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You must really think im stupid. Thats a completely different picture, and the “dead guy” is covered under a sheet which makes it impossible to tell if there is a body. Banned.

Please point out the tank in the picture you linked. And tell me how you explain the pictures which i linked.

Interesting theory, I think it makes a lot of sense. If its true, this is further proof how weak the US military is in reality.

I honestly dont see how these statements contradict each other. And you probably dont speak Chinese, so how would you know about censorship in China?

Why is it always the same picture of bikes, and people lying on the ground clearly lifting their heads? Not exactly proof of a massacre. Meanwhile you can find pictures of the burned bodies of PLA soldiers, who were sent in unarmed and killed by the “peaceful protestors”.

You can see the pictures of dead soldiers here.

Ahora te doy mod otra vez, lo quitó porque pareció que estes realmente inactivo.


Sometimes I wish there was a way to block everything written by Usians on the internet, so I dont have to read their nonsense.

The Tripartite World Order and the Hybrid World War

There are some points in the article about covid and climate change which you will probably disagree with. But even if you ignore those, its the most accurate description of todays geopolitical situation that I know…

Its a waste of time listening to what these capitalist ghouls say.

Me doy cuenta de que eres el unico usuario activo en esta comunidad, por eso te designo moderador.

Probably because no one fetched it before. I just did that (by searching for the community url).


Sudan’s Air Force Will Likely Be the Next Client For Russia’s Su-30SM Heavyweight Fighter

Following the overthrow of the Abdullah Hamdok government in Sudan in the final week of October, which had been installed following a Western-backed military coup in April 2019, Sudan’s new interim government has indicated that it will proceed with plans to construct a Russian military base on the R…

Please dont spam like this or we have to ban you.

That is true. But think after all these years of money printing, that money is finally spreading around so much that its affecting the prices of everyday products. For example, the helicopter money in the United States contributed to that.

There are also other reasons for inflation. Recently there are supply chain issues, meaning there are less goods, which also means prices go up. And energy prices are rising, which affects the prices of many other products.

If there is more money but the same amount of goods, prices will go up as buyers are willing to spend more.

Thanks! Its decent as far as regime media go, but still has an extreme ideological bias, and overt focus on the economy (as if thats all that matters).

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Western civilization might collapse, but at the same time, countries in the global south are going to prosper as imperialism collapses.

This article has some interesting points, but I think the conclusion is complete nonsense. Human civilization will not end because of climate change and inflation. If you see whats going on in warzones, like Yemen, Afghanistan or many other places, you will realize that humans are a lot tougher than the average westerner thinks. Sure there will be major changes in the near future, and live will get a lot less comfortable for westerners. I think it really proves that for many people, it is easier to imagine the end of the world, than imagining the end of our capitalist world order.