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Capitalist countries becoming increasingly dependent on China is great news because it precludes any sort of alliance against China that US is still trying to drum up.

Yeah, there are a lot of great bits like that in it. These are a few of my personal favorites that are extremely relevant today:

  • this basically explains how gig economy works

  • this is why there was such a big push to reopen the economy despite a raging pandemic

  • explanation of how we ended up with the whole 1% scenario

  • and finally how automation always ends up being turned against the workers

I got through the first volume. I found first half somewhat tedious if I’m honest, but the second half is fantastic. I see how the first half sets up the foundation for the rest, but it’s still a slog.

In a capitalist society it’s the capital owners who pull the strings ultimately, and whom the government represents. For example, in Germany the automotive industry is huge and they want to do business in China. These are the people who decide on the direction of politics.

If you’re running your own server then it should be secure since you control access to it, and messages are sent using TLS encryption.

I’ve been hosting Zulip for my group on a $10 a month Digital Ocean droplet (setting up was relatively straight forward) , and it’s been working great for us. One thing we found was that stuff like Discord is really bad for people who aren’t constantly on because it’s really hard to follow threads and conversations with them being all mixed together. Zulip has threaded conversations by default, so it’s much easier to come back and catch up on what’s happening.

The UI is a bit different though and takes a bit of getting used to, but overall I definitely find it worth it.

oh here’s another link https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/14/op-ed-us-and-european-tensions-jeopardize-75-years-of-democracy-open-markets-and-individual-rights.html

Long story short, it looks like EU is becoming increasingly uncomfortable having US as a partner because US is now unstable both politically and economically. Trump getting elected made Europeans question the whole relationship. The fact that he almost won a second term probably isn’t making people feel any better about it either. The reality of the situation is that republicans can easily get voted in during the next election and they’re going to go back to Trump style policy. This makes US an unpredictable and unreliable partner.

On the other hand, while there is no love lost for China in Europe there is a path towards a mutually beneficial relationship. China shows long term political stability while they act rationally and predictable. Unsurprisingly, EU companies are already doing more business with China than US.

Meanwhile, US still hasn’t realized their weakened position in the world and they keep trying to bully Europe into some sort of a coalition against China. This is clearly not happening, and will likely lead to US seeing itself increasingly more isolated going forward. It looks like China also realizes that they’re now playing from position of power, so they’re becoming increasingly more assertive themselves. This means countries end up having to choose between China and US going forward. Since US has very little to offer at this point I expect most will ultimately end up lining up behind China.

I think that removing profit motive from education is unequivocally good. When profit is the driving motive then you end up with a lot of scam services that don’t necessarily provide proper education because the goal is to make money spending as little effort as possible. And even when these services work as advertised having to pay creates a barrier making them inaccessible to those who can’t afford them. Privatization of education in US has been an utter disaster.

Yeah, that’s my view as well. At least China has capitalism on a leash and Marxism-Leninism is being taught as the official ideology. Having good political education for the masses and a communist party in charge gives me a lot of hope.

Indeed, capitalism is inherently self destructive. It’s basically ideology of cancer where it creates rapid malignant growth that ultimately kills its host.

Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that Europe is more dependent on China than US economically at this point. Now that China started becoming more assertive that scared business interests that realized they might get locked out of that market if they keep peddling anti-China bullshit. So, I expect to see more of these kinds of reports where they go to China and confirm that none of this stuff US says is happening is actually happening which will shift public opinion.

US overplayed its hand under Trump and Biden hasn’t really changed course. I think Europe is also realizing that US is no longer a stable partner. They even try to bully EU economically which doesn’t help relations either.

While Biden admin is saner, Republicans could easily get into power in another couple of years and then there could be a drastic shift in policy again. Even if EU is scared of China, they see that China acts predictably and rationally. This makes a working relationship possible.

I think NATO is the main factor that kept EU dependent on US for so long. It’s basically been a protection racket where US paid for all the military and convinced EU that USSR and later Russia were an existential threat they needed protection against. It looks like that scam is starting to fall apart now.

My prediction is that US will find it increasingly isolated with main allies being Canada, UK, and Australia. The rest of the world will either line up behind China or at least want to keep friendly relations with China over US.

Yeah that’s basically Lenin’s argument in The State and Revolution. To add to that, I personally find the whole idea of anarchism incredibly naive. Hierarchies arise time and again in human societies, and they even predate humans. Social animals who are our closest relatives organize hierarchically as well. So, even if you somehow managed to create a completely flat society, it will reinvent hierarchies sooner or later.

We need to acknowledge the fact that hierarchies tend to arise. As Engels explains in his On Authority essay, there is nothing inherently nefarious about hierarchies and they are a necessary tool for coordinating labor.

Furthermore, our current society is hierarchical and centrally organized. We need to have equal amount of organization in order to combat the class that currently holds power effectively. There is a reason armies have a strict command structure.

Anarchist desire to abolish hierarchies is fundamentally misguided. What we should be focusing on is figuring out how to prevent abuse of power within hierarchies. How we can keep people in positions of power accountable, how we can do recall when they abuse power, and so on.

I also don’t think we need to try and come up with a perfect system. We just need to come up with a system that’s better than the current one and that’s open to self criticism and gradual improvement.

Probably has to do with US having escalating internal problems that are becoming impossible to ignore for a lot of people. Back when US had an untarnished image in the media, it was much easier to make claims that it stands for all that’s good in the world. Election of Trump, mass riots, and an attempted coup made a lot of people question whether people in US have their collective shit together.

It’s also become a lot easier to challenge absurd narratives like Cuba cracking down on protestors when far worse can be shown happening in US and other western countries. It’s becoming very difficult to defend the position that human rights are more respected in the west.

Yeah, I think this is exactly the kind of thing the government should’ve been cracking down on. And as I understand, 996 actually goes against labor laws as well, which just don’t get enforced.

liberals and capitalists will always side with fascists


Oh yeah, I use Lemmur as well and it’s great. At this point I feel that Lemmy has a strictly superior user experience to Reddit.