Jin Huiming - Marxism and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

This book costs $150 on amazon right now so help me seed…

My knowledge on communist films is pretty bare, can any other comrades chime in if the torrents are worth downloading and not filled with anti-communism? I already have a few films from here that are on my watch list (Sorry To Bother You pops out at me). Also don’t see how films like *Good Night, …


Mac apps

Currently I use rutracker and several other public trackers, plus, to search for mac apps. (Nmac has a lot of apps, and I’ve never run into malware that I know of, but be cautious if you download stuff from there, because who knows). …


CIA's Analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991: A Documentary Collection (A complete PDF)

Hello Comrades, this is a complete PDF of the CIA’s analysis on the Soviet Union. Much of this information is readily available online, but this is much more concise and puts it all together. …

Free college textbooks

General public ebook/textbook resources …

Steam and multiplayer games

So my understanding is that most/all online games will try to authenticate and therefore won’t allow you to access online content, right? I saw one torrent host advise blocking program from getting online or communicating thru steam. …

Socialist book starter pack

A torrent with some good socialist books…

A piracy friendly place to post torrents.



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