We will wear this pin with pride!
Also if you haven't read the thread: this thing got us 200 new followers on Twitter.

I’ve been writing a huge tutorial on how to edit Prolewiki/use the “new” visual editor
This thing is only about 50-60% complete. Thankfully ProleWiki is not *that* difficult to edit compared to say, Wikipedia. This month, as an admin of ProleWiki I've been working on "professionalising" the encyclopedia. It's become much more active in May, and we realised we needed something to help new editors find their way around. The goal is that they become autonomous as soon as possible and we don't need to oversee them. This frees up time in the administration for other things. Also helps reduce easily answered questions new editors have about formatting and other formalities. Other changes included an editor onboarding page, as well as a clarification page (all linked in the tutorial if you start following the links so I won't link them in this post).

The Great Library Overhaul Project
Did you know ProleWiki has a library? On it, we self-host dozens (maybe even 100) of books, texts, transcripts, documents and other things of interest to communists. You can visit it here: Now, if you're me, you might be thinking it's kind of a mess right now. Truth is, we quickly added this library in 2020 and it just kept growing since then. We're now in a situation where the model we use (pile everything up on top of each other) is quickly becoming saturated. I have some ideas to fix the library, but for that I need some feedback. And possibly some help, if this is something you're interested in. I could use some UI/UX specialists, and maybe a PHP/mediawiki programmer to implement our new library lol But first things first, I've prepared a short survey to help us collect some feedback and prepare for the next step. You can take the survey here: It's completely anonymous!

We have succesfully upgraded the server!
Thanks to all donators, mostly from Patreon and Liberapay, we managed to upgrade the server so we have more space to store the content produced in the wiki. We have stored every fund we have in a Brazilian bank, away from the dollar, and because it's easier to manage given the current staff of administrators. Upgrading the server cost us in total R$1243.40 (~US$247.39). This includes taxes in international transactions (R$13.91 Brazilian international exchange fee + R$57.09 exploited by PayPal) and a US$49.50 service we requested so the disk could be extended. The VPS server itself cost us US$183.5 for a whole year. After paying for the host, we now have available R$3342.46 (~US$664.48) in funds. There is currently no plan for this money, and we are just storing it so we can pay for hosting for more years. We reserved a part of this money (R$2500.00) in savings which have earned us an extra R$33.17 passively, which is a minimal, but safe investment, and still better than just letting the money alone. Any suggestion on what to do with this money is welcome. Thank you all for making ProleWiki sustain itself for one more year!

Wisconscom’s Back Again…
cross-posted from: > Under the name [@Academicproletarian]( he sent me this message: > >Hey, comrade! I see you are an editor on ProleWiki, that's super great! > > > >Let's get down to brass-tacks. I'm the Chief Commissar of the Internal Security Group of ProleWiki. I myself have banned millions of people from our great echo-chamber. > > > >I've just been ordered personally by our great founder Forte to improve our [page on Stalinism]( It turns out that Stalinism, or more fully, Marxism—Leninism—Stalinism (MLS) [really does exist as an ideology]( > > > >As such, he wants us to rewrite our incorrect page on Stalinism to indicate that it really does exist. He also told me to use [this excellently-written writing on MLS as a reference.]( This writing was made by a genius pioneer of Wisconsinite Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist theory. Thus it is a VERY good source. > > > >Thank you! > > It seems that they're going after [ProleWiki]( again, (in this case attempting to have the *"Stalinism"* page *"corrected."*

Thanks to []( for the tips, using bones was the best approach indeed

Did you receive a DM from a user named Rotekam?
Share it here or report it from your DMs directly please. Wisconcom alt. It seems he doesn't learn and he wants to gather the ire of both lemmygrad and prolewiki again.

Enjoy this account request we just received. And yes it's Wisconcom, this dweeb doesn't even know how to use a VPN.

