G-mail classifies emails sent by ProleWiki as spam
If you use gmail when trying to request an account, please check your spambox for messages and mark our email message as "not spam." Gmail began marking our e-mail messages as spam a few days ago.

Jucheguevara has been removed from administrative positions
As of today (Sep. 27 2022), ProleWiki administrator Jucheguevara has been forcibly removed from his functions by unanimous decision, and subsequently banned from ProleWiki and all affiliated accounts and projects. It had come to our attention that Jucheguevara was active in the Infrared community and asked them to create accounts under false pretenses on ProleWiki so as to covertly push their patriotic socialist/"MAGAcommunism" agenda on our pages. Not only is this a petty attempt at sabotage, it also undermines our project and everything we have built thus far. Furthermore, as a fellow administrator, we never expected Jucheguevara would not only entertain the idea of going behind our backs, but actually follow through with it. We regret that it had to come to this, but clearly he has made his friends and enemies known and we cannot trust him any longer. The Infrared community has long been known to try and infiltrate projects so as to sabotage them from the inside. Unable to build their own movement, they would rather hijack others. As of today also, anyone harbouring patsoc (specifically the USA kind) sentiments or sympathies will follow jucheguevara's example and be banned from our project. The ProleWiki administration team.

Is stil active?
I applied for an account last Friday, but I don't know if I was accepted or rejected.

We need a page for Robespierre. Can you provide sources?
(But first I'll remind everyone that reads this that you can apply to become an editor of prolewiki and start contributing yourself!) I want to make a page on Robespierre, considered by many communists the only based liberal (and I think Marx and Lenin thought highly of him?). We don't have any currently. Can you provide me sources, or even with whole paragraphs we could use for the article? Like we'll just lift them straight from your comments.

Why were some default wikimedia templates deprecated or removed?
I'm specifically referring to [Template:Date]( and [Template:Cite web]( I think they would be helpful.

Thank you to people contributing to ProleWiki
I hope it's alright to post this here, I've just been wanting to say thank you to people working on ProleWiki. From people who are quickly creating many of the needed pages to people who are filling in stubs with more information and people making sure things are well-categorized, edit: and the people making translations!, I'm excited watching the project grow and appreciate the work people are putting into it.

A big thanks to comrade [Alice Margatroid]( for the work in translations and editing! If you speak a language which is not included in ProleWiki and you wish to help add one, feel free to contact us anytime!

I am very proud to announce that ProleWiki now has a Russian language version. Thanks to comrade Chayleaf for the effort in translating the site and adding content. Спасибо, товарищ Chayleaf!

Modern psychiatry should be documented.
Modern psychiatry is a pseudoscientific institution used by the bourgeois to promote an "ideal" person and legitimize the health consequences of capitalism. Psychiatrists diagnose anyone that doesn't conform to the capitalist society as abnormal and in need of fixing. They then attempt to use therapies or drugs to achieve this solution.

Mostly a reflection of our [Twitter]( Our most active Twitter editor is from the United States, and so he tends to speak about Statesian trends, events, etc. The fact that we achieved more users by doing that shows that it's an approach that's giving us more readers than doing nothing. **EDIT:** This map is generated from data produced between 16 and 23 June

Our viewership is somewhat restricted to the capitalist-imperialist countries, probably because ProleWiki is mostly only offered in the English language

There should be an onion link for ProleWiki.
Since it's a Marxist wiki, some countries punish Marxists for being alive, so it's a good idea to have some way to protect the user's location.

How long on average do accounts take to get approved?
Mostly asking cause I'm very impatient to contribute aha, it's been a few days and I hope I wasn't missed, or if I was rejected I'd like to know the reason, etc. <3

New Page: Rent Strike
New Page: Rent Strike

How too join Prolewiki?
I would like to join the Prolewiki project. How do I do that? It's seems that there is not any way to creat an account on the site. So how do you get one? I want to contribute to this project and add in creating well researched and comprehensive articles about the world for an ML perspective.

Hate cars? add sources here
add sources about why cars are bad here lol

Meme Stash
Please help contribute to the ProleWiki meme stash

New Library Entry: Lenin's "To the Rural Poor"
We've also added a link to the audiobook version in the infobox !!!

Are there any defenses against potential site attacks?
If the ProleWiki ever gets popular, it could be attacked by vigilante capitalists or terrorist organizations like the CIA or NATO.


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