For people new to communism or left-side politics in general.

Are managers of an organization in a communist society also workers?

Obviously managers in a communist society won’t be bourgeoisie, right? But I imagine an organization in a communist society still needs people to coordinate everything, even if it’s run like a complete worker cooperative. So will they be elected by the workers? In that case, are they still workers?..

Why do politicians in the USA oppose the $2000 stimulus?

On a reddit comment I saw some Republican apologia (they don’t think direct cash payment is the best way to stimulate the economy, it’s because of the deficit) so I got thinking and realised I don’t have concrete knowledge of why they oppose it. Is it because it will squeeze money out of handouts th…

How do collector's items make sense with LTV?

I like to play MtG, and some of those cards are expensive as fuck, while others cost pennies, but they literally are all require equivalent amounts of labor. I also saw a Louis Vuitton dice case that costs $720. I’m no expert on dice cases, but I highly doubt it took significantly more labor than an…

Genuine Questions about the Maki (Communist Party of Israel)

I have some genuine questions about the Maki (Communist Party of Israel), what is their line, and their views on the events surrounding the Levant?..

Questions about National "Bolshevism" and related horseshit.

So I was looking up nazbols because I’ve been curious about them. Wikipedia (everyone’s favourite website) considers the movement to a brand of fascism. …

How can I find revolutionary groups in my area?

I’m not new to communism, but I figured this is the right community to ask. I’ve met some fellow MLs at protests, but I don’t know if there are any communist/revolutionary groups in my city. (Richmond) How might I find out? …

Are you friends with any liberals or other non-leftists in real life?

I’m not sure if this question makes sense, but as someone fairly new to leftism, it seems a lot of time that far leftists and especially communists often don’t like non-leftists in any way and don’t want to interact with them, but that’s just what I’ve seen on the internet and I have no idea how it …

Are scientists, researchers, historians, scholars, etc considered workers under communism?

These careers create knowledge as opposed to physical products that a laborer does, are they also considered workers or are they in their own class? …

Marxist texts about racism in Europe?

Do you know any good, Marxist texts analyzing racism in Europe? Or texts about racism that are generally applicable? The vast majority that I found are about racism in the United States, or about colonised countries. …

What is anarcho-communism?

Some western folk call themselves anarcho-communist. What does this mean?..

The screenshot explains what happened. How is explaining the political compass reactionary? I get that it’s a terrible way to represent politics but how tf is it reactionary? There’s been no response after that messages so I suppose that’s it, I’m permabanned. What is wrong with the mods, holy shit…

This professor’s accent sounds a bit like Bernie Sander’s. If only Bernie was this based. I have downloaded the whole playlist onto my computer (~8.7GB) and plan on finishing this series if it’s good. …

Looking for sources about bad medical system and environmental destruction in the USA

I’m arguing about this with a liberal who states that it both is Trump’s/the “Republicans’” fault. Could someone find me sources about that it was bad before Trump got elected already? Also, about how Biden isn’t going to change anything about that? …

Free speech in China?

What’s the history and current situation there?..

Sources and Information on the Great Purges?

I know a decent amount about it, but I realized I don’t have sources for it and I want to convince a Castroist comrade that they’re not as bad as liberal propaganda says. …

This channel seems cool, and the video was informative and hilarious. At the end of the video, 36 minutes in, he also recommends other channels and also he created a Parenti lecture playlist too, which is just what I was asking for in my earlier post LOL…

Michael Parenti Lectures

Comrades, I have been listening to Parenti lectures on YouTube. He is informative with a great sense of humor. Most YouTube lectures however are low quality and somehow every time his mic is busted. Anybody know where I can find high quality lecture recordings?..

For people new to communism or left-side politics in general.

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