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James Randi just died, so I re-watched the incredible documentary about his life, an honest liar. Highly recommend.

I’m on numbers, days of the week, and like holy shit, math nerds could not have come up with a simpler system.

source: “dude, trust me bro, I saw it on facebook”

I’ve only dealt with them a tiny bit, but its mostly socdems with guns, very much a “single-issue” group where firearms and legislation about that supercedes all other concerns… that’s kind of the point of the group tho I spose. Time will tell as right-wing violence increases and their members get involved in opposing it.

I’m at the very beginning stages of mandarin, just with apps and some audio lessons I found. Honestly outside of the written part, its the easiest, most well constructed language I’ve ever seen. Despite being an old language it seems like someone sat down and eliminated all cruft that most languages seem to get.

Everybody loved flexing on corn boy too.

Yeah, the next election cycle it’ll be AOC and Omar streaming the next coup on twitch. “Like and subscribe for healthcare”

Awesome! So, did I understand correctly, federation for dev.lemmy.ml (under the new name lemmy.ml) will be turned on in a few weeks?

Yup that’s right.

At the same time as the dev.lemmy.ml one or later, or not at all?

Yep, it’ll be at the same time.

Thx, ya I’m pretty excited, its been a looot of hours put into this by just a few ppl to get it here.

Not yet, we wanna let some ppl set up some test instances (and I will too), to federate with the ones we have it turned on for currently, ds9.lemmy.ml is one instance where we have open federation on for it.

Then after a few weeks we’ll move dev.lemmy.ml to lemmy.ml, and turn it on for these two.

How it started How its going

WeedUnionBuster420 needs line to go up, if he has to coup for tesla car then so be it!!1

Absolutely. Educating and politicizing the military along socialist lines has more than anything proven to be the deciding factor in whether these revolutions have survived.

In ML States like China, Cuba, USSR, the military is / was either just a wing of, or entirely controlled by the communist party, and in VZ the military is educated along socialist lines.

Oddly enough, someone claiming to be a Marxist.

Correct 👍

For the most part the SRA subs are just “Socialism with colonizer characteristics”.

I did see it also on goodreads quotes, but they don’t say where its from.

Us: "Bourgeois democracy can’t undo itself for the following 47 reasons, I’ll continue citing historical examples using the following sources…

Libs: “but have you considered that there’s a dang chee-toe in the white house!!1?”