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‘Won’t someone please think of the 🐽’

Bibi comes up when you search that 😂

One of those subs is an ironic landlord sub. Hopefully this one…but you never know.

Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at all this tonight.

We need a slur for 🇺🇦 pfp people…

This is the result of a culture that values profit and individualism over all else. There’s no easy way to fix this.

Yeah. He wasn’t even wearing body armor. Even if he was, these cowards should have put their lives on the line. Allegedly that’s why we’re supposed to worship these pigs.

This whole internet of things craze is nonsense. I don’t need my fucking microwave connected to the internet. Capital is out of good ideas.

I thought he was anti-communist? I need to listen to Blowback season 1 again.

It probably doesn’t help. There is also never any accountability. They also forbid birth control, none of it makes sense.

Don’t disagree but he should start by rooting out all the pedophiles in his own organization.

I really don’t get this mindset. Even ignoring the conditions that created the causes for invasion, just because you’re country gets invaded doesn’t mean you’re some hero.

Why didn’t Saddam get this treatment?

The cop ran off at Stoneman Douglas, too. They routinely show themselves to be cowards whenever they have an actual opportunity to protect the public.


I usually don’t like debates because they are largely worthless, but this was rewarding. These libs had absolutely no answers. No wonder they don’t let Marxists into debates very often. …

(Not OC)…


Not OC…