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It’s upsetting for 2 reasons. 1.) not true. 2.) US has awful benefits for seniors. Some of the worst in the “developed” or “civilized” world or any other vaguely white supremacist phrase used to describe the Western world, but I digress, US has a high age for benefits for seniors (which they actually raised recently to exclude more elderly people) and the US is so dangerous in different ways that the US gov essentially doesn’t want the population to reach the age to get the meager benefits of social security. Whether it’s the dangerous gun culture, the rampant alcoholism and drug culture, the crime rates that occur due to high unemployment, Janet Yellen saying she wants unemployment even higher for the sake of the interest rate. The disgustingly exorbitant prices of medical care and insurance. These things all affect life expectancy so that people don’t live to old age. China doesn’t have those issues. I’m not dumb, obviously people do drugs and drink alcohol in China, but it’s like child’s play compared to Miami or Vegas or NYC. And yes there exist some poor people in China that are old, but they are not in objective poverty, like so many are in the USA.

Dying for the Revolution is admirable but not when it’s avoidable, like Lenin said, Learn to Retreat properly and orderly so you can do more damage to the bourgeoisie than one simple battle.

The Good ending😀

Absolutely, that one sounds easiest to me, assuming 135 isn’t too tough for most people that regularly exercise, all you need to do is add a few pounds. I’m about 150-160 lbs so I can probably do that one, definitely can’t do the rest yet, coming a bit closer to the Deadlift one tho. Also that really sucks what happened to your back, was it recent?

That was me actually, I was trying to send free samples to Duterte so he’ll buy from me again. I need to stop using birds for deliveries smh, they never make it to Duterte’s house🤦‍♂️

Khrushchev once spoke to Zhou Enlai. Khrushchev says A big difference between the USSR and PRC is that I rose to power from a proletarian family, meanwhile you ascended to power from the privileged Mandarin class of China. Zhou Enlai replied that they have a striking similarity, that they are both traitors to their class. Where you come from means less than where you stand on the issue of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Zhou Enlai was not harmed by the PRC for his family’s wealth, he was welcomed with open arms as a friend of the Proletarian Revolution.

Reading Left Wing Communism rn and Lenin says every worthwhile Revolutionary needs to learn to properly retreat in an orderly fashion. Only left-comms think that retreat is unnecessary or not respectable, true Revolutionaries know that they have more power in mixing the legal and illegal forms of resistance, not learning to retreat from an unwinnable battle means you’ll probably perish. To paraphrase a quote of his, He is not a genius who never makes a mistake, but the one who makes small mistakes and learns to easily and quickly remedy these mistakes becomes a genius with experience.

he’a carrying it like he’s about to wack someone with a rolling pin😂

Yea nicotine is addictive, working on quitting now. And also I’m not very big on smoking bud bc I agree it burns up fast and seems like a waste of money. I live in a legal state so I do get stuff that I know isn’t gonna kill me bc it’s a fake cartridge or something(a huge problem in the US that’s not talked about, one of marijuana’s biggest obstacles to pass because plenty of people associate marijuana with those Mario Carts or whatever fake shit is out there bc of a lack of regulation.) only way I know to genuinely save bud from being used up too quickly is those vaporization bags. You put a tiny tiny amount of weed in the vaporizer and it fills up a bag that you inhale. You don’t need to inhale the whole thing in a minute or anything, you can pace it out over a few minutes. Or if you know how you can gravity bong but it’s a bit advanced for me and I never did it

There’s a dude on YT who does exactly that shit, he took a legitimate full one gram dab on camera and he made a 2 parter. 1st part is him ripping it, 2nd video is him coughing his lungs out and nearly passing out and coming close to vomiting(he doesn’t). Crazy shit, makes you not wanna smoke tbh

Definitely, ppl who are “stoners” or make weed their life is cringe. Can’t say that a few of my friends aren’t like that lol, it has its benefits but the cringe t-shirts in public are tough to be seen w🤣

It’s great to use as long as you hide the thirst-trap pages(which there are plenty of) and just generally lots of demeaning stuff on the public stories, other than that, it’s really great when you find the stuff you like to follow

Yea friends send me memes and pics on there and I usually just save those bc I don’t like adding every single meme or photo to my gallery it takes up space

