Important letter to the shitposting community
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Tucker Carlson Covers the Return of Jesus Christ
A satirical video of Tucker Carlson bashing conservative's literal holy grail for being "woke" and an unabashed commie.

I don't watch tennis but I'm visiting, I'm drawing, I looked up and God this is so annoying...guess what country Potapova is from 🙄 I wish I snapped a photo when they had 3 different games up, 3 of the 6 players didn't have their flag next to their name. Even if USA really was The Good Guys and [CENSORED] was Nazis 2.0 like they claim, this shit is just virtue signaling snobbery. As if sports players choose foreign policy. I'd love to see Americans treated like we're responsible for our country's actions...people would lose their minds. Anyways, this is old news ever since they started banning [CENSORED] plays and musicals and movies and accents but was annoyed and wanted to share

HELLO! Minor complaint
Just found this community, I love memes and I think being able to laugh about shit even if it’s somewhat offensive is important, I definitely would never want to curate a hyperwoke space where everybody splits hairs about every little word and action. I think it’s important to laugh at each other and ourselves, it’s human. Edginess and dark humor can be lots of fun. That being said, I do question the profile picture of the community. I will not even lie, it’s a goofy picture, and in a vacuum there is nothing wrong with it and it would even be funny and appropriate for a shitposting community IMO. However, Black people + watermelon is a very common old racist trope within the United States used both on our internet spaces and IRL, and with that context I do wonder if some of our Black comrades who are familiar with the trope would feel alienated from wanting to participate in this community, but also wouldn’t want to voice that themselves and be seen as a complainer. This is not at all an accusation, and I’m sure whoever chose the profile picture didn’t intend that whatsoever and might have not even known about the trope. I would just hate if our Black comrades felt this was a hostile space. Perhaps they should be asked, but I would hate to put someone “on the spot” and again feel pressure to not seem like a complainer.

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