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When you put that many people with weapons in one place, its really likely that some kind of violence is gonna happen. But I’m even more surprised that the government doesnt even bother to get decent housing and food for the people who are supposed to protect it. That is a great recipe for rebellion.

This means that USA has 10% of the worldwide covid deaths, while having only 4.2% of the world population. Truly exceptional.

Ah so thats when it will get really interesting. It might even happen in 2021 already, the way things are going since last year.

Very interesting, this makes January 6th appear a lot more significant than it initially seemed. But I still have a hard time believing that anyone thought they could keep Trump in office longer that easily.

Any idea why they deployed national guard instead of the military?

6/10, not a bad rant but overall there is a lack of exclamation marks, random capitalisation and creative insults.

Why dont you archive old.reddit.com links instead?

Let’s see, they might attack state governments while everyone is distracted by the ceremony.

Nationalism certainly plays a big role in oppressed nations, and its very different from nationalism in imperialist countries. Carl Zha has a good video where his Indonesian wife talks about that.


I have no clue, but it seems to me like someone took Bolshevism/Marxism-Leninism, and took out all the theory, leaving only the “branding”.

Worth emphasizing that they are doing a full lockdown and millions of tests over 100 infections. Meanwhile western governments take no measures when hundreds of people are dying every day.

How about number one in line for the guillotine? I think that has a nice ring to it.

I think the Syrian war is pretty much over for the US, it will be mainly for Russia and Turkey to decide how things will play out there from now on.

Of course, for the United States it wouldnt make much sense to attack factions which are financed by the CIA, or allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Instead they kill people who successfully fought against ISIS (like Iranian general Soleimani).

Maybe you have the wrong idea what being a communist means. To be honest I only joined my party about half a year ago, but most of what we do in our colectivo is studying and organising. Plus sometimes hanging posters or going to a demonstration. But it certainly doesnt mean attacking the police or crazy things like that.

Yes definitely, its something thats almost impossible to avoid in capitalist countries unless you somehow have leftist friends, family and coworkers. And as communists, our main task is educating and agitating other people, which seems difficult if everyone around you has the same ideology. There are many people who dont care much about politics, but are open to certain solutions that we propose.

You should definitely join some organisation if you arent in one already. Even if its not perfect, the best way to change it is from within. And Marxism is a collective ideology, meaning that you cant carry out effective work on your own or on the internet.

My view is the opposite of that, humanity has a bright future in the long term. The video doesnt recognise this at all. Instead for the creators its easier to imagine the end of the world, than imagining the end of capitalism. Though I only made it to minute 12 for that reason, let me know if it gets better later.

Holy hell this is pessimistic. Pretty clear that this was made in the United States.

Edit: You really have to replace every mention of “capitalist society” and similar terms with “US capitalism”. Its really impossible to generalise their claims to the entire world.