Fundraiser was a success!
Our very first fundraiser, raising 528 USD to save for 2 years of hosting costs on a new plan we desperately needed, was a real success! From start to finish, we raised 518 USD, just 10 short of our goal. "Okay but isn't that a failure then if you're missing 10 dollars?" I hear you say. Not in the least! Because our new hosting plan will only take effect _after_ our current contract runs out, in May, we have plenty of time to raise 10$ and can even cover it ourselves as the admins tbh. We also had some crypto we could not get rid of until recently, which means ProleWiki, as of today, holds 816 USD, more than enough for the fundraiser and enough for almost 4 years of hosting! Wow! Therefore I declare this fundraiser a success and as of now, we _do not need_ any more money, comrades! We wouldn't know what to do with it except save it for hosting anyway. All of our financials are transparently relayed here:

The outpouring of support has been amazing! We can now safely pay for 1 year of our new hosting plan with 80 gigs of space against our current 40! Our next milestone is 2 years worth of hosting, after which all collected donations will form an excess which we will spend democratically (if ever). 2 years of hosting is essentially enough to form a safety net for us so that we might never have to worry about paying for hosting again. If you want to donate, we have several methods here: Thank you very much comrades!

Comrade, ProleWiki has big plans and needs your donation!
Wow, we've never done this before. This is completely new to us. ProleWiki relies on volunteer labour and efforts to function. Even the administration team (me and Forte) are volunteers on ProleWiki. None of us, from the editors to the techies, expect to be paid for our work on ProleWiki. We're very happy to be involved in this project pro bono. However, our providers do not work on a volunteer basis and we have to pay expenses to make ProleWiki. Our donations and expenses are transparently reported here: (end of the page), and as you can see we pay 132 USD every year to host ProleWiki on a VPS. This VPS gives us 40 gigs of space, and we are starting to need more. We are looking at going up to 80 gigs of space, which should last us a while, but this would double our hosting costs to 264 USD per year. This space would make sure we can keep hosting texts, pages and pictures as well as possibly host even more stuff, like our own matrix server (the idea's been passed around). It might also be spent on acquiring obscure texts so that we can add them to our library. We don't really know yet as for now we've always operated at a loss and just covered our hosting expenses. We've never asked for money before, but we are starting to have big plans with ProleWiki and definitely the extra space is something we are going to need sometime this year. Thus, we are now asking for donations. Rest assured your donations will be used to cover our hosting expenses and any excess above 2 years' time (528 USD) will be voted on by the editorship about what to do with it, if anything. On this page:, you can find various ways of making a donation. If you have any question, please ask in the comments below.

Follow-up post about ProleWiki’s book club
The first ProleWiki book club happened 12th February at 8PM UTC, and it was conceived and led by RedCustodian, with [@CriticalResist]( helping set it up, and Clover helping with the reading. ![]( It was a great success and signs that ProleWiki is starting to become an organic entity, because this is perhaps the first time that a major decision was made without my contribution to it, because I was not directly involved in the conceiving to the execution of the book club. More than 2 years ago, when ProleWiki was merely 2 months old, I made [some comments]( (some very idealist) on the direction of social ownership of ProleWiki: > *We hope that in about a year or so, ProleWiki is able to exist without me individually and becomes a valuable resource to revolutionaries from all over the world, socially owned by all contributors.* It took way more than a year, but we finally have an expression of this goal, which is a somewhat big decision being taken without my contribution. I think this is pretty symbolic of the direction of our organization, which is slowly, but steadily growing. Even though some big decisions are still directly in the hands of [CriticalResist]( and myself, especially administrative ones, ProleWiki couldn't have maintained an unity among its editors without some level of democracy inside our server. Editorial decisions about the content of our wiki is no longer a decision solely made by the administration, and the administration promotes a culture of consultative democracy in most of the bigger decisions of our project. As an important disclaimer, I should add that the administration does not hold up democratic values merely because we hold up an ideal and we are noble defenders of democratic centralism. Democratic centralism works, and it gives integrity to an organization. When decisions are discussed previously, sometimes exhaustively, the chances of disagreements are close to a minimal, and only in a free criticism environment can discussions happen until their exhaustion.

