Reddit Action Front
Welcome, open discussion and how this works

Hey, welcome to this little experiment. I’m not sure where it’s going to take us but let’s do the most we can with it! …

Compiling a List of every Remaining Alt-Right Reddit community

I know that a good majority of reddits’ Alt-Right Subs are now gone, but i feel there are plenty of communities out there that have still yet to receive the Ban-Hammer, Here is the list so far; …

[RAC] this fucking subredditdrama post (china bad, tankies are whoever I don't like, no left unity, anarchists are always cool and good...)

Drama notwithstanding (the whole thing with the founder of GenZAnarchist turning ML and repurposing the sub as they were still top mod), there’s a lot of bullshit in the comments. I’m planning on participating to help rectify some people’s understanding but I’m hoping I’m not along in this, as it wo…

[RAC] an anarchist streamer is looking to debate a Marxist-Leninist

Just putting this out there to give it some traction. If you feel knowledgeable enough to defend Marxism off the top of your head, consider doing this!..

[RAC] I think we need knowledgeable people in this DebateCommunism thread

OP is a working class POC and feeling let down by the liberal left. I feel we could help them out with a comprehensive Marxist answer, but I know I don’t have the knowledge needed to write it. Are there people here who can bring out their best and help OP out?..

Good Socialist Subreddits

Breadtube on Reddit - posting more communist videos

I just watched a few videos of Hakim and realized he doesn’t get posted on r/Breadtube. Neither does bayarea415. I’m not much of a youtube watcher but I’m sure there’s other good channels one could post also. …

[RAC] SocialistRA discussing communism (China, holodomor, etc)

Seems best to not push socialism with Chinese characteristics but focus on basic dialectial materialism, USSR and Mao type points…

[RAC] Perhaps there's some work to be done on this thread

In general I find r/nostupidquestions to be full of questions that we can answer. …

Remember that IronFront people are libs, they will decry the revolution because it’s too violent. I believe here it’s worthwhile to expose their leaps of logic (like the many strawmen they made), and explain what Marxism-Leninism actually is. …

Reddit Action Front

    A place to post threads on Reddit and brigade them. We’re allowed to do that on Lemmygrad so, let’s do it.

    Holding that volume is important to disseminate ideas, we hope to help combat the anticommunist narratives on Reddit through pinpointed actions with the help of organised brigades.

    First and foremost, the Reddit Action Front has a duty to educate the masses on Reddit, not troll them.

    Please preface your post with [RAC] in the title!

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