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Just finished The World Next Door

It was a pretty fun game and I enjoyed it quite a bit I am wondering if anyone else in this community has played it…

She apparently gave up her monarch title to help and fight for the revolution…

It doesn’t even appear to be blatantly Anti-Stalin from the description. …

Hate to go all “Vaush” on everyone but the biggest event for gaming other than E3 is about to start soon. …

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War "Worse Guys" - Reid McCarter | Bullet Points Monthly

Because they’re the worse guys, defeating them through the most nauseating means possible is always justified. “Some of us will cross the line, to make sure the line’s still there in the morning,” Adler says just before Cold War’s final mission, echoing the rationale of the 2019 Modern Warfare’s C…

Anyone else a fan of Dynasty Warriors? Even the infamous Dynasty Warriors 9 (which I actually liked)?..

Super Mario 3D All Stars: 2 of the 3 games are ROMS (and how to get your Switch games cheaper)

Super Mario 3D All Stars came out on the Switch to celebrate 35 years of the franchise. It’s only available for purchase until March 21st 2021 for some reason I haven’t been able to find. …

From the recent event. Showcase starts at 1:05:55 in the actual video…

I can’t say enough good things about Lancer. Their setting is an incredibly well thought out post capital space operatic future, the game mechanics are the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity (great complex and engaging combat rules, really well streamlined roleplay/outside combat structure…

What's up with Disco Elysium? [discussion]

I was put off the game because of the price tag, but I’ve seen it mentioned pretty frequently in left spaces. What do people like/dislike about the game? What’s the deal with the creators?..

A community for sharing, recommending, and discussing games

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