Sometimes I have stuff saved on Reddit, a few ebooks or stuff like that in my notes app, most meme pics or stuff like this (my current screensaver) or just random pics in my gallery. Other than that, if it’s not important I save photos that friends send me on Snap

I agree with that 100%, you absolutely DO need to eat more than you ever usually do pretty often. If it wasn’t for my love of rice and Corned Beef Hash which are cheap and filling, I would’ve gone broke with how much I would spend on food for gains

I haven’t read this yet, simply skimmed a few sentences here and there. This is really insightful helpful info that every American (and everyone with interest in America) should absolutely check out. The info covers last year, 2022, and how America is changing, spoiler alert, it ISN’T for the better. The writer really didn’t pull punches. This article is essentially China’s version of 2pac’s Hit Em Up. And instead of Notorious B.I.G. as the target, it’s the USA.

There are very few groups that make me wanna break left unity, Ultras and NazBols make me cringe even more than anarchists and SuccDems

Well, to each their own. There’s this one huge guy who always does front squats and my friend and I never did them before. He taught us proper form as well as tips on how to maximize efficiency of exercise. I don’t expect to look exactly like him within 3 years or anything but over time I can definitely gain body mass and gain weight in a healthy way.

Maybe a tough one, but how would you describe the Russia-Ukraine situation to somebody who’s on the Fence, or living under a rock so to speak?

Reading and watching news nearly 24/7 lol

Same, but my bubble is so small that I don’t count it. I used to get upset about it as a kid lol, now I just accept the fact that it ain’t happening

I was never able to… but I was GOING TO LEARN! Now I will never blow a bubble with gum, thanks a lot Cuba😠

Damn, I’ve wanted to read that for a long time, is it on libgen

As someone of Belarusian descent, lemme just say vast majority of my family is pro-Russia

To paraphrase Ray from Trailer Park Boys, “ya don’t mess with the man upstairs”

That’s probably my favorite anti-comm myth. No one gets any pay. Despite the fact that you can easily debunk that by showing paystubs 🤣

I mean more and more Central and South American, African countries are getting closer w china and away from US proxy state of Taiwan

How do you measure up to the 1x, 1.5x , 2x measurement?
To clarify, if you can bench your bodyweight, squat 1.5x your bodyweight, and 2x your deadlift, you are in the top 5% of strongest humans.

Well I’m glad that was cleared up, is there anywhere you suggest for reading up on this further? Google will only give anti-comm sources which have a vested interest in lying.

Poll: Can you Blow a bubble with Bubble Gum?
More than anything I want to test out how polling would work on this platform. I will post a Yes comment and a No comment. Just hit like on whichever answer you would answer. Don’t downvote the Yes or No so we can get an accurate sample. Also I thought it was an interesting question lol.

Really? I’m a bit surprised, most people know about it from the movie, myself included. I heard it was really good tho. I should check it out soon. Then perhaps I can add it to my non-Marxist reading list

I never knew it was fake, news to me. Good news tho, I genuinely thought he was a monster for the longest time until now.

Yes!! The British dude introduced many key plot lines, and I don’t entirely disagree with that assessment. It DOES definitely have a few soap opera-esque moments, hell, I even watched one of those episodes tonight.

But where will Joel Osteen hide out during severe storms while not letting people in?

Which book do they think will vindicate their brain-rot? Besides the average lefty reads way more books than anyone else I know combined together

Is Beria the one who r**ed a bunch of women? Is that true bc I heard that’s why Stalin denounced him

I’ve heard of a few of those titles, how do you like V for Vendetta, I kinda wanna see the movie but idk if the book is way better

Honestly not good. A very close family member has a pretty serious disease that’s turning into a disability slowly. It’s disheartening to see and leaves me mentally and emotionally drained. Tough to feel like myself sometimes. I’m finding solace in spending time with family who also love and care for this close family member. I am personally atheist but I find myself praying because I have no other real way of feeling that I’m doing anything for them besides helping them to the bathroom or making them tea or food throughout the day. I know deep down that nothing I can do will help them and only their doctor’s actions will do anything meaningful. I feel not useless by any means but like a companion in a video game, just helping along w tiny tasks while they deal w the brunt of it. I haven’t wanted to talk about it for a while as it’s been progressing for about just over a year now, but I feel so sad and just empty now that I wanna at least type this out. Just wanted to get that out there a little. Sorry if that was a bit depressing lol but it feels good to talk about it a little

Also if possible try to include Mao’s quotations, as I also have that book but I keep it in my car 24/7. The untitled ones are Anarchism or Socialism by Stalin and Marxism and the Natl. Question by Stalin. I kinda know already where last place is going, but I will say Pikkety is the one author (If I had to choose only one) that changed my mind on China at a very pivotal point in my political development.)

