Forward, comrade!

“The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.”

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Tem muitos camaradas no Twitter, mas a maioria dos camaradas que conheço está no Telegram. Se vc tiver uma conta por lá, manda seu @ que te mando uma mensagem e coloco nos grupos que conheço

Fique à vontade, camarada.

Great work, comrade. Don’t forget that while you may develop other spaces, you still have a limited time on your day. It’s always better to choose something to focus the work on

I proposed this to our comrades, and if they think it’s worth the effort, we will host them 👍

“Also would lemmygrad or ProleWiki ( ) be open to opening a (private?) tracker on their website?”

I have no idea how to do that, but sure, if someone from the administration knows, we can try to set it up.

Great film. There are some leftovers of reactionary patriarchy culture in People’s Korea, apparently.

“Yes, I wanted to become a professional [soccer player], but then I preferred to master the basics a woman should know. For example sewing and cooking. That’s why I came to this textile factory, to become a decent woman.”

“We reject the ideological roots and the praxis of Zionism, which breed racist attitudes and undermines equality and democracy. We reject the positions of the Arab Reaction. Our position is class struggle and internationalism: we divide the world differently.”

They don’t seem to have a party line, at least in their official English document.

Comrade, you must understand the context of these events in the USSR.

I recommend you read History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for a little understanding of the situation behind the decisions, the errors, and the correct decisions.

You can’t denounce a whole society of millions of people just because a family member of yours was shot. Actually, considering this society provided a good life for millions of people and your father was considered an enemy is something to be thought of.

It’s true though, that Yezhov, the German spy, was in charge of much of the killings in the Great Purge and when Yezhov himself was shot at request by the Central Comittee of the CPSU, including Stalin, and this event coincides with the period of end of the purges, which really makes me believe the purging was a result of capitalist infiltration in the context of war against Nazism and Yezhov had a big role in it.

So if you want to blame the killings you should research to blame the right enemies, not leaders of the working class.

Hello, comrade, thanks for joining us. Can you explain your situation with pictures? I couldn’t folow the issue, comrade, sorry.

I remember this video. I remember it to be highly valuable.

Thank you for reminding us of this, comrade. Is it any easy to transcribe some parts of the video?

Thank you for sharing with us, comrade, we appreciate it. This may not be the community suited for it, but considering Lemmygrad has been also inactive lately (when compared to what it was at the beginning of the year), this post shouldn’t be a problem.

We shouldn’t worry, I think, our comrades are still committed to this work, and this work takes time. We should investigate, however, why we have been inactive too. It’s not just because we’re busy, we have been losing active comrades, too. Anyways, this deserves a different post, and I don’t have much time to investigate that as well.

I will also make a self-criticism on my negligence of Lemmygrad. After doing much work and basically handling ProleWiki mostly alone lately, I have been having trouble organizing comrades both in ProleWiki and Lemmygrad. My work in PCB has been also very active, which hampers any work on our networks. I am not to blame for my negligence, I have been very busy, and I stopped contacting our comrades on the Matrix chat too, which is awful. I don’t think I’ve been able to handle both works.

A lot of us are very busy the end of this year. ProleWiki and Lemmygrad has been inactive when compared to other times. I have no idea if we should worry about this or not, because I have no idea what has been causing this. Is there any reason the end of the year would make us any busier?

At this point, I’m just going to ramble what’s been on my mind, since it’s been a long time I’ve posted anything here. ProleWiki and Lemmygrad are two different works which has the same purpose; to make communication of ideas easier between Marxists-Leninists.

I think we need to make an effort to join the administration of both ProleWiki and Lemmygrad into one administration. We need an organized effort if both projects wish to survive. Would a centralized organization change anything? What are the implications of such thing? I have no idea, but I felt like sharing this idea.

They plotted a graph showing the growth percentage, but our economy grew compared to its latest massive decline, and in reality our economy is much worse than before the decline…

A comrade made an article about it on ProleWiki, but the article doesn’t mention NATO alliance in practice.

#03 – ProleWiki: Translations are available!

Comrades, I wanted to thank you all for making part of this project. We have grown very quickly, from just me and a few articles in September to dozens of comrades and more than a hundred articles in December. …

Yeah. Comrade paid for the VPS for a whole year, and we are very grateful for him.

Also, apparently the DNS thing is resolved and this error is something we’re missing in our configuration

Today is the 200th anniversary of our comrade Friedrich Engels and I would like to pay a brief compliment, as all the other comrades are doing. …

The CEOs (both local and global CEO) have appeared in television apologizing for the event, which is not the first Carrefour was involved. Carrefour was involved in the death of an abandoned street dog, and the insensitive neglicence over the death of a worker which only had his body covered while t…

Main page article in Portuguese

Testing possible issues we’ll have with translations that will need fixing once we have a VPS and have more freedom to toy around with the website server. …

ProleWiki article on Lemmygrad

It’s important for us to preserve and write history. This means our history too, so we can always refer to and remind of ourselves of our development…

#03 - New link, much cleaner.

Cleaner domain

Fuck subdomains. Unfortunately, this means you should refrain from translating to other languages, because it will all be lost in the end…

The design was outright collectivized from Wikidata. It’s ours now ✊🚩 …

These bots or paid spammers have been promoting a Vietnamese holiday website and a bunch of copy-paste news articles …