We welcome our new members from r/GenZedong
Over the past few days, with worries of r/genzedong being banned, we have seen a major uptick in new accounts created. The admin team at Lemmygrad and, I'm sure, the whole community as well would like to welcome you here! Lemmygrad is built by communists and for communists, there is no censorship here and no worries about being banned for being Marxist-Leninists. Lemmygrad is not too different from what you're used to on Reddit. We have our own c/genzedong community, as well as unique communities such as c/palestine, c/prolewiki, c/feminism and even c/me_IRA, which is very much alive and well on Lemmygrad. Some other advantages of Lemmygrad over Reddit is our federated aspect (anyone can make their instance and federate with us), our ML community, and of course our hands-off approach. There are no investors to please here, there are no CIA agents moderating content. You can talk about piracy, you can say what you want to do to fascists, without being reported by a lib and suspended for it. We have had to enable account applications for a while now as we were under a fascist raid not too long ago, but please be assured that we get around to approving accounts very, very quickly. Finally, if there is anything that you need help with regarding lemmygrad, please feel free to ask in this thread! We hope that the switch will not be too confusing for you, and that you will adopt lemmygrad as your new communication and memeing platform!

I copied over the Marxism-Leninism study guides from r/communism in case the subreddit gets banned, should be a useful resource for beginners
# Basic Marxism-Leninism Study Plan **Introduction** - Lenin. [The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch With an Exposition of Marxism]( - Marx, Engels. [Manifesto of the Communist Party]( **Historical Materialism** - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Scientific Socialism** - Engels. [Socialism: Utopian and Scientific]( - Lenin. [What Is To Be Done?]( - Lenin. [The State and Revolution]( - Lenin. [The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx]( - Lenin. [Opportunism, and the Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [The Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [Imperialism and the Split in Socialism]( - Lenin. [Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Revisionism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Reformism]( - Lenin. [“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part III: Socialism]( - Stalin. [The Foundations of Leninism]( - Lenin. [The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky]( **Philosophy** - Mao. [On Contradiction]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part I: Philosophy]( - Engels. [Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy]( - Marx. [Theses on Feuerbach]( **Political Economy** - Marx. [Value, Price and Profit]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part II: Political Economy]( - Marx. [Capital, volume I: The Process of Production of Capital]( - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( # How to Make Historical Materialist Analysis **Introduction to the method** - Marx. [A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, preface]( - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Marx & Engels' Application** - Marx. [The Class Struggles in France, 1848 to 1850]( - Marx. [The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte]( - Marx. [The Civil War in France]( - Engels. [The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State]( - Engels. [The Peasant War in Germany]( - Engels. [Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring: Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science]( **Other** - Stalin. [Dialectical and Historical Materialism]( - Plekhanov. [Historical Materialism and the Arts]( - Plekhanov. [The Materialist Conception of History]( - Bukharin. [Historical Materialism: A System of Sociology]( - [Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat]( by J. Sakai - [Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism]( by Zak Cope # Resources for Marxist Political Economy - Marx. [Capital: A Critique of Political Economy]( - [The Law of Value Video Series]( - [Reading Capital with David Harvey]( - [Introduction to Marxist Dialectics]( - [Richard Wolff's Online Lecture Series]( - [The Law of Worldwide Value]( by Samir Amin - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( - Luxemburg. [The Accumulation of Capital](

Communist chat through Matrix
I created a matrix room for anybody on Lemmy to join. The main goal of this chat is to bring people together and use the internet for organizing. Organizing locally is still the best way to get things done and this or any chat rooms over the internet should be considered complimentary because the material conditions and strategical peculiarities vary according to the nation you're in. Tasks in mind: - Bring comrades from other social media to communist Lemmy - Promote periodic discussions, quality posts on Lemmy - Do a collective research or essays on chosen subjects, translate them, and share through private social media. - Produce propaganda to share on private social media. Remember, our strength depends entirely on our historical and personal commitment to organization. We alone cannot do much, but together we'll have enough forces to make a difference.

Cuban Delegation to my country
Cuba is sending a delegation to my city, and they'll have a public meeting (and probably a themed event, idk, I'm not organising it). They're going to do a presentation on the new Family Code. What sort of organisations and communities should I reach out to? I'm kinda puttering around the homeless and queer communities atm

Communist fediverse instances?
On platforms other than Lemmy.

