Pics That Go Hard
Ngl it goes pretty hard.

Soviet peasants casually 🅱️ooling in a palace turned sanatorium
![]( ![](

Unknown author, possibly made by [@frnnd.ds]( on Instagram, as it resembles his style. In Georgian, on the left, is written: \ პოპულარული ძალა [People's power] In Russian, on the right, is written: \ Коммунизм победит! [Communism will win!] In Portuguese, on the bottom, is written: \ "Só é marxista aquele que expande o reconhecimento da luta de classes até o reconhecimento da ditadura do proletariado. Nisso reside a diferença mais profunda entre o marxista e o vulgar pequeno-burguês (e também o grande)." \ [A Marxist is only one who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. That is what constitutes the most profound distinction between the Marxist and the ordinary petty (as well as big) bourgeois.] Quote from [*State and revolution*](

Fall of USA

Rare W for USA

I concur, this picture in fact goes hard

Art by Audrey, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Pacific Northwest region

Did some research on this and apparently it’s real so 🤷‍♂️

June, 1978

Anti-colonial and anti-imperialist leaders. This pic goes hard as fuck Made by Fernando Dias. You should check [his instagram]( out, his art is dope as fuck

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