ProleWiki is hosting its first ever book club when this message is 30 minutes old
I checked with the host (one of our editors) and they're fine if people join. If you join right now, just tell me you're here for book club in vetting and I'll give you a role that will let you access it. They'll be reading Capital from the start, volume 1 chapter 1. Again, when this post is 30 minutes old so get your spot right now! They're unlimited but once it starts, it starts. --->

ProleWiki has a Youtube Channel Now
As it turns out, the other day I was looking through recent edits on [ProleWiki](, and I found, under the social-media section of the [ProleWiki page](, I found a [Youtube link](

Possible Wisconsom Alt.
cross-posted from: > User messaged me with a link to Wisconsom's website with some sort of plan regarding [some sort of plan to overthrow ProleWiki](\ > The exact text is as such: > > From ComradeW > > > > Greetings, comrade. > > > > I see you’re an editor on ProleWiki, that is great! I am interested in ProleWiki myself. > > > > I found this interesting source of history for ProleWiki, and I also heard of this newly-formed group of ProleWiki editors looking to improve the project. Maybe this could help you become a better editor. Do you think it is accurate? > > > > Thanks you.

InfraWiki is being raided
InfraWiki is a nazbol version of Wikipedia but it is being infiltrated to remove patsoc content. Anyone can create an account and edit with no verification. I have been banned but other ProleWiki users are active there right now.

truly a christmas gift

What do you think of the response?

