?

I’m of the opinion that you really can’t beat resistance training, muscles are the basis of a healthy life and transfer to everything you do – the cliche of the bodybuilder who can’t touch his toes is exactly a cliche. But there’s a low-impact cardio exercise you can do at home if you get a rowing machine

They’re super expensive and you only do a pulling motion, which means no pushing muscles will be involved. But it could be a solution if you want to train at home. There’s other cardio machines of course, like treadmills or bikes, at varying price ranges but I like to recommend the rower because it works your whole body and is low-impact.

Also check out this guide: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Essay:A_nutrition_and_fitness_guide. You can start working on your weight or physical fitness independently of the other.

It’s the next button below the question!

They are, you might need to click a few times though (I had the same problem)

I added a North America (Non-Anglo), you might need to refresh the page to see the changes.

You asked for it, now we're doing it. This survey will run for around a week, so please take it ASAP! At the end of it we'll analyse the results and will finally be able to answer the question that's on everyone's mind: is half of Lemmygrad trans? **Disclaimer:** all questions are optional, meaning you can skip them if you don't want to answer. The survey should take around 5 minutes to complete. It asks personal questions, but all answers are anonymous. We do get your country code when you submit your answers, so use a VPN BEFORE you open the survey (but don't retake the test). Otherwise we really can't identify you. If we missed any question or anything is unclear, please post it ASAP so that we can fix it before too many people take the survey.

On Twitter they’re sharing a story of an apparent Russian soldier who talks about the dam and how Russia benefits from it. I don’t get it, all Russians are invaders and liars, except for this one random vlogger, you can trust him? lol

Some people said he had a Ukrainian last name but I think it’s more likely this guy is making shit up to sound interesting lmao

Your instance doesn’t federate with the “tankies” so you won’t even see my comment. Who is suppressing who?

I see a lot of people making a convincing case it was a Ukrainian hit job, and I’ve even seen a somewhat convincing case that it was just an accident and nobody is to blame (but I don’t think dams usually fall apart like that lol).

So far I’ve only seen NAFO bots shouting “russian propaganda” when asked to present evidence as to why Russia would destroy their own dam. Only reason I’ve been able to glean is that it makes an offensive more difficult in this area and lets them reposition troops somewhere else… for all the three months that the water will be there.

The war increases risk of nuclear attack, creates the surge of weapons into the region which is ending up with reactionaries committing atrocities in the Donbas region, to organized criminals and even to places much further away

Yeah, you’ll see, I’ve been saying this for a while but the Banderites that got weapons and training from NATO are not going anywhere after the war, they’ll still be alive.

And what do fascists usually do when they get weapons?

These weapons will find themselves into criminal organisations as well as in the hands of terrorists, not solely the Banderites, who will terrorise not only Europe but the whole world. Some of these weapons have already been found on the black market.

Complete denazification is never negotiable anyway.

There was a CIA-funded coup in Ukraine in 2014 (Euromaidan https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/2014_Ukrainian_coup_d'etat), after which a Banderite president, Porochenko, got into power.

Bandera was a Ukrainian fascist who gleefully collaborated with the Nazis during WW2 (https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Organization_of_Ukrainian_Nationalists).

Because of their shared past inside the USSR, Ukraine and Russia’s borders and history got mingled, and Krushchev gave Ukraine the region of Crimea in 1954. The people in the Donbass region, to this day, are ethnically Russians but with a Ukrainian nationality.

Things worked out fine until the Banderites started making a comeback. When Porochenko assumed the “presidency” of this fine “democracy”, he start promoting Ukrainian nationalism and indeed exceptionalism. Russian was no longer considered an official language and the people in the Donbass slowly were becoming second class citizens.

Moreover, a worrying turn of events was that Ukraine, since 2014, was rapidly rehabilitating their Nazi past with pride. New Bandera statues were being put up. This map gives an interesting outlook on the divide Ukraine was facing as an “independent” state:

2014 is also around the time the Azov Battalion was formed (https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion), named after either the town of Azov, in the Donetsk Oblast – the same one that seceded from Ukraine – or the neighbouring sea. Their goal was to terrorise the people living in the Donbass with full government support. I think it’s not hyperbole to say they were trying to ethnically cleanse their ethnic Russian minority who, let’s remember, were Ukrainian citizens.

This eventually led to a civil war that has been raging since 2014 and is still going on, except Russia is now involved directly.

The first kickoff that got Russia involved was the attacks on Crimea, which like I said belonged to Russia before Krushchev the revisionist gave it to Ukraine. So Russia moved their troops in (I’m iffy on the details of when and why exactly), a referendum was eventually held, and Crimea decided to join the RF.

Russia under Putin of course considers the people of the Donbass and Crimea as Russians, and I personally think there is merit to the claim that Putin wants to repatriate Russian regions into the RF. As for the Donbass, the “People’s republic” (mostly in name, they weren’t really socialist) proclaimed themselves in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, which Russia recognized. Thus the RF became involved in this civil war originally as more of a passive supporter, promoting a dialogue and then, when the agreements were achieved, soldiers from the RF were sent to the Donbass to set up checkpoints and prevent more incursions into the oblast, notably from Azov.

This dialogue led to the Minsk I and Minsk II agreements. It first led to Minsk I which essentially said stop shelling the Donbass and let them live in peace as Ukrainian-Russians (and when I say shelling, I mean it: they were using mortars and other military weapons on civilians in the Donbass). Ukraine signed the agreement and then promptly went back to shelling their own citizens.

