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Navalny is the guy who said that all muslims are cockroaches and should be exterminated. Why are you posting white supremacists here?

Imaigine being able to take high speed rail to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, and be back before the weekend’s over.

Some of the best healthcare in the world too. Easily the best country in the western hemisphere.

Ya it works very well. I’m surprised there aren’t more people doing this and creating torrents for them. We need to get the entire amazon library on torrents 🤣

Nice! BTW should we make a book_reviews / literature_review community? I see we already have ! , ! , and !, we should probably consolidate these.

This is really sad. RARBG was one of the top 3 torrent sites, we’re down to just a few now.

Not yet, but I have it downloaded as an audiobook, and its on my list.

There’s a new one being worked on, called Mlem. Its still in the very early stages tho. I think its on testflight.

Things poroshenko loves: doing the sowing.

Things poroshenko hates: doing the reaping.

How do you explain NATO’s consistent eastward advancement? What about the thousands of civilians the Ukrainian state has murdered in the Donbass?

Look at these two pictures below, and tell us who is the aggressor.

Great guy. Anyone interested should read the book, ‘the gun’, which gets into the superiority of the collaborative soviet production model over the privatized isolated capitalist one.

I always think about the CIA operatives who had to learn Marxism-Leninism and apply its principles in a counter-revolutionary way, to defeat Marxist movements.

We have to assume that these are intelligent people, that deep down they understand how brilliant Marxist thought is, understand class struggle, and still do everything they can to serve their capitalist masters. It’s deeply disturbing that they know the right path in a way that others aren’t, and still do the opposite for the money. Extremely soulless behavior.

It’s no problem at all, just glad to have you back. Congrats on getting into good school! I did the same local community college -> better school route. Glad things are looking up comrade.

It definitely has orientalist parts, but its not the thrust of the book, which is very positive of Japan, and more often than not treats the euros as less civilized. I def recommend it, because its incredibly entertaining, and has some of the best political intrigue / realpolitik ever written. This book is massive, and I still couldn’t put it down.

Maybe shogun. I read it as an audiobook and it was over 50 hours. Was very entertaining, but def had some orientalism in there.

Foucault be like: “age of consent laws are just like a prison.”

For context, he has a lot of pro pedophilia statements, and there’s a good chance he was one.

Thanks, I’m going down a rabbit hole with this channel rn. The gender reveal party one is wild.

Extremely strong energy from this pic.

Side point, but does anyone know of a good history (preferably Marxist-oriented), of the Mexican revolution?

I finished it a few years ago, and I also couldn’t understand why ppl love this book. It was incredibly idealist (the capitalist power just agrees to not attack the anarchist commune for no reason at all).

The characters had zero depth, and were only used as props to expound on how bad the capitalist culture was. There’s an insurrection in the story iirc, but its completely unorganized and hopeless.

The default assumption of those studies you linked, is that monogamous marriage is good, and multiple partners bad. You’re linking studies from patriarchal viewpoints which already share your own status-quo assumptions.

Again, monogamy is not the norm of history, and only arose with class society. You haven’t done the reading so you haven’t learned this yet.

According to researchers, the 23 percent of participants who only had sex with their spouse prior to getting hitched reported higher quality marriages versus those who had other past sexual partners as well.

Ignorance is bliss.

You really do enjoy making blanket statements about women don’t you.

You need some serious deprogramming of your misogynist ideas. Less talking, more reading.

This very first point of the article is the exact opposite of everything you’re trying to say here.

People having a higher number of sex partners do not have higher rates of anxiety or depression, according to research.

Are you aware that all communist parties are banned in Ukraine, but not in Russia? And that the Ukrainian government is threatening to outlaw the Russian language?

How do you feel about Ukraine accepting military and financial aid from the imperialist powers? Why do you think they’re giving that aid?

What is the right way, in your opinion, to protect your people from neo-nazi aggression? Colorful language and witty retorts?

And why is defending yourself from nato’s eastward expansion called “invading”? Did you not see the image above?

