Shit fascists say

If you think that anticommunists care about atrocities or poor living conditions, try showing them [some]( [glimpses]( of these from their own régimes. That they can (apparently) witness or read about these horrific atrocities, without even feeling so much as a **tinge** of concern, could be the greatest ‘social engineering’ achievement in all of history. You’ll be lucky if you even get a half‐assed apology like ‘maybe some mistakes were made’, ‘nobody’s perfect’, or ‘sorry if you were offended’. Would you honestly expect anticommunists, who—unlike communists—have so little interest and so few discussions about their own history, and display such brazen carelessness in the face of the most serious accusations and evidence against their own movement, to speak sincerely when they mention the suffering of others…? \ \ \ No. \ \ \ ([Source.](

It's always the same account. Some crackpot nazi furry.

Text of comment: "IIR the Wehrmacht used to do this on purpose. Then the soldiers would trade until they found one that fit properly, even though this was forbidden by regulations. It was to encourage the soldiers to show initiative in solving their own problems instead of constantly running to the brass."

"The whole world could be held hostage if they decide to use them" what, and the US's nukes aren't holding the world hostage?

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What an absurd thing to say. At least he got corrected in the replies by a few people. ::: spoiler spoiler :::

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Shit fascists say

    Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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