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“The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.”

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I noticed some shortcomings on your line of thought, and I will share my understanding of the matter.

Pornography is media produced entirely for the purpose of instant, sexual (self) gratification

For the purposes of this essay we are concerned about pornography as it exists in capitalism

This is where I believe some issues arise. When you define pornography as media created for the purpose of sexual gratification, this makes it hard to analyze the overall production of media depicting sexual intercourse throughout history. Most of the time, we cannot analyze intent of the authors or artists producing a depiction of sex.

We do know that depictions of sexual intercourse has been made all over history, from cave-dwelling humans to ancient civilizations and our current bourgeois society. This already hints us that sexual intercourse may also be depicted in a socialist society, independent of the intent of the artists, but certainly in a different way sexual depictions are produced in a capitalist society.

The reason pornography in capitalism is different, as comrade mentioned, is because in capitalism pornography is produced for profit. Your definition of pornography in a capitalist society may be mistaken because considering this, pornography is not produced for the purpose of sexual gratification. Sexual gratification would be the “use-value” part of the equation.

The second issue is that depictions of sexual intercourse in capitalism is a particular, not an universal. The universal would be the production of media depicting sexual intercourse, which has accompanied humans for thousands of years. Besides that, I completely agree that pornography, as it currently is, has no place in a socialist society. It’s a massive industry based on systematic sexual and economic exploitation, rape, human trafficking, threats and abuse of image for profit.

Having said that, I wanted to also share my speculations of “sex work”. This is not a critique nor an analysis, only speculative thoughts:

I do believe that a socialist society towards communism will feature sexual activity as work. If we remove the “sinful” shell of religious demonizing of sex, much like massage, sex relaxes tensions accumulated during daily life and routines and is a really beneficial, sometimes even essential, element of human health and well-being.

However, we obviously wouldn’t see it as a commodified and intrinsically exploitative activity, but as a science, a study of techniques to enhance pleasure and relaxation for therapeutic purposes for those in need, such as the case for stress or if someone for some reason has difficulty having sex with others.

How can you ignore the context? He wasn’t banned for mentioning “actual facts”, he was banned for being transphobic. In his other comments, he associated LGBT people with pedophilia and “trans ideology”, and shared a random sourceless map created in mapchart website to prove his point. His map was also inaccurate and even false, claiming China allows discrimination of LGBT people, where in reality China even has a multidisciplinary health clinic for transgender children.

Refer to CriticalResist’s comment on the specific issues of his comment. He was using (unverified) data on the average sexual differences in humans, but athletes are not average, nor they are supposed to be. In fact, the opposite, athletes are supposed to be way above average.

But outside the abstract average, there are huge differences between men and between women themselves. What’s more important is that no matter your biological tendencies, what makes an athlete stand out is hard work and practice. The reason why some trans women won some competitions is because they have worked hard for it. These “useful discussions” usually ignore these “actual facts”. Because being born with testicles does not automatically mean you have an advantage, because again, what makes an athlete is hard work, not their sexual gonads. I can safely say that 99% of cis male athlete swimmers will not achieve the female world record for the 100m free in their lifetimes, even though the male record is higher. Saying that trans women should not be allowed on sports according to their gender identity because those born with testicles have “an evolutionary advantage” is not only transphobic but also male chauvinism.

The article you sent mentions a woman who is protesting against the inclusion of transgender in sports. That same woman was invited by PragerU to talk about this issue. Is it so hard for you to see that this argument is usually parroted by reactionaries?

Reddit is political as well. Besides the propaganda you see of commodities, services, courses, stores, and other stuff for marketing purposes, Reddit has explicitly banned communities which were growing with political discourse against exploitation and corporate control of society.

There’s no such thing as something “not political”. If you are indifferent to reality, you are inadvertently allowing oppression, exploitation, discrimination to continue happening. To be consciously political is to criticize the current state of things, study their causes and fight for its solution. Otherwise, what’s the point of living, if not to constantly improve our lives collectively?

What type of discussion? What don’t you agree with the rule?

You do know that some institutions require trans women in sports to take hormones so that they’re on the same level as cis women, right? And that the use of these hormones affects their performance negatively, yet they are required to use it anyways?

In any case, a “third rate male athlete” wouldn’t be able to compete as easily against highly trained cis women. Most of the performance you see in sports are related to the training, practice, they do before they perform. These are years and years of supervised training. No one is ever born an athlete, their years of practice makes their performance better, not their hormones alone.

“The outcry over the Nazi costumes in Taiwan, while obviously offensive to those educated on this terrible period in history, should remind us of the dangers of cultural relativism,”

Funny how bourgeois media bring up this foggy cultural relativism when it comes to justifying public displays of Nazi symbology, but when it comes to intervening in the Middle East somehow the way people dress, believe and behave is dangerous.

Verbs have different forms depending not only on time (1 present, 2 pasts and 2 futures) and on person (I/you/s|he), but also on number (I/we - s|he/they).

These aspects of the verb have more forms when the verbs denote a uncertain, hypothetical or conditional event (e.g. if I knew / when I go). And they have more forms when the verb is acting as a request or order.

The picture I presented is actually a very regular verb, where all these forms follow patterns we see in most verbs. But Portuguese also has an immense quantities of irregular verbs, and it’s usually the most important verbs such as “to be”*, “to go”, “there is” (which is a single verb), “to say”, “to know”, “can”, “to come”, “to want”, “to ask”, “to give”, all verbs essential for communication and language.

