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Countries under US military occupation.

The discussion we are having here. @LemonKemon@lemmygrad.ml was banned for explaining that there are biological differences between women, and men who change gender to become women. How can we have a useful discussion of the topic if mentioning actual facts is forbidden under the rule?

And this is going to be a big one. Likely the biggest in a century.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is very volatile, and had a similar crash just half a year ago.

The main difference between men and women isnt in the amount of some hormones, but in the changes that occur during puberty. At that time, major changes occur in the body of women, to allow them to give birth. Compared to men, they store more fat, build up less muscle, have softer bones and wider hips. All of those are disadvantages in sports, and an adult man will retain them even after hormone therapy.

Here is an article which explains this in more detail than I could

Sorry i mixed it up. But i dont really agree with that rule, it is far too broad so it prevents any discussion of the topic.

There is no such thing as an unbiased news source. For example, politicians and newspapers in NATO countries have been spreading misinformation about an “imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine”, which is complete nonsense. There is just nothing in Ukraine that Russia wants.

Your argument seems to be based mainly on anecdotal evidence, and ignorance of biology. Lets look at some facts instead, like world records in athletics. You can clearly see that women’s records are significantly lower than men’s records. Sure we can argue what the reasons for that are, but the fact remains. And so its no surprise that some third rate male athlete can compete at much higher levels against women, which is exactly the problem that this thread is discussing.

I think it is really wrong to ban someone for a difference in opinion, especially as that opinion was well explained and based on facts.

Do ypu really think that pointing out the biological differences between men and women is transphobic? As Marxists we need to base our thinking on materialist facts, and it is undeniable that there are differences between men and women which no amount of hormone therapy or surgery can remove (as @LemonKemon@lemmygrad.ml explained very well).

Ignoring those facts and calling them transphobic is basically denying reality.

I think this mainly depends on how you define leftism, because that term is only used by Europeans and Anglos as far as I know. But we can talk about anti-imperialism, which makes things much clearer.

The resistance movement against US imperialism in west Asia is fighting at the frontlines of anti-imperialism, and is strongly muslim (just like the general population). This includes Iran, Syria, Houthis (Yemen), Hamas (Palestine), Hezbollah (Iraq), Hezbollah (Lebanon).

Venezuela is also anti-imperialist, and is strongly Christian, just like all of Latin America.

Western politicians will be so disappointed when the invasion doesnt come. Because Russia has no interest in Ukraine at all.

Hold up. The article is talking about economics in the United States and in the European Union. Why are you talking about China or comparisons with eastern countries all of a sudden? If you dont know what the topic is, there is no sense in having any discussion.

Vaccine development was funded by tax money, and then countries also paid for buying vaccines with tax money. And surprise, pharma companies are making billions in profits.

And why are you equating Sinovac for example with Johnson & Johnson.

I didnt even mention Sinovac, I was talking about vaccines which are available in western countries. Do you think its a coincidence that we cant get any Chinese or Russian vaccines? Or could it be because that would result in less profits for Biontec etc?

Sounds like you stopped reading before it got really interesting. Are you really suggesting that being against covid vaccination is an “invalid stance” somehow? I always thought that communists should fight against corporations and against the bourgeosie, not defend their money making schemes. I’m not saying vaccines are all bad, but its more than legitimate to criticise them.

According to the US government, which is not a trustworthy source. And why should only Russian views be marked, but not those by regimes like the United States?

By the way, for views of the Russian state I recommend this analysis.

So what? The majority of links posted on Lemmy has a pro-US bias, its good to get some different views.

I think its pretty telling that western politicians and media are already supporting the protestors, and painting the government (and Russia of course) as the bad guys. In that way it is very similar to the color revolutions in Hong Kong, Belarus, Ukraine etc.

When there are actual protests (like yellow vets in France, or protests in Chile), the media is either quiet about it, or describes the protests as unjustified.

But its definitely early to talk about this, things will get clearer over time.

What kind of question is this? In every country there has been some level of violence against the government at some time. Its just a fact of life, and calling it “unjustified” wont make it go away.

There is also the Right of revolution.

It totally makes sense, because most US-Americans dont know that other countries exist.

If the main capitalist countries destroy themselves through pure incompetence, I appreciate that. It gives a lot of opportunities for legitimate protest and organizing.

Another article: [ Analyst to Press TV: General Soleimani will continue to inspire resistance to injustice, oppression](https://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2022/01/02/673917/Iran-IRGC-Qassem-Soleimani-Keven-Barret--Press-TV-resistance-injustice-oppression)