So Minsk II was signed and again Ukraine ignored it and continued terrorizing their people.

Eventually, Zelensky was elected in 2019 and… nobody in Ukraine seemed to care. There’s a video, if I can find it, floating around the Internet of Zelensky meeting with his troops at the frontline in 2019 or 2020 and telling them to stop attacking the Donbass and the soldier he’s talking to just doesn’t give a shit. This guy has no authority whatsoever, just because there was an election after the coup doesn’t make Zelensky an actual authority figure.

From what I understand Zelensky takes his orders from the Banderites running the country currently, and the Banderites take their orders from NATO.

So the shelling continued, the people in the Donbass were still fighting, Russia was at a stalemate but was clear in not getting involved directly for the Donbass. Meanwhile in the western media the Banderite legacy and revival of Ukraine was completely ignored as they focused on running yellow journalism “trust me bro Putin is totally going to invade Ukraine tomorrow trust me” articles year after year between 2014-2022.

Except suddenly in 2021 Ukraine started talking about joining NATO. And Russia is not stupid: if randos like us on the Internet can see the writing on the wall, Russia can see it too. NATO gave their promise to Gorbachev, the traitor to socialism, that they would not expand eastward. That was in the 90s. Since then, they did expand towards Russia.

And that was pretty much the red line for Russia who was slowly being surrounded by NATO (https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization). Let’s remember that while NATO claims to be a “defensive alliance”, they invaded Iraq (during the Kuwait war) and Afghanistan, two countries who did not attack a member state. Russia had also been fighting against NATO for example in Syria, and IIRC also deployed troops to some South American countries (including Venezuela) to prevent US regime change.

Does Putin want Russia to be imperialist? Probably. I mean, once capitalism is sufficiently developed in Russia, they’ll have to. Putin at least has shown he has no plans to become a comprador (despite being courted as such before he was elected). But they’re not there yet. At this time, I really don’t see the arguments that say Russia is imperialist. Their GPD is about the same as that of the Low Countries combined and capitalism is not sufficiently developed in post-Soviet Russia to start exporting capital and forcibly opening new markets for themselves. They’re barely back to their pre-illegal dissolution outputs.

With that said we can’t ignore the Donbass is a very resource-rich region. Historically, Donbass was the producer of steel for the Soviet Union (if you’ve heard of the “Azovstal” battle in Mariupol, it literally means Azov steel, Azov being the neighbouring sea).

And now, it’s come out that NATO had 0 intention of letting Ukraine join and announced membership just to provoke Russia, Zelensky is doing more unhinged shit by the day (here’s the war crimes he committed just in the early months of the war: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/137899), and Merkel recently admitted Minsk I and II were only negotiated to gain some time for NATO to train Ukraine.

With this context in mind, I don’t see how we can analyse this war any differently than Russia defending itself against NATO. I echo was some communist parties have said, that it’s regrettable these once fraternal people united under a socialist government are now at war against each other. We can blame NATO for that, but I also can’t ignore the Banderite revival in Ukraine that was their own doing, and I’m not going to cry for dead Nazis.

As for annexation, there is no certainty this is going to happen. When the war began, Russia announced their goals clearly: liberate the Donbass region, safeguard Crimea (Ukraine cut off the water supply, using the dams on the Dniepr – one of which was blown up last night), and basically push NATO back, i.e. make Ukraine sign a treaty that they will not join NATO. But the war has evolved so much from the early days, like the Ukrainian Army now is mostly NATO soldiers and the US keeps telling Zelensky not to sign a peace treaty (and like a good little dog, he obeys). This thing could have been over in the first 3 months if Ukraine had been willing to negotiate, but they don’t. At every turn they find new ways to fuck up, and at this point what can Russia do but keep pushing forward until Ukraine has no choice but to accept peace? Anything can happen at this point as to the fate of Ukraine.

That’s the purpose of this instance, we’re all CIA agents.

Say hi to Eric in accounting for me when you hand in your PTO request btw Johnson.

Lemmygrad is paid for by muad’dibber, the VPS isn’t terribly expensive

lmao yeongmi park got memed so much I recognized the template from the first three words

For the same reason they blew up their pipeline and they shelled a nuclear power plant they control obviously

Hey, I just wanted to clarify something because I wasn’t sure from reading your comment, but Lemmygrad federates with everyone by default, except instances that have caused us troll waves in the past. We federate with e.g. lemmy.one and beehaw.org, but they instantly blocked us on day one.

It’s a great thread.

Have you considered not saying fascist stuff?

We will declare PPW on beehaw until they agree to our demands if we have to /s

You’re welcome for curating Lemmy for you, beehaw. Now unblock us you cowards.
I literally said this yesterday, Lemmygrad is the instance preventing fascists from invading Lemmy, and they will never forgive us for it.

We can always (and will) block them from federating, but I expect they will try to infiltrate lemmygrad and run DDoS attacks on us. Thankfully we have a pretty strong tech team and all prior attempts have failed.

lemmy devs are the best in the business hands down 💪

haha, everyone is free to request an account on lemmygrad

We will wear this pin with pride!
Also if you haven't read the thread: https://twitter.com/prolewiki/status/1665374518909517827 this thing got us 200 new followers on Twitter.

