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In the long run I agree, but we have to be realistic about the world we live in today. Western economic dependence on China is pretty much the only thing that prevents outright aggression. It’s not possible to simply flip a switch to transition from capitalism to communism, and as long as capitalism is the dominant ideology in the world it’s going to be impossible to avoid it entirely. USSR tried and they got destroyed eventually.

When it comes to protecting big business US government really got its shit together.

Yeah, unfortunately sinophobia is going to result in a lot of people being hurt.

I think westerners are going to continue getting more unhinged as western regimes crumble and China continues to prosper

Yeah, I agree that all the elements are already present. I do think that as material conditions continue to decline and civil unrest starts spreading then the regime is going to crack down very violently on that. This will have full support from white supremacists, upper crust of the working class, and and petit bourgeoisie.

In other completely unrelated news, Bezos gets 10B bailout from the government.

I grew up in USSR, so communism was where I started. When the collapse happened pretty much nobody had any direct experience with capitalism, and most people were actually optimistic that life was going to get better.

Of course, everybody quickly learned what life under capitalism was actually like when we started having food shortages, rampant crime, homelessness, and so on. Receiving capitalist shock therapy really made me appreciate what it is that was lost.

Yeah, I love how NPR tries to spin that story in favor of company towns.

Yeah, the whole ideology of growth is deeply nonsensical.

I think the solution should be to require all private enterprise to be cooperatively owned thus avoiding this problem entirely.