I miss the time we weren’t afraid to show our faces.

“The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.”

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It’s 4 corporations financing a single liberal think tank, showing how they have the same interests (against the people).

It makes sense they use the reserve army of labor to pressure the working class to join the army.

I mean, look at this:

They have a shit ton of resources available for all types of things, from hybrid war, regime change operations, to internet propaganda in Reddit, Wikipedia, etc.

I have no doubt CIA/NSA and alike also operated on 4chan at some point. Everybody could tell.

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ah, críticas sempre bem-vindas, precisamos avançar nisso uma hora ou outra rsrsrs

A anterior parecia com a bandeira do Mianmar: …

This is how a workers state manages resources and cares about people’s lives. Puts the fucking market to shame.

Also note how China’s mode of production is not simply capitalist. While a big part of its economy is indeed capitalist, no bourgeois dictatorship has ever showed such organized and efficient managing of resources.

hooray for venezuelan conductor


This will go in handy for the Soviet Union article.

Considering the history of liberalism, it’s pretty bold for them to come forward and accept the limitations of their own ideology. You know liberals.

En un día como hoy perdimos al Che 🇦🇷🇨🇺 …

it’s terrifying and i love it

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Were they always this hostile? lmao

This seems to grow out of a misconception of how the state usually acted in the history of the Marxist-Leninist states. They seem to believe that the state “oppresses” the rich in an abstract manner, typical of anarchist thinking, whether they are aware of their idealism or not. They do not express how the state acted, and therefore could possibly act, in the material world, how this oppression is realized, as in made real.

What happens is that in the Marxist-Leninist states, this institution always acted on behalf of the workers, while in capitalist nations, it is on behalf of the bourgeiosie that the reactionary state acts. This means class struggle happens on both capitalism and the initial stages of socialism, as they arise from the same contradiction, only during development of socialism in Marxist-Leninist states that these contradictions are free to be resolved in their roots.

The Soviet states acted on behalf of the workers in the cases of natural and sporadic class struggle. You know, the many labour protests you see each year on capitalism too. And eventually these contradictions would carefully be resolved by conscious practice. It’s currently the case of China, Vietnam, Laos, People’s Korea and Cuba.

But it doesn’t mean they are perfect. Vietnam recently had a case of people selling washed used condoms, for instance. For this to happen, means the economic base of Vietnam, a socialist (as in driving towards socialism) nation, is still a market-oriented mode of production. But the state, managed by workers, has absolute freedom in resolving these contradictions, like outright stopping the production of certain industries which harms the people.

In capitalist countries, industrial foods with horrible nutrition value are easily sold in the “free markets”. Here the state apparatus is a bourgeois instrument of domination. Producers of wealth, workers, are dominated through a wage-slavery system, while in a socialist and communist mode of production, the workers decide what gets produced, how to manage society’s resources.

For that to be changed, the workers must be made aware of class society and actively fight against it.

And that not even means to kill individual bourgeois for revenge. For instance, in Chinese revolution, Zhou Enlai was the Premier of the People’s Republic of China at the time, and he was from a bourgeois background, was also not killed in a revolution. Why? Because he understood and accepted the terms of the dictatorship of the proletariat. He learned and understood the dialectical method and realized the proletariat as the driving force of humanity.

We were all anarchists once. Once we actually study, we change our minds.

You’ll help out, comrade, once you have the time ~<3

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