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Good, I hope it will be over until March.

Does anyone know the situation in Bakhmut?
Maps I've seen don't seem to change for like a week, is Krasna Hora liberated and is there any progress?

If I remember correctly, German Empire used gas in WW1 and USA used shotguns even thou both were banned?

This, countries 100 times smaller are kicking it’s ass repeatedly ever since WW2 ended.

Apparently it's some wrestler lol.

Bakhmut will be liberated until end of month probably

Yes and they act like it and get destroyed in minutes as they arrive on island

2014/2019/2021 and Kong:Skull Island are the best I’ve ever seen, saw them hundreds of times, only recently found out that Waltuh is in 2014

Bruh I forgot that movie exists.

Try 2014, 2019 and 2021

Yes, this is supposedly ‘‘Serbian salute’’, but idk where it comes from, it seems sus.

It can if there is big offensive, not Kharkiv Oblast, I meant Donetsk and fully Lugansk, that’s what Putin said apparently

De-nazified by removing all nazi collaborator and other monuments, and renaming streets, places etc, bringing all history rewritten in books for last 30 years to old history (bringing back normal history, not worshiping collaborators), putting government and all of their collaborators who participated in war crimes and supported them n trial and re-educating the rest from worshiping fascism. Idk what Russian plan is exactly, but that’s what I predict.

Liberating from puppet government, nazis, western puppets etc.

No other way to deal with nazis, billionaires and bourgeoisie, westoid puppets trying to perform coups. pedophiles, rapists etc so it’s strictly for them.

Big offensive is coming until end of the month, I heard that Putin ordered for Donbas to be liberated until April(not sure about this one 100%), offensive from Belarus is also coming probably since Russian army is grouping there. But other than that, no escalation on other countries if you mean that, except maybe Moldova when Odessa Oblast is liberated and Russia reaches Transnistria but I hope that referendum and possible annexation will pass peacefully without Moldova trying anything.

It will end with liberating Kiev, demilitarizing and denazifying Ukraine, annexing everything east of Dnieper+Mykolaiv and Odessa Oblasts, putting Ukrainian government and nazis on trial for crimes against humanity and installing normal government in what’s left of Ukraine.

I was like: impressive, very nice, now do Godzilla

‘‘US military is the strongest on earth’’

Welp, I’ve got some good news for you: 🇷🇺🇨🇳🇮🇷🇮🇳

Chicken actually, but with 200 IQ

‘‘Worlds best air defense’’

S-400 has entered the chat:

I have no one to play with except family😭

I can't believe this is happening we are waiting since 2015 and it finally started

‘‘The rotten cancer of fascism ravages Europe like a plague’’

It’s really unfortunate that Lego doesn’t make army sets, we could have tanks, Su planes, guns etc. They also made too many space sets but forgot Gagarin.

Probably copycats, and what happened, why did they change it?

God must despise USA since super volcano that could blow up the entire continent at any day is located there and considering all natural disasters there and in their puppets past few years.

Found the source for all ‘‘China expert’’ channels:

Military? I know they spam city police too much, but don’t they have ‘‘no army’’ rule along with ‘‘no violence, horror etc’’ rule?

And wtf no Legos in Russia fr?

I want it to become a real set so bad

Based family in general, but I knew that something was wrong with system and had ‘‘kill the rich, police and government’’ mindset since 2017, I was anarchist at first, but as I discovered more about USSR, Yugoslavia etc, I became based.

Fortunately Afghanistan in maps is outdated af and there aren’t any bases in countries with stan in name

They are losing on all fronts and withdrawing from everywhere in Donetsk including Bakhmut which will be liberated, they are trying to destroy as much as they can because of it, this will not go unpunished

Wonder what Christianity thought about women with basic education in middle ages

Bilohorivka is liberated
Rybar confirmed that Ukronazis withdrew a few days ago and Bilohorivka was liberated, there is also an offensive at Krasnopopovka-Kreminna line and advance towards Lyman.

It’s fucked up no matter the gender and it’s almost always played for laughs except ofc in horror and crime movies

And you lost in all of those places except one was a stalemate, and soon you will lose there 🇨🇳🇻🇳🇨🇺🇰🇵

This, this is terrible no matter the gender and irl the people doing that could end up in prison for months. It’s literally scenes for horror movies played in comedic light. And I have an experience with it.

Yes, I know a couple, Kevin Spacey is the obvious example, but I don’t know much of them.

Why is stalking so normalized in media?
Last night there was one movie on TV(idk the name of it, TV is always turned on in the background and I randomly see it) where some man was minding his own business and he was walking down the street coming back home during evening while one woman he doesn't even know started following and stalking him without him knowing, she literally hid behind the trees, walls, looked away if he accidentally turned around so he doesn't notice etc. This whole scene is played for laughs and when he arrived at his doorstep, she was behind tree and bushes and he heard and saw her, of course he got scared but then they started chatting like nothing happened and it's all played for laughs. Why am I mentioning this now? Because my brother literally experienced similar situation a few years ago because of our classmate in school and it wasn't funny at all while many people said it that he should've just brushed it off instead of making it a ''big deal''. Also, this isn't the first time I saw this in movies/TV shows, I saw scenes/situations like this literally hundreds of times and it's always a comedic scene played for laughs if it's not a horror movie of course. Why is stalking normalized in media and in general?

I hate this fanbase so goddamn much sometimes😒


It's the same 10 questions over and over and over again in r/askreddit