Wisconcom is back with a banger
This is a copy of what he sent to me after I wrote my "What even is 'Dengism'?" essay. Here's what he said lol: I have read your essay on ProleWiki, "[What even is "dengism"?](", and I must say, it is absolutely repugnant, as are the other essays (or rather, screeds which are little more than dengist propaganda and pseudo-socialist nonsense) you have concoted on the revisionist hive that is ProleWiki. The contents of your scribbles is, in short, nothing beyond citing a few examples of Deng Xiaoping's propaganda in which he allegedly affirms his socialist ideology. You totally omit the true aspects of his bourgeois ideology (even claiming quotes he is well-known to have said were "fake" and "made up by Maoists"). Yes, of course it would be the case that if you took this-or-that Deng quote, while removing everything else he said, you could misinform your readers that he is a socialist. Of course, this is both false and intellectually dishonest. Deng Xiaoping omited class struggle in favor of the "development of the productive forces". To this day, the revisionist CPC keeps ill-informed revisionist propagandists such as yourself servile to their social-fascist ideological line by merely "kicking the can down the road" as to when they are going to become truly "socialist". Once the year 2049 arrives, the revisionists in China are simply going to move the target for "reaching socialism" to 2100, and then 2200, and so on. I believe comrade Enver Hoxha wisely noted this trend when he said: > *"In a demagogic way, Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Party of China have subordinated all their declarations about the construction of the socialist and communist society to their pragmatic policy. Thus, in the years of the so-called great leap forward, with the aim of throwing dust in the eyes of the masses, who, emerging from the revolution, aspired to socialism, they declared that within 2-3 five-year periods, they would pass directly over to communism. Later, however, in order to cover up their failures, they began to theorize that the construction and triumph of socialism would require ten thousand years."* Otherwise, you, in your essay, refuse to view things from a Marxist and dialectical view. You remove, among many other features, one of the most critical aspects of socialism: the removal of the bourgeoisie from economic power in favor of the proletariat. Developing the productive forces is important, but it must be given lesser importance to class struggle, the creation of public ownership of the means of production, and so on. Using your (very much poor) standards of "proof" for the ideological nature of these leaders, with which you use in this context to make Deng Xiaoping seem to be a Marxist, you could deceit others into viewing Adolf Hitler as a socialist. Your writing is nothing but propaganda to promote dengist ideology, an ideology which the rest of ProleWiki maintains with great zeal. In the middle of your essay, you use the "cultural revolution" in China under Mao Zedong as a justification for Deng's coup and rise to power over the Gang of Four. However, you fail to account for the fact that, as comrade Hoxha once again correctly noted: > *"The course of events showed that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was neither a revolution, nor great, nor cultural, and in particular, not in the least proletarian. It was a palace Putsch on an all-China scale for the liquidation of a handful of reactionaries who had seized power."* It is correct Deng Xiaoping was merely following Mao Zedong Thought (albeit a extremely bourgeois interruption of it), however, it is the case that Mao Zedong Thought was, at its core, a revisionist and anti-Marxist ideology, with reactionary elements it attained from religion, among other sources. Of all, it is your conclusion which is the most revisionary and false. ![]( Not only do you imply that it is exclusively supporters of the capitalist state of China who constitute "legitimate" Marxist-Leninists, you effectively say that only Dengists (additional note, [Stalinism does in fact exist]( are real Marxist-Leninists. Not only do you pollute Marxism via attempting to claim pseudo-socialists such as yourself are theoretically genuine, you are engaging in what is effectively dogmato-revisionism; the adoption of revisionism, and attempt to make said revisionism seem like truthful Marxism, and the rejection of all non-revisionists as being "revisionist". While it is true that Marxist-Leninist-Maoists are revisionists, you attempting to claim that all Anti-revisionists are "revisionists" is nothing but a dogmatic attempt to defend your revisionism. Regarding what dengism is, it is true that not all Marxists who support the People's Republic of China are dengist, rather, most of them are simply misinformed or have made a correctable ideological mistake. Rather, dengists are those "Marxists" who persist in this mistake, and defend it, which is what both you and the rest of the ProleWiki community is doing. I wish to present to you a definition of what dengism is from a well-informed and wise Anti-revisionist who is a comrade of mine: > *"Dengism is a revisionist and pseudo-Marxist ideology which originated during the full restoration of capitalism in China in the late 1970s. With regards to its followers in this context, it refers to the “Communists” who maintain the view that state-capitalism is socialism, class struggle is trivial and secondary in comparison to the development of the productive forces, that maintaining the bourgeoisie in power is socialist, and that working towards a revolution in one’s own country is useless, and all effort of the Communists must be towards defending supposed “actually existing socialism.”* > *Dengism is the ideology of counter-revolution, stagnation, and social-imperialism..."* We call you revisionists dengists not because we seek to vacuously attack you, but to separate Marxists from pseudo-Marxists like you. It is groups such as ProleWiki, GenZedong, and others which have motivated me to cease calling myself a "Marxist-Leninist", and instead refer to myself as a "Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist". You people are giving outsiders to Marxism a bad view due to your crypto-capitalist ideology, your defense of revisionist and social-fascist state such as China, Vietnam, the DPRK, and so on. "Marxism-Leninism" has long since been hijacked and corrupted by revisionists starting with Trotsky and Khruschev, and presently with people such as yourself. I hope you reconsider your views regarding dengist revisionism. Thank you and good day. (I suggest you post this criticism on the [talk page]( of your essay to give others an alternative view on this subject.)

кросс-пост из: > It includes fascism, racism, and white supremacy as "other" instead of capitalist.

Chrome lists prolewiki as a dangerous website... Lmao No but is this anything to worry about that isn't google trying to avert us from radicalization?

It was linked to be by a [@Sickomus]( as a source of history regarding [ProleWiki]( As you might expect it is is full of his normal social imperialist talking points and such. Also he calls himself a "Marxist Leninist Stalinist" now instead of his previous Hoxhaist beliefs for some reason.

