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Original post on /r/IndiaLeft. The content is copy-pasted below. --- Comrades, Here is a list of study materials and marxist literature regarding India. The list consists of selected materials to avoid reading burn-outs. The focus here is on the relevant materials as per the historical period. I have only added a small section of materials, so all suggestion are welcome for further addition. British India: 1. [On the result of british rule in India]( 2. [Effects of british imperialism in India]( 3. [Hunger and revolution in India]( 4. [To young political workers]( 5. [India Past, Present and Future]( 6. [Indian Bourgeoisie and the national revolution]( 7. [Manifesto]( India pre-neoliberalization and post-british : 1. [Neo-colonization]( 2. [Revolutionary outburst in India]( 3. [Crisis in culture]( 4. [On communal problems]( 5. [Raja Rammohun Roy]( 6. [Untouchables: Who are they and how they became Untouchables]( Present India: 1. [Fascism, fundamentalism and patriarchy]( 2. [Effects of US imperialism in India]( 3. [A megathread on the conflict in kashmir]( 4. [On indian elections]( 5. [Capitalism and hijack of India]( 6. [Fightback: 250 million on strike]( 7. [Kerala's COVID-19 success story]( 8. [Malevolent republic - K.S Komireddi]( ​

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Anyone else's thoughts on this?

I know that Kerala's government sometimes gets attacked for being shills, but this is good news, I think.

COMRADE RED on Twitter explaining "How BJP diverted public fund to corporate pockets & see how Kerala govt caught them red handed"
Not sure what to think of Kerala, but here it is. And no, I'm not sure if I support the Naxals either.

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