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Welcome again to everybody! Make yourself at home <3 In the time honoured tradition of our group, here is our weekly discussion thread! We are excited to announce a new discord server for Trans Communists. Check it out! Also check out our telegram! uwu

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Brand new trans/ml exclusive server!
This is a Discord server for exclusively Communist Transgender individuals! It's called "Trans Commies" and we just made it yesterday morning and I thought the trans people who post on /c/GenZedong might find it interesting as well. Join here!

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In an effort to support a diversity of platforms, we want to remind everybody of our telegram group! You can check it out [here]( We're currently making some changes and improvements to the group so check it out!

I believe there needs to be multiple "debates" on PatSocs
cross-posted from: > As you have all noticed, this seems to be a point of contention here. This is a good thing, since it means someone will learn something. > > Now we seem to be all over the place, with this general area of thought, provoking many questions. Whether or not PatSocs are socially conservative, what is position on social conservatism? Many of us are very young, both in age and ML experience, so an online discussion would be a great learning tool. > > 1. Are socially conservative individuals allowed to be apart of the leftist movement? > - A. Are socially conservative individuals victims of bourgeois propaganda? > -B. If socially conservative people are turned away by the left, where do they go? > -C. How high of a position would a social conservative be allowed in a ML party? > -D. How has or will MLs educate socially conservative folk? > -E. &tc, &tc. > > 2. What exactly is Patriotism? > -A. Does patriotism depend on culture? > -B Is possible for a distinction between patriotism for a country and wanting to abolish the state? > -C. Is patriotism corrupted in the Core? > -D How have post imperialist countries with Communist experiments built patriotism? > -E. &Tc &TC > > 3. Who even are the PatSocs? > -A. If the label is too convuluted, should we make a distinction between Maupin and American exceptionalists? > -B. Who of the leaders do we consider MLs? > -C. Should patriotic socialist be distinct from socialism or is inherent in socialism? > -D. How much do WE even know if PatSocs? > -E. &Tc, &tc > > We can look at the USSR and GDR for these questions. Remember the Hammer and Sickel came from somewhere. > > Things to look out for about the US: > -It is the imperialist power, AND a settler state. > -Low levels of cultural development > -The culture that is there is taken from marginalized groups. > -Americas are the most propagandized people in the World. > -It is huge and incredibly diverse > > More questions about the US could follow: > -Should the US be balkanized? If so how does patriotism be built in balkanized regions? > -How does land back go about? Will indigenous countries emerge, and if so should we reconsider American MLs as different MLs for the Regions in North America. > -If see different nations and regions in North America how does that affect culture? Is the question of how we view the land a prerequisite to discussing patriotism, is it contradictory to call yourself an American Patriot if you decide to divide up the land until regions? > > There is so much potential for deep political for North American based Comrades, this is a rabbit hole I do want to delve into. I'll cross post this to GZD but I want it mainly on Leftist Infighting.





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Be happy


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