I’d wager to say most of us are from the Imperial core, and at least 50% of us is non-white-cishet (either of the three, not all at once).

Results will be shared if we run the survey of course

Do y’all want to participate in a demographics survey?
**We heard you loud and clear comrades, and we're designing a survey!** Any suggestion for questions as well as options to pick from can be made in this thread. We were talking about the demographics of Lemmygrad yesterday, and someone pointed out the possibility of doing a survey. Is that something you'd be interested in? We can ask stuff like how long you've known about lemmygrad, gender identity, nationality, etc. to get an idea of exactly how many of us here are minorities in some way. But in proper survey format and everything. It would be anonymous, at best we get your country code (automatically sent to the survey software on top of your answers) so you can use a VPN if you want to.

It’s funny cause state sponsored homophobia was by and large exported by the west

I remember lemmy.ml has had a few surges of new users in the past. I don’t remember if they were as big as this one, but we’ll know in a month or so how many of these new users will actually stay active on Lemmy.

The numbers update once a day on https://join-lemmy.org/instances, lemmy.ml surged up from behind us up to 1.1k and beehaw went from like ~100 to 500, but apart from that the other instances don’t show huge numbers. They also block us, so we won’t see them posting here.

Everyone should remember to use the report function. It’s accessible by clicking the three dots under a comment or post and clicking the flag icon.

And yes, you’re all allowed to debate liberals that wander here as much as you want, but please also report them if they’re anti-communist or start trolling.

How has your reading been going by the way, comrade?

Yep, but we’ll let the community mods decide if they want to pin this and not do it over them


Basically all Arab countries (and beyond, but let’s focus on the Arab countries) hate Israel. Their governments have at times normalised relations with the occupier, but tensions always remain high and Israel keeps launching rockets at them once in a while.

Shit man I totally should lol, but we’re still getting a lot of new account requests so I think we should keep the two featured posts for now (I don’t know if we can do three at a time but that would seem like too many featured posts)

I’m not worried.

We don’t have aspirations at lemmygrad to become the biggest or most active instance. We’re happy to have a space where we can be with each other. If we wanted to be big we wouldn’t be running a communist instance. In fact, we get a lot of new account requests, but we deny a lot of them for being ultras or anarchists (some we let through if they seem good).

Those new arrivals don’t understand the nature of federation and the nature of open source software. Like others have said, they want reddit just on a different domain name. Then let them have their Reddit, I’d rather they confine themselves to a single space than spread all over the fediverse.

Frankly Lemmygrad can survive without federation, what’s important is that Lemmy is the most advanced open source software to run a link aggregator, no other project comes close. Someone in the reddit thread was saying that because of the devs’ political leanings, the project would never grow and this is exactly the type of elitism reddit produces. This person discovered Lemmy yesterday, but has very strong opinions on it and apparently understands the ins and outs of the project. Meanwhile the Lemmy project keeps growing and is the most robust and popular open source alternative to Reddit. But we’re sorry our volunteer developers are not slaving away hard enough to produce your toys, great Redditor 🙏

Anyone can use lemmy, and what we should start thinking about is when the fascists will start opening their instances. There is no way you can prevent that at a fundamental code level; lemmy cannot stop anyone from opening their instance. All you can do is defederate from them. The fascists are probably not going to start opening their instances because of said politics from the devs though, so once again tankies are saving libs from fascism and get ostracized for it lol. They’ve had 4 years to try and coopt this project and they haven’t done it.

There is no way we will defederate from Lemmy.ml or that Lemmy.ml will defederate from us. People can clamor for it all they want, it’s never gonna happen. If they’re not happy on lemmy.ml then they can join one of many dead liberal instances that keep popping up because they want to be administrators of their own space rather than work with others.

We’ve handled an “exodus” before (they go back to Reddit in the end no matter how much they criticise it), we’ve handled trolls, we’ve handled DDoS attacks, they can’t bring anything we haven’t seen before.

Welcome to our new users. Tell us about yourself!
We've approved I don't know how many new comrades here since the announcement that Reddit will kill its API access. If you don't know where to start posting on lemmygrad, this is a good thread to start in! You can also ask questions you have about federation or our instance. Welcome! ## The current lore is: We are all feds on lemmygrad, but you get to choose your agency.

Please note Lemmygrad is a Marxist instance (principally Marxist-Leninist)!
For those who don't know, Reddit announced they would start asking outrageous prices for API access, which will essentially kill off all third party apps. We've received quite a few new account requests after this announcement, and expect to receive more, so this post is aimed at you, prospective lemmygrad member! We'll go through each account application with due diligence, but we would like you to know before you request an account that Lemmygrad is a Marxist instance, principally Marxist-Leninist. We like Stalin and we uphold the DPRK's sovereignty and legitimacy over the whole of Korea. We love China's Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. You can always request an account but you will likely be disappointed in your browsing experience if we approve you and you find yourself surrounded by MLs if you are not one. Up to a few seconds ago, our tagline said "leftist communities" instead of "marxist communities" on join-lemmy, and I'm guessing that's why many non-marxist socialists wanted to join us. You might prefer lemmy.ml or hexbear.net, although hexbear is not federated with anyone yet.

