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What does LGBT have to do with referendums for Oblasts joining Russia I wonder…

What about ‘‘de-nizifiying’’ tho, he forgot what the term means?

You can always go with Airsoft but I would like authentic some day.

Yes, but fucked up for Russian president to worship philosopher who worshipped man who wanted to exterminate Russians and all Slavs and committed genocide. What the fuck, this is a new low for Putin.

+Don’t forget all the acid blood when they kill 1

Then watch Saw, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Freddy etc like me and all normal people do, not irl people dying wtf?

Oh that guy. What the fuck is with Putin as a president of Russia to quote a literal nazi who supported Hitler?

Would be great to get authentic one.

I heard that they are still used in war currently.

Would be impressive for someone who hasn't won a single war against 100 times weaker enemies since WW2

Reddit defends subs in which they literally post videos of gore and real people dying live, there are still plenty of subs for that active and not banned. That’s another example of why Reddit is the worst and most disgusting site on surface internet.

Putin's speech will be today
Putin will today deliver a speech about DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporizhia joining Russia, all Oblasts are supposed to join Russia until 4th October.

Edit: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/62ffe22a-910c-4d1a-8a9a-5b5a7976d4c3.png)

I’m waiting for GenZedong to be banned eventually and delete all my posts and account and escape from that god forsaken website, I’m still there just for GenZedong and r/shitliberals say, couple of other non-political subs more or less.

I’m on it since late 2019 but didn’t participate until last year and saw it how it degrades from average cancer to a, I don’t even know what to call it anymore.

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It was like that for Donbas for 8 years, have you ever wondered that?

Wonder how they call western part of Europe at the time and to this day

DR movie would be kinda badass if done right tbh.


This channel about ''history'' is cancer, whoever is from ex-Yugoslavia, don't watch him
He is basically like Serbian nationalist who bootlicks west, yeah I know... To explain, it will be a little long: The thing is, in 2019 he was making videos hating on west and NATO, talked about their war crimes, shitting on USA and was pro-Russian, but even then he was spewing anti-communist bullshit frequently including ''kids love communism why they don't ask people who loved under it if it's so good''. He always acts so smart and smug while talking about historical events while almost always has at least 3 mistakes in each video. He gets mad when some people call him chetnik in comments or try to correct him in even the slightest mistake, he tells that people in comments calling each other ''chetnik'' ''ustashe'' ''balije'' etc are stupid, which they are but he still shows signs of being a chetnik piece of shit he is. One time in a shitpost video he straight up put chetnik music in background, imagine if someone put Thompson in background of his videos, yea it's the same... While talking about Kingdom of Serbia or Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes-later Kingdom of Yugoslavia he basically boot throats the kings and always talks so lightly of kingdoms and monarchy, while calling Tito a ''dictator'' a multiple times. [In his video about Italy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDFRQL15KTw&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he called Tito a ''dictator'' at least 3 times while comparing him to Mussolini, Tito had nothing to do with anything in the video, he just had an urge to use the word dictator on him. Then [in his video about Kingdom of Yugoslavia](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWBa6v0tW08&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he had a red star on ushanka and immediately go out of his way to ''defend himself'' and say that ''god forbids he is not a commie''. Video also had multiple historical inaccuracies such as Kingdom of Serbia soloing Austria-Hungary and liberating whole Yugoslavia, forgetting to mention that Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia liberated themselves and had independence before Serbian army arrived at north. He also said that Nikola Pašić ''created Yugoslavia'' by himself, in his logic one man is responsible for fates of 3 countries, while the truth is that everyone and people choose it and created unified country together. In video [where he reastablishes USSR in Age of Civilizations 2 ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FuPO0I2vy8&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) when he bumped the points and stats, he said that people ''used not to eat food in communism so they will have no problem''. When he made the video [about USSR unifying again in the future](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmJdfCODa00&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he talked about unified USSR without socialism and without the word ''Soviet'' yes, he made a video on what if USSR restores but without socialism or even anything closely related, he basically has a phobia. In [unified Korea video ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VylXoSMlFT0&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he was basically creaming himself while talking about south occupied puppet, talking how he was in Seoul and how it should be capital because it's ''centuries above North'' and that ''people will run to south from poor north as soon as unification happens''. In [Warsaw Pact video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZR7pu5gAwo&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he equalizes it with North Atlantic Terrorist Organization multiple times and spews a few other bullshit I even forgot about. In multiple videos he equalizes USSR and USA saying that they are same with doing ''proxy war in random countries just for the lolz''. While the one was and IS genocidal empire who bombed random countries in support of colonialism, capitalist interests and stealing their resources, the other supported anti-colonial movements and helped many countries liberate themselves from western terror, he clearly forgets about it. He said that Tsar Nicholas II and Russia had to leave WW1 because of ''red torments'' in country. He makes overused memes about ''Bulgaria stabbing Serbia in back'' multiple times in history even though both did the same multiple times. Since about 2020 he gradually started being more and more anti Russian: ''Russians are not our brothers'' ''Russians are guilty for Serbia and Bulgaria fighting'' He made a video about [NATO betraying Russia and expanding](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHg55WMB1ao&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) where he said that that's not true, that ''democratic countries'' ''choose'' to enter for protection from Russia and also said ''after democratization of Russia in 1990s''. [In video about history of China](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeW1ynN7GYc&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he said that Mao killed 40 million people... Even though he shits on EU in [his video about it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0-zLHLyZ7Y&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme) he also praises it a multiple times. Said that Romania ''doesn't want to experience what it's neighbor Ukraine does'' [in a video about Moldova](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2OnXgYNWyQ&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme), this was before 24th February, I can only imagine now. Put Crimea as Ukrainian on map on thumbnail in[ video about cities with same name as ones in Serbia](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT-QIQlyREk&ab_channel=OzbiljneTeme). Standard ''Germany and USSR invaded Poland together and started WW2'' idiocy. He also always jokes in his videos no matter the subject, even if it's about war, colonialism, imperialism etc. AND AFTER ALL OF THIS, he says that he is always ''neutral on every subject'' and doesn't want to spark controversy and for people to don't fight in comments or else he will block them! He also makes video of cringe comments of his fans where he laughs and makes fun of literal children who talk nonsense in comments thinking that he is accomplishing something by laughing at it. What was once a decent quality history channel who shits on USA and west and praises Russia with just a few mistakes has turned into a westoid bootlicking anti-communist almost Russophobic cesspool. Don't watch his videos and give him views like that, I just put the sources and where he says all the bullshit I stated and gave example above.