First round of the Cypriot presidential elections today. The candidate supported by the ML party AKEL is one of two candidates going to the final round.
Pretty sure he won't win however. All the liberal candidates together have 65%. Check out AKEL btw. One of the most supported Communist parties inside the EU.

>Bücker writes of a “narrowing of political space” in Germany to express opinions opposing German participation in the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. The charges brought against him for his speech, for which he can face up to three years in prison and a fine, is proof of it. This increase in repression of antiwar forces, he writes, also exists in other European Union countries.

"Beijing must be wetting themselves with laughter. It would be funny if it was not a serious project, and if we had not paid for it all."

80% of Belgian employers do not want to give out compensation cheque of 750 euro
Context: Belgian wages are (for a lot of people) tied to the inflation, meaning if inflation is 2%, wages HAVE to be raised at least 2%. So for januari 2023, the wages wil rise with the official percentage of 11.xx%. This is not a raise, it's a compensation for the increase in cost of living at best. A week or something ago the government allowed companies to not raise wages above the inflation index for two years, effectively blocking Belgian employees from getting a raise. To 'compensate' workers, the government allowed companies to give out cheques of up to 750 euro if they wanted to. 80% are now saying that they won't, meaning Belgian employees get nothing really. Unions have already called for new nation wide actions on december 16th.

>Feeling the heat, bosses have made concessions in some places, averting potential strikes. Just recently, the union Unite announced they had secured an 11% increase for roughly 150 members at a Heinz factory at Telford in Shropshire. Unite was able to secure a raise of 11.5% at other workplaces in the fall. As the British Marxist newspaper New Worker suggested, “Hopefully this is a sign that bosses are worried about taking on their organized workforce, but it could also be a sign that they have so much money in the bank that they can easily afford to pay up.”

>In **Greece**, a 24-hour strike and demonstrations took place Nov. 9 in Athens and other cities to demand price control measures and wage increases. The actions were called by the most representative union confederations in the country, the General Confederation of Greek Workers and the All Workers Militant Front. > >In the capital, thousands of people filled the streets of the city center and, waving placards and banners, denounced the policies of the right-wing government and the European Union that “generate poverty, hunger and inequality” and “leave people frozen while they warm up the profits of big business.” (Emphasis original.)

He describes the neoliberal/Thatcherite system that the energy market uses to generate obscene profits for the energy industry, and how the price capping measures they're introducing to literally nothing to relieve consumers. The most damning point he makes, though, is that on conventional Western media there's no way he'd be given the 20 minutes needed to explain how governments are scamming their citizens. They'd cut him off at 20 seconds to let another 'expert' interrupt him or just move on completely. In sum, there is *no way* this scam could be pulled off if Government, Media and Energy Olicarchs weren't working together.

Political group in the European Union for Communist parties, they're Eurosceptic as well. I think they're cool, but don't know why the Czech and Dutch communist parties aren't part of them.

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I don't agree with Victor Grossman at the end, though maybe I misinterpreted him. Then again, I think I probably did. He was saying that one shouldn't be "adventurist" and I agree. That being said, we should act as if the revolution is tomorrow, at least in spirit, even if it isn't. Yet, as always, we should also plan for the long haul.

Saw this on a Discord server; don't know which city this is placed it, but it's not the only one, supposedly.

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