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No one even says derp anymore

When cops are not assaulting minorities why are they such whiny fucks

With that lineup I’ll say even two elections is pushing it

Started reading one of his books called The Argumentative Indian and gave up after the first paragraph

Anyone else feel that when China punishes billionaires, the media always narrates it in such a way that makes it look like CPC is a bigger threat to us than billionaires? The coverage is always sympathetic towards billionaires.

But the businessmen of the financial sector who were behind the 2008 crisis that produced unemployment, hunger and misery among the American people did not even generate one prisoner among the billionaires.

I think ONE banker went to jail lmao

He is an Indian economist and Nobel laurate. I’ve read little of him but he is welfare capitalism advocate. He’s not a socialist or communist.

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Big problem with big tech is that because of the automated or semi-automated systems in place the blame for things like this falls on no one in particular so the process of raising a grievance becomes a bit ambiguous.

With this video, it is not a big deal. But some more important videos like The Empire Files’ on debunking Jon Oliver’s episode on Venezuela are censored this way too. You literally cannot watch it without logging in unless you use youtube-dl or invidious etc.

USA: coups Bolivia
China: trades with Bolivia
Shitheads: tWo ThiNgS cAn bE bad

Thanks again for sharing this


Where did you find this?

Anyone knows where I can find Cuba and the Cameraman?

It’s a netflix doc. The torrents on rarbg seem dead. …

toCommunism101Western "leftist"

This is the first time I have heard of democratic socialists or social democrats upholding Gaddafi.

The talk about the similitude of US and China in being colonies was kinda whack but everything else was okay.

One thing to appreciate is that China has deliberately developed in such a way where at least this is a possibility now.

Were there no Marxist-Leninist nation with the size and demographic power of China these absurdity could have gone till the planet ceases to be. We may not be in the clear but at least there is some semblance of hope.

Failure is when you give up comrade

It’s not fascism it’s authoritarian liberalism trust me bro

I think if Anarchism was feasible we would have seen a few examples of successful anarchist societies or nation but alas.

Teaching Open Source Software in North Korea

This is pretty dope. An American instructor goes to DPRK to teach post-undergrad students about machine learning (ML). …

Redditors are using the discovery of Canadian residential school graves to... bash on China

Redditors are so blatantly fascist when sensitive topics surface. On a thread about residential school graves, I found this comment. Here is an excerpt from this that I find problematic: …

I have no words


24 minutes of Assad destroying reporters

Had no idea what he sounded like before, especially when talking in English, so thought it was interesting…

Reading Palestine-occupied Palestine conflict related threads on Reddit's default subs is depressing the fuck out of me

What the hell am I even reading. The general understanding of the situation there, of what’s going on, what has been going on for more than 50 years, is absolutely braindead. Even some pro-Palestine people seem to only have a vague understanding of the genocidal settler-colonial project that Zionism…

Made the mistake of engaging with an anti China robot on an Indian left subreddit. When I asked for evidence for genocide they gave me this AP News article as proof of genocide. I wanted to discuss this article because it has the veneer of being scientific because it uses graphs so people jump on th…

Sharing this because I assume most people are unaware of far-right Indian subreddits (not that I think one should know about them) so it would be slightly interesting. …



Why do politicians in the USA oppose the $2000 stimulus?

On a reddit comment I saw some Republican apologia (they don’t think direct cash payment is the best way to stimulate the economy, it’s because of the deficit) so I got thinking and realised I don’t have concrete knowledge of why they oppose it. Is it because it will squeeze money out of handouts th…