I’ve been writing a huge tutorial on how to edit Prolewiki/use the “new” visual editor
This thing is only about 50-60% complete. Thankfully ProleWiki is not *that* difficult to edit compared to say, Wikipedia. This month, as an admin of ProleWiki I've been working on "professionalising" the encyclopedia. It's become much more active in May, and we realised we needed something to help new editors find their way around. The goal is that they become autonomous as soon as possible and we don't need to oversee them. This frees up time in the administration for other things. Also helps reduce easily answered questions new editors have about formatting and other formalities. Other changes included an editor onboarding page, as well as a clarification page (all linked in the tutorial if you start following the links so I won't link them in this post).

The Great Library Overhaul Project
Did you know ProleWiki has a library? On it, we self-host dozens (maybe even 100) of books, texts, transcripts, documents and other things of interest to communists. You can visit it here: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/ProleWiki:Library Now, if you're me, you might be thinking it's kind of a mess right now. Truth is, we quickly added this library in 2020 and it just kept growing since then. We're now in a situation where the model we use (pile everything up on top of each other) is quickly becoming saturated. I have some ideas to fix the library, but for that I need some feedback. And possibly some help, if this is something you're interested in. I could use some UI/UX specialists, and maybe a PHP/mediawiki programmer to implement our new library lol But first things first, I've prepared a short survey to help us collect some feedback and prepare for the next step. You can take the survey here: https://questionpro.com/t/AX7J7ZySkD It's completely anonymous!

I’m not difficult when it comes to fashion, and yet I can’t seem to find what I need
(Also new community created for this topic) I'm simple in my needs: I like t-shirts that are tailored a bit above the waist because they make the chest look larger and they look good on me. I almost only wear jeans, and I like them high-waisted. I don't want my underwear to show lol, who actually wants that? I also need them with some space for my huge knees and calves to go through, and I'm not entirely sure what those jeans are called -- usually I get straight jeans with 1% elastane, and they're incredible. Apparently though the trend currently is oversized t-shirts (which would look terrible on me because I'm not super skinny) and low-waisted pants have been the norm for the past 20 years. I literally cannot find clothes anymore, I've been switching between two pairs of jeans for months now because it's so difficult to get a pair that I like AND can wear. And trust me, I've been looking and trying. They're two levis and one was a lucky find, and the other was a misprint. Like it says it's a 511, but it doesn't actually exist as a jeans because I've tried them all and didn't find one similar. Yet it was the best pair of pants I've ever worn in my life (until they broke down just 1 year later). And t-shirts are just t-shirts, right? So tailored t-shirts don't have a specific name, they're just t-shirts. How can it be so difficult to find clothes that fit, seriously? On top of that you rely on the internet now because most stores are closing down their men's sections because we don't buy as many clothes as women (maybe if they had actual choice we would). Anyway, if anyone knows a brand/online store that can be found in Europe and makes those types of clothes, I would really like that. I don't mind paying a bit more tbh if they last and I can finally find clothes.

Spam wave should be fixed (also you should make reports)
[@muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/muad_dibber) took care of it by going into the database directly and looking at who was initiating it but, being humble as always, did not say anything. It _should_ be fixed but if you notice it again (posts getting dozens of downvotes or anything out of the ordinary) tag the admins in a comment and we'll look at it. The responsible instances were blacklisted on our end. It's not their fault necessarily, it's just that many lemmy instances are not moderated and have open account creation and we federate with everyone by default, which means spammers can quickly use those instances. Edit: if you see something out of the ordinary, such as a post that is mass-downvoted and was posted _after_ my thread here (or anything else that gives you reason for concern), please remember to report it! You can click on the three dots ... next to a comment or post and then the flag icon to report it. That way it gets to the instance admins and we can take action much more quickly. It also helps us coordinate information. In general reporting is good practice.

The Resistance in Gaza possibly announced a curfew starting at 9PM local time in the colonies.
This means, from what I can infer, that they will shoot rockets all through the night. Better bring some food in the bunkers... This comes after the resistance has been firing rockets at the colonies throughout all of today. Some went through the Iron Dome and there's a video of a settler showing his dilapidated apartment on Twitter.

Spotify has finally recommended me good music

The occupier seems to be expecting war
I say seem because you should not expect them to be truthful and honest about anything. BUT, bibi has suspended all leave requests in the army and is scrambling pilots to remain on base 24/7. They also deployed the Iron Dome in colonies where there was none before. Now they're (the occupier) saying that "war is closer than calm". I can't say whether war is likely or not at this point. It's certainly always a possibility. Keep in mind the occupier tried an incursion in Gaza in 2006 and, let's just say, they never tried it again. Won't even consider it -- that's why they've been using planes and missiles to hit Gaza. Now with the tensions surrounding the Al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan, we've seen Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups fire from _refugee camps_ in Lebanon and other countries. As well as another joint response from the various factions in Palestine (PFLP, Hamas, the Al-Aqsa brigades -- which belong to Fatah, and even ISIS in Palestine joined them). Joint responses have been pretty common these past few years, but that's possibly the first time I hear of resistance groups operating outside Palestine to be joining a fight. I think also the occupier is noticing the situation currently. US is bogged down with Ukraine, and Iran is getting confident. Syria is also itching to get back the Golan heights, especially after the occupier has been bombing Damas these past few months. This could also lead to a false flag from the occupier however, so what will end up happening remains to be seen.