And no, the Russian military is not killing “hundreds of thousands” of civilians, gonna need a source on that. If anything, their pace has been extremely slow, to prevent civilian deaths. Lord knows they could steamroll over all of Ukraine if they wanted to, but that doesn’t meet any of their objectives.

There are significant Russian populations there, all of whom are in danger of ethnic cleansing by the nazi-led Ukrainian government.

Again, you need to define imperialism, and why you are ‘both-sidesing’ this conflict. Clearly one side is weakening western hegemony, and the other side is trying to expand it. See the image above.

I recommend listening to less podcasts, and doing more reading on feminism and patriarchy. You need it.

Polygamy / Polyandry is not harmful to society in any way, in fact it was the default for most of human history.

It was only under feudalism that the control over women’s bodies began, since sexual control / repression is needed to secure heirs for control of inherited capital. Under collectivist arrangements, unknown fathers are actually beneficial, since then children become those of the entire tribe. Many cultures even had beliefs that children had several fathers, and inherited the best traits of each of them.

Read sex at dawn, and the caliban and the witch for more on this.

We should also recommend some reading materials for OP on the historical subjugation of women, and how OP’s ideas are shaped by a deeply ingrained misogynist worldview.

I def recommend Gerda Lerner - the creation of the patriarchy, and Silvia Federici - Caliban and the witch, but those are both long. Also sex at dawn, for the feminist norms that took up most of human history.

Here’s why the KPRF, the communist party in Russia, and Putin’s main opposition, support the war in Ukraine, and fully debunk the “Russia is imperialist” line.

Also, territorial disputes are not imperialism, and the Ukrainian neo-nazi government has been massacering civilians in the Donbass with impunity since the maidan coup in 2014.

You need to be able to define imperialism, or explain why Russia taking out the neo-nazi trash that europe refuses to do, is anything but a good thing.

Nato expansion:

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Pictures are being restored currently, should be a few hours. Apologies again yall.

Seems like a much better way to keep up on heart and overall physical health, than step counters. [Another one](,eight%20years%20longer%20than%20others.)

Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized
Probably the best introduction to the history of the terrorist state of Israel.

What’s your best workout pro-tip? (any type of training)
Interested to hear what's best helped comrades improve their workouts.


