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brb gonna use dialectical materialism to go back in time and teach the natives of Americas how to make guns

Trump had/has a bank account in China so he had to pay taxes to the Chinese government.

American liberals will obviously ignore that their country is a haven for the rich and instead tack on to attacking Trump because he didn’t benevolently just pay more taxes.

It’s either a coup or a it’s not a coup I don’t know how many words you need to state your opinion on that. Disingenuous moron.

yeah but it’s not centralised. like in IoT, all electronics communicate with the central server (like Amazon’s or Google’s depending on how you’ve set it up). but in federation, the instances communicate with each other.

Good call. I will look at ds9 since I am curious how it is gonna look in practice. Good work btw comrade. It’s coming together nicely.

Internet of Things is different. It refers to electronic devices being connected to the internet so they can communicate via a central hub (like Amazon’s Alexa). Like you can have smart lights in your home that are connected to the internet. So you can use a phone app to control them (turn them off, change brightness or colour, etc.). And you can do this while you are away from home too because they are connected to the internet. This is why it’s called the internet of things.

The best part is a little bit below this thread. He talks of food shortages that he blames on communism, but happened much after the dissolution of the USSR and enforcement of capitalist policies.

Hope the fash are hanged tho

Unbiased is when you have equal amounts of good and bad things.

Is this a land-to-land missile? Or air-to-land?

The good thing about China is that it can hypothetically come in an alliance with the self-serving bourgeois government, which in today’s climate would have been very difficult with the USSR. It wouldn’t be great for India in terms of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat, but it would be very good for China who would be able to prevent unnecessary and detrimental polarisation of the regjon.

Great comment

Edit: lmao my bad it’s from the article

About aliens I have read some stuff like there have been recordings of UFOs that fly and turn very fast and something along the lines that “anyone who is a top gun in the government knows that aliens exist” but I still have zero percent faith in that.

Even the Venus stuff that was found recently I am 100% certain they either misidentified phosphene or that it’s a result of a chemical process unknown to us so far. Basically have no faith in something like this, let alone ghosts, gods, etc. Even the history taught to us is basically a cover-up so being a ML I don’t give credence to the supernatural at all. Doesn’t mean I am an anti-theist fundamentalist or anything like that so please don’t take it the wrong way.

Really don’t like it being phrased “humans wiped out…” when majority of the world population is not complicit in this.

Yeah! Fucking moron. Get back in there!

I have attempted this before. Good thing is there are many pushup variations that are harder so you can go a long way in building strength and endurance without needing weights. Bad thing is when I try to push (ha) my limits, I get blood pumed to my head and I start feeling light-headed and dizzy. So I don’t like doing pushups.

Great work comrade. Have uploaded these to library genesis?

I have been exposed as a title-only reader.

How would they break up a web browser?

Bench go up

I have historically had a very weak body, but my upper body has been the weakest link on top of that. I have been decent at squats and deadlifts because I played a lot of soccer before but never bothered with working on my arms and chest. …

Any comic books, graphic novels, manga that y'all like?

For these, I have never been able to get into superhero comic books, which make a bulk of the popular ones because they feel too silly to me now. From the ones I have read, and I haven’t read too many, I really liked Sandman (Gaiman) and Hellboy (Mignola). …

This professor’s accent sounds a bit like Bernie Sander’s. If only Bernie was this based. I have downloaded the whole playlist onto my computer (~8.7GB) and plan on finishing this series if it’s good. …

Feel kinda stupid for making this post but this was shared on /r/neoliberal. This screenshot from wikipedia makes it seem like the KPD collaborated with reactionaries (for the “red fash” trope) but I was wondering if there are any nuances or contexts that have been left out. Thanks. :)…

Are there some fascist people in China?

Sorry if the question sounds tone-deaf but in India and the US for example fascist people are allowed a platform to propagate their ideology which is a big problem socialist groups. …

The video is in Hindi but has English captions. It’s short and simple and I highly recommend watching it…

The video is in Hindi but has English captions. It’s short and simple and I highly recommend watching it…