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Mods: Ai: Not joining factions while at war…

Python Tutorials [How to print Hello World] [1]

print(“Hello, World!”) As easy that. No need for semi colon or anything! “print” is printing text that is in “” to the console. Congrats on your first lesson :D…

Hallo mein freund! Ich bin Cranberry Juice haha, und du?

Communal Learning: Week One Python

Hello guys! I know for sure I am better motivated with a team. This week on communal learning we will start with Python. If you know python, or want to learn it (like me) comment below your discords and we will work together on a project and learn. More people, more resources. Comment below suggesti…

Community Suggestions [Mega-Thread]

Comment for all your suggestions and I will add to the list :D. SUGGESTIONS:…

Moderators are pro-commie/free speech. You’re good :D

thanks, was wondering. Got it all good now :D

Joined japan lol…

I just noticed. HYPE :D

Yeah I deckwiped their navy but I byaccidently sent my garrison forces to the invasion and well the invasion force went from 5 to 68. Was using instant war, non core to core, random ai, and ai not joining factions during war mods.

Free college textbooks

General public ebook/textbook resources …

I’m learning German. I need motivation though haha. Not a fan of C++ but it’s alright.

What languages you guys know?

Learning python currently. I used to know c#…

Mobile app or mobile via chrome/browser

nvm i just realized this is a thing

You’re not wrong. Modern day is the worst. Kaiserreich is alright. I’ll have to do some research. Add me on discord if you want to play.
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Good meme

Good meme…