We might see an operation as strong as the Sword of Jerusalem in 2021, starting today
If you don't remember, Sword of Jerusalem was a joint mission started by the Palestinian resistance groups against the occupier. Thousands of rockets were launched on various colonies and occupied cities, to the point bibi had to fly urgently to the US to request more missiles for the iron dome. The Al-Aqsa mosque was invaded by police a couple nights ago and the worshippers severely beaten. Fires even erupted inside the mosque, as the police threw tear gas and flash grenades. This is during the month of Ramadan too, which the occupier knows full well about. Yesterday evening, several rocket strikes were launched from Lebanon -- except it came out later that it was not from Hezbollah but probably Hamas. Yet, Hezbollah placed its missile units in high alert. They might actually join this one. Likewise for Iran. Khamenei on Twitter praised the resistance for their operations and strength. Iran could also join this one, although I see it as less likely. I woke up to more than 20 messages relaying rocket strikes on my Telegram group. Anti-missile shelters have been opened in the colonies and the occupation government is urging people to stay near them for now.

A reminder on Lemmygrad’s stance on religion (and other contentious topics)
Hi comrades, We've received some reports recently and so I'm making this announcement. In our rules, Lemmygrad does not lean one way or the other towards religion. This means that in effect, we accept all communists no matter their religion or lack thereof. However, this doesn't mean we allow feuds or unprincipled criticism. This seems to come especially from our atheist comrades, who sometimes (from what has made its way to us) see it fit to remind religious comrades that religion shouldn't exist. While we appreciate that the criticism is about _religion_ and not the particular beliefs of some comrades, this kind of discourse does not have its place on Lemmygrad as we effectively don't lean one way or another and expect users to lean that way too. edit: as such, this reminder also applies to religious comrades. We're very hands off with moderation and we'd like it to remain that way in a community as tight-knit as ours. This doesn't mean that you can't criticize religion or atheism, as long as it comes in good faith and is done from a Marxist basis. This principle also applies to other contentious topics that are prone to debate on our platform.

Peter Talisman - Lord of the harvest. Fuck if I know the genre
All I know is just drop whatever you're doing, put on some headphones, sit back, close your eyes, and listen to this for the next 40 minutes. At some point it will kick in.

Most people seem to assume if you’re big and shredded then you obviously know what you’re doing
That's it that's the post. Oh, I need to write more? There's a lot of bs in the fitness industry, and often that bs is repeated by athletes themselves. It irks me especially when new gym-goers turn towards the geared buff guys for their advice. You have to understand that the difference between you and these guys is that you're never gonna reach their level. These guys can go to the gym twice a day every day of the week and make gains like it's nothing. You'd be lucky to be in condition to go back the next day if you put yourself through an intense workout as a natty. It's an assumption that because someone looks strong, they must know what they're doing. It doesn't apply to people on gear solely; at my gym people go to the big guys for advice, some of whom are not loading. But the "tiny" guy whom I sometimes work out with has some great science and biomechanics advice to give out, some of which I've put into practice myself. But certainly if they get results they have a good workout plan. Ask them about that first before asking about how much you should eat or how you can maximise your gains if you take creatine. (Although in my experience people are quick to praise their training routine yet never actually want to share it lol) Though sometimes you see people like V Shred who look muscular but have no idea what they're talking about, and it does kinda comfort me to know that if it worked for them and their terrible advice, then it can only work for me and my sound advice.