A comment on the Russia/NATO war
There are many Marxists who look at the US/NATO war against Russia without historical materialism. They condemn Russia and the war in Ukraine as an "inter-imperialist war" between Russia and the US, but this is wrong mainly because they ignore the historical aggression movement of the "traditional" imperialist countries. One such movement was the expansion of NATO, where the EU and the US were funding NATO and EU membership campaigns, especially in former socialist republics. They took advantage of nascent states and low institutional complexity to spread propaganda in these countries, initially through television and today through the Internet. They manipulate the public opinion of an entire nation, just to serve their interests. And worse, NATO demands from these countries "political reforms" in order to enter NATO, which eventually resulted in extreme right-wing governments in these countries. NATO has been expanding eastward into Russia, settling in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, then Estonia, Latvia, Romania, and Bulgaria, with Estonia and Latvia bordering Russia. Furthermore, NATO has already stated if I'm not mistaken since 2008 that it intended to host Ukraine and Georgia, and not only that, it has frequently held military exercises with these countries. Both Ukraine and Georgia border Russia, Ukraine being the country that has the longest border with Russia. In Ukraine, a government has been in place since 2014 that has openly advocated neo-Nazism and incorporated Nazi militias into its army. It promoted the persecution of ethnic Russians within the country and for 8 years the Ukrainian army assaulted the population of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. School children were taught to hate Russians with children's stories portraying the Russian nation and its people as barbarians, monsters, as every government does with its enemies. And now, with the Russian invasion, Finland, which also has a long border with Russia, has joined NATO. We already know what the historical trend of this will be. In addition, NATO has an indirect presence in Asia, mainly in South Korea and Japan, due to the presence of US troops in these countries (more than 80,000 soldiers in all). It is very clear that NATO has been expanding toward Russia since the late 1990s, setting up governments hostile to Russians in its member countries for the sole purpose of generating a conflict with the country. In this way, it becomes possible to fragment the whole of Russia, to facilitate the plundering of that country's natural and human resources, and especially to prevent a competitive country from outgrowing the USA. The idea that Russian aggression is part of an "inter-imperialist" conflict attempts to equate the US with Russia, as if both countries are waging war for similar reasons, or as if both are in the same position. The US/NATO has been hostile to Russia for decades, it's decades of constant aggression. To any Russian, who has seen it up close all these years, the war was a surprise, but everyone knew it was inevitable. Marxists who defend the thesis of "inter-imperialist war" to condemn Russia and the US on the same "level" ignore all this historical development, and on top of that they use the argument that in Russia there is a right-wing conservative party in power. Or worse, they say that Russia is a bourgeois state and therefore does not deserve support. It is true. In many aspects the Russian government is anti-communist, even. But all over the world we have bourgeois dictatorships or conservative governments. To take only this criteria of support would result in condemning the "inter-imperialist" war between the U.S. and Iraq, equating aggressors and aggressed. Because both are bourgeois dictatorships, therefore they do not deserve special consideration. In the case of the war in Ukraine the "aggressor-aggrieved" relation is more subtle, because in the immediate appearance Russia invaded Ukraine. The aggressor-aggrieved relationship is between Russia-Ukraine, right? That seems to be the view of our Marxists, apparently. Losing sight of the background of NATO's actions, this war becomes a meaningless thing, as if Russia is wanting to take Ukraine for itself, to export its capital and control Ukraine's markets. It is a very similar discourse to the one NATO reproduces, of the invader Russia. So who does the "imperialist Russia" discourse serve? Exactly the NATO side. Exactly the usual imperialists, which we are sick of knowing, the imperialists of the North Atlantic, the US and Europe. This discourse is aimed at undermining support for Russia in other nations, and gradually manufacturing a consensus that justifies a war against Russia. The two sides of the war are not equal, and they do not wage war for equal reasons. Russia is a bourgeois dictatorship, as in much of the world, but it is part of a positive movement regarding the world market, an alternative movement to the US hegemony that for decades has plagued the countries of the world with its political and economic interference. Russia's partnership with China also adds strength to this alternative movement to the US-dominated institutions, the domination of the dollar, and the arbitrary interference in other countries.

