mmmm music

Some of my favourite music by this band:

  • Eld (Use YT-DLP to circumvent age restriction, regular Youtube-dl fails to download age-restricted videos right now)…

Dvořák: Moravian Duets, Op. 32, B 60 & 62 (with Score)

Anyone in to classical at all? Listen to it from time to time? I’m getting into jazz, but apparently, classical was greatly admired in the Soviet Union and it’s played a lot in China today…

YouTube took down my channel’s upload of this song for “calls to discrimination”… Apparently saying the truth about the illegitimate occupation force which the USA is and demanding it get out is “calls to discrimination” in YouTube’s understanding. 🤦 …

Fantasia on Serbian Themes, Op. 6

By Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov…

Good ole' John Coltrane (Giant Steps jazz album)

Listen, y’all, at least to the first five minutes!..

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