Capitalism In Decay

George Kennan, the architect of Washington’s Cold War “containment strategy” against the Soviet Union, bemoaned later in life that Public Law 86-90, which established Captive Nations Week and paved the way for the private, far-right National Captive Nations Committee, symbolically committed the U…

In Fascist Italy, state interference in the private sector was minimal

Quoting The Corporate State in Action, page 131: …

The Third Reich interfered minimally in France’s private sector

Quoting Industrial Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe: Norway in Context, page 176: …

In 1926, the British government supported Fascism’s intrusion into Albania’s economy

Put another way, the British ruling class was figuratively moving out of Albania and was (eventually) content to hand the keys to the Fascists. Quoting pages 42–3 of Alessandro Roselli’s [Italy and Albania: Financial Relations in the Fascist Period](

Ukraine’s total number of monuments to Third Reich collaborators who served in auxiliary police battalions and other units responsible for the Holocaust number in the several hundred. The whitewashing also extends to [official](

Dutch capitalists willingly collaborated with the Third Reich

Quoting pages 1167 of Industrial Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe: Norway in Context: …

Fascist Beanie Babies

Paraphrasing pages 189 of Karen Pinkus’s Bodily Regimes: Italian Advertising Under Fascism: …

How Danish capitalists willingly collaborated with the Third Reich

Although this work is mostly about some construction and cement businesses, the author makes it clear that many other Danish businesses chose to work with the Axis as well: …

In the 1920s, the American government effectively forgave 80.4% of Fascist Italy’s war debt

Quoting Gian Giacomo Migone’s The United States and Fascist Italy, pages 135 and 141: …

Fascist Italy’s economy was directly influenced by Morgan Bank

Quoting The United States and Fascist Italy, pgs. 9094, and 121: …

Therapeutic Fascism: ‘re-educating’ Communists in Axis-occupied Serbia, 1942–44

Yesteryear I read about this Serbian institute during Axis occupation which treated communism as a mental illness. They hypothesized that we turn to communism because of some mental trauma, particularly in a family, and they had us write about our politics to help understand them better. They said t…

‘Neutral’ European states that assisted the Third Reich

By 1938, the Third Reich was the Estado Novo (Portugal)’s second largest trading partner. Its balance of trade went from a $90 million shortfall in 1939 to a $68 million surplus in ’42; the Bank of Portugal’s assets more than tripled and those in the private banks nearly doubled dur…

More telling is who attended the inaugural “We Are Ukrainians!” event in 2015. The Australian Leader of the Bandera Organization addressed a half-full auditorium, standing next to the future executive director of NUMO and the Education Minister, a former captain in the Banderite paramilitary group…

Capitalism In Decay

    Fascism is capitalism in decay. As with anticommunism in general, the ruling class has oversimplified this phenomenon to the point of absurdity and teaches but a small fraction of its history. This is the spot for getting a serious understanding of it (from a proletarian perspective) and collecting the facts that contemporary anticommunists are unlikely to discuss.

    No capitalist apologia or other anticommunism. No bigotry, including racism, misogyny, ableism, heterosexism, or xenophobia. Be respectful. This is a safe space where all comrades should feel welcome.

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