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definitely not a word that you see often in modern parlance

LOL I’ve gotten so used to thinking of vim as the editor that I totally forgot that it can mean energy or enthusiasm. :)

Yeah it doesn’t always get it perfect, but overall pretty good. Could be useful for generating propaganda quickly and then doing a pass over it by hand to clean it up. And another good one:

I am the voice of a generation
Unbridled and wild,
A rebel with a cause,
A visionary, unafraid to speak my mind.

I am the voice of the proletariat
Rising up against oppression,
A storm of change,
A force to be reckoned with.

I am the voice of the future
A beacon of hope,
A champion of the people,
A revolutionary with a pen.

I am Mayakovsky,
A soldier of the revolution,
A voice that will not be silenced,
A voice that will be heard.

got it to make a couple of more poems that work pretty well

In the vast expanse of space,
Where stars and planets gleam,
A new way of life has risen,
A utopia, a communist dream.

No longer do we toil and sweat,
For our labor is shared by all,
No more wars or famine,
No more greed or avarice to enthrall.

We live in harmony and peace,
In a world without borders or boundaries,
Where all are equal,
And all are free.

We travel to the stars,
To explore and to discover,
And in our travels,
We never tire or falter.

For we are the children of space,
The pioneers of communism,
And we will spread our ideals,
To every corner of the universe, with vim.

So let us stand together,
In solidarity and unity,
For we are the future,
Of space communism, and infinity.

In the land of the free,
Where wealth is the key,
Failures of capitalism can be seen,
In the poverty and inequality.

Greed drives the market,
As profits are sought,
But the have-nots are left,
With their pockets to the naught.

The rich get richer,
The poor get poorer,
A never-ending cycle,
That only grows bolder.

Corporate interests reign,
As the people suffer in vain,
Political corruption and greed,
Only fuel the capitalist machine.

But the people will rise,
Against this capitalist guise,
For a fair and just society,
Where all can thrive.

A poem about October revolution brought to you by GPT Chat
``` October revolution, A momentous day, A spark of change In a world so gray. The people rose up, With courage and might, To take back their power And claim their right. With fists held high And hearts on fire, They marched towards victory With a burning desire. October revolution, A beacon of light, A reminder that change Can be won through the fight. A symbol of courage And determination, A reminder to never Settle for oppression. So let us remember This glorious day, And continue the fight For a better way. October revolution, Forever be hailed, A beacon of hope In a world that often fails. ```

Turns out that US is full of people with brains as smooth as bowling balls.

If this doesn’t end in a wildcat strike then it will be used as a precedent to ruthlessly crush labour going forward.

Theory had a big impact on my political views. Reading Marx helped me clearly understand the nature of economic relations in society. Meanwhile, Lenin helped me understand the nature of the state and political power. Reading The State and Revolution in particular helped me understand how the state machine works, and whose interests the government represents.

I also find that having a clear understanding of how the world works, and how capitalism has been defeated previously helps build a positive outlook.

lol I ended up updating the title to mention it’s satire

The west got itself into a trap in Ukraine. The west has to do significant investments in order to match Russia in terms of military industrial capacity. Meanwhile, western economies are already crumbling and the resources are scarce. Diverting resources towards military industry will lead to further austerity and collapse in living conditions in the west further fuelling internal discord and civil unrest.

Definitely not the case in North America. :(

Yeah, people living in the west become easily indoctrinated. The whole prosecution of Chinese people in US now is probably gonna help sober a lot of these people up now.

There are actually two articles crying over this. [Here](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-when-was-it-unjust-to-kill-seven-nazi-soldiers-when-it-happened-in/) and [here](https://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2022/11/11/illegitimate-trials-pow-hangings-a-miniature-nazi-state-on-the-prairie-these-are-the-eye-popping-details-of-canadas-last-mass-execution.html) For those curious, a good number of German POWs were unsurprisingly rabid supporters of Nazism, to the point that they were willing to murder fellow German POWs for not supporting or even just expressing doubts over Nazism. > German POWs in Canada formed intelligence sections to spy on fellow POWs and control news of the war in the camps, propaganda sections to ensure that the POWs remained committed to the cause, escape committees, and their own Gestapo units to brutalize those judged as traitors to the cause. > Immediate Gestapo punishments included physical beatings and psychological torment. "Prisoners threatened by Nazis feared for their lives; finding a noose in one’s bed was extremely traumatizing," wrote Martin Auger, who authored a book about German POWs in Canada. > The Gestapo also monitored the mail of POWs to keep news of Nazi setbacks out of the camp, identify anti-Nazis, and keep others in line by threatening to withhold the mail. "The Gestapo element…is extremely active," wrote one intelligence officer. According to one intelligence director, the holding back of mail was even effective than beatings. During this time, there were dozens, if not hundreds of murders committed in the name of Nazism in various Allied POW camps. Barely any of the murders were solved. The main problem was that witnesses (other POWs) rarely cooperated. They were either staunch believers in Nazism or feared retaliation. In the end, only 10 murders were solved by the Americans, British, and Canadians combined. One was only solved after one of the killers confessed out of remorse. In these cases, a total of 43 German POWs were prosecuted for murder, of which 38 were convicted. All but seven of those convicted were sentenced to death. Twenty-six of them were executed; the other three were reprieved and served prison sentences. The title of the article isn't even correct since Canada didn't execute seven German POWs. They executed five. Seven men were charged. Six were convicted of murder and sentenced to death. One was reprieved after the jury recommended mercy due to his young age. He served nearly 10 years in prison before being paroled and sent back to Germany. The other five were executed. The articles are arguing that rabidly pro-Nazi German POWs were within their rights to murder fellow POWs whom they viewed them as traitors for not supporting Nazism enough.

China controls its media space, and there is no chance that the west will be able to create some internal discord in China using western media. That of course doesn’t exclude the possibility that the west would try to do that, after all they’re still hoping for a regime change in Russia despite all evidence to the contrary. That said, I think that western audience is the primary target of all this.

Evidence for foreign agency Involvement in Shanghai protests emerges
* Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for RFA, CNN, BBC https://nitter.it/LongLive_ThePpl/status/1596738553807278080 * Questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters https://nitter.it/quanyi_li2/status/1596784472740937728 * Agent instructing protest tactics https://nitter.it/zhao_dashuai/status/1596796835724922880 * Telegram group instruction :"Look for the director, when you get there" with pictures a foreign white man https://nitter.it/zhao_dashuai/status/1596811455231586304 And looks like some arrests of provocateurs are happening https://twitter.com/zhao_dashuai/status/1596810664542359552