I’ll defend all of these despite my better judgement lmaoo. West wing is entertaining. That’s it, it isn’t smart or informative or funny or anything it tries to be. But it’s still entertaining. I can watch 40 minutes of it, thinking all 40 minutes of it was horseshit and full of bad writing but I wanna see what happens next so I can laugh at it. Mad men is very very accurate for the 60s. A few family members lived through the 60s and they said watching the show was like a mini-time machine. So if it appears a bit sexist or racist on the surface it’s because that’s what they want to show you about the 60s what commercials and TV shows from that era wouldn’t show. If they show corporate greed and childish behavior from the highest up in charge, it’s because the media of US 60s wouldn’t have ever considered that to be ok to talk about in the open, so in a way I consider the show to be a time capsule of the 1960s USA, everything made out to be so perfect and cute while in reality there’s a circuitry of (mostly) unspoken hierarchies. Sopranos is Sopranos, a masterpiece of digital storytelling

yea Boy Boy had a great vid on DPRK haircuts, they’re literally just normal barbers and hairdressers

It’s official, Lenin is a confirmed Cumboy

What song acts as preworkout for you? Mine in Chollima on The Wing
I considered posting this to Tankie Tunes but realized that not everyone that listens to music also lifts, but everyone who lifts definitely listens to music…so with that said, what is your favorite song/most “powerful” song that you exercise to? Obv it doesn’t have to be ML music but most of my songs that get me super pumped are political songs. For me it’s Chollima on The Wing, a super powerful sounding DPRK track that seems to make me able to lift 50 lbs more lol. I like [this song](https://youtu.be/ymtd9mdBRzM) when I need to do a solid 1 minute exercise of heavy weight with many reps. It has a good rhythm to it for keeping your reps in time. Besides those main ones, I also love this [Maoist song](https://youtu.be/K4Ytv8CikWY) mainly just bc it’s high-energy and cheery, good for doing cardio or a longer exercise to. Lastly I love listening to Motorhead and Van Halen. They don’t match the other songs but what can I say, Ace of Spades fuckin kicks ass

Obviously this is a pretty international forum, and a comrade asked before which languages we speak, but which languages are you working on? Which ones do you aspire to learn someday even if you aren’t learning it now? I’m a Yank so I know English and took about 5 years of Spanish in HS, I was in the advanced classes, but it was years ago so I can understand Spanish, but I can’t speak it really. I’m learning Russian now because I’ve sorta been learning it informally my whole life, my grandma being born in early 30s rural Belarus meant she always wanted to pass that on to me, she spoke an Eastern dialect of Polish but knew Belarussian and spoke fluent Russian. I just knew basic basic Russian as a kid like Принесите Пожалуйста and Спасибо mixed with other phrases that were very local to her. In the past 2-3 years I decided to officially learn Russian bc the rest of my family is very American (I don’t blame them, that’s where we live and consume the vast vast majority of our entertainment/content from) the Irish side of my family doesn’t give a shit about the history of Ireland nor do any of them speak any word of Gaelic Irish, so at least by learning Russian I can communicate to a few cousins from the old country and my grandma. Realistically speaking Spanish would be most useful to me, being in the US, but if I finish learning Russian I wanna learn Arabic. I want to learn Chinese but goddamn thats one of the toughest ones to learn. I feel like Arabic would be cool to learn. What are yall thinking?

