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I find this narrative especially hilarious in light of the fact that there is a lot of evidence that US has been fudging their numbers. It’s basically a way to deflect blame and responsibility for dropping the ball on the pandemic. First, they claimed that China didn’t report the virus early enough, even though they’ve reported human transmission as early as January, now that it’s been debunked, and China is doing well the new narrative is that they must be lying about it since Western countries aren’t able to get a handle on things.

it’s a comedy network :)

Federation means that different Lemmy instances can now communicate with each other, so if you have an account on one you’d be able to see content from other Lemmy instances that the administrators of your instance choose to federate with.

Them admitting that China is ahead is really something though. :)

For sure, but Modi doesn’t strike me like the most rational leader and that’s being very charitable.

I originally saw the CNN article that’s from October 14th, but wanted to use a better source. Didn’t check the date on the other one. Updated to the other one.

Kashmir is another likely hot spot where there’s already been some shooting.

made an English version davs://yogthos@nextcloud.axiomatic.network/remote.php/webdav/Pictures/propaganda/capitalism-to-communism.jpg

This is precisely the kind of rhetoric we need to see from communists. It’s inspiring, and it calls people to direct action.

capitalism -> dictatorship of the proletariat -> communism (peace, justice, equality)…

Right, the accurate title would be “capitalists wiped out…” with endless growth and consumerism.

This seems like a very smart move since it’s going to force countries to choose whether they do business with China or US, and with Chinese economy growing while US economy continues to unravel it’s not going to be a hard choice for most countries I expect.

Yeah, it would’ve been good if they signed up and shared their research. Sadly, it’s a capitalist hellscape nowadays.

I expect the China hysteria is going to pass very quickly with the fallout from the pandemic. Pretty much all the economies except China are shrinking, and capitalists want to keep making a profit. So, they have no choice but to continue doing business with China. I also expect US influence is going to continue to fade as the internal collapse continues to intensify. Without US driving the push I really can’t see EU going against China.

Seems to work pretty well in China