And the alt is…
What a journey it has been. To be quite honest, this was the first time I tried something like that. I suddenly stopped posting with the alt because I had more pressing matters to take care of, and then I kinda forgot about it. So I figured, it's now March, this has been going on since January, we need to finish this thing. Strangely, not many people actually _got_ the alt. Many were on the right track, but then accused someone else or didn't make the leap to actually saying it outright. I wasn't sure how difficult this would be, and that's why as time went on I gave away more and more information (such as the two questions answered). Still, I'm glad that many people knew to look at the alt account closely, even if they didn't accuse it. It shows healthy scepticism. In fact, only two people outright came up and pointed out the alt specifically as their choice. This means they would be the two winners, and in fact I'd already contacted them about it privately. That's right, the thing that seemed to trip most people up was that I didn't confirm or deny accusations publicly. But if you remember from the OG post, I said the hunt would end **when I ran out of keys to give out** (for the game in question). As I have 5 keys and only 2 people correctly, outright, guessed the alt, the game went on (I also figured people liked doing this so I didn't want to stop it too soon). And, in a real setting, I expect a sockpuppet or alt would not reveal their dastardly plan the first time someone accused them of being an alt. That's why I personally did not answer publicly as to the identity of the alt, and why the alt account itself sometimes defended itself against accusations. ## The clues So let's move on to the clues you didn't catch before announcing the winners. At first, I wanted this to be like an OSINT game where you'd find the alt by looking at data like when we both post, how we both talk, etc. It proved a bit difficult both for you and me, and so afterwards I started leaving clues and made it more of an ARG game. If you remember the original post, I said I took some steps to make this alt as ethical as I could. This meant the alt had some rules to obey: it could not get into an argument with other users, it could not get too friendly with other users, and it could not post stuff that's too serious. The idea being that after the alt was found, it would not have a long-lasting effect on the community. This placed some limitations on an OSINT approach as I was restricted on what I could post or comment with the alt. A few days after I made that post, I posted some very telling things. First, I changed the sidebar to include this: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/3ceb95bf-5027-4eed-9b87-be6e46a2680c.png) What would you find in [!shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitreactionariessay) ? Well, that was the first community the alt posted to. Secondly, a few days later, I made two posts with my CR8 account: 1. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/501674 2. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/504456 There was, for the cautious reader, a certain keyword that came up in both posts that you could use to help determine the alt's identity. Did you find it? If not, here's a third post I later made: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/512279 It seems nobody caught on to these clues at the time, which prompted me to later make more posts to answer direct questions about the alt so as to help you out. Later, I made sort of a mistake when I posted a joke on Discord with my CR8 account, and then the alt posted that joke too. One comrade caught on to it and first asked me if it was alright to make the connection on Lemmygrad. I told them yes, because in a real setting a sockpuppet would mess up at some point. I figured at this point the question would be settled, but apparently not! It seems some comrades were still too hesitant to actually point at the alt. Well, that was about it for the clues I left. ## The winners. And so it's time to announce the alt. When I made it an account, I took a screenshot divulging the name. So, here it is: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/15bdd7c3-a5a3-4478-8f20-27f000555d43.png) That's right, the alt is [@SyntheticStardust@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/SyntheticStardust) ! And at that point, I can hear you groan. You were all so close to it, but alas, not close enough. However, I still have 5 keys to give out. The original winners that I mentioned were SovietSnake and Anna. Both rejected the game (SovietSnake doesn't play roguelikes, and Anna already has it), and so these keys reenter the pool. SovietSnake actually snuffed out the alt in mere _hours_ (which made me sweat I'm not gonna lie) but, he told me later, he actually thought he got it wrong when I rejected the allegations with the alt in a reply. So because we don't really have winners, I looked through the various posts to find the people that got _closest_ to getting the alt. These are people that, in one way or another, implicated SyntheticStardust. They are : - [@GrainEater@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/GrainEater) - [@ComradeSalad@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/ComradeSalad) And then, I want to nominate [@commiewolf@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/commiewolf) as an honorary winner as they were very invested in the hunt, asking questions, regrouping information, etc. And I _think_ [@Zerush@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/Zerush) might have gotten it too, because they made this comment: https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/363058 that kinda hints towards it. Well, tell me what you meant by it (no lying). This _might_ leave me with 1 key left (I sent it to someone and then didn't receive a word if they activated it or not so I'm putting it back in the pile), which could leave a last winner. I'll update you if the key works or not and then we'll figure out how to give it out. The game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2211110/Brick_Odyssey/. It's a very good game. I hope you had fun and we might make it a yearly thing, maybe around April Fool's day? I might enlist help from the rest of the admins next year to keep the game active next time though.

It’s time to bring home the alt
That's right, this thing is still going on! If you had previously made a guess on the alt, repeat it here and link me to the original comment please, so that you can be eligible for the prize. Once everyone has made their pick, I will announce the name of the alt and pick the winners starting from the oldest pick (that's why I need your original comment). And if you don't know what I'm talking about, look deep into my post history... As a reminder, the prize are a whopping 5 keys for a cool Steam game that unfortunately didn't get much traction!

Quick and dirty homemade iced coffee
I don't really like coffee, but it's a great pre-workout supplement for more than just the caffeine. A cup of coffee can also be very cheap, much cheaper than pre-workout powders. What I do is drink my coffee iced. For that, you just need to make yourself a cup of coffee the way you like and fill a cup about halfway up. Then, fill a quarter of the rest with milk of your choice -- not cream (not for iced coffees). This can be dairy milk, or almond, soy, whichever you prefer. Add your sugar to taste and stir already. After the sugar has dissolved, add ice cubes to your cup and stir while adding more. What you want is to keep stirring and adding cubes until they no longer dissolve. At this point your iced coffee is ready. This process dilutes the coffee and the cold also changes the taste so that you don't get a cup as strong as when it comes out of the pot. Super easy to make once you have a cup of coffee, doesn't have to be complicated.

Did you receive a DM from a user named Rotekam?
Share it here or report it from your DMs directly please. Wisconcom alt. It seems he doesn't learn and he wants to gather the ire of both lemmygrad and prolewiki again.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d823def6-c5b4-4773-ac25-f199e98abdd0.png) new emoji

Enjoy this account request we just received. And yes it's Wisconcom, this dweeb doesn't even know how to use a VPN.

I have finally compiled all my nutrition and fitness knowledge into a guide.
It took me three days of nonstop writing. I thought it was gonna be an easy one, but nope. There's just too much to say. Anyway, enjoy. If you need to diet (either weight gain or weight loss) or want to get into fitness, this is the guide you need. No chuds guarantee.

The alt has not been active for a while.
How long is a while? Is it longer than a jiffy? Shorter than a break? That's for you to find out! Now is the time to tie this case together using everything you have learned and make your case. Who do you think is the alt, and more importantly, why do you think so?

