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yeah capitalism isn’t the problem. it’s the people who own private property.

Anyone else feel sex trade gets brought up disproportionately more compared to other women’s issues on Reddit and Twitter? Wondering if it’s just me.

Edit: Haven’t listened to episode yet but one of the guests, Esperanza Gomez, has a nice essay pertaining to sex work but I can’t find the link for it.

I feel about NFTs the same way I feel about Hunter Biden’s alleged art. Probably just a way for some assholes to launder money or something like that.

Obviously some portion of the transactions are legitimate in nature. But someone buying something like this for millions feels like an intentional ruse to drive up demand.

I have some background in programming and maths but I still feel no motivation to read about this kind of stuff. It feels very latestagecapitalism and moreover the people active in these circles are weird nerds.

He did say that he didn’t help in evicting families though of course it is near impossible to find out whether it is the truth or not.

Seeing anime profile pictures on Twitter triggers a fight or flight response in me

Why would she terrorise Israel like so? Is Hamas hiding between the pages of her books?

I feel the defense spending of the US in terms of dollars is a bit inflated by the fact that the military industrial complex is in some respects a scheme to funnel tax dollars into the hands of a few. Not saying that the US military isn’t disgustingly strong. But I am pretty sure they don’t get as much utility per dollar as, say, USSR or China.

Not sure if that is better or worse for the US. I lean towards worse.


Mob rule is cool and good

If you are using a bot, have you considered uploading the source code somewhere? Might be helpful for other people.

What…what does he want? I have never understood his angle. He just seems like the typical leftist intellectual tasked with peddling anti-communism.

I think the author of the article linked in the comment you replied to is the one who wrote it.

I was going to write a reply but am too tired. Maybe later.

Edit: how do you define patriotism exactly?

Being patriotic towards the USA is very different from beifn patriotic towards DPRK, Vietnam etc. All the quotes you list talk of patriotism towards oppressed nations.

Damn /r/communism mods are pretty Maoist

The most important thing needs to be said first. I am not well read on Maoist theory and history apart from On Contradiction by Mao (which is not really Maoist). So whatever I say, you may as well completely disregard it. It won’t any difference. …

I looked at his activity on the same day as the tweet and I reckon he is talking about tendencies like this in the subreddit. …

Guerrilla History: Dispatch: Coup in Guinea w/ Abayomi Azikiwe

Some background on the Guinea coup for those wondering what is going on. …

Anyone knows where I can find Cuba and the Cameraman?

It’s a netflix doc. The torrents on rarbg seem dead. …

Teaching Open Source Software in North Korea

This is pretty dope. An American instructor goes to DPRK to teach post-undergrad students about machine learning (ML). …

Redditors are using the discovery of Canadian residential school graves to... bash on China

Redditors are so blatantly fascist when sensitive topics surface. On a thread about residential school graves, I found this comment. Here is an excerpt from this that I find problematic: …


24 minutes of Assad destroying reporters

Had no idea what he sounded like before, especially when talking in English, so thought it was interesting…

Reading Palestine-occupied Palestine conflict related threads on Reddit's default subs is depressing the fuck out of me

What the hell am I even reading. The general understanding of the situation there, of what’s going on, what has been going on for more than 50 years, is absolutely braindead. Even some pro-Palestine people seem to only have a vague understanding of the genocidal settler-colonial project that Zionism…

Made the mistake of engaging with an anti China robot on an Indian left subreddit. When I asked for evidence for genocide they gave me this AP News article as proof of genocide. I wanted to discuss this article because it has the veneer of being scientific because it uses graphs so people jump on th…

Sharing this because I assume most people are unaware of far-right Indian subreddits (not that I think one should know about them) so it would be slightly interesting. …