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Effective militaries don’t allow things like this among the rank and file. It’s bad for discipline and bad for morale. It’s why specialized death squads are a thing.

And given that the Russians are actually winning in Bakhmut, well – draw your own conclusions.

Man had a certain dignity which our “friend” Zelensky most certainly does… not

To be fair, the US education system also trains American students to discredit America (by virtue of not knowing basic math facts and thinking that the Civil War was when Japan and the Russians invaded Connecticut)

Or the US might take him out like they did Diem. There is no honor among thieves.

I started to wonder this when I ran across a TIME Magazine article that refered to one of Putin’s public appearances as “cringe”

So what if (to expand on that)… the Jedi leadership knew that Anakin, as a former slave and son of the people, was destined to lead the Jedi back to their real roots in some sort of mass anti-imperialist movement (think religion + anti-imperialism + planned economy, sort of like modern Iran). To keep that from happening, they got him involved with Amidala, who in addition to being a borderline predator like most libs, also preached “democracy” to him night and day. Amidala then, for her own political ends, maneuvered Anakin into a close relationship with her protege Palpatine, whom she had gotten elected chancellor. Of course Palpatine had his own agenda, and when the time was right, he got rid of both Padme and the Jedi, and installed a fascist government. Of course Padme, being a lib, had the nerve to act surprised and shocked at the situation she had helped create – “what’s this? Fascism again? Why does this keep happening? Oh the horror!” – and couldn’t understand why Anakin suddenly had it out for her. (In “Anakin, all I want is your love” we see the willingness of liberals to cozy up to “former” Nazis and other genocidal maniacs).

… And I just tried to make some kind of logical sense of the prequels. Man, that hurt my brain.

From my understanding, it goes back to the Iran-Iraq war, when the Soviet Union supplied weapons to Iraq. But the Iranian government has always had a complicated relationship with Marxism-Leninism. Marxist parties have been (often violently) surpressed, and the government officially condemns Marxism as atheistic and incompatible with Islam. However, Marx and Lenin are studied in Iranian universites as anti-colonial political thinkers, and the Iranian government’s understanding of imperialism is Leninist. The state ideology of Iran, in other words, is not Marxist, but it incorporates many elements of Marxism.

To understand Islam as a political movement in today’s world, we need to recognize that there are three main political currents in contemporary Islam: Shia as represented by Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood or “westernizers,” and Wahhabism. Shia is generally anti-imperialist in the Leninist sense, and tends to be allied with Russia and AES states. The Muslim Brotherhood (think Turkey, Qatar, and Al-Jazeera magazine) hold a position similar to that of many Protestants in the US: namely, capitalism is in itself morally neutral, and bad only when unguided by religious principles. Wahhabism, heavily promoted by Saudi Arabia, is anti-capitalist and opposed to western colonialism, but believes that the solution is reestablishing both the caliphate and the entire medieval social order; it can probably be fairly considered a form of fascism.

Maybe I’m just not in the right spaces, but I don’t really see all that much Marie Antoinette hate online. This person is fighting a very specific crusade.

(1) Where do you find these cursed images, and (2) can we kinzhal that place ASAP?

Liberalism is a pathway to many abilities, some thought to be… unnatural.

A college roommate of mine was a massive Star Wars fan, and he said he thought of the movies as basically a gateway to the expanded universe. I was never into as much as he was, but I read (at his urging) a few of the books and basically agreed with him.

Happy cake day, by the way.

This is funny, because as we see in Mariupol, Russia is absolutely rebuilding the territories they capture.

They already ruined Lord of the Rings, they probably figured it was about time to ruin Star Wars.

This is so reddit-wholesome that reddit will hopefully become a singularity and disappear

killed by the Russians at the Fencing World Cup

We are on multiple levels of contradiction here, and not the dialectical kind

Liberal heroes: genocidal maniacs at worst, total losers at best.

but actually kicking NATO’s ass this time

A society without anime sounds like an all-round win to me.

As I’ve said before: if you like cyclopean ruins in video game, your complaints about socialist architecture are bullshit.

