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  • I imagine Japanese politicians are primarily concerned about long term economic stability. If US is seen to be an unstable partner, then it makes sense that they would want to start making diplomatic overtures to China now. The media circus is itself a symptom of internal political instability I would argue. The whole thing exudes profound incompetence on the part of the US political class.

    A related aspect here is the whole economic/tech war with China that US drumming up. It puts countries like Japan in a very difficult position because they’re so dependent on China for trade. For example, something like 40% of Japanese chips go to China. When US announced that they’re going to force companies using US tech to stop selling chips to China Micron stock dropped nearly 10%. Going along with that would be economic suicide. What’s worse is that this encourages China to just develop their own domestic tech, and once that’s done they have no need for imports regardless of what the political situation is going to look like. In fact, they’re likely to become a competitor to Japan at that point. And this is just one sector of the economy.

    So, I think there’s a combination of fear of political instability within the US along with a concern over US geopolitical games having a negative impact on Japan’s economy.

  • Hahahahhaahahhah… there is? Over what exactly?

    Basically over who gets to run the party. It’s pretty clear that the Biden faction did not want him to go, and then there was a really concentrated push in the media after the debate that set the stage for forcing him out. Even the way he did it was absolutely bizarre where there was no actual reason given, and no televised statement or anything. He’s also not resigning as the president so far, which undermines Harris if she’s going to be the nominee.

    There also seems to be a split on endorsements for Harris with Pelosi and Obama holding out. Yet, it’s not even clear whom else they could possible run at this point. I’m personally expecting things to get even more wild going forward.

    I don’t see one… you mean the one that wants to destroy Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and China, in foreign policy rhetoric…

    Vance directly said that US can’t fight every war all the time, so it’s a pretty clear sign that they will be picking their battles. Wanting to destroy their adversaries isn’t at odds with picking and choosing their battles.

  • I’d argue this goes beyond Biden. I imagine everyone realized Biden was gone, but it was also pretty clear that he wasn’t making any decisions personally. What’s freaking people out now is that there’s an open civil war unfolding within the party, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that republicans are likely to win the election. The wing of the republican party that’s gaining momentum is openly isolationist and protectionist which is very bad news for the vassals.