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  • I DON’T insist on Biden at all.

    Maybe not you specifically but I’ve seen a lot of peoples do.

    many MORE people in this world will suffer, struggle and die under Trump than under Biden. It’s just math and all your ideology is VERY empty in the face of it.

    See, I think this is where we disagree.

    You operate under the assumption that the things that the Republicans want to do couldn’t happen under Biden, presumably because you think he would block Republican policies, but knowing what I know about Biden and his policies, his willingness to “reach across the aisles” and give concessions to the right, his tendency to passively letting Republican bills pass without doing anything about it even when he clearly have the power to, his failure/unwillingness to roll back Republican policies from Trump’s last term let alone the ones that he expanded instead, etc… I’m telling you honestly, I don’t believe that for 1 second.

    I have not seen ANY evidences that Biden would act against Republican politics.

    Heck I haven’t seen evidences that he wouldn’t do a complete 180 and start supporting Republican policies that he used to denounce, it wouldn’t even be the first time he does it.

    In your arguments in favor of voting blue, you (the peoples who tell everyone to vote blue) always use this assumption that Biden couldn’t possibly be as bad as Trump as an axiom, as if it was just obvious, you never bother trying to show that it’s true, you never question it, I certainly haven’t ever seen any of you questioning it or trying to demonstrate it. You just treat it as some sort of fundamental truth to the point you don’t even seem to notice that you are using it sometimes.

    I haven’t seen any reason to believe that this assumption is true, on the contrary.

    When I look at the 2 last US presidential terms, I don’t see a bad president and a worst president, I see a bad president who tell you that he’s gonna to terrible shit and does exactly that and an other equally bad president that pinky promise he wont do terrible shit but then do terrible shit anyways and blames the other bad president for it when he get caught doing terrible shit.

  • I just don’t understand the pro-Democrat party crowd’s strategy. Why do they insist on keeping Biden as the Democrat candidate when that clown keeps nuking it’s own odds of winning more and more everyday with his stupid shenanigans? If the peoples who keep berating everyone to vote for Biden see Trump as some sort of ultimate threat, why do they insist on using a candidate that even they admit is hated by most of his own voter base against Trump? That sound like a terrible strategy to me. Shouldn’t they be mad at the Democrat party for taking such risk by insisting on a candidate so widely despised? Why don’t they call for a candidate that is actually likely to beat Trump? Why do they keep berating the folks who have made it clear that they won’t be voting for Biden under any circumstances when the over 60% of the Americans who don’t participate in politics are right there?

  • You will never find a morally pure candidate, or one whose positions perfectly align with your own preferences.

    I HATE when liberal pull that shit, this smug fucking way of pretending that we only have small unimportant disagreements with Biden, dismissing in the most disgustingly intellectually dishonest way I’ve ever fucking seen the fact that our “single disagreement” with Biden is his conscious and unconditional complicity in a fucking genocide.

    I hate it not only because it’s an absolutely monstrous rhetoric carrying water for a monster’s monstrosity but also because it’s SO obvious to anyone without terminal blue MAGA brainworms why they are doing that: they know deep down that there is no way they can pretend to be the good guy if they try to face the truth, which means they know what they are defending, for who and what they are carrying water. They know yet they still do it.

  • But when I look at the Biden administration, I see a group of people who can be bullied in a leftist direction on some policy priorities.

    Your vote is the only thing you as a citizen have that the Democrats need to get, there is literally nothing else you have that could make the Democrats care about your opinion because there is nothing else you have that they need. Which means that your vote is the only thing they will have to trade concessions against if enough peoples threaten to not give it to them. Knowing that, how the heck do you plan to “bully them in a leftist direction” without withholding your vote?


  • From what I’ve gathered so far:

    Because of the tri-color flag’s history as the main popular symbol of the French revolution, then as one of the symbols of the Paris Commune, then as one of the symbols of the French resistance against Nazi occupation, the tri-color flag is before all a symbol made and used by the people and it’s use by the diverse bourgeois governments of France is illegitimate.

    The PRCF also look up to the revolutionaries of the French revolution like Roberts Pierre because TL;DR: Roberts Pierre was actually kinda based for a lib and the narrative of the Terror and him being a psychopath who cut peoples heads for no reasons is mostly lies created by his political opponents after his death and reproduced until the present day by bourgeois scared that the legacy of past revolutionaries might give peoples the “wrong idea”.

    This is basically why they use the tri-color flag I think.

    On decolonization I need to learn more about their position but I at least know that they support the recent New-caledonians/Kanaks riot and blame Macron for the violence, and that they support the right of Kanaky to claim it’s independence. And they also oppose the Israel.

  • The Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France (pole for communist rebirth in France) is the closest thing from a proper Marxist-Leninist vanguard party we have in France, though they don’t call themselves a communist party because from the words off one of their main spokesperson (paraphrasing cause I don’t remember the exact quote) “We don’t say we’re a party because we’re materialists […] If I stand up and call myself a vanguard but when I walk out and turn around no one is following me, I’m not a vanguard”. One of their stated goal as an organization is to rebuild a proper vanguard communist party in France.

    Out of all the parties I’ve looked at the PRCF is the only one I seriously consider joining.