Just a long read about NATO. I didn't realise quite how grim it was until I read this. tl;Dr, vassalage with no easy exit path.

What kind of work do you do?
I don’t need to know exact companies, no need to unnecessarily expose yourself or anything, but as we are a workers rights instance of Lemmy, I safely assume we are all proletarians. I for example work at a unionized grocery and I work outside. I have many complaints but I try my best to work as little as possible while getting my paycheck. Customers are usually fine but occasionally just dumb af to the point where it’s annoying(I have millions of stories) managers are very kind, only ones who were dicks left(unfortunately they probably got promoted if I remember correctly) and my coworkers are eh. Some are great to confide in and joke with, while others are rude or annoying, some are very nice but have garbage politics (libertarians who don’t understand their benefits from being in a union/don’t care enough about the differences to advocate for it). I plan on becoming a firefighter, not only for the pay, job security and union benefits, but it’s also an essential job that doesn’t exist just to create capital (no judgement to those who work in corporate environments, I’ve never done it and can’t judge it). I like my job overall but Goddamn the weather. Edit: Kinda cool to see so many people who are in tech.

Kim il-Sung had a great heart, yet he is so demonized.
It's such a shame and a disgrace. Kim il-Sung served the people well and wrote so many things praising them, even saying "The People are my God!" But Western propaganda wants us to believe he is a crazy lunatic who just wanted to create a totalitarian hermit kingdom all along. One day, history will absolve him.

Repost of two CPUSA guides.
Here's the Communism Reading Guide from 2022: And here's the CPUSA Reading List from 2022: Let me know if you all are unable to download them. I suggest bookmarking them or saving them somewhere.

This essay was written in response to the revived interest in the Makhno Movement during the Russian Revolution. The work debunks the claims that the Makhno Movement (and Anarchism) was a viable alternative to State Socialism in defeating the opponents of the Russian Revolution or building a socialist alternative.

can nepal be considered a socialist state?
from my understanding, the country is governed by several different, but all working class aligned, communist parties. I’m not sure what to make of this.

What even was the Red Terror and why did it happen?
So I heard that somebody shot Lenin and failed (thank god) and what happened was the Red Terror happened and many died as a result. Can I get some more details about this?

We need to use our collective knowledge to develop a GPT-style algorithm trained on the collected works of Marxist authors from all countries
Title is self-explanatory. The benefits of this would be tremendous, if correctly trained and perfected, it would be the greatest tool to democratize knowledge about Marxism. There are already several open-source large language models on the internet out there, but I think the biggest bottlenecks is the knowledge on deploying such models and computing power to run such a thing. Thread to discuss about this subject

well...dprk actually has cartoons, and they're pretty cool...a butterfly wants revenge against a big cock for destroying their village (of course, without sexual implications)

What really was Soviet foreign policy like?
Both American and Chinese sources that I've read like to claim that the Soviet Union was an imperialistic, hegemonic power that wanted to dominate the world. Other sources claim that the USSR was more neutral. Can you guys explain what Soviet foreign policy was like, especially how it changed over the years. (like how it changed from Stalin to Khruschev and so on.)

>Ka Jasper was a civilian, youth and farmer organizer – not a soldier of the New People’s Army – slain by [neo]fascists. To justify their crime, the [neo]fascists placed a .45 calibre pistol on the right hand of Ka Jasper and mindlessly opened-fire for almost 10 minutes which inflicted great trauma and fear to the people. The hands of the [neo]fascist régime of Marcos, Jr. and the reactionary army is stained with blood from killing Ka Jasper and many other victims murdered under the US-Marcos, Jr. régime. They must be held accountable for the crimes against the people.

when your reactor makes energy too cheap and you want more profit...

William Z. Foster also spat in Khruschev's face on his death bed. Khruschev never attended his funeral in Moscow after that.

When do you think the CPC will be more radical?
When I mean "more radical" I mean much greater worker ownership of society and less bourgeoisie. More social benefits such as free healthcare, free school, guaranteed employment, free housing, etc. Basically like Mao but without the dumb mistakes.

The opposition is only harping on about how they're not Erdogan. Like, bruh.

Who here joined via Twitter?
I've been trying to recruit from there.