Beautiful excerpt from Liu Shaoqi - How to be a good Communist
What is our most fundamental duty as Party members? It is to achieve communism. As far as the Communist Parties of different countries are concerned, in each country it is for the Communist Party and the people there to transform it by their own efforts, and in that way the whole world will be transformed step by step into a communist world. Will the communist world be good? We all know it will be. In that world there will be no exploiters of oppressors, no landlords and capitalists, no imperialists and fascists, nor will there be any oppressed and exploited people, or any of the darkness, ignorance and backwardness resulting from the system of exploitation. In such a society the production of both material and moral values will develop and flourish mightily and will meet the varied needs of all its members. By then all humanity will consist of unselfish, intelligent, highly cultured and skilled communist workers; mutual assistance and affection will prevail among men and there will be no such irrationalities as mutual suspicion and deception, mutual injury, mutual slaughter and war. It will of course be the best, the most beautiful and the most advanced society in human history. Who can deny that such a society is good? But can this good communist society be built? We say that it can and will be. Marxist-Leninist theory has explained this scientifically and beyond all doubt. A factual testimony has been provided by the victory of the Great October revolution and the successes in socialist construction in the Soviet Union. Our duty is constantly to advance the cause socialism and communism in accordance with the laws of development of human society, so as to make socialist and communist society a reality as soon as possible. This is our ideal. However, the cause of socialism and communism still faces powerful enemies who must be thoroughly and finally defeated in every field; only then will the socialist and communist society be brought into being. Victory for the communist cause can only be won through long and arduous struggle. Without it there can be no victory. This struggle, of course, is not an "accidental" social phenomenon or an invention of certain Communists as some people assert. It is inevitable in the development of class society; it is unavoidable class struggle. The birth of the Communist Party and the fact that Communists participate, organize and guide this struggle are also inevitable phenomena conforming with the laws of social development. The imperialists, fascists and landlords - in short, all exploiters and oppressors - are oppressing and exploiting the overwhelming majority of the people of the world to such an extent that the people are hardly able to survive and have to unite and fight against this exploitation and oppression, because they cannot exist, much less make progress in any other way. This struggle, therefore, is natural and unavoidable. On the one hand, we must understand that communism is the greatest cause in human history, which will eliminate exploitation and classes once and for all, emancipate mankind and bring humanity into a world of happiness, radiating with beauty, such as it has never known before. But on the other hand, we must also understand that the cause of communism is the most arduous undertaking in all history; that only through protracted, bitter and torturous struggle will we be able to defeat all the exploiting classes; and that for a long time after our victory we shall patiently have to carry out social and economic, ideological and cultural transformation, for only thus will all the influences, conventions and habits of the exploiting classes be eliminated from among the people, and only thus will a new social and economic system, a new communist culture and code of social morality be built up. The Communist Party will defiantly win final victory by relying on the proletariat and the masses of the exploited and oppressed people an by using Marxism-Leninism to guide the revolutionary struggle of the masses and propel society towards the great goal of communism. The reason is that the historical laws of social development make the progress of human society towards communism inevitable; that latent in the proletariat and the other exploited and oppressed masses of the world lie extremely powerful revolutionary energies which, once mobilized, united and organized, can triumph over all the reactionary forces of the exploiting classes and imperialism; and that the Communist Party and the proletariat are the new and rising forces and whatever is new and rising is invincible. This has been fully demonstrated by the history of the world communist movement and the Chinese Communist Party. The present situation is as follows. Socialism has already won a great victory in the Soviet Union, or on one sixth of the earth's surface; militant Communist Parties armed with the theory of Marxism-Leninism have been organized in many countries; the world communist movement is rapidly growing and developing; and the forces of the proletariat and the other exploited and oppressed masses of the world are being rapidly mobilized and united in the course of incessant struggles. The communist movement is already organized as a mighty and invincible world force. Beyond all doubt the communist cause will continue to develop and advance, and will win final and complete victory. However, we should also realize that the international reaction and the exploiting classes are yet stronger than we are, that they are temporarily superior in many fields and that only by protracted, torturous and bitter struggles can we defeat them. In a society in which private ownership of the means of production has existed for thousands of years, the exploiting classes through their rule have built up great power in all fields and have grabbed everything under the sun. Their long rule has given rise to backwardness, ignorance, selfishness, mutual suspicion and deception, mutual injury and slaughter in human society, which have persisted down the ages. It has exerted a most pernicious influence on the exploited masses and on other members of society. This is the inevitable result of the efforts of the exploiting classes to preserve their class interests and rule. For they cannot maintain their ruling position unless they keep the exploited masses and the colonial peoples backward, unorganized and divided. Hence, in order to achieve victory we must not only conduct a stern struggle against the exploiting classes but also carry on a struggle against their long-standing influence among the masses and the backward ideas and other backward phenomena found among the masses, for only thus can we enhance their political consciousness and unite them to defeat the exploiting classes. Here is the difficulty in the course of achieving communism. Comrades! If the masses were all politically conscious, united, free from the influence of the exploiting classes and free from backwardness, as some people imagine them to be, what would be so difficult about the revolution? Not only does this influence of the exploiting classes exist before the victory of the revolution, but it survives for a very long time after when the exploiting classes have been ejected from their ruling position. Think how torturous is the process and how arduous are the work and struggle that are needed to vanquish the exploiting classes and their influence among the people once and for all, to emancipate and change all mankind, to transform myriads of small commodity producers, finally to abolish all classes and gradually to transform mankind that has lived in class society for thousands of years and been influenced by all kinds of old customs and conventions until it becomes communist mankind, intelligent and unselfish, and with a high level of culture and skill!

Does anybody know any good military strategy vids?
I have a strong urge to watch youtubes with lines moving on maps.

International Women’s day Feminist theory post
Post your favorite Marxist-Feminist theory below