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goddamnit i hope it’s temporary. archive.today doesn’t even open now. Guess an attack was going on?

Do you guys remember War Nerd Radio brought a neocon to their show who said Nordstream was destroyed by Russians and then a week later got Sey Hersh for their show who said Americans did it? 😂

next time someone brings up victims of communism. here are some victims of capitalism stats.

I mean imagine the comments. 🤣

If google is banned then where does google trends get this data from?

Searching for “trueanon macron” gave the right result (full string match) at 20th position. The censorship is so real

They are all nazis

Does Juche put more emphasis on indigenous knowledge rather than Marxism?

Is buddhism dead in present day tibet?

we need to share prompts for cool outputs

share some cool prompts. we need to create a new community for that

Asked GPT3.5 turbo chat about creating usernames related to Juche ideology.

Told me it cannot support extremist ideologies.

After a while, I got some cool ones

been hearing rumours about xi purging during upcoming national congress session. how much of it is true?

How much of the “COVID vaccines are effecting menstrual cycle in women” is true? Why is no one talking about this?

Are there any books related to Gramsci?

Does anyone know about state of USSR (peoples opinion of Stalin) before German invasion? I was watching Oliver stone documentary about it and he said people had bad opinion of Stalin.

Vaccines are scientific but they need to be thoroughly tested before administering to everyone. I was talking about COVID vaccine injuries and other side effects (pushing mRNA vaccines for example, there is a reason China didn’t agree to creating one, it’s not tested enough)

About COVID, some of these lockdowns are a disaster. For example in India, the workers were driven off from the city having to walk 100s of kms and some of them died on the way. In some countries they are barred from going out without a vaccine. (and the only vaccine you can get is American made).

Most of all these COVID measures were not scientific, purely a power grab and push more vaccines and boosters into people. Again I’m full for public health and safety but these need to be scientific and well tested.

There are numerous reports of people having major side effects to COVID vaccines and in many cases deaths (due to heart attacks even little kids)

what do you think about whitney webb? i get major anarchist vibes from her. has a less favourable position on china (then really because of surveillance state in general, this is a major problem in today’s societies in all countries tho)

How do you download the book on z-lib?

Is China really supplying weapons to Russia or is it just a propaganda?

any youtube videos or channels about Cuba and Fidel

I haven’t encountered people or their parents who practice Buddhism in China.

Any thoughts on Gramsci? He is rarely discussed here

Does anyone practice buddhism in China anymore? Everyone I met so far told me they don’t practice religion

Is franco’s regime in spain fascist?

Aren’t using cryptocurrencies supporting Anarchy?

i saw hitler vs stalin. and hogwards legacy vs atomic heart 😂

What do you think of China’s peace plan?

ya that youtube channel is surprisingly posting objective facts to my surprise.

Was Mao part of Gang of 4 (Gang of 5)?

Has anyone read Four Asian Tigers? Is that book legit?

The ROK has begun to “pay the Vietnamese bills” | New Eastern Outlook
Not a lot of people are aware of ROK war crimes in Vietnam

british navy ad on reddit

Source - An Era of Darkness

Source: 10th grade textbook

He spent his entire life investigating Bose's death and conspiracy surrounding it. Look at his bibliography while you are at it.

tired of arguing with libs over internet, wish i had a copypasta

China about Qaddafi
I had a conversation with one of my Chinese co-workers about Qaddafi, and Chinese media had very negative things to say about him? Does anyone know the reason behind this?

It is starting.
An email urging lower wages for new employees due to higher gas prices sparks walkout at Lawrence Applebee’s.