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Cassandra hours

No state level actor would tell us about a future extinction event (asteroid, solar flare, volcano eruption, etc) , because it would cause too much panic.

I never understood this one. It was an FBI or ATF building that was bombed right?

This is very believable, but I’d love the juicy details for it.

Some of these assassinations are complicity by silence. They knew when and where it was going to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

What’s their argument for isntrael being socialist?

In the case of Cuba, pretty much all the leaders have come around to be against the death penalty, but as Fidel states in his autobiography, much of the population still supports it, especially in cases of truly despicable murderers. Eventually they’ll have a referendum on it, but as its a very delicate matter, they can’t lead too far ahead of public opinion for such a controversial subject.

So civil war can only possibly come as a result of leftist organization? History has many counterexamples.

Sorry, I misinterpreted the OP’s suggestion to mean leftist revolution. But even a regrouping / re-organization of the propertied classes in the US is unlikely to occur, because the capitalist class remains united, and no there are no fundamental divisions within it. They desire stability above all, and all layers of US power are extremely stable, its military, police, legal systems, government etc.

Okay, but what unites them? There are clearly so many different splinters and factions within the US military and if stability keeps breaking down, what common interest would keep them loyal to the state?

Profit. These instances of right-wing terrorism and instability may increase, but for the most part they’re aimed not at the US government, or its power structures, but at minorities, immigrants, non-whites, etc. Right wing terrorism is much more a useful tool to US capitalism than it is a threat, which is why they keep it around, and don’t publicly raise too many alarm bells about it. A few bigoted conspiracy theorist kooks in the US congress, stirring up bigots, and trying to strangle its social services, while ultimately supporting the US military and police, is nothing new either.

I don’t see why people are equating rising right-wing terrorism with the threat of civil war. It is not an organized movement, nor does it threaten the power structures in any way. If anything it supports US capitalists long-existing class warfare against its own poor, and imperialism against other nations.

The US already had a civil war as a partially industrialized nation.

The US primarily started out as a slave economy, modelled after the roman empire. Growing US capitalism clashed with that, and needed a war to supplant it to become secure. and ensure new territories in the west were open for capitalist development, not slave plantations. In short, the civil war happened and was necessary because US capitalists did not have stability.

So did the UK at the height of its imperial hegemony.

What are you referring to here? Britain was stable for the most part during its Victorian period. It was easily able to buy off most of its local population with the spoils of its imperial conquests. Almost all the wars in this period were in its colonies: India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc.

The US does contribute a hugely outsized rate of pollution per capita, but thanks to China’s reform and opening up, the US dismantled most of its industry and exported it to China. So its displaced US as the main industrial powerhouse / consumer goods producer for the world. And the CPC does actively fight climate change by forcing all state and non-state owned industries to meet its climate change targets.

The superiority of socialism is not only doing better than capitalism in terms of production, but also in terms of saving the earth from climate catastrophe. We have the efforts of the CPC and Deng Xiaoping’s forsight to thank for that.

Just because communism won’t win in a single country in the near future, does not mean that communism won’t win globally. Class struggle is still the engine that drives history, and the US can only forstall capitalism’s defeat for a little while.

Thx for reminding me, we got these added now.


IMO the US has no chance of falling, or entering a state of civil war, even within the next 50 years, for several reasons:

  • Revolution requires organization, the US’s left is in a pathetic state of organization. There is essentially no organized opposition to the US at either the national or local levels. Anyone who’s been involved in US protests within the last 30 years comes to admit this. I’ve lived in cities with over 100k people, that can barely scrape together 10 dedicated communists. That is not a threatening movement. And what orgs do exist in the US, are mainly anarchist, whose “anti-authoritarian” and individualist emphasis preclude them from being a real threat. Contrast the US with a country like India, whose protest movement and left are so much comparatively stronger, they can put out hundreds of thousands on the streets. Sakai says rightly, that the US labor movement reached its peak in the 1930s, was on its death bed by the 1970s, and died by the 1990s. Ever since then, strikes have gone down from 100s per year, to less than a handful.
  • The US military, and local police forces are too powerful. They can and do kill people with impunity, even inside their own borders, which they are happy to do. This has always existed since the founding of the US, and it hasn’t changed in the past few decades. The idea that even an entity as economically powerful as US state like California could secede is laughable: the US military is the strongest on earth, and wouldn’t hesitate to use nukes, or send its drone bombers out to kill anyone they wish at the push of a button.
  • Material conditions do not yet exist to make this anywhere close to being a possibility. Even with all the widespread poverty in the US, its average citizen is still 11x richer (that’s PPP adjusted btw), than a citizen of a non-OECD country. As Lenin said, capitalism breaks at the weakest points in its chain… not where it is strongest and most entrenched. If there’s a list of countries that are most likely to have a revolution, the US would be dead last on the list. In the context of the US, both the republicans and the democrats don’t want war, their shared ruling class wants stability… which is why they’re happy to export class struggle to other countries, and bribe their own populations. Even now that this tide is starting to turn, and class struggle is being brought back into US borders, the US is still the richest country on earth, and least likely to have a revolution.

As to your point about the US civil war, this occurred because it was a conflict between two branches of propertied classes vying for supremacy, and which economic mode would dominate: the northern capitalists with modern industry, against the southern agricultural slaveocracy. Those contradictions could not be resolved, both wanted to expand, and so they entered a state of war.

