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so was that dude a spy or not? was behaving like a spy for sure.

Hello comrade

Is there any good pieces about this cuban-miamese mafia? Seems like they were involved in JFK getting merked too. The Cuban influence runs a bit deep in Miami and it’s not just about them being a reactionary voter group.

I’d argue he introduced neoliberalism because it was good for the ruling class and the studies were just for manufacturing consent.

I don’t see the moon being colonised ever. There isn’t much habitability there.

Their “scientifically sound” approach to climate change is net-zero emissions by 2050, the same year when China wants to achieve socialism, and labelling climate change a “national security threat” and using it as an excuse to dump money into the military. The only difference between them and Republicans is that the latter don’t pretend to care.

Yeah but have you considered that if someone accuses democrats of something they are actually a Russian asset? I totally understand geopolitics.

One of the things that bothers me a lot is how the mainstream media has completely swept under the rug the magnitude and quality of corporate bailouts. These bailouts are something that no worker would accept to be sensible, as they bring forth the ridiculous contradictions of capitalism under the lightest scrutiny. But there are no discussions around these in mainstream media which kinda pass it off as something that needs to be done to keep the economy afloat.

Oh OK. The Indian equivalents for those are SENSEX and NIFTY50.

CSI300 instead of the SP500 right now

What are these?

the subcom this is posted in extremely perfect lol

LMAO Guido is checkmarked too. Also I really hate how instrumental Twitter is to AOC’s (and maybe the rest of the squad’s) public image.

Again? I remember watching another BBC video about Xinjiang where they found nothing so they just put spooky music and littered the video with weird speculations.

Weirdly, if you ask the liberal people in the west what they think of BBC, they will probably say good things about them. Many view them as unbiased. Meanwhile BBC was happily complicit in slandering Corbyn as an anti-semite (which is the only topic on which I have looked into BBC coverage.)

I like how when he talks about the critics of Engels it’s just a parade of old white dudes.

How reliable is this? This is kinda insane.

Honestly for an online system like this I can accept that mistakes happen but the degree to which customer support not only wastes large portions of your time, but also is dead useless is something that only late stage capitalism is capable.of for multibillion dollar corporations like this.

One time I had to make an emergency reservation for some relatives so I went to AirBnB. As much as I hate gentrifying corporations, I wasn’t aware of other options. They asked for my ID so I uploaded a scanned copy of my passport. They ask you to take a picture of yourself with their app to verify that you’re the same person whose passport copy has been submitted. I tried taking my picture tens of times but it wouldn’t match because I am guessing the passport picture is a bit old. Now I realised that maybe I should upload a different piece of ID, like my US travel visa which has a more recent photo. But there was no option to change the copy of ID submitted.

I contacted customer support with the hope of either submitting a new ID or having my identity manually verified. I was put in a chat with a human but for some reason she just kinda refused to comprehend my peculiar problem and just kept copy pasting links to articles in their website’s help section, none of which addressed my particular concern. Turns out this human was not an employee of airbnb but a host on the website who had volunteered to do customer support. I have no idea why. In the end, I just stopped bashing my head repeatedly against the wall and made a new email and a new account with it. I used my visa instead of my passport and it worked right away. Meanwhile this makeshift customer support just refused to practice reading comprehension while I repeatedly told her what exactly the problem was and literally the steps that would fix it.

Fuck the early twenty first century.

Worst part is in situations like this customer support never responds fast enough.

Edit: Wow so the customer support was absolutely useless too. Completely Kafka-esque bureaucracy.

Yeah not saying the top guy is not in the wrong but internalising racism is very common in minorities in white western countries. Things like race traitorhood and stuff are reactionary as you pointed out but at least the top level comment has edited it out.

What font is that? Looks nice.

Why do politicians in the USA oppose the $2000 stimulus?

On a reddit comment I saw some Republican apologia (they don’t think direct cash payment is the best way to stimulate the economy, it’s because of the deficit) so I got thinking and realised I don’t have concrete knowledge of why they oppose it. Is it because it will squeeze money out of handouts th…

An Overview of the Farmers' Protests in India

This article has a good class-based analysis of the peasant agitation against the proposed farm bills. I recommend reading it in its entirety but I will copy…

What was China's diplomatic status like before embracing Deng's policies?

In a conversation with Morrin, Hakim (both youtubers) said China was diplomatically isolated at that point. By the west because the Mao era, and I know that their relations with immediate neighbours aren’t the best right now. Can someone tell more about this?..

Looking for a video of a USAmerican CIA/military dude saying something about Xinjiang.

It’s a video that I saw on Twitter that I forgot to save. It’s old, from before the Uyghur genocide propaganda flooded the airwaves. It’s some American military person saying something about why Xinjiang was an area of interest. …

What is anarcho-communism?

Some western folk call themselves anarcho-communist. What does this mean?..

Bench go up

I have historically had a very weak body, but my upper body has been the weakest link on top of that. I have been decent at squats and deadlifts because I played a lot of soccer before but never bothered with working on my arms and chest. …