Fundraiser was a success!
Our very first fundraiser, raising 528 USD to save for 2 years of hosting costs on a new plan we desperately needed, was a real success! From start to finish, we raised 518 USD, just 10 short of our goal. "Okay but isn't that a failure then if you're missing 10 dollars?" I hear you say. Not in the least! Because our new hosting plan will only take effect _after_ our current contract runs out, in May, we have plenty of time to raise 10$ and can even cover it ourselves as the admins tbh. We also had some crypto we could not get rid of until recently, which means ProleWiki, as of today, holds 816 USD, more than enough for the fundraiser and enough for almost 4 years of hosting! Wow! Therefore I declare this fundraiser a success and as of now, we _do not need_ any more money, comrades! We wouldn't know what to do with it except save it for hosting anyway. All of our financials are transparently relayed here: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/ProleWiki:Donate

We removed the c/trotskyists community
As I said in a comment on the post asking about this community (and pinged the creator), I would give them the rest of Monday to get back to us about this community and their reasoning, and they never got back to me. Nor did they get back to anyone on that posted memes to that community, nor did they ever post anything in their two months here apart from creating that community. Plus there's already a c/trotskyism community. The account feels suspicious but obviously at this time we have nothing to go on and so will not ban OP. As a general rule, be wary -- but not paranoid -- if someone DMs you for reasons that seem strange. Like if they ask a lot of questions from the get go or want to get to know you. Remember you don't have to answer anything you don't want to and you don't have to provide justification for it.

The outpouring of support has been amazing! We can now safely pay for 1 year of our new hosting plan with 80 gigs of space against our current 40! Our next milestone is 2 years worth of hosting, after which all collected donations will form an excess which we will spend democratically (if ever). 2 years of hosting is essentially enough to form a safety net for us so that we might never have to worry about paying for hosting again. If you want to donate, we have several methods here: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/ProleWiki:Donate Thank you very much comrades!

babe wake up new lemmygrad lore dropped
[to be clear this is not official leftypedia stance but, you guessed it, wisconcom striking again] Apparently we claim to have 10k users (despite the auto-generated widgets saying 7.77k total). Not even one paragraph in and there's two lies already lol But the best part was this: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0c78a672-a14e-4cbd-93d1-6f682a387767.png) Which I guess is part of our lore now. But I urge you to read the whole page because the whole thing is pretty funny. Like linking to a lemmy thread to talk about our rules lol Also once again I know wisconcom reads this so hi. Please find something better to do with your time. Leftypedia lets you edit and clearly doesn't care enough to ban you after repeated warnings, why don't you edit stuff about history or anti-revisionism? Like who actually spends this amount of time writing an entire essay full of fabricated facts and bad faith lies?

Comrade, ProleWiki has big plans and needs your donation!
Wow, we've never done this before. This is completely new to us. ProleWiki relies on volunteer labour and efforts to function. Even the administration team (me and Forte) are volunteers on ProleWiki. None of us, from the editors to the techies, expect to be paid for our work on ProleWiki. We're very happy to be involved in this project pro bono. However, our providers do not work on a volunteer basis and we have to pay expenses to make ProleWiki. Our donations and expenses are transparently reported here: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/ProleWiki:Donate (end of the page), and as you can see we pay 132 USD every year to host ProleWiki on a VPS. This VPS gives us 40 gigs of space, and we are starting to need more. We are looking at going up to 80 gigs of space, which should last us a while, but this would double our hosting costs to 264 USD per year. This space would make sure we can keep hosting texts, pages and pictures as well as possibly host even more stuff, like our own matrix server (the idea's been passed around). It might also be spent on acquiring obscure texts so that we can add them to our library. We don't really know yet as for now we've always operated at a loss and just covered our hosting expenses. We've never asked for money before, but we are starting to have big plans with ProleWiki and definitely the extra space is something we are going to need sometime this year. Thus, we are now asking for donations. Rest assured your donations will be used to cover our hosting expenses and any excess above 2 years' time (528 USD) will be voted on by the editorship about what to do with it, if anything. On this page: https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/ProleWiki:Donate, you can find various ways of making a donation. If you have any question, please ask in the comments below.