During the Polish-Soviet war of 1919-1921 – Polish revanchists trying to remake the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – Poland annexed parts of Ukraine and Belarus that it had controlled prior to 1772. The Peace of Riga formalized this. The Soviet Union took back these territories in the 1939 “invasion.”

It’s a bad sign when liberalism has gotten so ridiculous that it’s hard to tell satire from the genuine article.

Also, what the heck do they mean by Buddha being “tanky as hell?” Was Gautama the original Stalinist?

There’s a supposed quote by Zbigniew Brezinski which I keep seeing online, to the effect that to keep Russia down the US has not only to split the USSR, but cause another major split within the Orthodox church – and that Ukrainian nationalism will be a good lever to effect this. Don’t know if it’s genuine or not, but it does seem to describe what the US and their puppets in Kiev are doing.

Gonna go ahead and say it, the Molotov-Ribbentropp pact was unironically a good thing given the circumstances (Britain and France both refusing to enter into an anti-fascist alliance with the USSR). A master stroke of diplomacy that forstalled the inevitable and gave the Soviet Union time to develop and arm.

It also let the Soviet Union take back territory that had been stolen during the Polish-Soviet war and save a big chunk of Poland from Nazi rule.

A world where we’d be shitposting American flags and pictures of William Z. Foster

That people see him as a hero is so weird. Maybe I’m missing something, but the only argument I’d ever heard in his favor that’s remotely plausible is, “sure, plenty of chetniks collaborated with the Ustase, but Mihailovic had nothing to do with it.” Which basically boils down to “he wasn’t a traitor, just a supremely incompentent general who couldn’t control his own troops.”

Is that really somebody to lionize?

This conversation between RapeTheEarth and ThongNoticer will be remembered as a truly great moment in the history of political thought

And yet Mihailovic, the arch-collaborator, is an anti-communist “hero”

Alternate title: the only way American infrastructure ever gets fixed

Sounds like your politics is about as intelligent as ours. My condolences.

You just know that sub is frequented entirely by white, upper middle-class American soccer moms

Yep, Gorbachev’s dream came true, all right.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard some American conservative claim that “Canada is communist,” I would be rich enough to be hanging out in prison with some Chinese billionaire.

"You can tell when I'm thinking"


