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"the facilities shown off on YouTube channels like Song A’s are only accessible to “special people in a special class” we’re talking about communism, right?

if only we had some torches...

well…now i understand why they stopped using the old slogan “don’t be bad”

curious that conservatives and far-righters say that most of those things are banned in communist countries, but usually those are the things that they want to ban in their countries too! so…communism is when you’re able to create a conservative utopia?

well, apolitical is mostly used in a “keep the status quo, but don’t make my salary lower” kinda way, or “keep the status quo to hold my delusion of someday being part of the elite” kinda way

look all that progress!!

“filled with rampant misogyny, homophobia, elitism, bigotry and violence” oh…so it’s the same like…“i dread the day it overtakes christianity” wut?

how edgy do you want to be?


when you see that "Russia has the third highest teen suicide rate in the world, behind Belarus and Kazakhstan" you know the damage that capitalism did to russia

i’m only capable (and interested) in achieving one color by game

well…maybe the fear is something cultural for the (erroneous) assumption that odontology works the same as it worked in 18th century thanks to the media

-“know the importance of a fully functioning family”…well, knowing it’s not the same as doing something with the knowledge

-“not allow areas they live in to turn in shitholes”…if you think that doing “white flight” to another place after destroying it counts as “not allow to turn something in a shithole…”

-“pay for your welfare” crackas use food stamps the same as black people!

“ifunny” yep…that explains it everything

you won’t need “no nut november” if you’re dead in january!

hey, you don’t like the “freedom” of being able to discard a perfectly functioning device because a corporation doesn’t want to lose profit? are you some kind of socialist?

are you talking about “our lord and savior” elon?

maybe try to show them why socialism is bad could be a bad idea...for capitalists

hope you like my first post!

soon it will be…a hundred million acre wood!

(sorry for the shitty winnie the pooh joke)

it’s a bizarre idea of trying to look peak imperialism as some kind of “mutant communism”, or maybe the article tries to make a metaphor of capitalism being the true “gommie boogerman”

oh, i get it, it’s because the “socialist biden” and “sjw’s” “idolize muslims and hate the white man!” of course…

“having a children around your dick is better than having an animal or bugs around your dick” is what we should conclude of this typical reddit moment?

well…if you’re more interested in something that “just werks” more than something to sell, you have kalashnikovs

define “criticize”…could a guy seen as a cruel dictator outside dprk be so fragile that he would amount to torture random citizens?

“cut your mom and dad from your life!”…“what, are you STILL LIVING with your parents?”

“stop talking to your brother and sister!”…“posted from iphone used to discuss with strangers”

“disown your children!”…“because the only thing that keeps families is the inheritance!”

“practice what you preach, leftists!”…“because everyone knows that rightoids sell all their possesions to give them to the poor”

you're not a extremist, don't you? that could possibly be bad

“copyright strike”

we youtube now! gg elon…gg

ai art looks promising, but the issue is the way of capital to exploit it in the benefit of ruling class

how many of the people who read them can make the analogy of the spy thingy in oceania with google gnome or alexa…

“china not really having a drive go read random western literature without a compelling reason” bc everyone know that average american likes to read books from other countries randomly!

i don’t remember…i found it on a webpage, maybe reddit, and i downloaded it

but what’s umbrella corp? nemesis would be a metaphor of capitalism trying to destroy communism (born from inside it) with all its might?

i mean, when people use only social media (owned by corporations) and tv (owned by corporations), it’s a pretty basic conception that they could be indoctrinated…but they won’t admit it bc “they always can change the channel” or “they can close the account” to use another social media or tv channel (owned by a corporation too)…big brother always was a good ol’ capitalist

the only good marx without liberalism is ai art marx

“vtuber” "black(xxx)water, “libertarian”, “ukraine flag”

kinda sus

this text has a point...

"oh cool, a new dune movie!" "nevermind...it's just capitalism blocking environmentalists from entering a coal mine

how can you go writing a bible in blood and considering a “good christian soldier”?

i'm loving it!

i thought that big brother was communist!

"b-but the smartphones!" taken from amoyal.medium.com

sucks to be a communist country where the young people aren't being harassed by lenders with obscene rates of interest and suicides! what do you think about that, kim?

when you're in a dictatorship and you're "forced" to have a good time

north korean art
those evil communists dare to make websites about art and music! they should be censoring people and repressing them!!

pigs snooping as usual, i see

sickness is just a state of mind who tries to make you lazy in your work

it's like the anime, but without the cyborg waifu or the cool implants!

why do we need those pesky schools if children can learn everything from work?

what kind of innovation is this?