There’s no such thing as a difficult language for native speakers. They have much time to develop their language skills through social life, but learning Portuguese for an outsider is quite tough.

* There are two verbs for "to be," denoting either a transitory or a permanent state of being, which is something I honestly think English is missing badly

Much like you can write 0÷0, you still cannot solve it. Leninism has a base in Marxism, it is therefore already a part of its development and cannot be understood without it.

It really makes me wonder whether they are aware of their the lies they spread

You cannot subtract Marxism from Leninism

The best thing you can do to get people to learn about politics is to simply have constructive and casual conversations about your beliefs, […]

If I may correct you on this part of your text, this is the best thing you can do as an individual acting by themself. The actual best thing you can do is to join an organization to direct your political action. And beforehand, study these organizations, know their positions and their history.

I agree that everyone can learn with these discussions, but if it’s pervasive misinformation, then it should be dealt with. The safety and well-being of a community also depends on the quality of discussions as well. Do not necessarily ban them, but the information should either be corrected for future reference, or should be prevented to spread.

Concordo, camarada, mas não tenho ideias para isso. Já tivemos outros usuários brasileiros, mas raramente conseguimos reter uma presença aqui. Por exemplo, e foram ativos por certo tempo, mas eventualmente também deixaram o Lemmygrad.

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toCommunismCaleb Maupin

It is clear that Caleb Maupin is someone that should be highly regarded, he is loved by international Communists.

The beginning of your last paragraph summarizes the whole content of your text. You deliver an eulogy of Maupin as a martyr, a hero, and as someone of infallible character, hiding, consciously or not, his flaws and connections to reactionaries. He is far, very far from perfect, and is hard to say he should be “highly regarded” by communists, “international” or not, without sounding incoherent.

I understand that you initially developed your communist views and support of China because of him, but your understanding only begun with him, and shouldn’t end with him as well. There are many other communist figures, leaders you can mirror yourself on, much more appropriate than Maupin. While some of his works may be acknowledged, this uncritical support of him and his views will not be tolerated further, and you should refrain yourself from making such one-sided posts in the future.

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toCommunismThe 'Nazbol' Vortex

Everything inconvenient is not addressed at all and the same goes for Maupin.

This is precisely what I mentioned about mentioning their mistakes whenever possible or opportune. And this is a big mistake on the part of the OP. By hiding Maupin’s real and de facto association with Nazbols (which I wasn’t even fully aware until your comment), it promotes a false and misleading view of Maupin which hides a much more clear reason why he is called a Nazbol, and OP even risks associating himself with Nazbolism by disregarding that.

On the matter of sublation, Maupin has apparently written a work denouncing the ties of famous BreadTube members to imperialist organizations recently mentioned by Grayzone. This may be very useful information for us, independent of Maupin’s reactionary tendencies. But by hiding these tendencies, OP actually hinders our cause, uncritically associating himself with reactionaries and misleading readers into doing the same.

It’s hard to navigate in the sea of contradictions that is people, and reality itself. But it’s an effort that every coherent communist should be attentive to.

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toCommunismThe 'Nazbol' Vortex

Very nice text, comrade. The fact that Caleb Maupin has been called a misogynist, a transphobe, a Nazbol and other bogus claims by liberals makes me believe his work is somewhat hurting the current establishment. Although I couldn’t verify some of those claims, if they are true, we should be critical of those views but not necessarily dismiss all of his work. The same goes for people like Paul Cockshott, for instance, which is a full-blown outspoken and virulent transphobe, but does great work in the economic and theoretical field, except for his essentialist vulgar materialist views on gender shared by his peers on CPGB-ML.

The Hegelian dialectic teaches us that to overcome/sublate (Aufhebung) the abstract towards the concrete, we must not disregard the abstract entirely, but also retain the useful portions of it. If an incorrect view is enough to dismiss a whole body of work, we learn nothing, because everyone is bound to make mistakes. Their mistakes, however, should be correctly acknowledged in every possible opportunity.

Just imagine if Marx dismissed Hegel because he had idealist deviations and became a grumpy metaphysician in his later years. Engels would have written his ground-breaking work Socialism: utopian and less-utopian

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The Man is certainly triggered by the advance of class consciousness

Excerpt from the book Socialism betrayed: behind the collapse of the Soviet Union, by Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny. The book underlines the reasons behind the collapse of the Soviet Union by analyzing both the economic and political disputes inside the USSR. …

A clear and undeniable effect of colonialism, because if you see in the map, it largely affects lands previously imperialized by the British, except in North America


“Interviewer: I think that these constants accusations against the West, or NATO, or Poland, or whoever else, that they created problems here, that everything that happens here is a result of their work, that is not true. That’s fairytale.”

Nice “interview”. Props to Lukashenko for pushing the truth hard enough for BBC to clearly show itself as an imperialist propaganda outlet

Wikipedia uses MediaWiki, a wiki engine which ProleWiki runs. I’m very new to coding, but I believe the Android app request data and content through APIs, which in theory could mean it’s possible to redirect to another wiki instance…

Because every millionaire has a wet-dream of punching poor people on the streets. He also does not hide half of his face from the police so they can see he is white…

Laos, the little socialist country that carries the title of the most bombed country in the world (by the US in the Vietnam War, during which they dropped about 260/270 million bombs on the region), with less than 7 million inhabitants, has just received its first bullet train, which arrived this Sa…


A small step towards the rebirth of the Soviet Union 🥲 …