Timeline of China’s Slow-Motion Collapse
- c. 500 BC: Taiwanese sages Kǒng Fūzǐ and Joshua Wong create the Falun Gong, a wholesome religious movement that immediately turns China into a utopia. Kǒng Fūzǐ declares his eternal support for Tibetan independence, while Joshua Wong travels to Xinjiang and declares that it is now called East Turkmenistan. - 1912: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen reiterates the principle of Taiwanese , Tibetan, and Yugur independence. Absolutely nothing bad happens for the next 22 years. - 1931: Anime craze sweeps Manchuria, a Muslim-dominated region in the northwest of China. The people of Manchuria successfully petition to separate from China and join Japan. Japan installs a nobleman named Puyi as a "puppet emperor," so called because he really likes puppet shows, not because he is any kind of absolute monarch. The Japanese government, which is really really progressive, organizes all kinds of wholesome events like Take Back the Night Nanjing, an anime-themed protest meant to draw attention to the plight of women and sexual minorities in Communist North Korea. - 1934: In order to stir up hate against the Uighurs, famed Han (and white) supremacist Mao Zedong begins his Long March, which is basically the equivalent of the Nuremburg rallies. Many racial minorities including Tibetans are beaten along the way. - 1941: USSR invades Manchuria. The Japanese fight bravely, but Soviet human wave attacks soon turn the tide. Stalin works with Mao to set up biological warfare laboratories specifically for the purpose of weaponizing the COVID virus. - 1945: US intervention drives the Soviets out. The fleeing communists nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki out of spite. Despite pressure from the Trump wing of the Republican Party, president Harry Truman declines to use nuclear weapons in response (the US has actually had nukes since, like, 1776). Using Evil Chinese Smartness and Cunning, Mao Zedong manages to convince both the American government and the Chinese people that he is actually just the Chinese version of Bernie Sanders. - 1949: Mao doublecrosses the US, and starts slaughtering anybody who thinks Uighurs are human beings. The noble Americans, shocked by such treachery, are unable to respond. Soon Mao has control of all China. - 1950: Out of sheer hatred for religion, the Chinese communists invade and and annex Tibet. Brutal sack of Shangri-La, the Tibetan capital. Tales of Chinese atrocities, brought back by the fleeing Dalai Lama, galvanize the west into action, and several people post very angrily on twitter. - 1954: A ragtag band of patriots beat back an attempt by Mao and Kim Il-Sung to take over the entire southern half of the Korean peninsula. - 1958: Drunk with sheer evil, Mao launches the Great Leap Forward, which is an attempt to accelerate production so much that it creates a singularity which will cause the entire universe to implode. This fails due to communist ineptitude, but several of Mao's subordinates are disturbed and manage briefly to remove him from power. - 1966: General Lin Biao releases Mao from time prison where he has been exiled. Mao launches the Cultural Revolution, which has the goal of killing everybody in China but also preserving Han supremacy. (The twisted perspective he gained from imprisoned in the nether enables him to somehow reconcile these two incompatible ends). - 1969: Sino-Soviet split, caused by Mao being too evil for even the Soviets to stomach. - 1976: Mao dies from sheer evil and from never brushing his teeth. - 1978: Freedom fighter Deng Xiaping inaugurates the Reform and Opening Up, meant to purge China of Mao's evil and turn into a liberal democracy just like the ~~whites~~ west. Bells ring, everybody is happy, the Chinese people are free. - 1989: Deng Xiaoping is briefly possessed by the spirit of Mao, and cracks down on protesters at Tiananmen Square. Millions of people die. With the help of George Bush and the NED, Deng soon recovers, but by then sweatshops have already sprouted all over China. Still, things are much better than under Mao. - 1995: First Taiwan Strait crisis. China's economy begins to show signs of collapse. - 2001: Emigre geopolitical scholar Gordon G. Chang predicts that the Chinese economy will collapse by 2011. - 2011: Emigre geopolitical scholar Gordon G. Chang predicts that the Chinese economy will collapse by 2012. - 2012: Emigre geopolitical scholar Gordon G. Chang predicts that the Chinese economy will collapse by 2013. - 2013: Xi Jinping comes to power. He is like literally Mao, and starts reversing all Deng's reforms. China's economy, which previously seemed indestructible, begins to show signs of strain. - 2016: Emigre geopolitical scholar Gordon G. Chang predicts that the Chinese economy will collapse sometime in the near future. - 2019: Pro-democracy protests in Xinjiang. Xi Jinping announces his intention to continue Mao's evil legacy, and starts genociding the Uighurs. The absolute evil of this action tears the fabric of space and time, and China implodes on itself. From the destruction the COVID virus is released, and infects the world. Beijing continues to exist, as an unholy island in the nether, and broadcasts messages telegraphing the strength and resilience of the Chinese economy. The free world is not fooled. THINK COMMUNISM IS A GREAT IDEA? DO YOU STILL THING CHINA IS SOME SORT OF MODEL? WAKE UP, TANKIE, YOUR EVIL IDEOLOGY HAS KILLED MILLIONS! SLAVA UKRAINI, AND REMEMBER TO SUPPORT THE WEST!


Or, when are you Germans going to realize that the other western countries mean you no good? ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5a7ebbba-535f-42fa-becf-dea8ff7b0f98.png)

Also, I'm a bit worried that I apparently read 25 Guardian articles last year.

Ukrainian positions in the Kherson area are starting to come under heavy shelling.

Xi is like: "I don't get paid enough for this"

When cope and reality intersect

Iraq, Syria, Libya, Donbass; Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia; Hiroshima, Nagasaki, maybe even Dresden and Nuremberg. Don't know why I'd mention those places; they just came to mind.