People liken Glasnost and Perestroika with the fall of the USSR, how accurate is this?
I surprisingly don’t know as much of the dissolution of the USSR as I would hope. I know that 70%+ of every polled nation wanted a reformed Soviet Union not dissolution, but why did it get to that point. Did things slowly decline since Khrushchev, since Brezhnev, or later? What led to the liberalization of their statesmen? Like, Gorbachev and Yeltsin (I think?) were involved in government, how did this happen? Were Glasnost and Perestroika the killing blow after a long time coming or were they the first of their kind? Do most communists dislike both of these policies or were they decent ideas that were fucked up in implementation? Thanks in advance I don’t know enough about the details of the USSR’s fall

Is Reddit not worth using?
I sorta like the random meme subs and eventually I always get back to Commie subs. But Jesus its so divisive. Like immediately after I suggest Russia sucks compared to USSR it isn’t imperialist, now I’m getting pulled into a whole argument with someone who believes they are imperialist. I mean I understand their points but everyone on Reddit thinks just because Russia is not socialist, Ukraine and Russia are the same evil and Russia is actually Imperialist, so by this logic I guess this person sees Russia as a greater threat than the Nato expansion that Ukraine aims for. God Reddit is annoying

Opinions on modern anti-capitalist media??
I am not complaining about anti-capitalist media being more popular and out in the open, much better than pro-capitalist garbage propaganda that you can’t avoid here in the states, but to me I feel that the anti-cap media is sooooo pedestrian that I don’t derive any pleasure from watching it. Squid Game was critical of capitalism in many ways and was a decent allegory for debt and social inequality and other stuff like that, but it seemed like stuff that was already obvious. The movie Parasite was really good, I liked watching it and was held in suspense with every few scenes, the climax of the movie almost made my jaw drop, it was a super exciting and well-made film. I liked the cinematography and angles they used, the way that they flip the story on its head and switch the meaning of the film’s name, Parasite. At first the parasites appear to be the poor family that attaches themselves to the rich family but then you realize the rich family are not actually working for their wealth, they are the parasites. This would’ve blown me away if I didn’t already know how awful capitalism already is. People say White Lotus is pretty good but I never saw it. Dopesick and severance are also pretty popular. I get the feeling that maybe these creators want to do more but capitalist interests only allow it to go so far. Whatever the case is, I’m glad this is a thing, but I hope this kind of content has a bit more nuance and substance to it in the future. Wel thats my 2 cents on the issue, thoughts?

Biggest Pet Peeves?
Mine personally has to be bad parking jobs. Like there’s literally no reason to park shittily, just take your time and correct it. I can’t imagine the number of times that I’ve tried to park at work and my spot I always go to is half blocked by some inane jackass who takes up 2 spots, and if it’s a truck?? They may just take up an entire 4 parking spots when they very well could have parked in 1. Lets say the parking lines are in a + sign, they park in the intersection of the lines, I hate truck drivers most of the time lol. Any other pet peeves

Can anyone suggest any good videos or articles on Socialist Albania? Specifically I want to find good info on Enver Hoxha.
I only know about Hoxha bc like a year ago I was reading Espresso Stalinist and they mentioned Hoxha. I don’t know much about him besides that he made bunkers, liked Stalin a lot and he called people Revisionist. This gives me no actual insight into whether he had good ideas or not. I know for a fucking fact that looking him up on YT will mislead me and I’ll be left more confused than I started. What is Hoxhaism and how does it differentiate from Marxism-Leninism generally? Is it an offshoot, what are your general opinions on Hoxha and the modern Hoxha community(if there even exist more than 200 of them worldwide)

It has been a full 20 minutes since the Chairman of the SeeSeePee has been spotted. More than 1,000 seconds have passed and there are rumors that he is in fact missing, most likely went into hiding after 4 people in Beijing complained about Covid restrictions not being enforced enough now. Is this the final collapse of Communist China’s authoritarian regime? Has Democracy finally prevailed? Perhaps it’s time to reunite diplomatic relations with ROC instead of PRC. And I…hold on a second….my friend at the America Burger Eagle institute says a picture has just been released of him just a second ago as CGTN released a new segment. His top info at the moment is that the Xi we are seeing is most likely a fake, a mere decoy. Look at how one of his hairs on his head is facing a few degrees upward instead of a fee degrees downward. HE JUST YAWNED! I’ve never seen the other Xi do that before, this one clearly doesn’t have his mannerisms down, an obvious and sad fake. Well, you heard it hear first folks, Xi Jinping is most likely in hiding or dead and the new fake Xi is a decent fake but not good enough for those with good eyes and good info. Keep spotting those tiny mistakes of his, patriots!

