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Controlled Opposition exposes itself

Some questions I couldn’t find an answer for
- The sidebar mentions this community is pro-AES, are you referring to "American Education System"? - Do you actually defend Hillary Clinton and Syria? Or is it a meme? - I've seen multiple posts here on Lemmygrad opposing... meat... why? - I've also seen multiple posts opposing porn and I can't see how that is related to Communist ideology. Is it because China and Korea ban it? - China and Korea are homophobic, now what?

In text form:

The deleted comment said : "Hilariously ironic that Ukrainian soldier can be seen with the totenkopf on their uniforms. I can't comment anymore, and I think I might have been shadow banned ...

(Thread here: They have some decent stuff, but they are also [tailist patsocs]( It’s probably better to just read the [Black Agenda Report article]( than buy the book.

Have you heard about this? China is so evil how dare they not take action to fix America's drug problem.

I just returned from reddit's front page because I had nothing better to do, saw post in r/pics and decided to check the comments... it was a mistake People cannot just think straight, right? They will believe every fucking piece of information they see, I presume. This tragedy is FULLY BENEFICIAL TO UKRAINE, IT *first and foremost* DAMAGES RUSSIAN LINE OF DEFENCE AND BARELY TOUCHES UKRAINE’S. That’s because right side of the river is much higher than the left side, so destroying the dam is just a shot in the foot for Russia. You can see it on the map, you hear it from the officials, you can hear it from UKRAINE that: “they knew all along” and it won’t affect their plans. HOW CONVENIENT! And all of that is not even considering that Ukraine has shelled this dam since Russia took it over (almost a year). You can see on the screenshot how many times dam and Novokakhovskaya Hydroelectric power plant were discussed in local Telegram channel and I swear, 70% of all of these posts are reports of bombings, explosions etc, they even have videos of it. - Kremia now has shortage of water because of that: ["The fact is that if they blow up the Kakhovka dam, then the issue of supplying water to Crimea will be closed once and for all. It will be impossible to restore it in the next 5-7 years."]( (21.10.2022) - here's an interesting quote from Natalya Gumenyuk, press secretary of Operational Command "South": ["The maximum that Russia can do is only slow down the Ukrainian military. But it will be a critical scenario."]( (24.10.2022) But no, after all of that fucking information, people and their fucking rotten brains will still blame Russia for everything because #RUSSIAISATERRORISTSTATE give me a fucking break

Admin appreciation post
tværpostet fra: > Thanks admins, for keeping the most deranged anticommunists and others out of here, it's made being here an awesome experience <3

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