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Chances for a successful strike increased every day, as community members brought food and money and joined the picket line in the freezing snow. To show love and support for the workers, the community did not cross the picket line and did not shop in the King Sooper, where stores were empty of pe…

Several speakers reported that borders do not stop people from entering the U.S., but the borders and walls create lethal conditions for workers fleeing violence and joblessness in their homes. The STHRC realizes that water is a human right and that migrants need water to survive. […] IMA-USA was f…

You’d be forgiven if you thought this coverage was designed to steer readers away from thinking about the dangers of for-profit housing, or the vice grip that real estate developers have had on New York City since they “bought” Manhattan from the Lenape in 1626…

Rikers prisoners have given media interviews since they began the hunger strike. One prisoner, Nelson Pinero, said that his sleep is often disturbed by mice and water bugs crawling over him. Prisoners complain that they have not been allowed outside of their cells for weeks…

which area do you think is represented by “Pineland”?..

In New York City, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU), the Workers Assembly Against Racism (WAAR), the New York Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and other trade union and pro-worker activists will demonstrate in front of Amazon headquarters on W. 34th Street near Fifth Avenue. Their demand is for Amazo…

Ah shit, here we go again…

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