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For all their talks of optics (appearing better than fascists), it is clear they don’t care about any of it. To them good optics is letting everyone do and say whatever because it’s their personal freedom.

I think thats exactly it, they only care about appearance, but without any critical introspection of their own biases.

I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but this is very suspicious.

Cant wait for the day when all capitalist media is behind paywall, then I dont have to read that anymore. Any social media or personal blog is better.

Could you explain in what way China fits the definition of fascism? Making that claim is easy, but I dont see any supporting arguments to reach that conclusion.

In general I dont find your texts convincing at all, an I’m wondering why you are joining in on the US governemnts anti-China crusade with these posts.

Stealing from the rich is always justified. The only question is if you can get away with it. Usually stealing from the rich is heavily punished, so if you get a chance to do it, dont hesitate! Thats my view anyway.

I think the protestors just slipped and fell into the stores. When they got up, some products got stuck to their bodies. Because they suffered this discomfort, the looters deserve at least a month paid time of from their job. ACAB

I can hardly focus on him, with those shiny silver AKs in the background. And the flags look great too.

Examples of pre-capitalist Revolutions?

We know that the history of all know societies is the history of class struggle, invluding slave societies (ancient greece, ancient rome) and feudal societies (middle age europe). So there must have been revolutions from the oppressed classes against their respective ruling classes. Are there any Ma…

The EU is an imperialist project which exists mainly to benefit capitalists. This is easy to see when you look at its origins, which are the European Coal and Steel Community, European Economic Community and Euratom. All of those are related to large corporations, and energy policy.

Then there is the fact that the EU was strongly shaped by the United States, “liberating” its markets and privatising many state services, all to increase profits for companies. And of course the EU is very closely linked with NATO.

Today with the Euro its even worse, especially Germany benefits a lot because of its exports, while poorer countries are unable to devalue their currencies, which would allow them to overcome crisis. And you have wages lowered in richer countries by workers coming from Eastern Europe, who are working under miserable conditions.

The cause of the violence is told to be the frustration over a decision not to prosecute members of Sinn Fein over alleged coronavirus regulation breaches at the funeral of republican Bobby Storey.

More footage of the bus attacked by loyalist rioters tonight in Lanark Way, west Belfast as serious disorder continues.


If this is true, it was done by the pro-UK side. In fact I dont see any reason for IRA supporters to attack civilian targets.

Ruler of United States holds speech with Easter Bunny

Is that what the end of that empire looks like? Its like a parody…

I dont think thats true. Rather, western media have a cult of personality, and pretend that every single thing happening in countries like the DPRK is done by a single person. In reality, someone like Kim Jong-Un likely doesnt have a tenth of the power that western journalists ascribe to him.

Being nuanced doesnt mean simply yo take the “middle point” between two statements. It means to critically examine each statement, consider the proof and the reliability of the source.

As mentioned multiple times in this thread, the main proof comes from “researchers” associated with the US government, most of whom haven’t been to Xinjiang in their entire live. The source is western media, and their reliability is very low when it comes to reporting on enemy states.

Here are some interesting facts related to this topic:

  • These claims are promoted mainly by the US government and US media
  • The USA has invaded many Muslim countries over the last decades, killing millions of innocent civilians
  • Most Muslim countries support China’s Uighur policies, western nations oppose them
  • According to Biden, USA is in “extreme competition” with China
  • Xinjiang is a vital part of China’s “Belt and Road” infrastructure project, because it provides the shortest path to Europe

Edit: One more thing, here is a list of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang. Note how there were no more major attacks after the vocational training program was established.

That could be from users on lemmy.ml. Personally I dont think its worth to dig into the database because of that, someone will always disagree.

Is this what scientific radical liberalism is like?

600 reasons, are they serious? Is it a list of Chinese people they have seen in their neighborhood?

Sounds like the rebels are a liberal’s interpretation of communists then. Which makes sense that they would end up as socdem reformists as @Farmer_Heck@lemmygrad.ml suggested.

Note for the part at 9:04, “middle and lower class in the west” definitely dont make up 30% of the world population. Otherwise a very interesting video. …

How China Became So Powerful

Pablo Hasél (Spanish Communist Rapper who just went to prison)

I really love his music, so I want to share some of my favourite songs. You can find English lyrics for some of these on lyricstranslate.com