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You know, this thing would have been cool as an Indoors wall thingy in malls and such, since algae doesn’t need as much maintenance as houseplants and would produce more oxygen too. Placing the tank outside is a strange decision, it simply doesn’t match with the streets stylistically or functionally and will require regular repairs and cleaning from damages of the elements and filth that would accumulate at extreme speeds.

Lol the comments going like “what are we, a bunch of commies?” are cracking me up

Youtube, it was honestly the only reason to keep a google account for me. Ive had to spend such a long time simply scrolling through to find something of interest that it started to take a significant portion of my day away, ive made a post about it not long ago. Guess I should be thankful to whoever runs youtube branch of google for doing praxis and taking me off of that site.

🥂Just deleted my google account🥂

Ive noticed it a while ago, dont know exactly when, but more than two weeks

Youtube is broken
My god i cant find anything unless i type out an exact name of the video, recommendations under currently watched videos and just in general are the same no matter what. It feels like a lottery when you hope that youtube will bless you with content that you were searching for. Im aware that im ranting but i just cant with it anymore. All they had to do is just leave things how they were and not gut an algorithm that worked just fine before. I recently used bilibili and the contrast is painful. Like WHAT??? A related but not seen before video/thumbnail??? Under a video of the same nature??? What a brilliant idea!!!

At least give us a warning before dishing out permanent brain damage

I mean, you can kinda excuse overreaction on her part, she was the one being mugged after all, thinking clearly shouldnt be an expectation in those situations. But yeah, the comments are probably atrocious, as per reddit standart.

China is a cartoon country now apparently

You can see the misplaced self-righteousness and lack of thought in their eyes

I cant delete dev/mmcblk0p1 through partition manager either. Ive read that I have to unmount USB or something along the lines but I cant do that too.

I have a number of tabs I use frequently, and would rather not open them through browser history every time I need them

Help with choosing a lightweight browser
I recently bought a cheap&small office laptop with intention of taking it with me and completing assignments in public places. Problem is, it chokes up and dies when running more than eight tabs on firefox. I also tried k-meleon, it has great performance but the UI is ancient and many websites that I need dont support it.

Where … /on … /later that day
How close were I?

I sincerely doubt these are accidents. You can shit on US infrastructure all you want but even a failed state cant have so many chemical leaks in such a short amount of time on accident.

Very normal behaviour

This is something you would dream up in an intoxicated daze and never bring it up again out of sheer embarrassment

I keep aquarium fish, and with them you cannot use tap water due to chlorine in it. You either have to let it air out for a couple of days or better yet, use a water conditioner. Its not going to kill you if you drink chlorine water, but i imagine it wouldnt be good for your health.

Someone put up a webcam and is streaming it on youtube. I just find it uncomfortable that a random person can put up a camera and show live feed of a steet to an audience on social media. Some people are also willing to pay for that

I see a cow, a cat and 2-3 canine skulls, one might be a bear. Thats it. Thats the comment.

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No, I mean theres literally a troll who only downvotes comments

@DeHuq2toShit Reactionaries SaySus
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Lemmygrad has a pest randomly downvoting comments, so dont worry if you only have one downvote

Chemical train explosion. Theres literally zero coverage on that and things are looking grim in the affected area

Thats why I used overwhelmingly racist instead of just racist there. The content of the sub is jumping in quality, but has a decent ratio of alright posts. Some comments are wretched though.

Sadly, this is one of the most russian-friendly subs left on reddit.

Its such a weird mishmash thing, like a prehistoric platypus. How does it even function

A character from ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’

But werent short legs a recent discovery?

Couldn’t it have used its arms to support its weight? Spinos arm bones havent been discovered yet, not fully.

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That poor baby

There should be a pinned post containing purely Wisconcom lore dump

I love the accusatory “killed by russians”, as if they were going in expecting to have a tea party with bisquits and hugs.

I think there was some other nazi battalion that used it as its symbol

Dont be mean😠😠 Hes trying his best

I have a similar problem too. Just saw the same comment under multiple posts before opening the one they were meant to be posted in

You just know that rate of brain dead women would very conveniently skyrocket out of the blue if this bill passes.

Monster hunter rise save corruption
Okay so i have a question for ppl who play mhr. How do I get around save corruption in rise? PC port is well known to be janky but others at least were able to play it semi reliably. I bought this game recently and everything was fine until i turned it off and tried to open it up again. Game couldn't read the save file anymore. I reinstalled it and disabled cloud but the same thing happened once i quit and went back again.

Looks like hes willing to engage in a sophisticated discussion

Can someone give me a rundown of whats going on in Haiti?
As in how it happened, why it happened and general events that led up to this. A little extra history is also appreciated.