Shit fascists say

cross-posted from: > This dude annoys me by the day. He's a paper tiger anti-communist who has uploaded videos of himself harassing, threatening and doxxing students of color and socialists. He lives in Texas.

cross-posted from: Classic Soviet anti-fascist agitprop. Idk if it's been posted here before but this is sick and needs to be posted!


"What is a woman?"
So known fascist Matt Walsh put out a "documentary" about the evils of the trans community. A lot of pictures of topless teenagers are in there without their consent, a lot of interviews with doctors to apparently prove that it's all just a mental disorder and the whole thing has this genocidal undertone of "If we let these people and their masters (Jewish pedo elites) exist our kids aren't safe" Twitter and YouTube are just kinda letting him do it, his accounts are posting all kinds of vile shit and ads for his movie are everywhere. These same websites claim to be allies BTW. I'm a little in shock frankly. That such open nazi rhetoric is just out there and not even attempting to disguise itself.

The second a guest talked about Buffalo, he decided to bring up shooting deaths in Chicago. Because Tim is such a horrid piece of shit, that black on black crime is always more important than white on black.


Shit fascists say

    Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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