Easy chilli oil
This recipe was given to me by a family friend and it's amazing. It makes a chili oil base that keeps for a year on the counter and you can do everything with it. I use it for my chilli to replace pure chili powder as it has more flavour. I call it a chili oil but it's not just seasoned oil, it's definitely closer to a spice. You will need: - 30 grams of one kind of pepper flakes - 30 grams of another, flaked too The point of doing two different types of pepper is that you use a hot one, and a milder one. You don't want your oil to be entirely spicy, and so the milder pepper will give flavour instead of heat. I like cayenne pepper for one half, and for the other half really whatever is very spicy that I can find flaked. If you don't like spice then you can use paprika and milder pepper, for example. - 250-300 millilitres of oil of your choice - 8 grams of salt - 8 grams of toasted sesame seeds - 1 clove of garlic - a bit of black pepper, either whole or grounded (we use either differently) - a mason jar or similar that can hold everything. Keep in mind you will be getting ~400ml in volume at the end, I actually need to use two jars when I make this because they're too small to hold everything in just one. Cut up the clove of garlic pre-emptively. The finer the better, you can even press it in one of those mashers. Pour the 60g of chilli flakes in a bowl along with the garlic and salt and mix with a spoon until it's properly homogenous. We will use the sesame seeds at the very end. Heat up the oil in a sauce pan. There's not really any suggestion here; I do it with olive oil, my friend does it with canola oil. It will change the taste but whichever oil you prefer is fine. You can add a few peppercorns in the oil as it heats up if you want, or grind a bit of pepper on the flakes directly. Don't bring the oil to its smoking point! This is more difficult with olive oil but basically, once it's very very hot, take it off the heat and put it back on as needed. This is the tricky part (it's not really tricky but it requires care). Once the oil is hot, you will pour just a tiny bit of it in the bowl of chili flakes, and then stir. By "tiny bit", I mean not even enough to cover the top layer of the bowl. This prevents the garlic and flakes from burning or overcooking. Pour a tiny bit, put the pan down, and stir with the spoon for several seconds. Be careful with oil as it's much hotter than water, it just doesn't boil at the same temperature. Bring the oil back up to heat if needed, and then pour the same amount on the flakes again. Essentially repeat that process until you feel there's enough oil in the bowl -- oil is unhealthy in these quantities comrades, so you should definitely cut down on it as much as possible 😉 That's why I recommend between 250ml of oil to 300ml; it will depend on your ingredients as well as just how much you want in there. If you don't have enough, you can quickly heat up some more oil as needed; the chilli isn't going anywhere. I would definitely start at 250ml and work my way up from there. The consistency of the chilli oil that I prefer is when there is just enough of it to still be stirrable. If you don't use a lot of oil, the flakes will harden and be difficult to use. At the end, add the sesame seeds and stir evenly again. The idea is that the sesame seeds are more sensitive to heat, and so we add them at the end to prevent them from burning. Then wait until it cools down and transfer the contents of the bowl into the jar and close it up. You can use this oil as is but I find that to really release all the flavours, you should mix it with mayonnaise, which is emulsified fat and thus can dissolve oil. You can probably get low-fat mayo which helps cut down on what is essentially pure calories. That way it can also be used as a cold sauce. It works by itself too like on pizza, or in your homemade chilli, but in those cases to me it just tastes very very spicy lol It keeps for one year in a sealed jar on the shelf, no refrigeration required. Doing this process above lasts me _months_, it's very low maintenance and while 300ml of oil sounds like a lot (it is), you only eat one tea spoon at a time.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making chilli now! my recipe:
Some time back, a user posted their chilli recipe. I've had to have a few tries, but I got pretty good at it (at least good to my sensibilities). You need: - 1 kg ground beef, preferably reasonably fatty - 2 onions - a few cloves of garlic - a bit of red wine - and a bit of oil to start the onions and beef - 1 bellpepper, if you want - 1 can black beans - 1 can kidney beans - 1 more can of whichever beans you prefer - 1-2 cans crushed tomatoes - all the spices you like. I like nutmeg, marjoram, bay leaves (2), salt, pepper, oregano, and of course cumin (a lot of cumin for chilli) - just a bit of four or five spices mix if you want to try it, it could add an interesting sweet/savoury combination, but it's very potent. Just two-three pinches should be more than enough. - if you feel bougie, pine seeds. Yes, pine seeds. - for the heat, I use my own chili oil which I will also post about right after this Does this not look like a normal chilli? You're right, it's 10 times better. What happens with the beans and meat is the fat and fibers seem to interact and create something very specific in terms of texture and flavour, which we can improve with the use of seasoning and herbs. This makes around 2.4 kilograms of chilli which will make 6-8 portions. You can also easily freeze it, it works great. First things first, prep time. Cut your onions in half and slice them. Dice your garlic -- the more you crush garlic, the better it gets. Cut your bellpepper in squares or triangles. Then let's start cooking. Cook up the meat in a sliver of oil inside a very deep pan on high heat. The pan should be able to hold 5 litres in volume and you'll have to stir as you add ingredients to reduce the space they take. It definitely works in a 5 litre pan but you'll need to give it some help. Once the meat is around 70% cooked, add the onions. Stir the meat constantly to get it cooked evenly. Once both are cooked (meat is browned and onions get translucent), add a dash of red wine and stir until mostly evaporated. Then, add all the cans as well as the bellpepper that you've cut up. You can also add the garlic at this stage as it cannot overcook in liquids. Stir until it forms a homogenous mix and at this point, I would wait until the content starts boiling and then reduce the heat to medium so that it keeps cooking but doesn't boil on you. Stir until everything is even and integrated, and then add the spices and the pine seeds if you have them as well as your chili pepper. Add 2 bay leaves and don't forget to remove them later (though fun fact, you can eat bay leaves obviously and if you crush them very finely, you can just leave them in the chilli. They taste good). If you need more liquid, add another can of tomatoes. Chilli is not a soup, the point of the water content (from the can of tomatoes) is that it helps dissolve the spices and cook everything evenly. You really don't need a lot of liquid. Once you've stirred enough, taste it and adjust spices as needed. Honestly you can go ahead with the seasoning, you have 2 and a half kilos of chilli in there. I find I prefer salted chilli, it gives it a more "natural" flavour. And that's it. Leave it on low-medium heat for 45 minutes or more (just be careful about boiling off all the water, you still want just a bit). Afterwards, let it cool down to room temperature, portion your chilli in containers and freeze them!

In this thread, I will answer exactly TWO questions about the alt
Tomorrow at noon GMT, I will pick the two most rated comments per score in this thread and answer the questions they ask (edit: one question per comment). If it is not a question, then that opportunity goes to waste. To help me answer questions, I have enlisted the help of my all-new CritAI machine, a state-of-the-art supercomputer built into my basement that is able to search the first page of google in 45 minutes and output an answer to any question in mere days! The best tech 1975 can give us! However the model is still a bit buggy and might not give you exactly what you asked for though... I will not answer questions that *can* be answered with yes or no however, just to make it challenging, nor questions -- obviously -- that give out the alt's name. The answers will be truthful. You should consult with each other. The clock is ticking.