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This ain’t Hitler apologia anymore this has literally turned into: communism=bad nazi=good

Baryonyx and Suchomimus were chibi Spinosaurus without sail

You know that posts/pictures that don’t even deserve one word of comment? This is one of those.

Perfect, but imagine this on r/historymemes…

Also there are literally tens of other countries that did unspekable things in history that they could put on the list, but muh USSR is literally satan!

Muh rape of 10000 million woman in Berlin even tho every soldier that did crime was shot!!

Yeah, it sounds stupid, but I heard that we are somehow connected to Syria and Persia, don’t ask…

Yea, I think we Slavs are generally more closer to Asia/Middle East than Euros in general. Many times I read that Slavs came to Balkans fro Middle East, I don’t know how true that is…

I never in my life saw someone being such propaganda machines in human form and being so goddamn proud of it and smug about it thinking your brain is bigger than Tesla’s or Einstein’s while you can’t even spell the names right…

As a Slav from Eastern Europe, I like to see myself more Asian than wh*te(Mongols in Eastern Europe ancestors theory) and I’m gonna say it: we should have let the Genghis Khan pillage whole Europe before they get the chace to even think about colonisation…

Also, same as young fuckers here in SFRY and USSR: they miss it becuz they were young and nostalgic and my ass.

Lmao one guy said that if CRPF wins in Russia after Putin, people will revolt because they are ‘‘enjoying the perks of capitaism’’ today and don’t want USSR back…

Some of the comments: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/15ccb4e2-cb85-44e9-8d9a-606c85fe042b.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a14a8067-1035-4556-a50e-19f606e995b6.png)

What horrible things did Steve Jobs do?
I saw too many people praising him and talking that ''he was not like the other billionaires'' and that he was actually good, not same like Bezos, Musk, Gates etc...But I am 100% sure he did some standard horrible shit every billionaire does. So, what exactly he did?

Was Disney racist?
One guy was trying to argue so hard that he wasn't, but I am 99% sure he was, so is it true?

Sick fucks

They were so stylish is the title...