Nowadays there is no conflict between the “oil and energy baron” republicans, and the “tech and finance” coastal liberals, and their links are so tight as to be non-existent as actual separate categories. Their class interests are fully in unison, and they share members and stock ownership freely.

If someone thinks the US is going to have a revolution or a civil war, they need to explain what group is actually well-organized enough, or powerful enough to threaten the US government, or what capitalist grouping wants to secede so badly as to want to start a war.

It’s an activity dominated by the “idle rich”, mostly first world labor aristocrats and petit bourgeiosie.

Games as products must cater to that audience to be successful, and their stories reinforce capitalist hegemony.

Luckily their homegrown chip industry is growing rapidly. They’ll need it before to long.

“Inter-imperialist conflict”… the US has over 900 military bases outside its border, the next country has like 4. These people are delusional.

That repo is also on codeberg.

cross-posted from: > This serves as a great introduction to Marxist Feminism.

This serves as a great introduction to Marxist Feminism.

I wonder how much money and time in total the yanks wasted in downing this thing.

Something deeply unsettling and hollow about the depths brands will go to to imbue a fkn can of crappy coffee with emotional warmth.

There it is a definite social relation between men, that assumes, in their eyes, the fantastic form of a relation between things. In order, therefore, to find an analogy, we must have recourse to the mist-enveloped regions of the religious world. In that world the productions of the human brain appear as independent beings endowed with life, and entering into relation both with one another and the human race. So it is in the world of commodities with the products of men’s hands. This I call the Fetishism which attaches itself to the products of labour, so soon as they are produced as commodities, and which is therefore inseparable from the production of commodities.


IMO it could easily be called the most important political work of the 20th century.

Hrmm, I’m asking them now.

I’m in this picture and I like it

Reminds me of that scene in Doctor strangelove where all the generals are discussing their plans for the post-nuclear world.

Luckily tho, not all empires go out with a bang(Rome, Britain, Spain). Due to the strong economic ties that China consciously built with the US, US capitalists know its not in their overall interest, so nuclear war is probably not going to happen.

We also see that the US, like the bully it is, is only willing risk conflict with countries that aren’t a real threat.

The US will go like Britain… a long, pathetic, whiny decline into irrelevance.

Also the “communism is idealistic” is just blantantly false… the USSR became a superpower within two decades, and now China has brought more people out of poverty and hunger than any other country in world history.


Not sure, i’d like to see a source on that one for the stash.


A classic from brg:

Hell yeah, excited for this one.


Thank you for your service comrade.

This episode was surprisingly not bad for a prime time US TV show in the early 90s. (And the communist was unfortunately a trot). Elaine showed her true colors when she named names and got him banned from the chinese restaurant.

Best works of Marxist Feminism?
I'm wanting to get into some "graduate-level" works on Marxist-Feminism. So far I've read Federici, Lerner, and Vogel, which have been wonderful. What do yall suggest I read?

2nded on edible weed varieties… much cheaper than alcohol or other drugs, gets you high for longer, no damage to lungs, helps relieve pain and stress (and helps with the symptoms of a host of ailments as you said), doesn’t make you violent, no calories.

If you live in the US, you can (at least for now) buy delta-8 gummies legally online.

Redditors act like they would fkn die without their chicken tendies.

We should empty the slaughterhouses of innocent animals, and put in redditors instead.

The manager: “Why do the males have nipples, and there’s a bunch of blood vessels that wrap all the way around the leg just to go an inch??? What shoddy workmanship is this? Send god in right this instant!”

There’s a lemmy upgrade either tmrw or wednesday, so Lemmygrad will have some downtime.
From the link: > We're getting ready to release a new version of Lemmy, which will require a database upgrade, so we'll have a few hours of downtime.

Any good books / biographies on Hugo Chavez?
I recently watched the documentary *The revolution will not be televised*, on the coup attempt again Chavez. They do a few interviews with him, and get into his childhood and life a little, but not too deeply. Does anyone know of any good books / other resources to learn about his life?

Mine's breed is gray


We’ve removed two communities: KKKringe, and Nazbol Cringe
Going along with the theme of [this thread yesterday](, the admin team here has decided to remove these two communities. Not only are people getting tired of seeing cringe / reactionary content fill up lemmygrad, but it doesn't create a very welcoming atmosphere for new people, or those wanting to sign up, to see a bunch of reactionary content / hate speech directed at you. We don't want to host that content, or make other people see it. We'll evaluate these cringe-type / reactionary-content communities on a case-by-case basis, to decide if they should stay or not. Feel free to comment any below that you think should probably be removed. Stay vigilant comrades, and if you see too much reactionary content being posted to lemmygrad, report it and we'll get to it as soon as we can. <3

Non-western critiques of identity politics?
I recently read Roland Boer's - *socialism with chinese characteristics* , and apparently many prominent Chinese Marxist theoreticians in the CPC know about western idpol, and have critiques of it. Does anyone know where I can read these?

Has anyone seen the new Avatar? How was it?
Communist Twitter seems to be alternating between love and hate for it as usual.

Demographic decline in the US
For the first time in US history, there are more people living alone, than households with a child.

I'm learning chinese, I think those characters are "Thank you, US"

How long till he quits twitter?