Am I supposed to get a confirmation email immediately after sending the account request to ProleWiki?
If I am, I haven't received anything, so I think I might have misspelled the email? I checked the spam folder but there's nothing there. I'm sorry for giving you more work, I was pretty sleep deprived when I filled it out 😟

Some of the work people can do on Prolewiki (number 4 will shock you)
Comrades seem to think the only tasks we need filled on Prolewiki is editing -- adding new content. In truth, we will take whatever we can get, that's the beauty of this project. As an editor on the wiki (for which you just have to request an account:, you can: 1. Proofread and patrol others' edits. 1. Create new pages as stubs so that others can fill them out later. 1. Add pictures to articles. 1. Help with CSS and other front end changes. 1. Help categorize articles properly. 1. Add works to the library. 1. Write your own essays in our essays section. 1. Create redirects (misspellings, case-sensitive, other spellings, etc) to pages. 1. If you're trustworthy, even help out on social media! And I think that's not even all of it. We don't ask for quotas or anything when participating, and as you can see there's a lot of stuff you can probably already do with us! If you're interested, request an account on the wiki and join our discord! ( we have a good community going now.

![]( Most of the edits were made by Wisconcom himself. Observe how Wisconcom will pander to imperialist propaganda (claiming Tiananmen Square was an "atrocity" to "own the revisionists" 👌👌👌), and even call us "tankies" in the article. This should illustrate Wisconcom's opportunism very clearly. He engages in chauvinistic propaganda just to portray a project he was banned from in a bad light, even if it means being anti-communist.

I, finally, after all this time built up the courage to join ProleWiki! I'm not sure how much of a help I'll be, but I'm sure I'll at least be able to catch some grammar or formatting mistakes every so often. It's nice to join you! ::: spoiler Links [My page](\ [ProleWiki](\ \ Image Source, "[Forte](" on ProleWiki :::

  • ash!
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Question about images
Why are PNG previews of SVGs on ProleWiki so pixelated?

Still climbing, still getting likes (700), still getting comments from malding anti-communists (155) Link: tiktok was the best thing we did for our visibility wow. Excited to see how much of that will show up on our website in the coming days.

Comrades, we are presenting the first ProleWiki session to decide a focus of the editing work in ProleWiki In the comments, please present the subject(s) you think ProleWiki should focus on, taking into consideration its relevance in the education of revolutionary theory and practice, or whatever other criteria you may find relevant. This thread is not decisive, the subjects and themes suggested here will later be chosen by the editors themselves. However, we will take into consideration the most voted suggestions on our decision process, so the most requested themes will be likely chosen. Try to stick to one comment per subject/theme, as it helps voting to be consistent, so if you want to comment on the suggestions, try to do so in the replies

What’s some good tiktokkers to follow?
Prolewiki has a tiktok now (@prolewiki) and we need people to follow! We're not on the wacky US tiktok so we might not have access to them. I don't think they share data.

Jucheguevara has been removed from administrative positions
As of today (Sep. 27 2022), ProleWiki administrator Jucheguevara has been forcibly removed from his functions by unanimous decision, and subsequently banned from ProleWiki and all affiliated accounts and projects. It had come to our attention that Jucheguevara was active in the Infrared community and asked them to create accounts under false pretenses on ProleWiki so as to covertly push their patriotic socialist/"MAGAcommunism" agenda on our pages. Not only is this a petty attempt at sabotage, it also undermines our project and everything we have built thus far. Furthermore, as a fellow administrator, we never expected Jucheguevara would not only entertain the idea of going behind our backs, but actually follow through with it. We regret that it had to come to this, but clearly he has made his friends and enemies known and we cannot trust him any longer. The Infrared community has long been known to try and infiltrate projects so as to sabotage them from the inside. Unable to build their own movement, they would rather hijack others. As of today also, anyone harbouring patsoc (specifically the USA kind) sentiments or sympathies will follow jucheguevara's example and be banned from our project. The ProleWiki administration team.

Is stil active?
I applied for an account last Friday, but I don't know if I was accepted or rejected.

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