At first I was a bit skeptical about the 14/88 thing, admittedly it did sound like it could plausibly have been 2 random numbers of tanks(maybe it is anyways it doesn’t really matter tbh it’s still being used to defend a client state of Imperialism) but after seeing this comment, idk. This almost makes me double down as illogical as that sounds. The entire analysis is ridiculous and I almost thought it was a joke.

Looking around for Theory collections(best bang for your buck) bc I like hard copies.
I have the Marx-Engels reader which has a LOT of Marx and plenty of Engel’s essential texts. I also have the Essential works of Lenin and a few others by him, I have 3 Stalin books(Anarch or Soc, Marxism & Natl. Question, Foundations of Leninism). I’m wondering who is another important Marxist to collect works of? My main thought is probably Rosa Luxembourg but I don’t know which collection to get. Any other good collections of works would be appreciated

This was perfect timing lol, my parents are liberal Democrats and they instinctively watch CNN and local news. Nothing too wrong with that overall, but I try putting on Democracy Now! as a way for them to be exposed to world events outside of Europe and US and also every once in a while, we get a Jeffrey Sachs guest spot (yes he had problems in his own right,that being his work in Russia and Poland in the early 1990s, but when talking about the Ukraine war, I actually really agree with the vast majority of his comments)or in this case Richard Wolff. It’s nice to have someone who was on the Deprogram pod before on a national news show that I can show my lib parents, idk maybe yall can share it to any libs(overall Democracy Now! is SocDem, so they’re kinda liberal too buy they don’t shy away from anti-capitalist ideas and speakers)

I’m a very picky eater and I wanna gain weight in a healthy way
For context, I am roughly 5’10” and 150 lbs. I work outside and generally on an 8 hour day which is my norm, I’ll walk at LEAST 4 miles. I realized recently that’s probably the main reason I don’t gain weight, I walk all my fat off. I obviously have no problem with people that are overweight or people that don’t look like vogue models, that’s an unrealistic standard to be set(and feeds into consumerism but that’s a whole nother convo) but I would like to gain weight without being overweight. I am not skinny, I’m decently muscular not to pat myself too hard but I would like to get bigger. I know muscle weighs more than fat but I know I also need body fat. I eat lots of chicken and meat. I really kinda eat unhealthy and have lots of typical American comfort foods but I don’t go hard on dessert really. I do like fruit and yogurt too. What should I do to gain weight without eating unhealthy foods? Will exercise make me gain weight eventually or would it take a crazy long time?

What countries have a more anarchistic approach towards leftist movements( as opposed to Marxist)? I know Italy and Greece have strong pockets of Anarchists, but where else is it prevalent??
So as Marxists we understand that anarchism doesn’t end well(even if it was tried, in order to maintain the system they’d need some semblance of control/power being given and share) but as leftists we also understand that agitation and propaganda against the capitalist state also is useful in its own way. I guess Idk how to really explain it but I’m interested in at least learning more about regions that have an anarchist tendency to learn why they have those “anti-authoritarian” views when it comes to dismantling the capitalist regimes of the word? Idk they may even have a few decent points and justifications for their opinions, obviously misunderstanding several key aspects of Marxism but still.

What to know about Henry Kissinger?
I feel like the old bag of shit is going to bite the dust sooner rather than later, so to get ahead of the bandwagon, what facts should I know about him? How bad was he? What was he involved in? To what extent? Thank you all in advance comrades!

I hate these tiktok edits where people put in random “aesthetic” or “satisfying”bullshit in a video. However this may be the way to make communism trendy again lol

Which countries are named something different in their native tongue compared to English?
I don’t like that countries all over the world call other countries whatever fits their own language. In English we call these nations “Ireland” “Russia” “Palestine”. But these places are “Eire” “Rossiya” “Chungkuo” or “Falesteen”. Which other countries are good names before it gets translated. I do have small acceptions for places where they call it like DPRK or something where the name is just the same but translated but Rossiya makes more sense than Russia.

