How does the price of commodity fluctuate around its cost of production, if selling anything below it would be a loss of profit?

I’m reading Marx’s Wage Labour and Capital and it is said in the chapter «By what is the price of a commodity determined?» this:

We have just seen how the fluctuation of supply and demand always bring the price of a commodity back to its cost of production. The actual price of a commodity, indee…

A question about communism

I rarely read. But I know the basics about the ideology, just not about how to live as one. At the moment I try my best not to make other people suffer as a consequence of my personal actions. …

What is Trockijism?

Seriously, I want to know why, even though Trockij was one of the chief players in the Russian Revolution, why people don’t like his ideology. (I don’t want any quotes from Lenin/Stalin/Mao/whoever, I want an explanation of what Trockijism is)…


Fantasy stories with communism?

I’m in the mood for some fantasy, and I’m a communist, soo… …


What is your opinion on Kosovo?, I’m assuming that you think it is just part of Serbia, (because that’s what the PRC and Russia say) but I want to hear your opinion. Is Kosovo just an anticom agends of some sort? Or not? Idk…


What do you think about the current Taliban vs Afghanistan conflict?

I have read very little about it, but I’m wondering what your opinion, as a lefty, is on it…

Can worker co-op movements strengthen or spark a socialist/communist movement in a capitalist state?

I did see a user on a Reddit communism community arguing in a thread about co-ops vs. communism that while worker co-ops aren’t an alternative to communism, they can very well cause or strengthen support for communism as they provide the proletariat that are still under capitalism a taste of collect…


Hey, I’m trying to find a youtube alternative that doesn’t have anticommunists on it. Can you find a site like that?..


Are 24-hour stores/restaurants compatible with socialism/communism?

There are many studies showing that night shift workers experience more mental and physical health issues than day shift workers. Obviously, some things absolutely require night shifts, such as hospitals, but not stores and restaurants. Convenient, sure, but not necessary. So in a socialist country …

Western "leftist"

I was in a kerfuffle with a western “leftist” on discord. I was once on a server called “socialism” but then i got kicked for being a “tankie”, but that’s not the point of this. When I asked about where “democratic socialism”, which is more of an us-not-them word than anything imo, worked out, they …


DPRK/Spooky Red Star OS/No internet

What is going on in the DPRK? I’ve heard that you can’t access the outside internet there, and that the WPK tracks all files on flash drives and such. Explain?..

I've been searching on BreadTube for some time now.

Like, most ppl on breadtube are just succdems and anarkiddies. Can someone here help me find some Marxist youtubers, bcs tbh, I’m tired of seeing so many succdems and anarkiddies and want to watch some real Marxist content. So, can someone point me to some Marxist channels out there?..


I prefer Lenin’s USSR over Stalin’s. Does this mean I’m a Trockijist?..


A question

So some anarchists are viewing us as “imperialists with a red flag”. What is a good response for thatM…

Communism and Indigenous populations

Here are some questions I have about how communism would work in a country like Canada, where there is an European majority and a marginalised Indigenous minority. …

If a monarch wanted to give up the throne and make their nation socialist/communist, how might they do it? (Book idea)

Here’s an idea for a leftist fantasy novel I came up with: A prince/princess of some fairy tale style kingdom is sent abroad on a diplomatic mission, ends up having their propaganda bubble popped, learns about communism, and vows to enact worker rule once their parents die. Once they come into power…

Was Fidel Castro a dictator?

I keep on hearing that Fidel was a dictator, but I cant get a clear image on why. What is the story of this?..


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