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It took a while to understand what was done here.

But why though? It would look almost identical if there wasn’t a 5.5 on the Y axis.

All this makes me think of how extremely valuable sophisticated high-end technology is and how important it is for some alternative to the Western bloc to have knowledge of these to be to able to leverage and disseminate.

I don’t keep up with scientific discoveries or anything like that so I don’t know what the next stage of technological advancement looks like. But if some non-Western country is able to attain whatever it is, especially in important areas like energy and computation, then it will significantly improve the chances of the biosphere not collapsing to the predation of big and mainly-Western corporations.

The litmus test for whether this is an existential threat to Western hegemony is gauging the response of the US state to percieved threats to the mere possibility of the contemporary boogeyman catching up in some sector of high end technology.

This is why I personally like China’s current plan of cultivating a stable environment for both transferring tech from the West and indigenously developing it.

The problem is what does preparation for this “eventual” spread have to do with the zero-covid policy? They say in the article that China is ill equipped to handle the pandemic in case it spreads. In that case is delaying this “eventual” spread not the right thing to do? Why cannot they prepare for it while keeping zero-covid policy in place?

The article is vague sophistry and just another iteration of “the coming collapse of China” copium.

For clarification I put “eventual” in quotes because I am not sure if it is destined that China will see a breakout, seeing how the “civilised” world has ensured with their vaccine patent enforcements and their domestic vaccinstion policies that thr virus will never die out.

Is there a need of more arguments?

This just reads like they want Chinese people to drop like flies and the Chinese society to be okay with it. They sound mad that disease ridden plague rats from the “international community” are not allowed to walk around leashless to infect the Chinese people with a disease that they, in this piece itself, claim that the medical system would not be able to handle in case it spirals out of control.

Archived link that bypasses the paywall: https://archive.fo/nb5Db

Comments that piss me off the most are the ones are like:

Sadly this nuance is lacking when it comes to non-US places lmao

From my experience when US is criticised it is usually done by making jokes about stereotypes like gun laws, being fat etc. Most of the time if you bring up actual issues like the genocide of the natives, the country being a racist prison state or the imperialist plunder the response is lukewarm at best. And then you have people playing victim like this.

I always forget how massive Ukraine is

Fishermen are the true vanguard of the proletariat. First they thwarted the incursion into Venezuela and now this.

What’s bullshit about this?

Choose your fighter

  1. Segregationist diddler
  2. Heroic anti-imperialist revolutionary

If people can forget that Biden said “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” then this will eventually be forgotten too. Also in all likelihood liberals will whitewashing McConnell in about a decade like they are doing with Bush.

India was also neither socialist nor secular when these words were added to the constitution (42nd amendment).

People somehow have a very strong understanding of what is “fair” and “unfair” in sports like it is something that god whispered in their ears.

Taking soccer as an example, people have been complaining for the last decade how teams like Manchester City, PSG and now Newcastle using nothing but their owner’s capital to congregate a team of elite players is “unfair”. Meanwhile all the top teams in all the top leagues have done nothing but build capital that they were able to accrue because of their early success from times when the playing field was relatively more level and use this capital to choke out the smaller teams leading to an extremely stratified hierarchy.

Is it “fair” to give big teams who are already rich a larger portion of the TV revenue than the smaller teams? Somehow it is.

However, Japan, which ranked first for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, dropped to the sixth place in 2021.

No idea why any Chinese person would say Japan is their favourite country. But then again I don’t know how many Indian people love the UK.

Simplified Portugese after the revolution

Didn’t turn out as nice as I hoped but a decent first draft anyway…

Damn /r/communism mods are pretty Maoist

The most important thing needs to be said first. I am not well read on Maoist theory and history apart from On Contradiction by Mao (which is not really Maoist). So whatever I say, you may as well completely disregard it. It won’t any difference. …

I looked at his activity on the same day as the tweet and I reckon he is talking about tendencies like this in the subreddit. …

Guerrilla History: Dispatch: Coup in Guinea w/ Abayomi Azikiwe

Some background on the Guinea coup for those wondering what is going on. …

Anyone knows where I can find Cuba and the Cameraman?

It’s a netflix doc. The torrents on rarbg seem dead. …

Teaching Open Source Software in North Korea

This is pretty dope. An American instructor goes to DPRK to teach post-undergrad students about machine learning (ML). …

Redditors are using the discovery of Canadian residential school graves to... bash on China

Redditors are so blatantly fascist when sensitive topics surface. On a thread about residential school graves, I found this comment. Here is an excerpt from this that I find problematic: …


/r/pics top post is a picture of a Palestinian father mourning his daughter's murder and the comments are implying that he will become a terrorist because of this (I think?)

I don’t know if my brain has been poisoned and I am not thinking straight but look at these comments: …

24 minutes of Assad destroying reporters

Had no idea what he sounded like before, especially when talking in English, so thought it was interesting…

Reading Palestine-occupied Palestine conflict related threads on Reddit's default subs is depressing the fuck out of me

What the hell am I even reading. The general understanding of the situation there, of what’s going on, what has been going on for more than 50 years, is absolutely braindead. Even some pro-Palestine people seem to only have a vague understanding of the genocidal settler-colonial project that Zionism…

Made the mistake of engaging with an anti China robot on an Indian left subreddit. When I asked for evidence for genocide they gave me this AP News article as proof of genocide. I wanted to discuss this article because it has the veneer of being scientific because it uses graphs so people jump on th…

Sharing this because I assume most people are unaware of far-right Indian subreddits (not that I think one should know about them) so it would be slightly interesting. …