Favorite non-political podcasts?
I love me some The Deprogram, Chapo Traphouse, Blowback, RevLeft, Multipolarista. But every once in a while, I need a break and I need some dumb stuff to listen to or laugh at. I really like the Lets Read podcast which is just (mostly true) horror stories that people submit to the show. I couldn’t watch JRE if u paid me to, not that I think anyone would suggest it in the first place. Other than that, Cumtown, Bein Ian, dumb stuff like that.

Which writer of Marxist theory wrote the best in your opinion?
I gotta give it to Stalin for saying everything nice and simple and tossing in a few jokes here and there. His Anarchism or Socialism was one of the best written books of theory I’d ever read. Stalin brings up Point A, then explains what it is, he explains the Anarchist positions/opinions on Point A, then Stalin shits on the anarchists and says “get a load of this jackass, he thinks blah blah blah about Point A! Have you ever heard of anyone so ignorant?” And on top of that, he never writes books that are especially long, most are able to be read over the course of 1-3 days. I genuinely haven’t read enough Lenin yet, I only read his Development of Capitalism in Russia which was very dry, Marx and Engels are great but I prefer Engels writing style to Marx

Which Socialist leader or writer had the worst hair?
Ok, before we get into this, much love to all of these socialist leaders and writers of theory that have contributed to the development of socialism over time, but some of them mfs have the wackest hairstyles. Who is it for you? I might have to go with Marx, that shit is so damn unkempt lol

How has your humor changed throughout your life?
What makes you laugh today? What made you laugh in the past? Surely some stay the same, but what has changed? Also just for clarification, I don’t count childhood only because we all had a childish sense of humor and no 4 year old would understand sketch comedy or stuff that goes over their head. I used to really like Family Guy, Archer and stuff like that. Over time I feel like I got over the “Airplane” style of comedy in which every 3 seconds, there’s a joke. I started to get more into shows that were more quality over quantity in terms of jokes. I started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and Portlandia and stuff like that. I feel like Tim&Eric, Portlandia Eric Andre and Dr. Steve Brule made my sense of humor so weird lmao. I adore weird characters that seem to live in their own World separate from our own. Just the way they interact with ordinary people and to see how oddly a person can respond to normal situations cracks me up. Also shoutout to “Off The Air” on Adult Swim. I also really love sketch comedies like Wkuk, Chappelle show and Key and Peele, also Monty Python on occasion. What do y’all like? Anything recommendations that transformed your sense of humor?

War Crime Watch has a very pragmatic take on Ukraine and Russia.
I was reading yesterday about War Criminals like William Casey and others; while on the website I checked out their recent articles, and this one in particular stuck out to me. I read through it and I gotta say that their understanding of political events and motives is pretty good. And above all, they don’t explicitly support one side or another nor do they fully support the Invasion of Ukraine, buy if you check it out, you’ll find their info is pretty good. Lemme know any criticisms or additional points you have on your minds about this article.

Today’s my Birthday!!
I’m 21 today, not my first legal drink today(I had my first legal one in Ireland🇮🇪) and certainly not my first drink in the US, but it’s still kinda cool. I plan to read some Marx today(Critique of the Gotha and After the Revolution: Marx debates Bakunin) and just enjoy my bday dinner. There are lots of people on Lemmygrad, so if you’re birthday is in December, happy early(or late) birthday! I love all y’all❤️ enjoy your day, you deserve it🥰

The entire documentary feels like they’re stating the obvious and it stings so much more knowing that these people who produced it are fighting tooth and nail day after day to make sure NONE of this gets better for Americans. Watch it or don’t, you likely won’t learn anything new, it’s just in poor taste making this doc imo

Marxist 127 Hours lol.(ik its dumb😂)
Capitalism is the rock trapping you and slowly killing you. The act of cutting the arm off is the act of Revolution. The act on its own without any context to prompt it is brutal and unnecessary. When the rock traps the arm however, in order to survive, you need to cut the arm off. Socialists, much the same are not violent people wishing for Revenge and riots, but if these are the actions that free the Proletariat, it is necessary. Liberals deny this fact and let themselves die trapped in the rock.

