Five nights at Freddy's

Why can't literal horror movie about series with killer animatronics, dead children, crushed brains and skulls, killing of security guards by stuffing them in suits until their eyeballs pop off, springlocks crushing of human bodies, hanging bodies, disturbing imagery, ghosts, animatronics designed for hunting children ripping out skeletons and organs of human with scooper and taking the skin as a disguise be rated PG-13 and for kids😭 Like really guys, you are expecting a horror movie abt all of that to be rated R and not PG-13 kid friendly with funny bears, bunnies and chickens? 😳


Apparently it's some wrestler lol.

I can't believe this is happening we are waiting since 2015 and it finally started

I really do want this Fredbear plush irl.

Five nights at Freddy's
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