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Noice. I’ll watch it soon.

Dang that was pretty good.

Kinda similar, but here’s a great anti-thatcher punk anthem from the the 80s:

Billy Bragg - Between the wars

Yeah. /u/PigInABlanketFort bans anyone who disagrees with MLM, especially anyone who defends China. bayarea415, captcalhoun, myself, and a few others are banned for stanning china.

Roderic Day is one of the few reasons to be on twitter, he does good research into a lot of anti-communist outlets too.

Hell yeah. The first I heard of him being based af was during the HK riots, but he’s been anti-US for a while now it seems.

We make backups every 4 hours, so if anything goes down, much won’t be lost and it’ll be very simple to resurrect. If anyone wants to help do that I could probably share a syncthing folder.

Marxism has many success stories, if you don’t have time to read blackshirts and reds, here’s a good article about the USSR’s successes. They went from a feudal economy at the same level of economic development and population as brazil in 1920, to a world superpower who saved the world from fascism and conquered space travel within 30 years.

China in the past 30 years has brought more people out of poverty than any country in history, lead by the communist party and its poverty alleviation and development campaigns. China is a much poorer country per capita than the US, yet has a higher life expectancy.

Cuba, mongolia, vietnam, burkina faso under sankara, maurice bishop in grenada, yugoslavia, all had incredible successes and learning about them should be necessary. Anti-communists use vague arguments about authoritarianism (bc they don’t consider capitalism / bourgeois democracy authoritarian, even despite its genocidal militarism), and deflect from looking at material conditions of people.

You eventually figure out he worked for cardassian intelligence, and was the main protege of its chief, but garak was pushed out in a power struggle and has had shifting allegiances ever since, and he was a lone wolf for most of the series. But it is a really neat longer story arc.

I think this is enough tbh, the only other possibility I’d like to see is another communism subreddit (/r/communism has been on a tankie banning spree lately, the mod team is dominated by a few MLMs). /r/informedtankie already serves as a good 101 sub probably, and has a large user base. Lemmygrad (maybe bunkerchan too?) are the only ones not hosted by big tech, but we don’t need to split energy in having too many alternatives.

Hey there 👋

hrm, it’d probably be a pretty interesting journey to trace down the source of that myth.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called the decision one of “the last throws of a failed and corrupt administration committed to the Cuban-Miamese mafia.”

🔥 🔥 🔥 but we still need to get Diaz-Canel’s twitter game up to comrade chen weihua’s power levels.

There’s a good marxism study plane here if you’d like to get started with democratic centralism.

One thing that’s kinda scary about this, is that any experts in immunology are likely to be on one side of this new cold war, so its gonna be really difficult to get impartial information about which vaccine is more effective.

All I know is that I don’t trust US pharma, and I’m super bummed I can’t get sinovac… but I’ll still get the pfizer one anyway (its looking like I’m not able to get it until summer).

Hundreds of potential reasons, they want to protect a specific town rather than contribute to a greater war effort, etc. From parenti:

Engels offers an apposite account of an uprising in Spain in 1872-73 in which anarchists seized power in municipalities across the country. At first, the situation looked promising. The king had abdicated and the bourgeois government could muster but a few thousand ill-trained troops. Yet this ragtag force prevailed because it faced a thoroughly parochialized rebellion. “Each town proclaimed itself as a sovereign canton and set up a revolutionary committee (junta),” Engels writes. “[E]ach town acted on its own, declaring that the important thing was not cooperation with other towns but separation from them, thus precluding any possibility of a combined attack [against bourgeois forces].” It was “the fragmentation and isolation of the revolutionary forces which enabled the government troops to smash one revolt after the other.”

Decentralized parochial autonomy is the graveyard of insurgency–which may be one reason why there has never been a successful anarcho-syndicalist revolution. Ideally, it would be a fine thing to have only local, self-directed, worker participation, with minimal bureaucracy, police, and military. This probably would be the development of socialism, were socialism ever allowed to develop unhindered by counterrevolutionary subversion and attack. One might recall how, in 1918-20, fourteen capitalist nations, including the United States, invaded Soviet Russia in a bloody but unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the revolutionary Bolshevik government. The years of foreign invasion and civil war did much to intensify the Bolsheviks’ siege psychology with its commitment to lockstep party unity and a repressive security apparatus. Thus, in May 1921, the same Lenin who had encouraged the practice of internal party democracy and struggled against Trotsky in order to give the trade unions a greater measure of autonomy, now called for an end to the Workers’ Opposition and other factional groups within the party. “The time has come,” he told an enthusiastically concurring Tenth Party Congress, “to put an end to opposition, to put a lid on it: we have had enough opposition.” Open disputes and conflicting tendencies within and without the party, the communists concluded, created an appearance of division and weakness that invited attack by formidable foes.

Only a month earlier, in April 1921, Lenin had called for more worker representation on the party’s Central Committee. In short, he had become not anti-worker but anti-opposition. Here was a social revolution–like every other–that was not allowed to develop its political and material life in an unhindered way.

Pigs trying to clap “kidnapping” on em for… blocking the entrance of a police station or some shit.

“Let’s put dogs back in the White House!”

  • Some senator who raped an aide in 1993

Haha I remember that speech, where the guy had to write down another question but memorized that one and surprised her with it.