I’ve said it before and I will again: Too many decades in too few weeks! Slow down for a sec!
Damn Lenin said some weeks contain decades of change but damn this is crazy. 2 coup attempts in Peru, now I think something is happening with Serbia and Kosovo or something and not to mention the many things going on in Russia and Ukraine. US elections happened but I shouldn’t even mention that, nothing major happened tbh, Pelosi’s getting replaced by a (slightly)younger version of her. Hakeem Jeffries vows to not bend to the Squad or “far left” so no change there. Griner was exchanged for an arms dealer lol. Japan is targeting the Unification Church for greasy donation involvements(prompted by the makeshift gun toting assassin of Shinzo Abe)I’m sure I’m missing a lot more but damn these past weeks are crazy

Do you listen to music while you read? If you are reading theory is the answer different?
I love listening to music (Irish music, Chinese, Phonk, Funk, not to be confused with Phonk lol,2000s rock, rap, etc) so much and I feel a bit bored reading in silence. And given the open anti-comm tendencies of my coworkers, I tend to read theory in my car. Only issue is songs in English throw me off because I kinda can’t listen to a song while also reading words. So sometimes instrumentals or foreign language songs are good (except for Sailing The Seas Depends on The Helmsman, I won’t be able to focus because it’s such a great song) to have in the background. I used to like reading along with a narrator voicing it on my phone but it gets annoying sometimes. Idk, what do yall do while reading? Do you ever have Tv on in the background?

Do you like doing 1 Rep Maxes?
I personally enjoy doing a set of 8. When I say I reach a new PR(bench or squat or DL) I usually just mean that I can finally do 8 reps of it. I could probably do pretty damn heavy weights if I did 1 rep max but I wonder: is it just a vanity thing like “look how much I can lift for 1 single rep” or is it actually something to help me increase my mass? Or would a 5 rep increase mass more?

Is it a good idea to request my file from the FBI?
Fyi i have no real reason to do it. I haven’t been involved in any leftist groups(none in my area, only Dems) and I haven’t committed any real crimes or anything. It’s been a long process but I’ve basically helped turned my SocDem older brother into a DemSoc/early stage socialist. He thinks for shits and giggles it would be funny and informative to request our files as citizens of the US. All I know about requesting your file is from Second Thought who has a much different situation than I do. I haven’t had anyone ever ring my doorbell or receive a message or anything. I also don’t have a gigantic influential YT channel or anything. But I remember Sec Thought saying he could only request 50 pages at a time and the vast vast majority was blank and said Classified. Is it worth jumping through the hoops for what may turn out to be 4 blank pages?

Good quick skit about how Anarchists will always be fighting some form of authority and how it will never pan out the way they want it to.

Democracy Now! is a great spot for interviews and some current events(It still has lib cringe but they’re getting better lately.) and this scholar from the Lakota Tribe talks about the history of indigenous struggle and what the indigenous struggle will continue to look like as they gain allies from around the world who also have disdain for settler colonialism.

How many hours do you work a week? Are you upset with your hours?
As communists, work is an important part of our ideology. I assume that everyone here is Proletariat, so how do you feel about your working hours? I’ve recently been given more hours since a great coworker of mine quit(all my coworkers fully support them, the boss was mistreating them and they were misled with how the job would be)and on the plus side, I finally have more money and I don’t run dry in a week anymore, but Goddamn I don’t like the sudden bump in hours where I feel like I have significantly less free time to even enjoy my wage. For reference I’m probably complaining too much but I’m currently doing 35-39 hours but I’m young so it feels like a lot. What about y’all?

How likely are you to wear clothing that has a full on HammSick on it?
Obviously Communism being a global/international ideology, we live in different conditions with different taboos and social mores. In the place where you currently live, do you feel comfortable enough to wear a HammSick on your clothes? Not like a Che shirt or a red star or anything that can be passed off as anything else, but a full on Hammer and Sickle cannot be confused with anything else. Beyond that, do you particularly enjoy political-based clothing at all or do y’all just vibe in whatever clothes you like?

I was listening to some PLA song and stumbled across this comment of someone who says “Wrote my own version which I plan to use to nationalize the people” and this is what they wrote.

Дорогой Длинною, or Those Were The Days is an old Slavic folk song and it’s a great nostalgic song to check out. It was sang by the Soviet Military too. This is a great modern version.