#02 – ProleWiki: Walking forward!

Hello again, comrades. …

Prolewiki is creating a guide to talking to police, by country!

If you feel you can contribute to the guide, please send it either in the talk page (you will need an account) or on this thread! Please add sources if you want to add something for a country; they don’t have to appear in the essay itself but it’s important that we don’t misinform people. …

Donate to ProleWiki

Comrades, now it’s possible for ProleWiki to receive donations to maintain its hosting costs. …

It was the most requested thing from the beginning, so here we go, comrades. Let’s study and share our knowledge together. See you there!..

Reaching new comrades through social medias

Hi, comrades. I’m one of the administrators of ProleWiki, I finally managed to create an account here on Lemmygrad. …

A Question on Editing

Hi comrades. I have been working on uploading a text to the wiki, but am now noticing that some of the section titles need to be separated/added. Alas, I am really bad with tech and have had no luck figuring out how to do that. Anyone know how/can point me to an explanation? Thanks :)…

#03 – ProleWiki: Translations are available!

Comrades, I wanted to thank you all for making part of this project. We have grown very quickly, from just me and a few articles in September to dozens of comrades and more than a hundred articles in December. …

ProleWiki disappointed me.

In the last few days I have become aware of this wiki. I was excited, FINALLY someone was making information available to the Communists in an international and “open” way. I wanted to get started right away. but it seems like this open community is not after all. I was recently banned after posting…


Also they mention what? A controversy about China and their conflicting regions. What a neutral encyclopedia. …

Request new articles here

I’m actually looking for stuff to write about, but I guess this can work as a thread for people to request articles they’d like someone to write on prolewiki. …

These bots or paid spammers have been promoting a Vietnamese holiday website and a bunch of copy-paste news articles …


BunkerChan /leftypol/: ProleWiki announcement

It was deemed… controversial by “leftists”

Here’s the entire announcement for ProleWiki on the Tankie Bunker server: …

A draft on governance — ProleWiki

Read a bit of our governance draft. …

Main page article in Portuguese

Testing possible issues we’ll have with translations that will need fixing once we have a VPS and have more freedom to toy around with the website server. …

ProleWiki article on Lemmygrad

It’s important for us to preserve and write history. This means our history too, so we can always refer to and remind of ourselves of our development…

#03 - New link, much cleaner.

Cleaner domain

Fuck subdomains. Unfortunately, this means you should refrain from translating to other languages, because it will all be lost in the end…

Let's talk style and overall outlook

I’ve been writing some stuff for prolewiki since yesterday, and I was wondering where we are going to stand on editorial practices? …


The design was outright collectivized from Wikidata. It’s ours now :raised fist::triangular flag: …



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