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I watched this a while ago, its very good!

private swimming pool

This sounds fake.

Its already working, with federation and all. But moderation is quite bad, so its theres a lot of right-wing trash. Let me know if you want an invite for peertube.social.

The instance invidio.us is being shut down by the project maintainer, is that what you mean?

Deutsche Welle is German state media, but only targeted abroad, you never see it in Germany itself. Usually quite imperialist, but maybe they are a tiny bit progressive in domestic matters.

Thanks. So for a lot of countries they just call landlines. Most people dont even have landlines anymore. Which means a lot of their respondents are old people who watch too much TV.

I wonder how they got these numbers, as far as I can see the article mentions nothing about methodology. At least for southern Europe and South Korea, the “unfavourable” numbers seem way too high.

Either way this is probably another element of manufacturing consent against China.

This sounds like the possible preparation for a regime change. Specifically, towards a regime that is more anti-China.

Do you have any good resources or links about the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

The war just started like 5 days ago, and both countries already had a general mobilization of the military. And there are plenty of videos showing tanks being destroyed, or soldiers being killed. It seems that Azerbaijan is the agressor, with ample support from Erdogan’s Turkey. …

Its kind of funny how pissed off they are about some community getting taken over. As if they wouldnt celebrate if the same thing happened in reverse.

the imperialist narrative on Rwanda is so dear to them, the bourgeoisie would sooner change their narrative on WW2 itself than give up this lie

What is the truth about Rwanda? I know basically nothing about that.

The most important thing at that point would be maintaining lines of communications to the people who responded to the initial revolutionary call to violence, probably via a tor node hosted in a hostile country to the US

Tor is financed by the US government, and they have repeatedly discovered the identities of people that used it. I don’t think it is possible to creare any kind of leftist militant organisation over the internet, there need to be personal contacts.

Its surprisingly difficult to decipher all the liberalism in this one. At least the author can tell that the Communist Party of China is happy about the result of the Chinese revolution, thats something. Also TIL that there were two Bloody Sundays in Ireland.

USA is building their own great firewall now. What happened to “censorship bad”?

Its peak idealism. Everyone knows that the material facts speak against this, but they keep believing in the idea of this festival. Like some kind of voluntary brainwashing.

No, I just watched the documentary (you can surely find a torrent if you want to watch it).

Thousands of rich kids spending tons of money based on a few slick marketing videos. Investors giving millions of dollars in loans. And no one dared to say no to the guy that ran it. Everyone following others without thinking on their own even for a second. …

Its incredibly well made.

Does Facebook block dev.lemmy.ml? That might be a problem if its just due to the domain. I don’t have an fb account to check with.

Fight against the system by putting a toilet in a museum. That’s just mocking all the people who fought against imperialism.

That’s why I use a custom domain for my email. But posteo doesn’t support that.

I dont think it makes any sense to call them leftists. They are clearly liberals (which explains why so many western radlibs support them).