“If LGBT was legalized in the USSR, would it be called KGBT? 🤔🤔🤔”
κesbian gay bisexual transgender

Are there limits to anti-imperialism?
I believe that anti-imperialism is definitely important, but are there any cases where that crosses the line? Say for example a fascist government. Now, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were imperialist powers so it made 100% sense to oppose them. But take the Taliban, an extremely reactionary government that opposed the USA. Or India, ruled by a far-right nationalist party that is a member of BRICS. Or pretty much any other fascistic and/or genocidal government that opposes imperialism while not being imperialist themselves. Now, I'm not saying we should support the imperialists, but are there cases where we should also not support the ones fighting the imperialists?

> 47 years ago today, Red Army Faction founding member Ulrike Meinhof was killed in prison. According to authorities, she took her own life, but comrades and supporters have long believed she was murdered. See this interview with her sister on the 40th anniversary of her death, which discusses independent evidence suggesting a prison cover-up.

In a moneyless full-stage communist society, would employment still be guaranteed and/or compulsory?
I understand fully that compulsory and guaranteed employment is both necessary and awesome in a socialist society in transition towards communism. But once communism has been fully achieved, would this compulsory employment still be a thing, especially since there is no currency that motivates many to work?

Had an argument with a “Marxist” classmate
You probably know how this basically went. So this guy was in class and he had a shirt of Karl Marx. I said "Based!" and told him that he should get a Lenin shirt next. He said that Lenin was authoritarian, so we argued about whether Lenin was good or not and whether "authoritarianism" was required to succeed in a socialist revolution. I even told him to read "On Authority" and he still didn't agree with me. Some gems: 1. "He (Engels) is saying that authoritarianism is required DURING the revolution, not after." I tried to explain to him that such "authoritarianism" was also required to SECURE the proletarian state after the initial violent revolution, but apparently that went over his head. 2. "You're not a leftist, you're far-right. You just use leftist rhetoric. You're just like Nazis." The classic red fash tankie line. 3. "Killing fascists is bad because killing people for their different political beliefs is always bad. You are basically doing genocide." He literally (if I recall) said that violence is required in a socialist revolution but all of a sudden if we do violence against fascists, which are harsh enemies of workers, that's bad and us letting them off the hook totally isn't going to lead to them becoming stronger. He said Lenin was bad because he "murdered political opponents." (I assume he is referring to the Red Terror.) 4. "Wouldn't all the killing done in a Leninist nation cause similar destabilization as when the USA does imperialism such as in Iraq?" I have yet to see such destabilization in socialist nations, only exceptions being in Cambodia and when the Warsaw Pact nations fell to capitalism. 5. "You aren't fighting the bourgeoisie, you are fighting the workers." 6. I defined fascism as socialists define it: an open terroristic capitalist dictatorship in response to workers' movement. Therefore, former AES nations and not even the current USA (yet) can be considered fascist. But he said "You're just playing the definition game" or something like that. This young man is very intelligent, I've got to admit. I can only hope he shares his wisdom with the socialists of the third world, to tell them why the evil Leninist line is just far-right and that they need to embrace his enlightened version of Marxism in order to succeed.

Join Lemmygrad! (my thread on /r/CPUSA, cross-posted to other places on Reddit)
Let me know if you're here because of that thread.

What caused the Khmer Rouge to be so brutal?
There are several illustrations out there about the torture of people in Khmer Rouge prisons, including ***chopping people's hands off.*** This all started as a communist, or pseudo-communist revolution. What the hell caused them to chop people's hands off? Among all of the other horrifying things they did. In modern times, I know very few that even rival all the brutality that this regime committed, not by death count but by the sheer inhumanity of the deaths. I need a detailed explanation of all this.

>First, there is resistance by developing economic self-sufficiency. North Korea, having survived 70 years of the world’s harshest international sanctions, calls self-reliance “Juche.” > >I was recently in Nicaragua, which is now 90 percent self-sufficient in food. Nicaraguans coped heroically with COVID-19, providing door-to-door health care even as the U.S. blocked their access to vaccines. Education there is free. The Sandinista government has developed essential infrastructure, especially roads, health clinics and schools. > >Nicaragua now ranks among the top five countries in the world in gender parity. Women fill more than half the seats in legislatures – local to national – and in administration, medicine and the rural economy, from bottom to top.

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